The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1343

Chapter 1343 Fertile Underworld

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Not long after, the Beyond Grade As finished selecting the reward that they wanted. The leaders of the three Universal Civilizations gave them some more encouragement before ending the meeting.

The group walked out of the room and returned to their own activity room. At this time, Han Xiao clapped his hands twice, attracting everyones attention.

"Everyone, I have something to announce. I might be carrying out the Sanctum Revival soon and bring back the six Beyond Grade As who died in this battle."

Everyone was stunned for a moment before becoming excited. "So fast?" Kasuyi blinked in surprise. He was someone who knew about the Sanctums and knew that opening a Sanctum was not easy. He had always thought that Han Xiao would wait for more people to die before pulling them back. This was more cost-effective. However, only six of them had died, and he was going to use the Sanctum Revival. This was out of his expectations. "Its alright. This is part of the plan." Han Xiao waved his hands. The intense battle this time made many Beyond Grade As tense. Using the Sanctum Revival to pull back the victims could boost their morale. After all, although the revival of the Beyond Grade As of history was shocking, it was better to let everyone witness the revival of the dead. At the same time, this was also an opportunity for him to show his stance. The fact that he could not wait to revive the sacrificial victims would make most people feel at ease, and they would feel that they would receive the same treatment. After all, the other Beyond Grade As did not know the price of the Sanctum Revival, and the more relaxed Han Xiao acted, the more confident they would be.

"I dont think those six guys want to revive so quickly. Maybe theyll die again. Why dont we let them sleep a little longer?" Sun Hunter muttered softly.

Han Xiao turned to glance at him, and Sun Hunter immediately shut up. Hearing this, many Beyond Grade As had strange expressions.

In the eyes of everyone, the Sanctum Revival only gave them one chance. It would be best for them if they could avoid some battles during the time of death, but from the perspective of others, they could not wait for the dead experts to come back and share the pressure.

There were also some Beyond Grade As who could not help but glance at Hila. If not for Black Stars reliable performance, they would have even thought that Black Stars goal of reviving the dead was to quickly bring these people who had used the Sanctum to the Underworld.

Han Xiao took in everyones expressions and could naturally guess what they were thinking. "Anyway, its settled. Im not only going to revive the victims this time, but Im also planning to revive some historical experts and expand the size of the high-level combatants to share more of the pressure." "I see. Thats not bad." Everyone nodded in agreement.

Beep beep beep At this time, Han Xiaos communicator rang. He took it out and saw that it was a call from Beiger.

Han Xiao picked up the call.

"Beiger, why are you looking for me?" Beiger got straight to the point. "Black Star, the Revivors and I have decided to fight on the front line with you guys and respond to your call to participate in the war." "Eh? Why so suddenly?" Han Xiao was stunned.

The Beyond Grade As around stopped talking and listened.

Due to the difference in their opinions, the Revivors did not participate in the war and watched them fight the enemy at the frontlines. Although they did not say anything, they naturally had some opinions about the Revivors. Even if they understood the mentality of the Revivors, they were still dissatisfied.

Although Black Star said that he would wait for the revivors to change their minds, in the eyes of everyone, the chances of the revivors responding to the call was too low. Therefore, everyone was very curious about why Beiger suddenly changed his attitude.

Could it be that the rewards from the three Universal Civilizations had attracted them? That should not be the case. These revivors had seen all kinds of good things. Furthermore, the reward had been distributed just earlier, so the news should not have been sent back. Could it be that the huge victory and extremely low losses had given the revivors confidence?

"Ahem, Ive been thinking about it recently. Since were all comrades of the Beyond Grade A united front, we need to advance and retreat together. We cant just watch you guys fight with your lives on the line. Furthermore, youre right, Black Star. Were all born in this galaxy, and its not time to abandon our homeland. Ive decided to do my part." Han Xiao was skeptical. While these words sounded righteous, he did not believe them. He did not think that these old people would suddenly become hot-blooded. Did Oathkeeper give him a hint?

