The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1354

Chapter 1354 The Trouble Of The Strong Is The Increase In Difficulty Of Harvesting Benefits

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As soon as he said that, the Beyond Grade As in the cabin could not help but look at him with surprise. The Revivors who were boarding the ship were also stunned.

"What are you trying to do?" Kasuyi was surprised.

"Its just a spar. Why are you putting on such an expression? Stop making a fuss."

Looking at their expressions, Han Xiao felt helpless.

The current Beyond Grade As knew his abilities very well. Even if he wanted to spar with someone, not many would be willing to respond. All of them were very smart and protected their benefits very well.

Furthermore, he had a special position now, and his every move was being watched. It would make people think too much, and it was not convenient for him to fight with his own people.

However, the newly awakened Revivors did not have a deep enough impression of him. They might agree to it, and there might be a chance to trigger the Beyond Grade A Challenge. It was worth trying. Many revivors expressions changed, and they immediately thought of something else. Black Star, as the president of a Beyond Grade A Association, actually took the initiative to challenge them. Could it be that he was afraid that they would not be willing to be placed under house arrest and had some thoughts, so he wanted to teach them a lesson and make them behave?

As they thought about it, the lively communication channel became silent instantly.

Seeing that no one was speaking, Han Xiao coughed and asked, "Why are you all so reserved? Does no one want to play with me?"

Reserved your head! you definitely have an ulterior motive

Many Beyond Grade As rolled their eyes inwardly.

When Aegon Vardnadze was killed, they witnessed the tip of Black Stars strength. Although they had just revived, they still cared about their face. Why would they want to get beaten up for no reason?

If they could defeat Black Star, they would be able to increase their prestige. However, they had yet to recover to their peak state, and they knew that not many people had the confidence to defeat the most outstanding Beyond Grade A representative in this era.

Although Nilfgadi had agreed to spar in the future, he did not even have a single group of mechanical troops right now, so he had no intention of standing out. Even after waiting more than ten seconds, no one had responded.

Seeing that no one was speaking, Aurora broke the silence of the channel and said softly, "Erm dont worry about getting hurt. I will treat you."

Hila snorted and took a few steps forward. "If your hands are itchy, I can spar with you. Why are you looking for someone else?"

Hearing this, Han Xiao looked back at the two sisters.

Finally, theres someone who upholds my prestige. The two of you still love me

Kasuyi laughed and also tried to smooth things over. "Alright, alright, Black Star doesnt have any bad intentions, theres no need to be so wary. If you are not willing, then forget it."

"Tsk, you make it sound like Im taking advantage of their weakness. Forget it, lets talk when you guys are at your peak."

Seeing that no one was paying attention to his invitation, Han Xiao had no choice but to find a way out, thinking it was getting more and more difficult to gain benefits.

Just as he was about to change the topic and dismiss everyone, a deep voice sounded in the channel.

"Theres no need to wait for the future. Ill be your opponent!"

Han Xiaos eyes lit up, and he quickly turned around. He saw a burly creature with a fist clenched


Hes here, hes here, hes here with a headstrong attitude!

The revivors all turned around and stared at the guy in shock.

"Kher, do you really think youre his match?" someone could not help but ask.

"Humph, I still have this bit of self-awareness. However, facing difficulties head-on is my martial path! Not daring to fight even when there is no danger to my life will only damage my belief in martial arts. Since I met an expert, I can use it to train myself!"

Khers face was cold, and his battle intent soared.

Han Xiao was touched.

As expected of a Pugilist, they never let him down!

Seeing this, many of the revivors were speechless. He knew that Black Star probably wanted to establish his dominance, but he still rushed forward. Only a Pugilist would do something like that.

Everyone silently distanced themselves from Kher, afraid that they would be infected with simpleton disease.

"Since youve agreed, lets spar."

Han Xiao could not wait to fly out of the cabin, afraid that this kid would go back on his word.

