The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1356

Chapter 1356 Fortitude Tree King

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In the conference room of the command center, the commanders and Beyond Grade As gathered together.

The three-dimensional star map of the intercepting circle was suspended above the tactical simulation table. Simon stood at the side and kept fiddling with the star map, using his fingers to draw out tactical signs as he explained the current situation.

" Based on Black Stars intelligence, the World Tree has gathered a 200 billion large army and is suspected to be launching an all-out attack. This is the distribution map of the various troops on our side, as well as the wormhole support base station. It can be seen that the fastest troops on our side are between sectors A-1075c and N-0744j. If the World Tree attacks this section of the defense line, all of our main defense troops can gather there at the fastest speed possible. However, the other defense lines are gathering at a slightly slower speed. This time difference might be the breakthrough point, causing the World Tree to break through the first and second layers of defense with its enormous strength. The strategic depth and wormhole support base will threaten the third and later layers of defense, creating a vicious cycle where we can only be passive"

The expressions of the high-ranked commanders were grave. The pressure of a 200 billion large fleet was much higher than the previous three assaults. Any small factor could be the other partys breakthrough point.

"I think after the previous three failures, the other party wont repeat the same mistake this time. He will most likely change his attacking method and wont charge straight in."

"Our construction time is still too short. Not only does the World Tree want to break through the blockade, but it also wants to destroy our fortifications in one go. Only by removing the blockade-that we keep pushing forward-can they then stabilize the jump point and build the bridgehead to invade our territory."

"We need more reinforcements from the rear. Its best to increase the distance between the first two layers of defense and the strategic depth of the rear defense line to prevent the enemy from breaking through the blockade."

The commanders of the troops expressed their opinions one after another, and the group discussed them fervently.

As for the Beyond Grade As, they only listened and did not participate.

However, after the upper echelons argued for a while, Simon turned around to ask Han Xiao.

"Black Star, what do you think?"

"You guys can decide on this. I have no objections."

Han Xiao shook his head and expressed that he would let the professionals do the job.

However, he paused for a moment and added, "The World Tree is most likely aware of the source of the information leak. The authenticity of the information I obtained might also be the World Trees deliberate plan. This risk has to be considered."

Simon took a deep breath and said, "I understand, but even if we cant confirm if the intelligence is real or fake, we have to be prepared to deal with the 200 billion large fleet. Even if theres only a one in a thousand chance that its real, we have to be on guard, or the consequences will be dire."

"Indeed." Han Xiao nodded. If it was true and he did not take precautions beforehand, he would most likely be killed by the World Tree. In the previous two attacks, Destinys Child had also monitored it. Han Xiao had also kept his suspicions, but in the end, it proved that the intelligence was accurate. However, this did not make him feel at ease. Instead, he became more vigilant.

If the World Tree had deliberately leaked information about the previous two attacks in an attempt to reduce their wariness, then it must have been holding back a big move to send fake information at the critical moment. It was just that they had no idea what the World Tree was planning.

"Thankfully, I found a new type of observation device from the First Sanctum and equipped the three Universal Civilizations with it. The World Tree wont be able to act in secret like before. Any movements will be discovered."

Han Xiao thought to himself.

Ever since the three Universal Civilizations had applied the special beyond visible range detection technology that he had provided to the battlefield, their reliance on Destinys Childs surveillance channels had decreased greatly. Even if the World Tree had some plan, it could not be carried out secretly, and the risk was greatly reduced.

After a long meeting, the commanders left with heavy hearts.

Han Xiao and the others also left the conference room and returned to their residences.

On the way, Kasuyi pushed through the crowd and came to Han Xiaos side. "The World Tree did not send any high-level combatants in the previous two attacks, but this time, it suddenly launched an all-out attack. Do you think it might have found a way to restrict Aurora?"

Han Xiao glanced at him. Before he could say anything, Sun Hunter jumped from Han Xiaos shoulder to Kasuyis head and muttered in a low voice, "Heh, they might be planning to ignore the high-level combatants like us and just attack the defense line with their troops."

"Ignore us? Thats possible. As long as theyre willing to take the risk of a local battle, no matter how powerful we are, we wont be able to have a significant impact in a war of this scale. At most, we can open up a few opportunities." Kasuyi pondered.

Seeing that the two of them were chatting, Han Xiao also gave up on the idea of responding and turned to look at Ames. "Hmm? Why are you looking at me?" Ames raised her brows.

"The enemy has brought out 200 billion fleets. Are you afraid?" Han Xiao asked casually.

"Theres nothing to be afraid of." Ames shook her head. In the past few months, she had participated in the first two attacks of the World Tree, so she now had some war experience. "This time is different. The World Tree might bring out a high-level combatant. You have not participated in the first large-scale battle and have not fought with the World Tree experts. They are very difficult to deal with."

"Its a good opportunity for me to experience it," Amess expression remained calm.

"Dont look down on him. The intensity of the battle between Beyond Grade As cannot be compared to the previous two battles. I suggest you follow Milizaus." Han Xiao pointed at Old Dragon.

"Why do I need to follow him?" Ames was curious.

"Hes so big. If you hide behind him, no one will be able to hit you. If necessary, you can even throw him out with force to help you block the attacks."

Han Xiao shrugged.

"You know I can hear you, right?"