Han Xiao put on a gratified expression and said with a smile, "You made the right choice. Like I said, no matter when you change your mind, youre welcome to fight alongside us." "Thats great." Kasuyi smiled. Everyone also expressed their welcome. With Beigers declaration, the dissatisfaction of the Beyond Grade As present toward the Revivors disappeared, and they felt much better.

This time, Han Xiao asked, "By the way, did Dylan say anything?" "He said you sh*t Ahem, he said he doesnt want to die," Beiger said helplessly. "Same old, same old. I dont think he will change his mind." "Forget it then. Lets not bother with him for now."

Han Xiao shook his head. After understanding what had happened to Dylan, he could understand why Dylan was so determined not to help the three Universal Civilizations. After all, due to the Tragedy of the Pinnacles, this guy was in such a terrible state that it was beyond appalling. After giving a few words of encouragement, Han Xiao hung up the call, walked out of the room, found a private location, and dialed Oathkeepers number. Very soon, Oathkeepers face appeared on the screen. Han Xiao got straight to the point.

"Did you say something to Beiger?" "Oh? Is he preparing to fight?" Oathkeeper nodded. "I did give him a hint"

After Han Xiao heard that, he smiled and said, "Youre quite good. Although I dont need the Revivors to be the material to reveal the truth of the Sanctum Revival, I dont mind having more of them." These revivors were not the only sources to reveal the truth of the Sanctum Revival. Han Xiao had long considered the possibility that these revivors would not participate in the battle, and he had already made many preparations. This time, the direct descendants who had entered the Sanctum Revival and brought back a portion of the advanced civilizations were actually a backup plan. After all, the direct descendants mentality was different, and they would most likely continue to accept the orders of the civilization and risk their lives to enter the battlefield.

This way, when these revived direct descendants died in battle, he would have the materials to show the truth of the Sanctum Revival. He did not need the previous revivors. Although Beiger had decided to join the battle, Han Xiao did not intend to change his plan. He still had to make more than one plan.

These thoughts flashed through Han Xiaos mind, and he asked the most important question.

"Hows the collection of the Sanctum Keys?"

"Not bad. The resources given by the three Universal Civilizations and the Super Star Cluster Alliance have made up for many materials. The First Sanctum key has already been collected, and the Third Sanctum key is almost complete as well. Other than the Sixth Sanctum, the other Sanctum keys have reached more than 75%"

Oathkeeper sent the data, and Han Xiao could not help but smile.

Although there was only one complete Sanctum Key, it did not mean that the progress would be reduced to zero after it was used up. Other than some materials that were extremely difficult to obtain, most of the other materials were repeated. The three Universal Civilizations had quite a lot of them in their inventory and provided them in bulk.

Han Xiao looked at the list of materials. Even if he used up the First Sanctum key, his progress would only fall back to 70% to 80% at most. As long as he obtained a few more crucial rare materials, he would be able to obtain another key to the First Sanctum.

"Not bad, not bad" Han Xiao muttered subconsciously.

Seeing that he was focusing on the list, Oathkeepers eyes suddenly flashed.

Black Star was distracted. This was a good opportunity! "Humph, work hard. On behalf of the organization" Click.

Without waiting for Oathkeeper to finish, Han Xiao decisively hung up the communication with a sneer. Want to ambush me? Eat sh*t!

Beep beep beep

The communicator rang.

Han Xiao moved his lips, took a deep breath, and carefully received the call. Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly saw that it was not Oathkeeper who appeared on the screen, so he stopped. "Herberlon?"

"I received your battle report. This is unbelievable. How did you guys do it?" The electronic image of Herberlon showed an exaggerated expression of surprise. Herberlon did not participate in this battle. His body had not been fully adjusted, and he would definitely be recognized by the World Tree. Han Xiao was afraid of unexpected variables, so it was not convenient to let him participate in the first battle. He would only be at ease at sending Herberlon to battle when the information connection of both sides became irreversible.

