The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1349

Chapter 1349 Revival And Declaration

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On a man-made planet in the Flickering World, the silver land laid out by engineering alloys was boundless and covered the entire planet. There were no buildings on the ground yet and the entire planet was a round silver sphere with only the most basic geological modification.

Over a hundred Beyond Grade As were in the middle of the vast silver plain, their eyes focused on Han Xiaos back.

To reduce any unexpected factors, the three Universal Civilizations chose a planet in their territory as the venue for the Sanctum Revival, and many Beyond Grade As followed Han Xiao to use the teleportation device.

The three Universal Civilizations did not deploy any fleets in the outer space of the planet. They only deployed Space Stabilization Anchors, as well as hidden super-visory weapons in further locations. They used long-range equipment to observe the situation from afar, so the outer space of the planet looked empty without any armed forces.

This was Han Xiaos suggestion. All Beyond Grade As had tempers and if they were forced to negotiate with someone the moment they woke up, they would surely be unhappy. So it might not be beneficial for both sides to come into contact right away. This time, the three Universal Civilizations had a favor to ask. The other parties were also famous historical figures. They were all people with high statuses, so it was not suitable for them to put on such a tough attitude right from the start. On the contrary, having communication among Beyond Grade As would be no problem at all.

If physical persuasion was needed, Han Xiao and a group of Beyond Grade As would be enough. Only the strong would be respected. This was the unspoken rule among Beyond Grade As. If military forces were to interfere, it might have the opposite effect.

"Then I shall begin."

Han Xiao looked back and saw everyone nodding in agreement. He then looked away and activated the Sanctum Revival Brand on the back of his hand.

A golden light suddenly blossomed and shot out like a silk thread, condensing into glowing objects on the plains in front of everyone. They slowly solidified and turned into various life forms. The energy fluctuations resonated with each other as if a storm had appeared out of thin air, blowing everyones hair and clothes.

All the Beyond Grade As stared at the scene, afraid to miss anything.

"Theyre alive!"

"So this is how the resurrections are done. Its not what I expected. I thought there would be an incubation process or something similar." "Speaking of which, what is this principle? It looks so magical."

A series of surprised whispers came from behind him, but Han Xiao pretended not to hear them. He carefully observed the revivals.

Direct descendants of the three Universal Civilizations, direct descendants of the Super Star Cluster, neutral Beyond Grade As The organization of the Revivors this time is more complicated than the previous two, and the conflicts are probably more intense.

Han Xiao was mentally prepared.

At this moment, the revivors finally woke up from their daze and looked at each other in shock, sizing up the unknown environment and people around them.


"Whats going on?"

"Illusion? Dream? Virtual world? What did the Federation of Light do to me?"

"Hmm? Its you! I crushed your head with my own hands. How are you still alive ?"

After the group of Revivors had seen the situation around them, the scene gradually became chaotic. A gaseous flame emerged from their bodies, and their energy quickly entered an unstable active state. They entered combat mode, and many people who had enmity with each other started to move. As for some neutral people who did not understand the situation, they frowned and quietly retreated to the side. Their visual organs spun around, as they observed the situation.

Just as Han Xiao was about to speak, a tall male life form looked over and stared at Han Xiao and the others. He slowly spoke out.

"If Im not wrong, all of us are dead. Did you resurrect us?"

He was wearing a gorgeous Divine Official robe, and his voice was solemn and ancient. It had a calming aura that quickly suppressed the chaos in the entire venue, attracting the attention of all the revivors present to him. Following his line of sight, they locked onto Han Xiao and the others.

Are you trying to steal my lines? Han Xiao looked at him carefully, and his consciousness filtered through the database. Very soon, he found the information of this man who spoke.

Hilbert Mueller was a direct Esper of the Arcane Church, a peak Beyond Grade A Super. His ability was related to space, and he was once the pillar of the Arcane Church. He had a senior and aloof status as the previous master of the Arcane Church, before Wuornos!

This was because Wuornos ability was more suitable for the Arcane Church. After Wuornos grew up, the Arcane Church changed the owner of the national weapon, and Hilbert left his position as the pillar of the Arcane Church. He went out to explore the secondary dimensions. He disappeared during a long-distance exploration, and his fate was left unknown.

From the looks of it now, this guy had crossed the line of life and death. The universe was so big, and the dangers were endless. Han Xiao did not know what he had encountered in the secondary dimension, but he could exclude the possibility of the Celestial Star Alliance. Han Xiao had once learned the appearance and name of the first three batches of outsiders from Jayz. Those people were not in his revival choice for the time being.

