The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1342

Chapter 1342 If You Have Milk Youre A Mother

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It was no secret that the three Universal Civilizations were resisting the first wave of an invasion. The Galactic Society had known about it the moment the three Universal Civilizations mobilized the various armies and the armed forces of the various civilizations. Because this battle was not broadcast live, no intelligence was sent back. After many days of fermenting, the countless galactic residents that were headed to the central region of the explored universe were on tenterhooks, afraid that they would see news of the three Universal Civilizations being defeated the next day.

While the entire galactic society was in a state of panic, the three Universal Civilizations Foreign Affairs Departments, which had been silent for many days, finally reported the results of the battle to the galactic society and announced this great victory. The three Universal Civilizations claimed that the attacks of the foreign enemies had been repelled, and they put up a more detailed battle report, announcing the damage ratio of many troops. Among which, the most eye-catching was the battle results of the high-level combatants. With just six people as the price, they had killed more than a hundred Beyond Grade As of the enemy.

This result made countless peoples eyes light up, and they were secretly shocked. Although the three Universal Civilizations had won the battle, they had also lost a fleet of ten billion. Even so, it was still a commendable victory, and the losses were far lower than the enemys. However, the battle statistics of Beyond Grade As were many times more outstanding, and they were the troops with the lowest casualty rate. After successfully annihilating the expeditionary army, this great victory boosted the hearts of the people. Most of the frightened galactic residents heaved a sigh of relief, and the panic and fear in their hearts gradually faded. They were filled with excitement and joy.

The public opinion that was originally filled with all kinds of worries and panic changed, becoming a trend of praising the three Universal Civilizations. It was as if loyal supporters had sprouted everywhere overnight. The shocking achievements of the Beyond Grade As were naturally popular topics discussed by the ordinary people, and they were almost unanimously praised. Many galactic residents praised them for their reliable individual strength, as though they had forgotten the hate speeches they used to attack the association. The association seemed to have gone from opposing class who abused their special rights as they wished to become trustworthy guardians of the galactic society, and their image had a 180-degree change. During internal conflicts, many galactic residents did not like the Beyond Grade As and did not stop complaining.

However, when faced with a complete victory over the enemy, the galactic residents were proud of their superior combatants. Their long-standing hatred and resentment seemed to have been selectively forgotten, and their attitude changed very smoothly. Of course, there were also those who were deeply rooted in resentment. However, they all cowered at the moment and did not dare to express their usual opinions. They shrunk their necks and silently accepted the protection. Right now, the enemy had yet to retreat, so they did not dare put down their chopsticks and curse. However, for the majority of the galactic residents, when danger came, they would cheer for whoever protected them from invasion. Their unanimous feelings toward the outside temporarily suppressed the class conflict within.

"A great victory, is it" Dillon did not think so.

The huge virtual screen was showing the news reports of the three Universal Civilizations, and the room was filled with Revivors who had joined the association.

Due to the previous disagreements, many revivors did not respond to the call and did not participate in this battle. They stayed in the explored universe and did not know how intense the battle at the frontline was. They could only watch the battle reports through the news.

"Six people sacrificed in exchange for more than a hundred casualties. This shouldnt have happened. It seems like Auroras ability has already reduced the casualties to a very low level." Beiger nodded. "No matter how low their losses are, the six people who died in battle are still dead. There are also members of the association among them. They only lost their lives because they believed Black Stars nonsense. Serves them right!" Dillon curled his lips.

Everyone shook their heads, speechless. How could such a fierce war not kill people? The sacrifice of those Beyond Grade As was unavoidable, but from an emotional perspective, everyone still felt that it was a pity. "Dont say that. After all, they sacrificed themselves to fight against the enemy. Furthermore, with Black Stars sanctum reviving, they can still be resurrected." Beiger sighed.

"Humph, so what if they can be revived through the Sanctums? Its just one chance, and they wasted it. When they come back to life, they will have the same thoughts as us sooner or later," Dillon said with disdain.

