The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1348

Chapter 1348 Return And Technology Treasure

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In the vast starry sky, a golden spark suddenly flashed and expanded into a vortex, spitting Han Xiao out. Then, the Sanctum passageway disappeared.

Han Xiao quickly regained his senses.

"Although this is only my second experience, this feeling is quite incredible"

Han Xiao muttered to himself. He quickly adjusted his thoughts and looked down. The Sanctum mark had already disappeared and the interface could be opened again. The notification of entering the First Sanctum popped up.

Every time he entered a different Sanctum, his authority would be increased by one. He had calculated it before entering, and only then did his authority in the First Sanctum reach level eight.

After organizing his thoughts, Han Xiao stored the technological information from the First Sanctum in his memory palace. He then took out his communicator and looked at it.

"The last time I entered the Third Sanctum, I was there for more than three months. This time, only about two months have passed. The higher the authority, the closer the convergence of time flow. In such a short time, there shouldnt be any problems with the war right?"

Han Xiao immediately called Simons number. After two rings, the call was picked up.

Simon appeared on the screen with a look of surprise.

"Your Excellency Black Star, youre finally back!"

Hmm? This tone of impatient expectancy sounds like the reaction of someone meeting their savior when theyre in trouble Could something bad have happened?

Could it be that they need me to turn the tide? It cant be that coincidental, right?

Han Xiaos heart skipped a beat and a bunch of thoughts flashed through his mind. He asked, "Id only disappeared for about two months. Did something happen on your side?".

"Although there are some changes, we can still handle it." Through the screen, Simon could not feel Han Xiaos mentality. He smiled and said, "Now that youre back, we have more confidence."

After hearing Simons explanation, Han Xiao knew that he had misunderstood.

His teammates were still quite strong. Losing him for a few months would not affect them much. He was relieved. He felt as if he had found his backbone again and could finally rely on others.

That was right. With the foundation from before, the three Universal Civilizations would not be so weak, he was worrying too much.

After hearing the current situation, Han Xiao stroked his chin and said:

"So, the World Tree has built a beyond-visual-range encampment and is firing at us. The construction of the interception circle and space anchoring orbit is meeting huge resistance If we want to destroy the enemys strategy, we have to start from finding their positions, right?" "That is the situation. However, we are currently in a passive position. Only when the other party fires, will we be able to lock onto them. The other conventional detection methods have all been blocked" Simon explained.

"Hmm The World Tree chose to build camps at a jump point further away from our territory. This is indeed difficult to handle" "You dont have any ideas either?" Although Simon did not have much hope, he could not help but feel discouraged when he saw that even Black Star did not seem to have any ideas.

Because Han Xiao had always been very reliable, the three Universal Civilizations officers had already put a know-it-all halo on him in their hearts. For him to encounter a problem that he could not solve, although they would not have any problems with it logically, they more or less felt a little depressed.

"Im not sure yet. Let me take a look at the situation first."

Han Xiao did not give a definite response.

Facing the situation that Simon had mentioned, his brain was working rapidly, sifting through one plan after another, while also looking for any technology that could be used in this area Not to mention, the information that he had obtained from the First Sanctum this time did indeed mention a special detection technology that was suitable for this situation. It came from an advanced civilization of past Iteration, and it was especially used in beyond-visual-range warfare against enemies whose coordinates were unknown.

According to the data, this civilizations specialty was in beyond-visual-range warfare. Even without the aid of wormholes and stargates, they could accurately strike targets across multiple Star Fields. The First Sanctum contained countless mechanical technologies. He had only dug out a small part of them this time, but it was still an enormous treasure trove of technology. It was not that he wanted to get rid of the old, but it was far more comprehensive than Jayzs treasure.

With the experience and accumulation of many different civilizations of past Iterations, he was able to deal with all kinds of situations and had a targeted solution to many battle tactics. This was an advantage that Jayzs treasure could not provide.

Originally, the World Tree Civilization had devoured the accumulation of many civilizations, so they had a certain advantage on the battlefield. This information was enough to close the gap between the two sides and even gain an advantage.


To the three Universal Civilizations, this wave of technological information was like a timely gift, a priceless treasure! This way, even if the revival mechanism and resource conversion of the World Tree was impossible to solve, the three Universal Civilizations would be able to last longer and buy more time for the secondary dimension expedition team.

"With this batch of technological information, I have a higher chance of dealing with the World Tree Civilization Its a pity that none of the past Iterations have met an opponent like the World Tree. It would have been great if they had a targeted device." Han Xiao was overjoyed but also a little regretful.

After this trip to the Sanctum, he made a discovery. Every Sanctum stored different types of information. The First Sanctum mainly focused on machinery, but he did not find any Information Form technology.

If the five Super classes corresponded to one Sanctum, he guessed that the additional Sixth Sanctum would contain information related to the Information Form, which was the best weapon against the World Tree. However, the Sixth Sanctum Key was too difficult to synthesize, and it was completely different from the other five Sanctums. Han Xiao had never even heard the names of some of the materials.

While he was thinking, Simon spoke again.

"Sanctum Revival succeeded?"

"Hmm, there is one final step left. I need to gather the other Beyond Grade As to hold the fort and prevent any trouble."

Han Xiao nodded. He could not help but think about the revival of the World Tree.