Various thoughts flashed through Han Xiaos mind, but he nodded and replied.

"Thats right. I believe you all still have your memories. Youve all died long ago and become history. Its the year 783 of the Galaxy Calendar, and many years have passed. I used a method called the Sanctum Revival to wake you all up"

"It really is revival"

"Unbelievable. Theres such a thing?"

"I thought someone uploaded my remaining consciousness into the virtual world."

The Revivors started to quiet down and were surprised.

They had never thought of this before. At least when they died, not many of them thought that they would again wake up one day.

A female Dynasty human wearing a military uniform narrowed her eyes and asked Han Xiao,

"Then who are you?"

"You can call me Black Star, the only ruler of the Sanctum Revival, the consultant of the three Universal Civilizations, and the current Beyond Grade A president." Han Xiao introduced himself and added with a smile, "I was once an ally of the dynasty, so we could be considered to have some relationship, Your Excellency Reeve."

"So, youre one of us?"

Reeves expression softened.

She was one of the pillars of the dynasty, a peak Beyond Grade A Mage. Her nickname was Demonic Empress, and her combat strength was outstanding

Hearing Han Xiaos title, it sounded like he was on the side of the three Universal Civilizations. At the same time, Han Xiao claimed to be an ally of the Dynasty, so Reeve felt that he was not an enemy.

She turned around to observe the Beyond Grade As behind Han Xiao. Suddenly, her gaze stopped on Clotti, and a surprised smile appeared on her face.

"Isnt this Little Darkie? Youre still alive?!"

Everyone looked over and saw the usually cold Clottis face twitching slightly. He quietly shuffled his feet as if he wanted to hide himself in the crowd.

"Hey, Clotti! Dont pretend you dont know me. I saw you. Where are you trying to hide?"

Reeve had her hands on her waist. Her voice was rough, as though like a lion roaring. Han Xiao could not help but rub his buzzing ears. He felt that this woman and Sun Hunter had a lot in common, they either remained quiet or shouted at the top of their voices.

"We meet again."

A rare look of reluctance flashed across Clottis face, but he still forced himself to respond.

In terms of seniority, Reeves could be said to be his senior. She had taught him, together with the other National Pillars, for some time. When Clotti was still weak, she had left a deep psychological shadow in his heart and could be considered half a teacher.

What made Clottis scalp tingle the most was that Reeve would flirt with him, making moves towards him on purpose. Speaking of which, Reeve could be considered a seductive beauty. If it was under normal circumstances, he would not have avoided her, but the problem was this guy was a postnatal transgender. She was not like Lotus Swordsman, who had no choice in the say of her gender. Furthermore, it was not a decision made when Reeve was weak, but a decision made after she became a Beyond Grade A Super. The reason was weird; put in Reeves words, "once you get tired of being a man, try being a woman"!

Although the Galactic Era was open and the change of sex was widely accepted, Clotti had never liked the new trend. He could still accept it if they got along normally, but being teased made him feel a chill down his spine. He really could not accept it. This mentality was probably

I treat you as a brother, but you actually want to sleep with me?!

"Ahem, everyone, now is not the time for small talk."

Han Xiao quickly interrupted their conversation. He had yet to finish his business. If he allowed these peoplewho were related to each otherto start recognizing and chatting everyone up, when would he be done with his business?

"Hmm, thats true. Lets not talk about anything else. You resurrected us for a certain purpose. What exactly is going on?" The revived person from the Federation of Light also spoke up. This was a Psychic, the direct descendent who was a predecessor of Oulou.

The ones asking questions were mainly the direct descendants of the three Universal Civilizations, who gathered together on their own. The rest of the revivors looked at the communication between the two sides and quietly obtained information. As for the ten direct descendants of the Super Star Cluster, they hid at the side and maintained a high level of vigilance.

Hearing this question, everyones mental states perked up. This was what they were most wary of. They were afraid that the revival was done with bad intentions at play.

"Resurrecting isnt just my idea. The three Universal Civilizations and the entire Galactic Society have the same idea as all the Beyond Grade As present." Han Xiao paused and said with a deep voice, "Our hometown has met with a huge crisis, where a foreign Universal Civilization is invading our world. Their strength is beyond imagination and extremely powerful. The war has already broken out, and we need everyones strength!"

A Universe-level war?!

All the expressions changed.

That was true. If not for this level of danger, there would not have been a need to go through so much trouble to revive so many historical Beyond Grade As. However, from a personal point of view, most of the revivors were unhappy about being used by others.