Beiger had no way to refute that. He shook his head helplessly and said, "Dont we still have the Underworld to protect us?" "Tsk, do you really like losing your freedom? I even suspect that Black Star is urging us to join the battle. His other goal is to let us die in battle and enter the Underworld, indirectly strengthening his forces. Humph, a bad guy!" Dillon snorted.

"Black Star shouldnt be such a person." Beiger shook his head.

"Are you very close to him? Can you guarantee what hes thinking?" Dillon demanded impatiently. "Whose side are you on? If you like speaking up for Black Star so much, why dont you just roll behind him? Why are you obediently accepting whatever sh*t he does?"

"What are you saying? Furthermore, Black Star doesnt need to sh*t"

Beigers mouth twitched, but he was not angry. He was already used to Dillons foul mouth.

Dillon retracted his gaze and snorted. "This is only the first wave of attacks. The enemy will invade again, and more Beyond Grade As will die in battle. If we join the battle, we will end up like this sooner or later. Its not easy to obtain a new life, so Im not willing to work for the three Universal Civilizations."

"Are you planning to watch the enemy invade?" Beiger frowned.

"Humph, Im not going to get involved in this. If the three Universal Civilizations can win, Ill stay. If they cant, where cant I go in the universe? My Elven Holy Land is gone, and my consorts have been divided. Whats there for me to miss?" Dillon scratched his nose.

"Okay, okay, youre good." Beiger was speechless. He shook his head and walked out of the room. He hesitated for a moment before taking out his communicator and dialing Oathkeepers number.

A few seconds later, the call connected, and Oathkeepers face appeared on the screen.

"What is it?"

Beiger hesitated for a moment before saying, "Regarding Black Stars appeal, I would like to ask for your opinion." He was actually a little confused as well. After all, Dillon was not completely unreasonable. For the Revivors, it was not a bad choice to be alone. However, Beiger still could not make up his mind, so he wanted to ask Oathkeeper for his opinion. Oathkeepers persistence over the years had earned him the respect of all the Revivors. After all, he was once a comrade and an old friend of many years. He had a great position in their hearts and was more trustworthy than Black Star.

Oathkeeper also knew that the revivors did not respond to Han Xiaos call, so he immediately understood what Beiger was asking. He pondered for a moment and slowly spoke.

"I suggest you join the battle and give it your all."

Seeing that Beiger did not say anything, Oathkeeper continued. "I know youre worried about the risks, but Black Star has his own plans, and he does not treat you as sacrifices. The Underworld is not all of his trump cards, and he has prepared other paths of retreat for you. Furthermore, you guys have made a mistake. The compromise with the three Universal Civilizations does not mean that the battle between the Beyond Grade As has ended. Black Star is still working hard for this goal, and external enemies are an opportunity."

"I dont really understand." Beiger frowned.

"Its not convenient for me to explain this matter too clearly. If youre willing to believe me, Ill give you a piece of advice. Dont be afraid of death. Black Star will always have a way to make you open your eyes again." Oathkeeper shook his head. Without Black Stars approval, it was not convenient for him to reveal the truth of the unlimited Sanctum Revivals. Furthermore, it would be suspicious if he told the truth. read latest chapters at wu xiaworld .site only

Oathkeeper had heard about the plan from Han Xiao and knew that Black Star needed a Revivor who dared to die in battle as an example. If all the Revivors did not participate in the battle, Black Star would lack the material to show the truth of the Sanctum Revival.

However, it was not suitable to directly tell the Revivors to die. After all, even if there was a Sanctum Revival, their strength would decrease after reviving. Not many people were willing to do so, and peoples hearts were always fickle, so they could only urge them to join the battle. After all, as long as they went to the frontlines, Oathkeeper believed that Black Star would definitely be able to find a way to get the Revivors killed. " Let me think about it."

