The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1353

Chapter 1353 Migration And Invitation To Fight

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Under the deliberate publicity of the three Universal Civilizations, the news of Black Star using the Sanctum Revival to wake up many more Beyond Grade As spread like wildfire within a few days and spread to the troops stationed in the intercepting circle, boosting their morale.

Beyond Grade As were not only high-level combatants, but they were also the spiritual pillars of many soldiers during times of war. The more strong individuals in the army, the more confident the soldiers would be.

The relevant information was also specially sent back to the galactic society, which also excited a large number of people and various powers.

In the past, many galactic residents hated the Sanctum Revival deeply, thinking it was because of the confidence in Beyond Grade As and that they were on opposing sides. However, now that the Beyond Grade As had gone on to fight against the foreign enemies and become the strength to protect the galactic society, the attitude of these galactic residents also changed. They were full of praise about the Sanctum Revival and wished for more Beyond Grade As to revive and guarantee their safety.

Even during the war, the Wayne Card distributors did not miss the opportunity to do business. They had launched a new Revivor card series. It had synergistic effects when it appeared together with some Character Summon Cards and Force Cards that it had special relationships with, and had different reactions. They were like hidden Easter eggs. The reactions of the various organizations were not one-sided excitement like the peoples. They secretly assessed the impact of this matter on themselves, especially those organizations that had ties with these historical Beyond Grade As.

In a certain branch of the Machinery Faith.

In the spacious hall of the temple, bishops dressed in the Mechanical Holy Official robes of different styles gathered together and discussed in low voices with excitement.

"The original deity has returned. We should worship his honorific name again!"

"Who would have thought that one day, I would be able to see the living Nilfgadi."

The bishops were excited.

As the Mechanical Deity who was worshiped first, Nilfgadi had a special position in the Machinery Faith.

Because only the living Mechanical Deity could receive feedback from the believers, the dead Mechanical Deities only had commemorative significance, becoming the old deities that were rarely mentioned.

However, Nilfgadi was an exception. Every time there was a prayer ceremony, the Machinery Faith believers would chant his honorific name. This was a treatment that other Mechanical Deities did not receive.

Now that Nilfgadi was alive again, they could resume making offerings to him.

However, the Machinery Faith was an extremely realistic group of believers, and they only believed in the strong. Although Nilfgadis position was special, it would not immediately shake Black Stars current position unless he could prove that his mechanical skill was stronger.

Furthermore, the Sanctum Revival was brought about by Black Star. The various archbishops present thought about this and reached a consensus.

"Although the original deity has a different meaning to us, he was brought back by Black Star. His current position should not be above Black Stars."

"Thats right. It was Black Star who awakened all the old deities and revived the glory of the Church. Because of this, we should give Black Star a new honorific name and separate him from the other Mechanical Deities, allowing him to enjoy a unique position."

"Since Nilfgadi is the original deity, why not call Black Star the revival deity?"

"This doesnt feel okay. In my opinion, whether the old deities awaken or not is completely controlled by Black Star. Why dont we call him the Old Ones Dominator?"

"Why does it feel a little weird Lets change it. I think the title Immortal Black, Holy Lord of the Church, Guardian of the Door of the Old Deities, and Adjudicator of Life and Death isnt bad."

"Thats too long. Those who dont know would think there are four people."

"Whats wrong with it? Tell me if its nice or


The group of bishops had a heated argument over Black Stars new honorific name, but they could not convince each other. In the end, they had even started fighting.

Central Galaxy, on a modified planet.

A transport fleet with the Black Star Army insignia slowly entered the port, and under the guidance of the artificial intelligence robot at the port, large rectangular transport ships stopped at different docks.

The hatch opened one after another, and groups of Black Star Army soldiers walked out. They stood in formation, took out their indicator lights, and commanded. Large batches of Planet Aquamarine citizens swarmed out, forming a long line. They stepped on the dock and headed toward the designated settlement.

The army warriors maintained order. Although there was a slight commotion in the crowd, it was still in order. However, the constant left and right looks revealed the nervousness and curiosity in most peoples hearts.

In the command room of the transport ship, Bennett looked down at the migrating crowd on the dock with a complicated expression.

During the early stages of the war, he had responded to Black Stars call and organized a long-distance migration for all the citizens of Planet Aquamarine. At that time, it naturally attracted a large number of objections. Many people were not willing to migrate, and they met with a lot of resistance when executing the plan.

To most people, their mother planet held an unforgettable emotion. No matter how far they wandered in the universe, their mother planet was their spiritual home. There were too many examples of people willing to live and die with their mother planet in the face of a disaster.

However, these problems were all forcefully suppressed by Bennett. Regardless of whether they were willing or not, they were all packed up and sent to the transport fleet. Since the various Star Fields were undergoing major migration, the current transportation efficiency was limited. The transport fleet had also been traveling for a long time. Bennett emphasized the need to do this along the way, and with his emotional reasoning, he finally suppressed most of the dissatisfaction. The people of Planet Aquamarine could only helplessly accept reality and worry about the future.

Although this was only a temporary refuge, they did not know if this was the last time they would see their mother planet.

If the World Tree successfully invaded, the Flickering World would be the first to bear the brunt, and the Shattered Star Ring was adjacent to the Flickering World. It was very likely to become the second main battlefield, and one day the news of the destruction of their mother planet would be known countless light-years away. "I wonder if Ill have the chance to go back in the future"

Bennett sighed with mixed feelings.

At this moment, a faint female voice sounded from the side.

"This is your new home."

"Thank you, Your Excellency Ames," Bennett turned around and thanked her. "Hmm, Ill leave this place to you. Ill leave Floating Dragon behind as your guard."

Ames nodded and walked out of the cabin.

