The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1352

Chapter 1352 Ancestor Descendent And Detected

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Han Xiao deactivated the remote projection, and his vision returned to his body. He shook his head and smiled.

After conversing with the leaders of the three Universal Civilizations, it seemed like they did not believe his words and were more inclined to believe that the Sanctum Revival was only limited to one time.

However, now that things had come to this, Han Xiao did not care if the three Universal Civilizations believed him or not. The reason he had once said that the Sanctum Revival would only be limited to one time was first to make it easier to control the Revivors of the Holy Accord, reduce their ambitions and reduce the possibility of the Holy Accord being exposed.

Secondly, it was to deal with the three Universal Civilizations that were targeting the Beyond Grade As back then and hide their trump cards, making the three Universal Civilizations feel as if they could still control their lives. Thirdly, it was to stall for time and wait for Oathkeeper to gather a new set of Sanctum keys.

Right now, both sides were in the same boat. The World Tree Civilization was the main problem, and the three Universal Civilizations could not do much without his help. Under the current situation, no matter how much the three Universal Civilizations feared the Beyond Grade As, they had to rely on their strength. Han Xiao did not mind showing his cards; unfortunately, they did not believe him for the time being "A monopoly-type business, so easy to speak


Han Xiao chuckled, put away the communicator, and returned to the cabin. He was prepared to showcase his traditional skills to cozy up to these new Revivors.


The alloy hatch slid open automatically. Han Xiao walked into the hall and looked around.

The various Beyond Grade As in the room had formed a few small groups. The direct members of their respective organizations sat together, and the neutral Beyond Grade As sat together according to their generations. Occasionally, some lone wanderers would sit alone in the corner, and the people who wanted to find out information and liked to make friends would wander among the groups. Everyone was on the same level, so they had quite a lot of common topics. The atmosphere was quite lively.

As soon as Han Xiao entered, he realized that the revivors of the various groups were looking at him with curiosity and surprise.

This time, Nilfgadi walked over and sized Han Xiao up. "So, youre the strongest Mechanic of this generation. When I recover, lets have a talk."

Han Xiao raised his brows and smiled. "Alright, youre welcome anytime."

He roughly knew why these revivors were looking at him like that. Most likely, when he was talking to the leaders of the three Universal Civilizations remotely, these revivors had heard about his life from the other Beyond Grade As and were surprised by his achievements.

The way he saw it, the reason why Nilfgadi suggested sparring was not just to exchange feelings. It was most likely because he wanted to regain the position as the main deity for the Machinery Faith. Han Xiao knew what Nilfgadi was thinking. If they were to continue to remain dead, there would be nothing wrong with leaving the inheritance to future generations.

However, now that the corpse had come back to life, they planned to snatch the inheritance back. They did not want others to continue occupying the foundation they had built. After all, it belonged to them. Looking around, Han Xiao estimated that there was more than one person who had such a mentality. He had long expected such a conflict of interest to arise between them and the current Beyond Grade As. "Hehe, Ive become Manison from back then, I have become the challenged."

Han Xiao smiled at himself.

Aegon Vardnadze did not make him display his full strength, which was why Nilfgadi still had the confidence to spar with him. However, he had no equipment at the moment, so this was not the time.

Nilfgadi nodded and said a few polite words before walking to the side and returning to the Primordial Ones.

This time, one of the neutral Beyond Grade As spoke to Han Xiao.

"By the way, you said that youre the current head of the Beyond Grade A Association. Does your association still recruit people?"

Han Xiao looked over and smiled at the speaker.

"Of course, our association always welcomes new members. If you dont wish to fight alone, joining the association is the best choice. This is the profit union of the current Beyond Grade As, and we have always been willing to help new members build their own organizations. However, this is a time of war, so we wont go into this for now"

As he spoke, Han Xiao turned to look at Hilbert and the others.

"Also, we welcome those who are not willing to work for the three Universal Civilizations. If you feel uncomfortable staying with the three Universal Civilizations, the association will be your choice."

"Hey!" Oulou yelled with dissatisfaction.

How dare you try to steal our people!

This feeling was like an honest man seeing a well-built playboy asking his girlfriend for WeChat.

"Dont joke around like that." Clottis face was expressionless, and his aura was cold. As the National Pillar, he could not be indifferent to Han Xiaos poaching.

On the side, Reeve stared at Clotti and exclaimed in surprise, "Little Kaka, youve grown quite a bit over the years."

Clottis serious and tense expression immediately collapsed. He was not used to putting on airs in front of these seniors.

Kasuyi, who was not far away, almost thought that he was being called. He suddenly recalled some bad memories and glared at Han Xiaos back with resentment.

Hilbert did not respond directly. He shook his head and said, "Thank you for your invitation, but well talk about this some other time."

He did not want to continue working hard, but that did not mean that he would not want the retirement benefits of the three Universal Civilizations. After all, he had exchanged his life for merits.