Beiger hung up the communication and pondered over Oathkeepers hint. After pondering for a while, he made up his mind.

Oathkeepers suggestion definitely had a reason. It was better to go to the frontline to take a look. Even if they were to participate in the battle, there was still Aurora on the battlefield, so the danger should not be that high.

In the large conference room that blocked the main base, many Beyond Grade As who were participating in the battle gathered. At the conference table were Simon and the other commanders, as well as the remote projections of the three Universal Civilizations leaders. After many days of fighting, this World Tree expedition team had been defeated, and the three Universal Civilizations were only left with the job of cleaning up the mess. The three leaders had arrived to reward these Beyond Grade As. The direct Beyond Grade As had their own internal rewards, but the rewards for the association members were different. They were basically directly given material rewards. This was an agreement that Han Xiao had made with the three Universal Civilizations long ago, since the association would not provide high-level combatants for free. "Your contributions have been recorded. According to the agreement that His Excellency Black Star has made with us, we will compensate you accordingly. This is the list of resources we have reserved"

Marbruce called out the virtual screen and opened a list interface. Various exchangeable items were displayed on it for everyone present.

Han Xiao took a look and nodded slightly. Many of the items there were strategic resources that were not open to the public under normal circumstances. This time, all of them were opened for exchange without hiding anything. This method was basically the same as the players exchanging faction contribution points for equipment, but the difference was that many Beyond Grade As did not have an interface to display their contribution points.

At this moment, Louis pondered for a moment and said, "In order to express our sincerity, you can choose the different Universal Treasures in our inventory as remuneration based on your merits. It will be the same in the future."

Hearing this, the eyes of many Beyond Grade As lit up with joy.

Many people did not even have a single Universal Treasure, but now that they had a channel to acquire them, they were pleasantly surprised. Even those who had Universal Treasures did not mind having more of such equipment. "Yo, youve invested a lot."

Han Xiao raised his brows.

Every Beyond Grade A participating in the battle would have at least one, and it was not a small number. Furthermore, they would be able to obtain the qualifications every time they fought in the future. Even if the three Universal Civilizations had a lot of Universal Treasures in their inventory, they would not be able to afford such a production. After all, Beyond Grade As could choose for themselves, and they would definitely start choosing from the best.

However, on second thought, Han Xiao understood the three Universal Civilizations plan. In any case, they had to distribute Universal Treasures to the participants every time they fought, so they might as well give out their ownership rights to all of them. At the same time, they could also motivate the Beyond Grade As to fight. After all, if the Beyond Grade As were gone, there would be no point in keeping some Universal Treasures for their own use. The other three Universal Civilizations might have another idea, which was to use the reward to attract the Revivors of the association to join the battle. Han Xiao knew what kind of sh*t they were brewing the moment they stuck their butts out.

However, there was no need to stop them. Han Xiao was also glad that the three Universal Civilizations were willing to bleed themselves. He could not possibly ask the other Beyond Grade As who had contributed to the war to reject this reward.

Everyone rubbed their palms and picked out the Universal Treasures they liked on the list.

However, there were also a few Beyond Grade As who made different choices. They surrounded Aurora and smiled kindly.

"We owe you a favor this time. Do you have any Universal Treasures you want? I can help you choose." "Eh?" Aurora was stunned, waving her hands. "Theres no need for that."

"Theres no need to be modest. You deserve this."

Milizaus magic power avatar revealed a loving smile. As a huge target, be it the enemys hit rate or his own healers hit rate, it was extremely high for him. This time, he was the happiest being healed by Aurora. "Ah, I really dont have any needs." Aurora was helpless. This was the truth. With a treasure like the Underworld and a boss that could mass produce Universal Treasures, why would she need to farm anything herself? She really did not need the Universal Treasures of the three Universal Civilizations.

