The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1345

Chapter 1345 Plunder And Thoughts

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The tunnel filled with endless streams of light seemed to be able to travel through time. Han Xiaos senses became hazy and blurry as if his mind had sunk into an old dream.

After an unknown period of time, his vision cleared up, and he regained consciousness.

He looked around and realized that he was in a boundless white world with countless light orbs floating around. He had a deep impression of this scene.

"Phew, I got in."

Han Xiao calmed his mind and made a grabbing motion at the collapsing tunnel.

A surge of energy emerged from his body and turned into a mark on his palm. The Sanctum channel immediately stabilized.

He retracted his palm and looked at it. This mark was formed by eight patterns. It was Lv. 8 clearance of the First Sanctum.

"I have to hurry"

Han Xiao calmed himself down and immediately started to move. This was his second time entering the Sanctum, so he was already familiar with it.

The longer he stayed in the Sanctum, the more time would pass in the outside world. The last time he entered the Third Sanctum, he had wasted a lot of time testing the functions of the Sanctum. This time, there was no need. His actions had a purpose.

Han Xiao took out many mediums and called for the Sanctum to revive.

Beams of light gathered and condensed into a Sanctum revival mark in front of him, floating quietly.

He touched it, and the Sanctum revival mark fused into his palm, turning into a tattoo- like mark.

After checking the revival targets in the imprint, Han Xiao nodded. Without any delay, he started to touch the various Information Form light spheres to gather different information.

The information stored in the First Sanctum was closely related to mechanical technology, and it contained the high-level blueprints developed by countless generations of civilizations. Most of them were Universal Treasures meant for Mechanics. The value of this information to Han Xiao far exceeded the value of the Third Sanctum.

Han Xiaos authority level in the First Sanctum was higher than that in the Third Sanctum, and he could store more memory. He could take away more technological information in one go, so there was no reason for him to let go of such an opportunity.

The technologies of the final civilizations of various Iterations entered Han Xiaos mind one after another, slowly reaching the upper limit of his memory capacity.

"Finally full. The memory capacity of a rank 8 authority is quite high."

Han Xiaos plundering stopped, and he was rather excited.

This wave of plundering was a huge supplement to his technological foundation. He had obtained the trump card of technologies from final civilizations of multiple Iterations, which was enough for him to study for a long time. The number of blueprints in his inventory had increased tremendously. The trump cards of these final civilizations were not simple, and they had complicated functions. Some of the technologies strategic value was not much worse than the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device of the Federation of Light. Bringing these precious technologies out was equivalent to obtaining new trump cards against the World Tree Civilization, increasing the war capital of the Galactic Society.

After being happy for a while, Han Xiao suppressed his emotions. After doing these two things, his goal of opening the Sanctum was complete.

Looking around, Han Xiao suddenly thought of something. He used the Sanctum authority to summon the message board of the civilizations in the past Iterations.

The last time he entered the Third Sanctum, due to his authority, the message board was mostly empty. This time, his authority in the First Sanctum was higher, so he should be able to see more content. Han Xiao planned to take a look before he left.

The Sanctum mark released rays of light and quickly formed a screen-like message board, floating in front of Han Xiao.

Han Xiao browsed through it carefully and compared it with the contents of the Third Sanctum in his memories. Sure enough, he found that much of the empty content from the last time had become visible.

He continued reading, and his eyes paused on the record at the fifth last paragraph of the Celestial Star Alliance. He then looked at the last four paragraphs with the most empty content. Compared to what he had seen in the Third Sanctum, most of the last four paragraphs were still covered, but some new content was revealed.

The fourth last paragraph displayed the most content. In the large empty space, a few pieces of information appeared:

[ According to the results of the joint observation, the Great Reboot will take place after , we have learned our lesson from the previous Iteration and have formulated Information Form Stripping Plan. We hope that the long relay will end in our hands Our civilization is called if the civilizations in the later Iterations that means our plan , please take a new route]

"Is this the Iteration after the Celestial Star Alliance"

Han Xiao pondered. It looked like a message from another civilization that did not manage to survive the Great Reboot.

Although his authority was not enough to show the name of this civilization, and he was unable to find the other partys information Form light spheres, he knew that the other partys plan to get through the Great Reboot was called the Information Form Stripping Plan.

"Information Form Stripping sounds interesting."

Han Xiao stroked his chin.

Apart from this paragraph, the other information that appeared in the last four paragraphs were all bits and pieces of information. They were of no value, and the level-eight authority was not enough to fully check this part.

After browsing through the messages again and memorizing them, Han Xiao turned off the message board and flew toward the Sanctum channel.

The second day after Han Xiao entered the Sanctum.

Interception circles main base, many Beyond Grade As were on standby. When there were no combat missions, they would do their own thing.

In the exclusive activity room, a portion of the Beyond Grade As were resting or having fun, chatting casually.

Kasuyi was playing cards with Secret Master, and a group of people was watching from the side.

"Black Star is already disconnected. I wonder how many troublesome fellows hell bring back this time"

Sun Hunter, who was the size of a finger, stood on the card table with his arms crossed and said in a low voice.