"Are you referring to the damage to the high-level combatants?" Han Xiao rubbed his chin and teased. "If I have to say it, it can only be attributed to my wisdom and strength."

He only meant it as a joke, but he did not expect Herberlon to nod with a serious expression.

"Indeed. Without you, the three Universal Civilizations would not have such achievements." Han Xiao opened his mouth but did not know what to say. I didnt expect you to be such a bootlicker! "I thought that even if you guys could defeat the World Tree, it would be a miserable victory. I didnt expect you guys to be so strong." Herberlon was a little excited. Because the Karma Republic had lost too badly, Herberlon had a very deep trauma regarding the World Tree. However, the report of this great victory gave him confidence. He saw hope for this Universal Civilization in defeating the World Tree, and there was indeed a chance to take revenge by clinging on to this civilization. Thus, he was finally willing

"If there are any tough battles in the future, you must use my strength." Herberlons expression became solemn. "Alright, even if you dont tell me, I wont let you stay idle. Han Xiao could only give him a few words of encouragement before hanging up.

As soon as he put away the communicator, footsteps sounded behind him.

Han Xiao turned around and saw Hila walking over.

"Do you have time now? Come with me to the Underworld." Hila had a cold expression on her face as she slowly said, "If you dont go now, those newly accepted Hero Spirits will probably rebel." "Alright, lets go."

Han Xiao nodded, changed into his King suit, and disappeared.

Numerous newborn Hero Spirits stood on the pitch-black ground with blank expressions on their faces. Their memories were still fixed on the scene before their death, and the pain in their bodies seemed to have yet to disappear. Their vision blurred, and they arrived in this space.

"Where is this? Why am I here?"

"I I should have been blown up. Why am I still alive?"

"Wait, whats wrong with my body? Why cant I feel anything" The commotion quickly spread, and the countless Hero Spirit became more and more flustered. They questioned each other while observing the surroundings, wanting to understand the current situation. These newborn Hero Spirits came from different civilizations and organizations. There were all kinds of species, and many of them were genuine soldiers. They were all vigilantly observing the Hero Spirits around them. At this moment, streams of light suddenly gathered above everyone, condensing into Onicelus figure. She had a warm smile on her face.

"Everyone, this is the Underworld. You have already sacrificed yourselves on the battlefield, but you have not died completely. Your souls have been brought here, reborn, and become the Hero Spirits of this place" The voice was transmitted to everyones ears through the power of the Underworld. Countless newborn spirits looked up at Onicelu in shock.

"We really sacrificed ourselves. I thought it was just a dream." "Only with permission can we leave the Underworld So, weve lost our freedom and become slaves?"

Countless hero spirits were instantly in an uproar.

They had become someone elses slave without any mental preparation, and they could not accept it immediately. This feeling was like being forcefully sold. They had no freedom to reject and could only follow the arrangements of others. Furthermore, the other party had taken their souls while they were dying in battle. The feeling it gave off was as though they were taking advantage of the situation It was literally picking up corpses! Many people were furious. "Let me out! No matter who you are, I will not be your slave!"

"Control my soul? Dont even think about it!" The countless newborn hero spirits roared in unison, and their voices were extremely shocking, as if they were going to shatter the earth.

However, Onicelus expression did not change. She only made a zipping motion with her fingers. The next second, the entire world fell silent. No matter how the newborn Hero Spirits roared, they could not make a sound. Looking at the shocked and furious faces of the new Hero Spirits, Onicelu shook her head and explained, "In the Underworld, I am the absolute ruler. Your mobility is controlled by me. Furthermore, you have no combat power in your soul form state."

However, the more this was the case, the more furious the new Hero Spirits became. Unable to make a sound, they used their actions to indicate that they wanted to escape. However, Onicelu only changed her hand gesture, and this area was isolated from the outside world, becoming a loop space. Once the newborn Hero Spirits crossed the border, they would return from the other side, never leaving Very soon, countless new Hero Spirits lost all hope and stopped trying to escape. They stared at Onicelu with rage.