The Beyond Grade As around looked at him with envy. This was understandable. After all, this battle had already proved that if they wanted to survive on the battlefield, the healer was the most important. Some Beyond Grade As would rather give up the chance to acquire Universal Treasures to please Aurora.

Furthermore, this nannys healing ability was limited. If he did not build a good relationship with her, the amount of milk he would receive after the battle would not be comparable to others.

Han Xiao glanced at Aurora, who was the center of attention.

"Tsk, so this is what it means to be a mother with milk"

After cursing in his mind, Han Xiao looked at the list casually, but he did not find anything that could move his heart.

He had a deep foundation now, so he did not care too much about the Universal Treasures provided by the three Universal Civilizations.

The main storyline branch mission of this battle had been completed. Although it was a drop in the ocean to him, the EXP reward this time was very rich according to the players standards. Countless army players had received a large amount of EXP, which was the biggest benefit to him.

The faster the players reached the maximum level, the quicker they would be able to spend their experience elsewhere, which would lead to his own experience reserves filling up. Han Xiao thought to himself as his eyes sparkled.

After defeating the enemy this time, a large number of high-level combatants will need time to revive. With me here, the World Tree probably wont dare send an expert from another race over, so their next wave of attacks wont arrive so soon Should I take this opportunity to go to the Sanctum? The time flow in the Sanctums was different from in the main universe. The last time he entered the Third Sanctum, he had spent three months. Even if his authority in the First Sanctum was higher, he would spend quite a bit of time. Taking the chance while the World Tree did not invade, it would be good for him to enter a Sanctum. He would probably not miss out on any matters.

Han Xiao planned to enter the Sanctum this time not only to revive the six victims but also to revive many Beyond Grade As in history. For example, the direct descendants of the three Universal Civilizations and the Super Star Cluster Alliance. This was a deal that he had agreed to. When the World Tree revived the high-level combat units, he would naturally have to expand the size of his people. Its a pity that the Revivors did not participate in this war, or I would have been able to reveal the truth of the Sanctum Revival However, its fine if I dont expose it now. The war is still in its early stages, and if I expose it too early, the three Universal Civilizations might have other thoughts. When the two sides are fighting so hard that they dont have extra energy to think about anything, maybe it will be the best time to expose it

However, he still had to use Destinys Child to monitor it and confirm that the World Tree would not take any further actions for the time being. Only then would he be able to enter the Sanctum with ease.

Meanwhile, in the Tree King Palace of the World Tree Civilization "The four high-level combatants have been captured alive. The mental network has been cut off. Although the World Tree connection still exists, we can no longer monitor their condition"

Executive Two Leaf was expressionless as he reported the situation of the four World Tree powerhouses that were sealed by the Spacetime Amber.

The Heart Tree King narrowed his eyes and revealed an interested expression. "Interesting. Does the enemy this time have such a method to capture us alive? Its not simple. Maybe its a Space Wonder item Can we track it?" "Yes, the Mother Trees connection power is still transmitted to the individual, but it is isolated by something unknown and cannot penetrate. It is unable to sense the state of those four people. Following the broken information state trajectory, we can confirm that the coordinates of those four people are near the expeditionary army battlefield."

"Hmm, try to take them back next time and see what caught them alive. Throw them into the mother tree for analysis." The Heart Tree King waved his hand. "When will the next operation begin?" the executive asked.

"Theres no hurry. The enemys recovery-type Esper is very difficult to deal with, which is why the effect of this exchange is not good. However, no matter how poor the battle results are, its still an exchange. The enemy has already lost a few high-level combatants, so we have the advantage."

The Heart Tree King rubbed the armrest and paused before continuing. "Lets wait for the high-level combatants on our side to revive first. We need to plan how to get rid of that recovery-type Esper. If we dont kill this person, our strategy will be greatly reduced If the method really doesnt work, then lets not waste time and just launch an all-out attack. As long as we attack their territory, the mother tree will be able to eat to its hearts content!"

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