Milizaus magic incarnation could not help but look over in resignation.

"I just want you to hear it. Her moniker is the Dragon Emperor. Isnt it reasonable for her to sit on you?" Han Xiao curled his lips.

"That sounds familiar. Did you tell me this before?"

Milizaus snorted, not taking it seriously.

Han Xiao shrugged. "Dont you think this strategy has some merit to it?".

"I dont think so at all. Plus, my body size has already shrunk a lot, so I wont be targeted by the enemy at all. This plan will surely be useless." Milizaus was very calm. People who had successfully lost some weight would always be this tough.

"Then recover your body. You have such a huge body, but you dont shield your teammates from the wind and rain. This is a waste of Gods gift!"

What nonsense Milizaus rolled his eyes and ignored Han Xiao.

The people were not scared by the large-scale battle that was about to break out. They returned to their residence chatting and laughing. Han Xiao closed the door, and his smile disappeared.

He had a feeling that the World Tree was going to use its high-level combatants this time, and the Tree King should not have revived yet. This time, there might be a new Tree King coming Among the five Great Tree Kings, only the Subduing Tree King had the simplest and most violent ability. The other few were all full of tricks. No matter who came, they would only be harder to deal with than him.

At the same time, in the Flickering World, in the territory of the Black Star Army, on a desolate planet.


The two blurry figures were like shooting stars as they flew across the barren land, colliding with each other continuously. Every time they collided, an intense shockwave exploded, leaving huge craters on the ground.

Suddenly, the two figures came to a halt and revealed their appearances. One was Lothaire, and the other was Karlot.

Lothaire spun the dagger with his finger and put it into the blade pouch on his waist. "Your strength has increased again. You can already withstand my current strength. I will release more combat strength in the next combat training and continue squeezing out your potential."

"Alright, I will train hard." Karlots fists clashed together creating sparks. His face was filled with determination.

This was not the first time that he had requested to go to the frontlines to fight the enemies, but Black Star had rejected every time. He knew that this was a sign that Han Xiao valued his potential and was giving him time to grow. Karlot understood that his main mission was to focus on training and grow to the point where he could rush to the frontlines to help Han Xiao. Therefore, after the war broke out, he took the initiative to train every day.

"Hmm, at this rate you will become a Beyond Grade A soon" Although Lothaire said this, he was secretly cursing

After training Karlot for the past few days, he realized that Karlots improvement was extraordinary. Furthermore, his growth did not slow down because of his increasing strength. Instead, it became faster and faster. It was as if there was no bottleneck. His daily improvement was visible to the naked eye.

Lothaire had originally been curious about why Han Xiao thought so highly of Karlot, but now, he no longer had any doubts.

There really was such a genius in the world? How did Black Star manage to dig him out?

World Tree Territory, Tree King Palace. On the five thrones sat two figures. One was the Heart Tree King, and the other was the Fortitude Tree King covered in heavy armor. Below the two Tree Kings stood many Executive Officers. Some of those who had died in the battles before had been revived.

"Has the information been released?"

"It has been shown through the foreseers," Tedrian replied with his head lowered.

"Hmm, I hope they will place all their attention on this."

The Heart Tree King rubbed the armrest as he nodded slowly.

Tedrian continued, "In the previous attacks, we have already calculated the rough structure of the intercepting circle, as well as the number of troops the other party has stationed along with the follow-up reinforcement limit. This time, we will increase the strength of our troops, and we should be able to break through the intercepting circle in one go. At the very least, we will be able to clear their spatial anchor orbit"

Hearing this, the Heart Tree King nodded and did not say anything else. He waved his hand and let the executives leave.

Very soon, only the two tree kings were left in the palace.

The Fortitude Tree King turned his head slightly. He seemed to be looking at the Heart Tree King from the corner of his eyes behind the mask.

"Youve already decided to take action personally? Is this what you want me to do?"

"Hmm, Im the only one who can deal with that recovery-type Esper, and that Universal Treasure can only be used to its fullest potential in my hands If I die there, youll be in charge of the matters here," the Heart Tree King said calmly.

"How long will it take for the Subduing Tree King to revive?" The Fortitude Tree King frowned.

"Although Im supplying him with resources every day, itll still take some time." The Heart Tree King waved his hand.

The Fortitude Tree King was silent for a bit, "In that case, bring my Lords Avatar, Apostle Weapons, and mechanical army over." "You plan to save my life?"

"If I let you stay alive, you can manage the affairs here, and I can continue to stay comfortably in the mother tree and absorb nutrients," the Fortitude Tree King said coldly.

The Heart Tree King shook his head. "The civilization this time is very strong. Sooner or later, you will have to participate in it yourself."

"Well see."

After saying this, the Fortitude Tree Kings body melted into the tree crown and disappeared.

Seeing this, the Heart Tree King felt a little resigned.

No matter how hardworking they were in the past, after being chosen as a Tree King, one would become lazier and lazier. This applied even to the Fortitude Tree King-a Mechanic.

He still remembered that this guy was a research maniac before he became the Tree King. Now, he could not even be bothered to build machinery, let alone research and develop. He had relied on the Mother Tree to transform everything for him..

Comparatively, the Heart Tree King preferred the Subduing Tree King. He could make that guy work with just a few words. Compared to the others, he was indeed the best tool.

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