The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1344

Chapter 1344 Balance And Entry

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A day later, in the conference room of the three Universal Civilizations

"You plan to use the Sanctum Revival and recall our direct descendants?"

Marbruce, Louis, and the Pope opened their eyes wide and stared at Han Xiaos remote projection in shock.

Han Xiao spread out his hands and said with a serious expression, "The World Tree has plenty of experts. Due to their special mechanism, their Beyond Grade As will not decrease, and they have been accumulating to their current size. Because of wars and other reasons, we have lost many Beyond Grade As. Although we managed to repel a wave of attacks from the World Tree this time, they did not bring out all their high-level combatants. We have to increase our Beyond Grade As to slowly reverse the disadvantage of individual strength."

The three leaders looked at each other in surprise.

When they signed the agreement, they did not make a condition that Black Star must revive the direct descendants. They knew that the Beyond Grade A Association was still wary of the three Universal Civilizations. Even if there were foreign enemies, Black Star might not awaken their direct descendants and increase his competitors strength.

Thus, when Black Star took the initiative to mention this, the three of them were pleasantly surprised. Regardless of whether Black Star wanted to share the pressure of the association members or purely for the sake of the war, this method was beneficial to them.

The direct Beyond Grade As of the three Universal Civilizations, including the National Pillars at the level of Clotti and Oulou, were guardians of different eras. If they could summon all of them, it would be a huge supplement to the high-level combatants of the three Universal Civilizations.

"This is a wise choice. Im glad to see that youre willing to consider the big picture."

Marbruce was full of praise.

Han Xiao paid his praise no mind. He raised his finger and said, "However, there is one condition. These resurrected direct descendants must join the frontlines." "Of course." Louis nodded. He understood what Han Xiao meant. It was impossible for them to let the resurrected direct descendants sit back and watch the association members fight to the death.

"Alright, we have a consensus. Lets talk about the cost." Han Xiao put down his hands.


"Do you think this is free?" Han Xiao raised his brows.

"Not at all, tell me the price."

The Pope shook his head.

Because Black Stars act of suddenly providing help was a little righteous, the three of them almost thought that it was free. However, they all came back to their senses now and knew that with Black Stars personality, it was impossible for him to let go of this opportunity to make a huge profit. Although both parties were currently in a partnership to resist the foreign enemy, the services that should be paid for would not be free. After all, they were only allies.

The three of them did not have any objections to this. Now was the time to beg for help. It was not easy for them to have the opportunity to revive their direct descendants. No matter how high the cost was, they had to pay it.

Han Xiao opened the virtual screen, made a list, and sent it to the three of them. The three of them quickly browsed through the list. The list was filled with all kinds of resources, materials, and weapons. Although it was expensive, it was within an acceptable range. "You want these things?"

"Thats right. This is the price for the Sanctum Revival."


Marbruce agreed. Han Xiao nodded. There were materials for the Sanctum Key in the list. He could use the three Universal Civilizations to gather materials and provide him with access to the Sanctum. This was equivalent to spending the three Universal Civilizations money to increase his Sanctum authority.

"When do you plan to start?" Louis asked.

"Destinys Child surveillance has already confirmed that the World Tree Civilization will not make any big movements in the near future. I will use the Sanctum Revival soon." Han Xiao nodded, then paused and said, "Also, when I use the Sanctum Revival, I will temporarily leave the main universe for about three months. During that time, I will be out of contact. During my absence, Hila will be in charge of relaying the information of Destinys Child surveillance channels."

"Three months" Their hearts sank.

If the World Tree did something during this period, without Black Star, there might be variables

The three of them suddenly realized that they had unknowingly developed a certain amount of reliance on Black Star. Ever since they discovered the World Tree, Black Stars actions had given them most of their current advantages, and he had accumulated a lot of trust. He was a special consultant, and to a certain extent, the three of them treated Han Xiao as their backbone in dealing with the World Tree Civilization.

Without Black Star, they subconsciously felt less confident.

"If youre worried that the World Tree will send the Tree King again, you can let Wuornos participate in the battle. With his ability, it wont be a problem for him to stop a Tree King," Han Xiao said.

