The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1351

Chapter 1351 No One Believes

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Hearing the word, a commotion broke out among the revivors. Because the era was different, their reactions were also different.

Some people knew what the Underworld was, and they looked at Hila with shock and doubt. Some were confused and did not know what this meant. After asking around, they finally understood the significance of the Underworld. Their expressions changed, and they felt a strong sense of fear.

Nilfgadi, who had been watching the show, frowned and looked at Hila.

"Speaking of which, that recovery-type Espers ability is very familiar. Whats your relationship with Nerkese and Eros?"

He was also a Primordial One, and he had been in the same era as the two sisters of the Underworld. From the start, he felt that Hila and Auroras abilities had a familiar aura.

Hila looked down at him and said calmly, "Both of them died long ago. We inherited (Dawn of Life) and (Power of the Dead) respectively, as well as the Underworld that they left behind."

"So thats how it is" Nilfgadi nodded slowly and did not say anything else.

Seeing that he had no other questions, Hila ignored him and looked at everyone.

"Black Star has already given you enough face. Dont push your luck. As I said before, if you dont want to live, you can continue to make a fuss. Lets see if we can send all of you to the Underworld!"

"Hila! Everyone here is a senior. Watch your words." Han Xiao put up an act of scolding.

"Humph." Hila threw away the remains of Aegon Vardnadze and retreated into the crowd.

Listening to the two of them singing a duet, some of the revivors had ugly expressions on their faces, but they did not dare do anything extreme.

The threat of the Underworld was not small. Compared to entering the Underworld, house arrest seemed more acceptable

Furthermore, the overwhelming strength that Black Star had displayed by playing Aegon Vardnadze like a game and killing him made many of the revivors wary.

However, although Aegon Vardnadze was killed, most of the revivors did not feel sympathetic. They had seen the entire process, so they naturally knew that it was not Black Star who started it, but Aegon Vardnadze who brought it upon himself.

On the other hand, the Beyond Grade As on Han Xiaos side did not feel disgusted. Instead, they felt happy. It was Aegon Vardnadzes fault for being so daring. Even if Black Star had not made a move, many people would still have wanted to kill him. Killing people to establish his prestige would easily make people think that he was forcing the revivors to do something. To prevent such repercussions, Han Xiao originally did not want to kill anyone. However, Aegon Vardnadze courting death was a special case. To be able to make both sides think that he deserved to die was simply amazing.

Just as he had been worrying about how to establish his prestige, Aegon Vardnadze sent him an excellent opportunity without causing any backlash. He was a great person who had given him timely help. He would feel bad if he did not ask the eight Underworld brothers to take care of him!

Seeing that the revivors had stopped the commotion, Han Xiao knew that this act of killing the chicken to warn the monkeys had worked.

However, this was not enough. His main goal was not to put them under house arrest but to convince them to join the war willingly.

Han Xiao took a deep breath and said:

"Inviting all of you to participate in the war is not asking you to contribute for free. This is also a deal. I believe that all of you will be satisfied with this price."

Hearing this, many of the revivors looked interested

"Oh? Whats the reward?"

Hilbert asked curiously.

Han Xiao smiled and went for the strong approach as planned.

"As long as you choose to participate in the battle, no matter how many times you die in battle, I will wake you up again. If there comes a day when we expel the foreign enemies, the participants will forever enjoy the right to revive in the Sanctum and obtain a permanent safety guarantee. However, if you do not participate in the battle this time, there will not be another chance to exchange for it in the future. This is my offer."

The revivors present were stunned for a moment before their hearts skipped a beat.

If that was the case, they would have nothing to worry about. Using the battle in exchange for the right to be revived in the Sanctum would be an extremely profitable deal!

Furthermore, there was also [Dawn of Life) s current ability user. Their survival on the battlefield was guaranteed, and it would not be so easy to die. It was worth a try!

The only problem was whether Black Star would keep his word.

Observing everyones reaction, Han Xiao smiled and said, "Dont doubt my sincerity. The Sanctum Revival is not difficult for me. Reviving you guys is just a piece of cake."

Reeve could not help but question, "You mean the Sanctum Revival can be used nonstop? Is there no limit?"

"Hehe, there really isnt. Dont worry, no matter how many times you die, the Sanctum Revival can still take effect."

Han Xiao replied with a smile. When he introduced the situation earlier, he did not repeat the lie that the Sanctum Revival could only be done once, so this batch of revivors did not know.

As soon as he said that, the surrounding association members could not help but look at him. Although they did not have any expression on their faces, they were sighing in their hearts

Black Stars ability to lie through his teeth was getting better and better!

Many of the association members believed that the Sanctum Revival only had one chance. The lie had been told for so long that they treated it as the truth. They did not believe that Han Xiao was going back on his words. In their eyes, this was just a lie that Black Star had made up to trick these Revivors into joining the battle.

However, no one intended to expose the truth. Tricking more revivors into joining the battle was in their interest, and this lie was ineffective on insiders like them.

This split the difference between the current Beyond Grade As and the revivors. Many of the association members believed that they would not fall for it even after they revived. Thus, there was a difference in treatment, and it would not hurt the interests of their group. Therefore, no one planned to expose Han Xiaos lie. Even Garoze and the others who had just revived chose to remain silent. Instead, they felt that Black Star had made a good move.