She had not been stationed at the frontline at the moment, and she originally had the thought to go participate. However, Black Star had asked her to escort Planet Aquamarines migration troops, so she had been delayed.

In reality, Ames knew that Black Stars request was to protect her in disguise, but the escort journey would end sooner or later and it would be time for her to head to the frontlines.

Furthermore, she wanted to see with her own eyes what kind of existence the nightmare was that had forced Black Star to keep going for so many years.

Interception circle base, Revivors area.

In the vast space, streams of light were constantly colliding with each other, creating a shocking energy wave. Many of the current Beyond Grade As were fighting with different Revivors.

Han Xiao and his other comrades, who did not make a move, stood at the side and watched the battle. From time to time, they would use various methods to neutralize the shockwaves.

The people who had just revived were not in their peak state. They had been undergoing restorative training during this period and the older Mechanics and Mages still had to learn the new theories and technologies that had been developed over the years. They were very busy.

Because the Beyond Grade As guarding the intercepting circle had nothing to do, sparring became their main task. They had been helping the Revivors recover their strength and frequently sparred.

Although most of the knowledge banks of the Revivors were behind the times, some of the lost skills were brought back by the Revivors. They were not stingy with their teachings, which indirectly increased the average strength of the current Beyond Grade As.

Among them, Milizaus was the one with the greatest increase in strength. He had finally managed to compress his body as he wished. He had just learned the Dragon Secret Skill taught by his ancestor, and he was already able to compress his mothership-sized body to about three hundred meters long. This alone was enough to make him overjoyed. His combat strength had increased significantly.

According to him, as long as he could master this secret skill, he should be able to shrink his dragon body to a dozen meters long at most, and its density would increase exponentially, just like the difference between stone and steel.

"In the past, Milizaus had high HP, average defense, and basically zero evasion. When he completes this transformation, not only would his defense increase tremendously, but his evasion rate would also return to normal. His flexibility would also increase by half a level."

Han Xiao estimated.

After watching the spar for a while, he opened the interface and scanned the forums.

Thanks to the World Trees beyond-visual-range encampment strategy, the players had been carrying out missions with extremely rich rewards. More than half of the IDs on the level leaderboards had changed. The players who had been lucky enough to obtain missions to die had all gone up. The current first place was six levels higher than the first place two months ago, reaching level 173. It was only seven levels away from the current version limit of level 180. This leveling rate was quite fast for the players.

However, only a small number of people managed to snatch the suicide mission, and this good opportunity would disappear very soon. Han Xiao had already provided the blueprints for the special detection equipment, and the three Universal Civilizations had sent a batch of semi-finished products over, waiting for him to complete the most important core steps.

As long as they had the finished product for the detection device, the three Universal Civilizations would be able to utilize it on the battlefield very quickly. They would be able to get rid of the World Trees beyond-visual-range encampment in one go. This way, the players would only be able to participate in a large-scale spacetime splicing self-destruction operation once more, and they would no longer be able to enjoy such a high-quality catalyst that stimulates their growth so fast.

"I wonder what new plans the World Tree Civilization will come up with after this strategy is broken Speaking of which, it seems like Destinys Child has not gained much recently?"

Han Xiao stroked his chin thoughtfully.

According to Hilas report, the frequency of Destinys Child taking effect had decreased significantly compared to the beginning. Furthermore, the information obtained from the surveillance was mostly unimportant and did not provide much help with the current situation.

This sign was a signal in Han Xiaos eyes. Either the World Tree Civilization felt that the effect of the foresight method was ordinary and stopped using it on a large scale, or the World Tree Civilization realized the reason for the leak and took precautions. "Hmm The World Tree still sensed it? Its faster than I expected."

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

Although the surveillance channels of Destinys Child were hidden, through the analysis of the battle, he could sense that some of the actions made by the three Universal Civilizations were as if they had received information beforehand, so he naturally suspected the possibility of the information being leaked.

Although it was difficult to find the mechanism of Destinys Child, through the relevant data screening, the World Tree had a high chance of discovering that the foreseers were the source of the leak. The three Universal Civilizations could do this too, but their reaction speed would be slower.

Han Xiao had never been certain that Destinys Child could keep on concealing the leak from the World Tree. After all, this was not something that could not be solved. He would not believe that this low-risk intelligence channel would always be reliable, but the longer he hid it, the better.

"If the World Tree realized this, they might use this intelligence channel to send misleading information to us It seems that any information obtained from Destinys Child will have to be filtered."

Han Xiao pondered.

Just as he was pondering, the sparring session also came to an end. They all stopped when they reached a certain point and focused on communication.

After watching the entire process, Kasuyi sighed.

"As expected of the elites of the past generations."

"Theyre all people with great luck. The concentration of luck outside is almost beyond the standard. Its more balanced here." Secret Master nodded. "Seeing them alive and kicking, Im deeply gratified. These people are the epitome of the evolutionary history of our civilization, the essence accumulated over generations." Not far away, Oulou acted as if he was giving pointers.

"But were still better." Manison glanced at him.

Civilizations continued to develop, the experience was passed down, and techniques were innovated from generation to generation. Of course, they would not be inferior to the past. Currently, among the Beyond Grade As, the combat power of the current generation was superior-especially with Black Star, who had broken the record.

"You guys are so noisy."

Han Xiao looked at them helplessly. They were just watching the battle. He did not know why they were acting out so much. He retracted his gaze and turned to look at the many revivors who were returning to the battleship in groups. Suddenly, he had an idea. After hesitating for two seconds, Han Xiao opened the communication channel and smiled.

"Seeing you guys having a good time, my hands are a little itchy too. Whos interested in playing with me? I promise to be gentle."

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