Kasuyi threw out a Kasuyi card and smiled helplessly:

"This is indeed troublesome. After all, some of the historical Beyond Grade As have complicated relationships with us."

The first two batches of revived Beyond Grade As did not have much contact with the current Beyond Grade As, but the targets this time were different. Many of them were their acquaintances. "Ahem, to be honest, Im not prepared to meet my ancestor," Milizaus had a headache. He was the patriarch of the Starry Spiritual Dragon race, and Starry Spiritual Dragon was a branch bloodline left behind by a Beyond Grade A Magic Azure Dragon.

Milizaus was not the only one with such a story. The Beyond Grade As that Black Star was preparing to revive had a similar relationship with many of the people present.

If that was all, it would have been fine. However, many people had enmity between them. When they thought about how their enemy was about to be revived, many of them felt uneasy.

Initially, when people died, everything would be settled, and the hatred would be let go. However, now that the enemies had all come back to life, should they still pursue their past grudges ?

This was especially so for the victims of the Tragedy of the Pinnacles represented by Dylan. Everyone felt that they definitely would not let this go.

"When this group of people is revived by Black Star, it would be nice if they dont start a fight," Kant shook his head.

Hila, who was resting in the corner, said without opening her eyes: "Whats there to be afraid of? Black Star can revive them, and he can also stuff them back into their graves. If they cause trouble, Im more than happy to send them to the Underworld."

Hearing this, everyone turned to look at her, speechless.

"Thats true, but you saying this in front of us feels like youre warning us"

Everyone curled their lips and looked away.

Humph, although they were sisters, Aurora was still cuter!

"Hila is right. At this time, we cannot waste a single soldier," Kasuyi chuckled.

After Han Xiao entered the Sanctum, Kasuyi and Hila became the backbone of the association. The former was the vice president, while Hila did not have enough reputation. However, Han Xiao had given her the intelligence channel of Destinys Child, so Hila enjoyed a transcendent position for the time being

"Speaking of which, although Black Star is shameless and cunning, he is still very hardworking when it comes to fighting for the benefits of the Beyond Grade As and protecting the safety of the Galactic Society," Sun Hunter smacked his lips and said.

"Thats because you dont know him well. Cunning is just a means. Ive always felt that Black Star is an idealist who plans far ahead for the peace of the universe. He has a noble ambition that transcends reality," As a veteran boot-licker, Beigers tone was filled with respect.

"Forget it. Black Star is purely an opportunist, but his common interests are the same as ours. Were on the same side, but dont flatter him," Heber snorted.

The group began to heatedly discuss Black Stars character. Anyway, Han Xiao was not here, it was not convenient for them to roast him in front of him. But now, they could say whatever they wanted.

On the other side, Manison was alone in the observation deck of the main base, looking at the starry sky. He was playing with a Rubiks cube-like polyhedron in his hands, which looked like some kind of mechanism. The complicated mechanical structure kept sliding and making cracking sounds.

This was a childrens toy of the Mechanical Race, used to cultivate Mechanical Sense from a young age.

"Ancestor might be returning" Manison muttered to himself with mixed feelings.

He was the second Beyond Grade A born in the Mechanical Race, and he also had a distant ancestor. Although he had become an independent species after becoming a Beyond Grade A Super, this relationship could still be counted.

This was especially so since Manison was the only leader of the Mechanical Race and treated the Mechanical Race as an important asset. If the ancestor of the Mechanical Race returned and wanted to become the leader of the Mechanical Race again, who would the Mechanical Race listen to? Two tigers cannot share one mountain, would his position be affected?

It was a pity that the Sanctum Revival target was decided by Black Star. As long as he found the medium, he would be free to choose the revival target.

Manison could not control Han Xiaos thoughts. He even suspected that Black Star did it on purpose.

At this moment, Clotti and Oulou were also conflicted.

The two of them were waiting at the dock of the base, watching the giant starships enter the port.

Oulou lit a cigarette and exhaled a light blue cloud. He slowly said: "The direct descendants of the past are about to revive. Are you nervous?"

"Why should I be nervous?" Clotti was expressionless.

"Hey, dont tell me you dont have any psychological trauma toward them," Oulou sneered.

Clotti said nothing. He was now a direct descendant of the dynasty with the highest position, but he was still a junior in front of the previous generation.

Clotti did not become the National Pillar of the dynasty as soon as he became a Beyond Grade A Super. Before he grew up, there was still the National Pillar of the previous generation that supported the dynastys prestige.

At the same time, the direct line of descent had an inheritance relationship. Due to the strength of his Esper Ability, Clotti was the focus of the dynastys training. The previous National Pillar was his special training instructor and could be considered half a teacher, leaving him with an indelible impression.

If Gaud had not been killed, he would have received Clottis special training, carrying on the inheritance.

"Although Black Stars goal is for the sake of the war" Oulou took another puff of his cigarette and shook his head: "However, this kind of action will probably cause many people to enter a situation they never imagined."

Clotti shook his head.

Facing the many seniors who were about to be revived, the entire Beyond Grade A group had their own thoughts.

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