Looking at the revivors excited faces, many association members laughed in their hearts. They could not help but feel a sense of superiority as if they had grasped the truth.

At the same time, Kasuyi glanced at his companions around him and knew that no one was taking it seriously. His mouth could not help but twitch.

As someone who knew the truth, he naturally knew that Han Xiao was telling the truth. However, this group of Beyond Grade As had already been fooled by Black Star, and no one believed him!

Kasuyi did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Forget it, its not a big problem. When Black Star proves it with his actions, they will know which is the truth

He was not worried that Black Stars plan would fail. The members of the three Universal Civilizations and the association would most likely hide the truth for their own benefit. As for the revivors, they would be under unified surveillance and would not be able to freely come into contact with information from the outside world. The three Universal Civilizations would naturally filter out any information that might reveal the truth.

Even if the truth could not be hidden, and the Revivors knew the truth, there would still be some direct descent revivors who would voluntarily sacrifice themselves. As long as a group of people died in the battle and the revivals were successfully carried out, everyone would understand what Han Xiao said today was true, and the situation would immediately return to normal, continuing to rush forward.

There are many backup plans, and everything is under control. Black Star is still very steady

Kasuyi secretly praised.

On the other side, many revivors were shaken by Han Xiaos conditions.

Hilberts eyes flashed.

"If what you said is true, this deal is worth it. I can work for the civilization again and fight against the foreign enemies."

"Its alright. You guys have plenty of time to consider."

Han Xiao smiled.

As he spoke, he waved his hand, and a spaceship landed on the ground. The hatch opened, inviting everyone to board it. Many of the revivors had already accepted Han Xiaos words, and they obediently boarded the spaceship.

Everyone boarded the starship and quickly set off for the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Point that the three Universal Civilizations had set up nearby. The cabin was peaceful, and there were no tense confrontations. Many of the current Beyond Grade As had finally formed a relationship with the Revivors, and many of them had reunited after a long time.

Seeing this peaceful scene, Han Xiao heaved a sigh of relief. The initial negotiations have been completed, and Ive finally mobilized the enthusiasm of these Revivors to participate in the battle I wonder how many Beyond Grade As outside of the Revivors believe my words.

Han Xiao could not help but smile.

The war had already broken out, and the Sanctum Revivals unlimited usage was bound to be revealed sooner or later. He did not intend to hide it forever, using this reason to convince these revivors that it was a plan that he had devised long ago, and he was not afraid of the three Universal Civilizations finding out.

However, the lies from before were too deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Han Xiao believed that the three Universal Civilizations and the association members would most likely be skeptical of his words. As long as he did not prove it with his actions, these people would be more likely to believe that the Sanctum Revival was only limited to once.

However, although Han Xiao planned to reveal the fact that there was no limit to the Sanctum Revival, he did not intend to tell the truth completely. He had long prepared what he would say to the three Universal Civilizations after the truth was exposed.

Beep beep beep

Just as he was thinking, his communicator suddenly rang. Han Xiao took it out to take a look. As expected, it was an invitation from the leaders of the three Universal Civilizations.

Without hesitation, he entered the quantum network and initiated a remote projection.

Turning around, he found himself in the office of the three Universal Civilizations leaders, facing the three of them. "Its been hard on you, Black Star. Youve already stabilized these revivors." Marbruce nodded. "Thank you for thinking about the big picture. You brought back so many high-level combatants. This will make up for many disadvantages."

"Dont just thank me verbally." Han Xiao chuckled.

"Dont worry, we have already prepared substantial remuneration." Marbruce paused and suddenly asked, "By the way, we also provided Gauds medium, but why didnt he revive?"

"Im not sure. Either the medium is wrong, or this guy isnt dead and is hiding somewhere."

Han Xiaos expression did not change. This kind of problem was easily solved, and it did not affect him at all.

"So hes not dead I got it."

Marbruce glanced at Han Xiao and did not intend to continue investigating. At this time, the Pope interrupted and slowly asked:

"Black Star, you just said that Sanctum Revival does not have a limit. Is it real or fake?"

"What do you think?" Han Xiao asked.

"I think this is just an excuse you used to stabilize the revivors." The Pope spread out his hands. "But there are no absolutes in this world. Maybe this is the truth."

The other two also stared at Han Xiao with curiosity.

Han Xiao shrugged and said casually:

"It doesnt matter which way you believe it. When the situation gets to that point, well know if its true or not. Before that, I suggest that you take what I just said as a lie and consider the worst possible outcome. There will be no mistakes if you do that."

Without waiting for a response, Han Xiao continued.

"Your top priority now is to detain these revivors and ensure that they cant come into contact with the truth. Otherwise, I wont be able to do anything if they retreat."

"Youre right."

The three of them looked at each other, suppressed their doubts, and nodded at the same time.

They were more inclined to believe that the so-called Unlimited Sanctum Revival was a lie that Han Xiao used to fool the Revivors.

With Black Stars personality, how could he reveal such a trump card so easily? It was most likely a lie!

Anyway, it was common for Black Star to lie through his teeth, and they were already used to it. They did not panic at all and even wanted to laugh.

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