In his previous life, Wuornos did not participate in the war, and this time, he was still one of the few Beyond Grade As who had not been recruited. It was very strange. Han Xiao was also very curious why the Arcane Church did not send this b*stard out. Even if his main body did not go to war, he could have sent a few God Embodiments.

"There are some special reasons. Its not convenient for him to make a move." The Pope shook his head.

"What special reason is more important than the threat of the World Tree?" Han Xiao raised his brows.

When he fought with Han Xiao, he was full of energy, but when it was time to face the enemies, he had all kinds of excuses. Could it be that Wuornos was the type of person who was submissive to the outside world and domineering toward his side?

" In any case, there are some reasons." The Pope kept his mouth shut and suddenly changed the topic. "By the way, can you unseal the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter?"

"Wuornos is not participating in the battle and still wants me to unseal his weapon?" "Even if we dont let him use it, the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter is still a powerful weapon against individual strengths."

"Well see."

Han Xiao did not comment. The Ten Thousand Deity Scepter could indeed increase the combat power of high-level combatants, but he did not intend to unseal it yet.

After a pause, he said, "I need to obtain some mediums related to the revival target. Which direct descendants do you want to revive? Give me their mediums in the next few days."

The three of them nodded.

They were also organizing people to study the Sanctums, and this was the first time they had heard that the Sanctum Revival required a medium. However, it made sense when they thought about it. If they did not need a medium, then even the Beyond Grade As of other unknown civilizations could be revived at will.

"One more thing," Han Xiao said. "This time, I will revive a portion of the direct members of the Super Star Cluster Alliance."

"Hmm?" The trios expression changed slightly.

At this moment, the three of them thought of many things and subconsciously thought that this was Black Stars way of keeping them in check.

Resurrecting the direct descendants of the three Universal Civilizations was a threat to the Beyond Grade A Association. Thus, Black Star deliberately revived the direct descendants of the Super Star Cluster Alliance, forming a tripartite balance that hindered the three Universal Civilizations. This method could also explain the reason for reviving the direct descendants of the three Universal Civilizations. In consideration of the war situation, the three of them, as the beneficiaries of this reason, had no way of rebutting

"Dont think too much about it. I just made a deal with the Super Star Cluster Alliance in the past, and I dont intend to go against this deal," Han Xiao replied casually, ignoring the gazes of the three.

"Of course." The three of them adjusted their mentality and regained their composure.

Many of the historical members of the Super Star Cluster Alliance had died in the Tragedy of the Pinnacles, and the hatred between the two sides was deeply rooted. Once they revived, it would definitely be troublesome.

However, the Sanctum Revival was controlled by Black Star, so they could only accept this change. Furthermore, the three of them believed that as long as their own direct descendants revived, they would not have to worry about the Super Star Cluster Alliance causing trouble.

Both parties quickly came to an agreement. Just as Han Xiao was about to end the communication, he suddenly thought of something and asked, "By the way, hows the progress of the secondary dimension expedition team?"

"There were some losses, but we still did not find anything." Marbruce shook his head.

Han Xiao sighed.

The World Tree Civilization still did not know that they had sent out troops to search for their main body. The secondary dimension expedition team was the true game-changer of the three Universal Civilizations.

After meeting the leaders of the three Universal Civilizations, Han Xiao immediately went to the Super Star Cluster Alliance. At this time, all the leaders of the Super Star Cluster Civilizations were in the room, staring at Han Xiao.

"Black Star, we were just talking about you. The results of your battle are shocking." "If we didnt know your capabilities, we would have thought that the enemy this time is very weak."

The leaders of the civilizations praised him. "It wasnt too bad. Its mainly because the Beyond Grade As are working together," Han Xiao replied casually. He observed the expressions of the leaders of the civilizations present and quickly calculated.

Based on his understanding of the Super Star Cluster Civilizations, these people were most likely waiting for the three Universal Civilizations and the World Tree to both suffer so that they could ascend. Thus, they might not be too happy to see such low losses.