Kher was just an ordinary neutral Beyond Grade A. Even though he was not an expert, he was still a Beyond Grade A. No matter how small the benefits to gain from him, Han Xiao would still take it; in any case, he was not picky. And just because he was an ordinary Beyond Grade A did not mean that he did not have good abilities. After all, he, himself, had many Molding Talents that were drawn from ordinary Supers.

"Wait a minute, what are the stakes in our sparring?" Kher asked again.

"What do you want?"

"If I can beat you, you will remove my house arrest and give me freedom," said Kher in a low, muffled voice.

This time, even Han Xiao, who knew the habits of a Pugilist, was surprised, and everyone was stunned.

No way, no way, do you really think you have the upper hand against a peak Beyond Grade A

If you want to fight head-on, we can still accept you using a strong enemy to train yourself, but do you really think you have a chance to win? Youre overestimating yourself!

As if noticing the confusion of Han Xiao and his companions, Kher said with a deep voice:

"Although the chance isnt high, setting up a goal can stimulate my potential and allow me to unleash greater strength! The difference between our strength is too great, so I need to use all external factors to strengthen my combat strength!"

"Youre really pure."

Han Xiao did not know what to say.

Everyone returned to the spaceship to watch the battle.

On the battlefield, Khers body was filled with flames, and he was ready to fight. He faced Han Xiao from afar, and his aura locked onto Han Xiao.

The aura of a Pugilist was not bad, but the difference in strength was too huge. Han Xiao had already tried his best to feel it, but he really could not feel any sense of danger. In his eyes, it was like a little kitten brandishing its claws at him. It was not fierce at all, but rather cute.

Han Xiao looked at the interface, and the related Beyond Grade A Challenge mission successfully popped up. With so many Beyond Grade As watching, their influence had naturally reached the standard to trigger the mission.

The mission form was still to last for a sufficient amount of time. The reward for the highest level of drawing abilities required him to last for a total of twenty minutes. Of course, this requirement was not difficult for him at all. On the contrary, he doubted if Kher could last that long in his hands

"Therefore, the difficulty this time lies in how Im going to go easy for twenty minutes Kakasu is good at this, so I have to use that as a reference."

Han Xiaos face twitched.

Is it me or Kher who is doing the challenge mission?

"Im coming!"

Khers aura reached its peak, and he suddenly let out a low roar. The flames on his body expanded, and he pushed his palms continuously. The continuous Shockwave Blasts moved like a yellow chain.

Han Xiaos body did not move, and Floating Cannons appeared behind his back like a halo of light. it shot out dense beams of light, destroying all the incoming Shockwave Blasts.

Seeing this, Khers body shook, and he suddenly split into dozens of flaming clones and they charged at Han Xiao from all directions. He did not rush forward but instead held his palms together to accumulate power.

Han Xiao clenched his fists and punched both sides. The powerful force field activated by the mechanical suit swept past, instantly destroying all the clones that were approaching

At this time, Kher had already completed his rapid accumulation. A dazzling Pugilist aura lit up between his hands, and he suddenly pushed forward.

A bright yellow Pugilist light wave surrounded by a sharp aura shot toward Han Xiao like a rapidly extending lightsaber. Accompanying the surging energy was a loud shout from Kher in the communication channel.

"Ha! Galaxy Splitting FistThird Style!"

Hearing the shameless name, Han Xiao felt that even the Pugilist light waves had become stronger.

This was the real deal! Shouting the name of the move during the attack indeed had a bonus effect!

The corners of Han Xiaos mouth twitched. He suppressed the burning desire to ridicule and raised his hand to summon a psionic shield.

The next moment, a bright yellow Pugilist light wave crashed into the rippling blue psionic shield and a dazzling light wheel exploded.

The shockwave dissipated. Han Xiao was unshaken and the psionic shield flickered a few times before stabilizing again.

Khers expression changed. He said solemnly:

"You actually used such a tight defense. As expected, this move cant break your defense. This wont be simple!"