However, at this moment, two figures appeared out of thin air. They were Han Xiao and Hila.

Countless Hero Spirits immediately turned around and were stunned. No one present did not recognize Black Star. "Hmm? Whats going on here?" Han Xiao realized something was wrong the moment he arrived. He turned to look at Onicelu and asked, "Did you rob them of their voices?"

"Yes, because they were a little angry. I didnt have time to explain everything," Onicelu replied.

"Its alright, Im already here. Release their seal." Han Xiao waved his hands.

Onicelu did as she was told, and the new Hero Spirits immediately returned to normal. However, they did not continue making a ruckus. All of them looked at Han Xiao with different expressions. Han Xiaos reputation was extremely high. When they saw him appear, most of the new Hero Spirits quickly calmed down. They did not trust Onicelu, but they trusted Black Star. "Oh, youre quite self-aware." Han Xiao glanced at them and was instantly amused. He was so popular that just showing his face had stabilized their emotions.

At this moment, a newborn Hero Spirit loudly asked, "Black Star, were you the one who brought us here?" Hearing this, Han Xiao looked down at him and realized that he was an officer of the dynasty. He shook his head, patted Hila beside him, and said, "Hila and Aurora are the masters of the Underworld. I asked them to use the Underworld to save the soldiers who were sacrificed in the war. This is how you guys came about." Without waiting for the new Hero Spirits to question him, Han Xiao continued. "Only Beyond Grade As can enjoy the Sanctum Revival. If you do not meet the requirements, you will really die if you die in battle. However, all of you are precious talents of the Galactic Society, and I could not bear to see you all die so easily. The Underworld is my only way to save all of you, so I had no choice but to do so. Now that the enemies are watching, every bit of strength is extremely important. This is to protect our limited armed forces. The three Universal Civilizations are also aware of this, and they support this plan."

Although they would lose their freedom if they became Underworld Hero Spirits, it was better than sacrificing themselves. Here, they could still shine for the Galactic Society and return to the battlefield to fight the enemies. "However, please understand that we have never thought of you as slaves. I hereby promise that when the war ends, if any of you are unwilling to stay in the Underworld, I can remove your Hero Spirit status and let you rest in peace."

After he finished speaking, the crowd became restless. The expressions of the new hero spirits changed, and their emotions were extremely complicated. Some were conflicted, some were glad, and some were relieved.

However, no matter what they thought, the anger in their hearts slowly dissipated and calmed down.

Onicelu was a stranger, so her words did not make sense. However, Black Star was someone that the entire Galactic Society knew, so his words were trustworthy. Anyway, they were already there, and there was no way for them to resist, so they had no choice but to accept this reality. Furthermore, Black Star had promised them that they could choose to remove the Underworlds control in the future and not become slaves forever. Although they did not know if Black Star would keep his promise, they could only trust

Furthermore, after calming down, not many people really wanted to rest in peace. This kind of situation was better than dying completely.

Seeing the newborn Hero Spirits quiet down, Han Xiao turned to look at Hila and shrugged.

"Alright, my job is done. Make arrangements for these people."

He had only gone there to appease the newborn Hero Spirits. With his high reputation and Legendary Points in the explored universe, no one was more suitable for this job than him.

In other words, his position in the explored universe was comparable to the Fruit of Face, and he could stabilize the morale of the army. "Alright." Hila did not waste her words. She turned around and communicated with the new Hero Spirits, talking in detail. Han Xiao looked at the endless sea of people and exhaled.

War was indeed an opportunity for the rapid growth of the Underworld. After looting so many Hero Spirits, he had stolen countless talents from the various large factions. Their value was extraordinary.

And if he wanted to make all of them work

Han Xiao clicked his tongue, suddenly feeling a little worried about Auroras breasts.

"Such an expenditure of milk. I feel like shell become flat-chested in the future"

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