According to his previous life experiences, the revival speed of most of the World Tree powerhouses varied from two to eight months. The revival time of peak Beyond Grade As usually fluctuated between five to eight months, and the revival time of the Tree King was different.

"Thats good. Come to the main base. Ill gather everyone and wait for you." Simon was overjoyed.

"Okay, Ill be there later."

Han Xiao hung up and called Oathkeeper.

This time, it rang for thirty seconds before the call was reluctantly picked up.

"Youre back," Oathkeeper appeared on the screen, expressionless.

"Why do you look so unhappy?"

"Im very happy."

This sentence, coupled with your dead fish face and flat tone, is not convincing at all!

Han Xiao thought to himself and said helplessly:

"Alright, Im just informing you that Im back. There are many direct descendants among the targets of this revival, so I cant send them to the Holy Accord."


" If you have nothing to say, Im hangingup."

Han Xiaos mouth twitched. He ended the communication, changed into the King, and disappeared.

On the other side, at the Holy Accords base.

Oathkeeper, who was sitting before the card table, put down his communicator. He turned around and saw the members of the Holy Accord staring at him with burning eyes.

"Black Star is back ?"

"Finally, another batch of people will be revived. There might be some of my enemies among them."

"Hahahaha, these people cant join the Holy Accord. If we let them join the battle, we dont have to go out."

"Letting those direct descendants die on the battlefield will indirectly avenge us. Black Star is amazing!"

In the room, many revivors had intense reactions. They threw down the cards in their hands, and the atmosphere was jubilant. Seeing this, Oathkeepers hand tightened around the card, and his heart was filled with jealousy. Bosss experience card had expired again

In the conference room at the interception circles main base, everyone gathered and surrounded the throne. A beam of light flashed, and Han Xiao, who was wearing the King, teleported over.

"The president is back!" "Army Commander!" "Your Excellency Black Star!"

Upon seeing Han Xiao, everyone greeted him.

"Thank you for your hard work during my absence."

Han Xiao put away the King, smiled, and waved his hands. He had the style of a leader, and everyone present was used to it.

"When will we complete the Sanctum Revival?" Simon walked up and asked.

Hearing this, most of the Beyond Grade As looked at Han Xiao curiously. Most of them only knew about the Sanctum Revival but had never seen how it was carried out.

"Theres no hurry. Let me take a look at the current situation."

Han Xiao shook his head and walked straight to the command station. He pulled up the surveillance and the battle reports from the past few days and quickly browsed through them.

Seeing this, the others did not rush him and followed behind him, not disturbing Han Xiaos observation.

However, this scene gave many people a strange feeling. For some reason, they felt as though their work was being reviewed by the leader.

After a while, Han Xiao looked at Simon and said:

"Im clear about the situation. I have an idea that might be able to restrain the World Trees strategy of the beyond-visual-range encampment." "You really have a way ?"

Simon froze.

"Just a moment ago, you said that you were not confident. Now, after seeing the situation, you have already thought of a countermeasure. So fast ".

"I have a special detection technology that might be able to solve the positioning problem" Han Xiao took out the information of the technology from his memories and hid the details of the technology. He gave a rough outline of the theory and effect, showing the group.

Simon quickly finished reading the information, and his expression became even more surprised.

"If this technology is real, not only will we be able to solve the current tug-of-war, but we will also be able to change the direction of our future decisions. This will bring more new tactics and expand our tactical portfolio!"

The Beyond Grade As also took a look at the technical introduction. The Mechanics among them were shocked and could not help but size Han Xiao up.

Compared to the others, the experts were more shocked. One look and they knew that as long as they followed the blueprints and created the real thing, it would definitely be a Universal Treasure-level device. Just this technology alone was enough to change the way an advanced civilization fought!

Not only did Black Stars combat capability improve rapidly, but even his research and development capabilities had reached such a level? When did he develop such strategic detection technology ?

Han Xiao looked around and nodded.

"Of course its true. I can share a portion of the technology and let the three Universal Civilizations build the framework for the military factories. Ill be in charge of the core, splitting up the work to increase efficiency."

He did not plan to hide some of the technologies that would be helpful in the war. He only held onto the core technology, while the three Universal Civilizations provided resources to build the other aspects, increasing the three Universal Civilizations capital to fight the World Tree.

"Good! As expected of the special consultant. I will ask the three leaders!"

Simon immediately became excited.

Black Star had just returned, but he had already proposed a solution to the problem that had troubled them for two months. Not only was he extraordinarily intelligent, but he also had achievements in strategic technology Black Star was indeed reliable as ever!

Looking at everyones surprised expressions, Han Xiao remained calm and did not take credit for it.

Strictly speaking, this was not his own ability but the strength of the advanced civilizations of the past Iterations. He was just standing on the shoulders of the giants and had grasped the information difference. He had nothing to be proud of.

Putting away his thoughts, Han Xiao waved his hands and said with a solemn tone:

"Lets put this aside for now and choose a place for me to use the Sanctum Revival. This time, it wont be like the past. For sure, there would be many people among this batch of Revivors who wont accept us requesting them to participate in the war. I dont wish for any accidents. All Beyond Grade As, follow me!"


Everyones expression turned serious as they agreed.

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