He remembered that in his previous life, the Super Star Cluster Alliance even had a plan, which was to take the opportunity when the three Universal Civilizations were fighting the World Tree to leave the explored universe with their own civilization and escape in the middle of the war. They thought that the three Universal Civilizations would not have the energy to stop them and could only watch them leave.

However, after completely experiencing the perverted nature of the World Tree Civilization, the Super Star Cluster Alliance understood that it was like drinking poison to quench their thirst. In the end, they did not use this plan and wholeheartedly cooperated with the three Universal Civilizations to fight the enemy. Han Xiao estimated that the Super Star Cluster Alliance most likely had similar thoughts at present. After being bullied by the three Universal Civilizations for so long, it was impossible for them to not have considered this route.

While he was thinking, the Star Arc Civilization leader knocked on the table and asked:

"Black Star, why did you contact us this time?"

Han Xiao composed himself and said, "Im here to fulfill the agreement."

"Which agreement?"

"I promised to revive ten of your direct Beyond Grade As. Now is the time."

The moment he said that, the leaders of the civilizations were overjoyed.

After coming to an agreement, the Super Star Cluster Alliance quickly collected the revival fees and handed them all to Han Xiao. However, Black Star would decide when the revival would take place. They did not know how long Black Star would take, but they had already paid the deposit, so they could only wait patiently. It was finally time!

This backup was worth it!

Indeed, everything came at the end of fawning!

The Star Arc Civilization leader suppressed his excitement and said, "Got it. What should we prepare?"

"I need some mediums"

Han Xiao repeated his explanation to the three Universal Civilizations, and everyone nodded.

After explaining, Han Xiao looked at everyones expressions, smiled, and said, "One more thing. I will still give you ten slots in the next revival. You will still need to buy them. You can discuss if you want to add more."

"Of course we accept," the Star Arc Civilization leader immediately said.

Ten slots were far from enough to revive all the Beyond Grade As in the history of the Super Star Cluster Civilizations. Since Black Star was willing to sell another ten slots, there was naturally no reason to reject him.

"You dont have to be in a hurry to bid. It wont be too late even after I bring these revivors back."

Han Xiao waved his hands.

The two of them exchanged a few more words before hanging up.

The leaders of the civilizations were the only ones left in the conference room, and their faces were finally filled with joy.

"When our direct descendants return, our plan will have a much higher chance. Black Star has done us a huge favor this time."

The Star Arc Civilization leader took a deep breath.

What they did not know was that Black Star only gave them ten slots each time, but the number of slots sold to the three Universal Civilizations was unlimited.

Two days later, somewhere in the Ancient Star Desert, the Holy Accord Organizations spaceship was hovering in the starry sky, preheating the equipment and preparing to open the Sanctum channel.

Han Xiao remained in the main ship, talking to Hila and the other upper echelons.

"While Im using the Sanctum Revival, the army will be under your command. Preserve your strength If the World Tree makes a move, Aurora, you will have to pay attention to your own safety. Itd be best to convince Manison, Kasuyi, and the others to be your bodyguards for the time being. The World Tree has lost quite a number of experts. They wont revive too quickly, so the intensity of the following battle shouldnt be too high"

"Dont worry, I can protect myself now." Aurora nodded. "However, just in case, if anything happens, you guys should evacuate. Ive provided Herberlon with some Kings. Although he hasnt joined the battle yet, if theres any danger, he will use his Mechanical Force to teleport you guys away" After giving some instructions to the officers, Han Xiao hung up. "If youre done, shall I begin?" Oathkeeper asked.

"Start." Han Xiao nodded.

As the order was passed down, rays of light shot out from the Holy Accords spaceship and entered the key of the First Sanctum.

Very soon, a familiar scene appeared again. The six doors of light appeared, and only one of them was left, which turned into the passageway of the First Sanctum.

Han Xiao took a deep breath and charged into the Sanctum passageway.

The next moment, the door of light shrank rapidly, and a thin beam of light flashed past like when an old television was switched off.

Before all the onlookers, the Sanctum passageway disappeared along with Han Xiao.

Oathkeeper exhaled.

The annoying fellow is gone I can finally experience what it feels like to be in chargeagain!

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