Han Xiao smiled and did not mind. He walked around the various groups and briefly communicated with them.

After chatting for a while, the spaceship finally reached the location of the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device. It entered the circular area and activated the device. With a flash of light, it was quickly transported to the main base.

The three Universal Civilizations had already made preparations. They welcomed the many Revivors to their temporary residence. To prevent any accidents, most Beyond Grade As accompanied them.

Han Xiao did not follow them but went to the Underworld with Hila. Everyone chatted on the way to their temporary residence. At the back of the team, Manison and Nilfgadi walked side by side, maintaining their silence.

After a while, Nilfgadi finally spoke.

"Youre the leader of this generation of the Mechanical Race?"

"Hmm," Manison replied. "Not bad. I didnt expect such a powerful person like you to appear among my descendants." Nilfgadi nodded with satisfaction.

Manison ignored him and did not reply.

Not only was Nilfgadi the first Divine Throne Mechanic and the founder of the Machinery Faith, but he was also the ancestor of the Mechanical Race.

Due to certain reasons, Manison was not interested in acknowledging the ancestor. His interactions with Nilfgadi were limited. Nilfgadi had already died even before he became a Beyond Grade A. Furthermore, after he became a Beyond Grade A, his race evolved and became a new species. From the perspective of genes, the two could no longer be considered the same species. After sighing for a while, Nilfgadi patted Manisons Lords Avatars shoulder and asked, "How is the Mechanical Race now?" "Youll know when you get back. Anyway, it isnt bad." Manison was too lazy to report to him.

"Thats good." Nilfgadi nodded and said, "Ill have to trouble you to announce my return to the entire Mechanical Race. Tell them that their ancestor has returned."

With that said, Nilfgadi sped up and left Manisons side.

Manison looked at his back, raised his hand, and brushed away the shoulder that was patted by Nilfgadi as if he was removing dust.

If this was in the past, I would think of ways to kill you for sure

Manison snorted coldly in his heart.

Although Nilfgadi did not have any intention of taking back the position of Mechanical Race leader, with one more ancestor, their power would surely be divided.

The Mechanical Race was his important base, and he did not want to see anyone interfere with his interests, not even his ancestor.

You want to take the cake with your seniority?

Dream on!

You want to step on my head? Do you think youre Black Star?

However, Manison was much more restrained now. Although he was not willing to give up his benefits, he did not plan to do anything to Nilfgadi. At most, he would just send him to create a new Mechanical Race. In any case, after so many years of reproduction, the old Mechanical Race was already in his grasp. Just the name of his ancestor alone would not be able to shake his foundation as the leader.

On the other side, Milizaus was also with the ancestor of the Starry Spiritual Dragon Race, but the atmosphere was completely different.

"Old man, is what you said true? Do you really have a way to reduce my size while maintaining full combat power " Milizaus was shocked.

"Heh, this is my unique secret skill. You can only use it if you have my bloodline. However, after you became a Beyond Grade A, you diluted my bloodline and turned it into a new species. This wont do! Later, Ill put in a few hundred tons of dragon blood. You can use magic to smelt it and fuse it into your body to increase the density of your bloodline. Let me examine you properly the next time you come. Ill help you adjust this secret skill and tailor it for you."

A small blue dragon that was about ten meters long was lying on Milizaus enormous body. Its body was beautiful, and its crystal-like blue dragon scales sparkled brightly. The golden dragons horns were like jade, and they looked like a crown. There were thick gray whiskers on both sides of its head.

Dragon Mage Marsebo Demeliter was originally a blue dragon with a mutated bloodline. After advancing to Beyond Grade A, he had sublimated his genes and had astonishing magical talent. He had created countless Dragon Spells, and the Starry Spiritual Dragon was just one of the branches of his bloodline.

Currently, many of the Dragon Spells that Milizaus used were the legacy of Marsebo. Putting his actual combat ability aside, Milizaus was still inferior to him in terms of magic research and development.

The way Mages and Mechanics ate resources was different. Milizaus did not care who ruled the race. As soon as he saw his erudite ancestor, he came over to exchange experiences. It just so happened that the two dragons had straightforward personalities, so they chatted quite happily. Marsebo did not hide anything and expressed that he could solve Milizaus biggest problem.

In fact, there were quite a number of spells that could shrink ones size, but the body structure of different races was different, and the spell models required were also different. This was the magic theory that emphasized the usability of spells.

As for Milizauswho had a special Beyond Grade A powerful dragon body-although there were some rare spells that could shrink his body, they would reduce his combat power by a certain percentagelike the Bone Shrinking Technique. Therefore, he would only be at his peak state when he released his entire body.

However, the secret skill that Marsebo mentioned did not have such negative effects. Instead, it could increase the density of ones body, strengthen ones defense and resistance and increase ones combat power instead of decreasing it. It was a Dragon Spell that could only be used under certain conditions.