The revivors looked at the hundreds of Beyond Grade As in front of them and finally understood the situation. The joy of reviving was gone, and they were filled with anger.

"If were not willing, what will happen? Will you force us?" A neutral Beyond Grade A frowned and said with dissatisfaction.

Han Xiao shook his head and said, "Thats not the case. We will try our best to convince everyone that everything is voluntary and we will not force you to participate in the battle."

The Revivors were individuals with free thoughts after all, not slaves. Forcing them was not an option, not only because of their complex identities but also because of the feelings of the other Beyond Grade As.

Using a gun to force the Revivors to compromise would cause many repercussions. One of them was to make the other Beyond Grade As feel the same way. They were worried that they would receive the same treatment after reviving, so it was hard to say how many more association members would be willing to participate in the battle.

Surely there would not be many Revivors who would agree with him through verbal persuasion alone. Furthermore, force was an indispensable part of it. It was difficult for both parties, and Han Xiao had no choice but to grasp the problem. This was even more difficult to deal with than the previous two revivals. Han Xiao had long prepared himself for this hurdle.

This time, a Beyond Grade A with a medium built spoke out.

"We need to ask the upper echelons for their opinion. Can you give us a communicator?"

Han Xiao looked at him and recognized him as a direct member of the Super Star Cluster. His name was Mablo, and he had outstanding combat strength as well. It was a pity that he had died in the Tragedy of the Pinnacles.

"Sure, take it."

Han Xiao did not reject this request. He took out a communicator and threw it at Mablo.

This was the condition of his deal with the Super Star Cluster. With the rich experience of the Super Star Cluster being persecuted, they would surely suspect that the three Universal Civilizations might secretly do something to their high-level combatants during the war, and thus would not allow the experts who had finally revived to participate in the war. Han Xiao did not expect all the revived members of the Super Star Cluster to participate either.

Mablo took the communicator, nodded slightly, and led the other nine members of the Super Star Cluster to contact their upper echelons.

For a moment, the majority of the Revivors fell silent. They exchanged looks among their acquaintances and hesitated to speak.

This time, Reeve let out a breath and said slowly, "Since the Dynasty is in trouble, I will not shirk my duty. Isnt it just a war? As long as the Dynasty gives the order, I am willing to contribute my strength."

"Yeah, me too."

"I was already a dead man to begin with. If the Federation needs my strength to fight the foreign enemies, theres no harm in burning myself again." With Reeve taking the lead, many direct members of the three Universal Civilizations agreed and expressed their support.

Seeing this, Han Xiao heaved a sigh of relief.

The support from most of the direct members of the civilizations was within his expectations. High-level combatants who had undergone long-term patriotic education from the three Universal Civilizations were naturally reliable and willing to contribute to the explored universe.

However, since it involved a second life, things were obviously not going to go so smoothly. While many of the direct descendants expressed their stance, voices of dissent came from the crowd as well.

"Black Star, Im sorry, but we dont want to continue fighting."

Han Xiao and the others looked over, and their expressions changed.

The person who spoke was not a historical expert, but a member of the association who had died on the battlefield not long ago. His name was Garoze, and he had briefly interacted with Han Xiao before.

The other members of the association who had died also followed beside Garoze. They had reached a consensus and mustered their courage to meet Han Xiaos eyes.

As expected, even the Beyond Grade As who were willing to participate in the battle did not want to take the risk after dying once

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes. Although he was not surprised, he still shook his head and sighed.

However, before he could respond, another Revivor objected.

"Im sorry, but I dont plan to participate in this war either."

Han Xiao turned around, his gaze startled.

The person who spoke was none other than Hilbert. He was the first direct member of the three Universal Civilizations to reject this conscription.

Reeve looked at him in surprise. "What are you"

Before she could finish, Hilbert waved his hand and interrupted her.

"Ive already sacrificed my life for the three Universal Civilizations and fulfilled my duty. Even if Im a direct descendant, the Church cant keep asking me to contribute. Even the upper echelons have a choice to retire. Furthermore, I died once, so everything was wiped out. Now that I finally have a second chance, I cant keep working for them forever."

As soon as he said that, many of the direct members of the civilization who were still in dilemma were stunned. They felt that he had spoken the truth and nodded in agreement.

Even the direct descendants of the civilizations who had already expressed their stand were shaken by these words.

The direct descendants of the three Universal Civilizations originally wanted to persuade him, but after hearing this, they were speechless.

"This doesnt look good"

Looking at this scene, the heads of the three Universal Civilizations who were monitoring remotely through the equipment all felt their hearts tighten.

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