Han Xiao: ""

I only took out a basic shield. Since when did it become a tight defense? Dont take the liberty to give me more screen time! Seeing that Kher was going to continue spewing bullshit, Han Xiaos face twitched. He simply opened the secondary dimensional army box. He did not have the heart to summon a large group to bully others, so he only pulled out an Apostle Weapon that was covered in other weapons.

"Heaven-Suppressing Banner, go deal with him."

The Heaven-Suppressing Banner noddedpicked up the accompanying shield and heavy axeand headed straight for Kher with the exhaust flames shooting out of its thrusters. The man and the machine immediately tangled together and fought at close range.

Han Xiao did not interfere. He stood by the side and watched the Heaven-Suppressing Banner fight Kher alone while silently counting the time.

With the enhancement of his Mechanical Force bonuses, the Apostle Weapons could already fight against high-level Beyond Grade As, and fighting against ordinary Beyond Grade As was no problem at all.

The two sides fought intensely, and Han Xiao finally reached the end of the twenty minutes. Seeing that the mission reward on the highest level was in a completed state, he immediately acted and knocked Kher down easily. With such a huge difference in strength, there was no suspense in this battle.

"Alright, you have satisfied your desire. You should practice more Who else wants to spar with me?"

Han Xiao did not go all out, using his control method to immobilize Kher. He turned to look at the spaceships watching the battle.

The channel was silent. The revivors curled their lips but did not respond.

They had thought that Black Star would defeat Kher with lightning speed, but they had fought for twenty minutes. However, they knew that Black Star was deliberately giving Kher a chance to show off. To him, this was not even a warm-up.

Many of the revivors thought about it and felt that they understood. Black Star probably felt that the gap between him and Kher was too big, and defeating him in one go would not have any effect. Furthermore, it would seem like he was using too much strength to bully the weak. Thus, he decided to use a different method to show others that even one Apostle Weapon of his could fight an ordinary Beyond Grade A head-on, indirectly showing his strength.

A portion of them felt that they had seen the truth. Although they felt that they had seen through Black Stars schemes, they had to admit that Black Stars performance had indeed deepened their impression of him being unfathomable. If a single Apostle Weapon could fight against an ordinary Beyond Grade A, then wouldnt Black Starwho had dozens of Apostle Weaponsbe equal to tens of Beyond Grade As? How terrifying!

"Since no one is interested in fighting, lets go back."

Han Xiao waited for a while. Seeing that no one spoke, he knew that he would not be able to get another fool. He released his control over Kher and returned to the spaceship.

Kher rubbed his sore shoulders, but he was not discouraged. Instead, he felt that after this round of torture, his endurance had increased, and his belief in martial arts had become firmer. His brain circuit was indeed different from ordinary people. With this incident, everyone returned to the main base without saying a word. They then dispersed and returned to their respective areas.

Han Xiao changed into King and teleported back to the army base in the Flickering World. He looked for Feidin and Nero to get some luck before returning to his room to conclude the mission.

Feidin, Nero, Karlot, and other potential officers who had yet to reach Beyond Grade A were not dispatched to the frontlines for the time being and were still in training. Naturally, he had some selfish motives. If he allowed the Beyond Grade A seeds to suffer a large number of casualties on the frontlines, it would not be worth it. The current situation had not reached the point where they needed to fill the gaps with peoples lives.

"I hope I can get something suitable this time. Although Kher is a little rash, he still has some good abilities"

Han Xiao had seen Khers attributes before, and it was like a prize pool to him. He rubbed his hands and chose to conclude the mission.

The next moment, the interface showed that the mission was completed. Han Xiao skipped the basic reward and looked at the notification at the bottom.

(You have received a reward: Draw one of Khers Ability/Talent]

Note: Kher is a Pugilist. Parts of abilities have been adjusted to your class.

Randomizing complete!

Please select one of the five options below as the reward.

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