Milizaus was pleasantly surprised, and he continued to question Marsebo. Marsebo was very generous, saying as long as you want to learn, I will teach you. After all, I am your ancestor.

Once he learned this secret skill, he would no longer have to be a target for others. His combat strength would increase tremendously. Thinking of this future, Milizaus felt his heart burn with passion.

He could finally escape the fate of being a meat shield!

Such a promising profession should be left to Black Star!

It was worth it to get to know this ancestor!

Underworld Dimension.

Han Xiao and Hila teleported over to check on Aegon Vardnadze.

Aegon Vardnadze had already turned into a Hero Spirit, and he was surrounded by the eight brothers.

Seeing Han Xiao arrive, Aegon Vardnadzes eyes bulged, and he said angrily, "You actually killed me, you"

"Shut up. Without me, you would still be a dead man. You dont even have the right to be killed. You went too far. This is your punishment." Han Xiao interrupted him expressionlessly. Hila turned to look at the eight brothers and asked, "Have you helped him figure out his situation?"

"Ive already told him about the situation in the Underworld, but it seems like he has yet to accept reality."

Sorokin shrugged.

Hearing this, Aegon Vardnadze turned around and glared at Hila.

"Dont even think about making me your slave. I will never serve you!"

"Oh." Hila remained indifferent.

Han Xiao crossed his arms and said casually, "Its better to live than to die. You have to think carefully. Although you are being controlled by others, in a sense, this is an immortal body."

"Death is better than losing freedom!"

Aegon Vardnadze held his head high.

Han Xiao clapped his hands and turned to look at Hila. "Lock him up alone. Let him out when he changes his mind."

"Alright, I can adjust Hero Spirits sense of time and make it feel like years."

Without hesitation, Hila used her Underworld authority and locked Aegon Vardnadze up without waiting for him to speak. Seeing this, the eight Underworld Brothers clicked their tongues in sympathy.

Hero Spirits senses were all controlled by the controller of the Underworld, and they could simulate all kinds of experiences. They would surely suffer if they offended the authorities.

"From now on, there will be nine Hero Spirit Kings in the Underworld. They are at least peak Beyond Grade As, and their strength is only slightly weaker than Sorokins. We have gained another powerhouse."

Han Xiao nodded. He did not doubt that Aegon Vardnadze would submit to his fate because he had no other choice.

If this guy was really that tough, he would not have begged for mercy when he was beatenup.

If Aegon Vardnadze was obedient, he would at most be placed under house arrest for a while. However, Han Xiao did not have any psychological burden in locking him up in the Underworld. He would have to pay the corresponding price for causing the disturbance.

You chose it yourself, hero!

On the other side, Sorokin was in a good mood.

Finally, there was another newcomer. This way, he would not be the youngest


At the same time, in the World Tree territory.

Roots extended out from the space, continuously sending out new fleets. Heart Tree King sat on his throne and looked at the scene before him.

"Hows the situation now?"

"Other than some high-level combatants who are still in the process of reviving, the battleships and soldiers that were lost in the previous battle were all replenished by the mother tree. Some troops have been reassembled, and there are already 230 billion battleships being sent to the secondary dimension world, searching for the territory of the other civilization there"

The executive officer at the side reported the current situation.

"Hmm." The Heart Tree King nodded calmly. The main universes offensive route was blocked, and the World Tree began to make multiple preparations, planning to start from the secondary dimension and invade through another route.

However, the World Tree did not give up on attacking the intercepting circle. It had been gathering more troops, and at the same time, letting the advance troops exhaust the three Universal Civilizations forces and push the jump point forward.

"The other party is currently in a stalemate with our beyond-visual-range encampment. Their expansion has been obstructed and is almost at a standstill. The effect of this plan is very obvious. I estimate that before we launch our next attack, the jump point would be able to remain in this area and will not be pushed further," another World Tree executive said.

"Not bad."

Heart Tree King praised and suddenly paused. "Have you found the source of the information leak? How did they know about our strategic deployment?"

"Hmm, we have an idea. It seems to be related to foreseers."

An executive took out a report and explained:

"According to the data, 93.4% of the exposed tactical deployments have one thing in common. All of them were foreseen by the Information Form Foreseers. We have reason to suspect that the strategic deployment was leaked to the other party because of this. As for what methods the other party used, we dont know for the time being.

Currently, all foresight has been stopped, and we are currently investigating the details of the abilities of all the Information Form Foreseers, the awakening situation, and the origin to find the source of the leak"

The three Universal Civilizations had discovered many tactical deployments, so the World Tree naturally noticed the anomaly. Although they did not know the abilities of Destinys Child, through data analysis, the World Tree Civilization still found the reason for the leakage of information. Even if they could not cure the root cause, they could at least deal with the symptoms. Heart Tree King patted the armrest and said slowly: "Its good that youve found the reason. However, dont seal off the other partys intelligence channels. When needed, this channel will come in handy. It might catch them off guard."

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