The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1359

Chapter 1358 The Second Collision The Unknown Tree King

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In the real-time surveillance footage, the battle lines between the three Universal Civilizations intercepting troops and the World Tree invasion fleet were extremely long. They were divided into many different war zones. The three most important war zones were the interception defense lines that the World Tree attacked heavily with troops numbering hundreds of billions.

Under everyones gaze, a new fleet entered the main battlefield. There were not many of them, only a few hundred million, but they emitted extremely condensed energy fluctuations, displaying Beyond Grade A energy sources one after another on the radar. As soon as this small fleet entered the battlefield, it brought a significant change to the main warzone. A green light spread out, and every World Tree battleship that was swept by it lit up with a faint green light, and with the enhancement of the Tree Kings halo, the stalemate was immediately broken. The speed they were pushing forward with increased significantly. "If this line of defense is breached, they will be able to reach the wormhole support network at the back of the war zone very soon. The situation will become even worse. This place will become a breakthrough point."

Simon looked at the situation. His deduction was the same as what the artificial intelligence had analyzed.

Secret Master crossed his arms and said with a deep voice, "You want us to kill this tree king? The difficulty is too high. Unless he leaves the protection of the fleet, we will only be throwing our lives away if we take the initiative to charge at him."

The other commander turned to look at Han Xiao. "Black Star, what do you say?" "Lets wait and see. Theres no opportunity right now."

It was rare for Han Xiao to have the same thought. Although he really wanted to get rid of this unknown tree king that had suddenly entered the battlefield, the other party was under the protection of hundreds of billions of fleets, so the possibility of killing him was too low.

Furthermore, the previous incident of the Tree King being killed had been sent back to the World Tree. This time, the Tree King would probably stay in the fleet obediently and not give him a chance.

He had already provided a lot of intelligence and technology, allowing the three Universal Civilizations to be in a much better situation than in his previous life. However, military strength had always been the World Trees forte. Once they have launched a large-scale attack, the three Universal Civilizations would have to fight head-on if they wish to protect their territory. There were no shortcuts.

Although there were differences in technology between the two sides, they both had advanced civilizations that were equipped with lethal strategic technologies. For example, they knew how to defuse and counter the various spatial and dimension weapons. Most of the flashy technologies were useless against each other and could only be used to bully the weak. Only a small portion of their unique technologies was indecipherable.

The advantage of a Beyond Grade A was that their mobility and strength were concentrated in their individual body, and their strength was in guerrilla warfare. However, in such a large galactic battlefield, guerrilla warfare was unsuitable.

Generally speaking, the number of enemies did not mean much to Beyond Grade As. Whether it was tens or hundreds of billions of fleets, as long as they did not complete the encirclement, it would be very easy for Beyond Grade As to escape. However, due to strategic reasons, many Beyond Grade As had no choice but to hold the line here. This was not the forte of strong individuals. The time it took to destroy tens of thousands of battleships was more than enough for tens of billions of fleets to fire at the same time. Naturally, the efficiency of large scaling was incomparable.

However, only when dealing with foreign enemies would the Universal Civilizations bring out such a force. If they were to use it in a civil war, many new desolate universe belts would emerge.

"Send more reinforcements." Simon also knew that the risk was too high, so he did not request for a group of Beyond Grade As to carry out this mission. He only sent more troops to fill this war zone. The World Tree Civilization kept sending reinforcements, and the three Universal Civilizations did the same. This was also the reason why the intercepting circle could last for a month. Otherwise, it would have been broken by the World Trees second reinforcement.

As the spatial anchoring orbits had been cleared, the World Trees jump point was directly outside the intercepting circle, and the reinforcement distance was shortened. Therefore, the reinforcements could quickly enter the battlefield.

However, just as Simon gave the order, something happened. The reinforcements did not stay in the main formation but came to the crossfire area. One World Tree powerhouse after another flew out and surrounded a tall and skinny figure. The Tree King Halo on his body revealed his identity.

A group of Beyond Grade As patrolled back and forth on the battlefield, retreating every now and then. In terms of team battles, they were at the front.


Everyones expression changed slightly.

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes. "This guy wants to lure our high-level combatants out."

Everyone nodded. They naturally understood that the Tree King and a group of high-level combatants had not just appeared to take a stroll, but because they were unsatisfied with expending the three Universal Civilizations forces.

If the three Universal Civilizations tried to surround them with troops, the Tree King and the others would surely retreat to the main formation. Only by sending out their high-level combatants would the Tree King and the others be willing to stay behind to fight and carry out the Exchange tactic that they had always thought was effective. Their goal was to exhaust the experts of the three Universal Civilizations.

If they did not do something about the Tree King, he would continue to provide halo buff, increasing the pressure on this war zone and opening up the battlefield. There was no loss for him.

It was as if he was exposing himself and providing an opportunity. If they did not go up and attack him, the opportunity would be wasted.

"Humph, looks like they are very confident," Reeve clenched his fists, eager to give it a try. She had never fought with a World Tree expert before.

Manison calmly said, "Be careful. They know that we have a recovery-type Esper and can greatly reduce our losses, but they still used the Tree King as bait to attempt the Exchange tactic. Maybe they have already found a way to deal with our recovery-type Esper." "We cant rule out the possibility that they think that exchanging a hundred people for a few of us will be profitable," Sun Hunter said with a deep voice. "So, are we going up?" Kasuyi turned to look at Han Xiao, and everyone looked over. Han Xiao did not reply immediately. Instead, he looked at the tree king who was being protected by many powerful experts.

After experiencing the war in his previous life, he naturally recognized the appearance of every tree king. Information about this person flashed through his mind.

Heart Tree King Minacho, a Psychic among the five tree kings, has many methods. Although his strength is not much different from Subduing Tree King, he is probably twice as difficult to deal with. In my previous life, he heavily injured Kasuyi and Oathkeeper respectively and instigated more than four Beyond Grade As. Other than being killed in the last battle, he does not have any other records of death. The most common methods are Psychic Teleportation, Thoughts Tampering, Spirit Tide

The abilities of a Psychic were extremely strange and Han Xiao felt that it was extremely difficult to deal with them. The most threatening ability was the ability of instigation. It was extremely difficult to change the mind of a Beyond Grade A, and it was not something that could be done in a short time. The other party would most likely be unable to complete it during the battle, but even the slightest risk could not be ignored.

Han Xiao turned around and took in the expressions of the commanders. He took a deep breath and said:

"Since theres a chance, lets give it a try. If we can kill this tree king, the situation in this war zone will be much better. This is one of the few things we can do at the moment."

Han Xiao had another thought. Heart Tree King was a huge threat. If he could keep him here, the subsequent battles would be much easier.

Hearing this, the group nodded, and the Beyond Grade As who chose to join the battle walked out.

On the way to the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device, Han Xiao was a few steps behind Aurora. He then opened his private communication device.

"Be careful later. I suspect that the Tree King will use his mental power to attack you from afar. Even if some of your life energy leaks, youd better not go near the battlefield-even if you have to watch some of your comrades die. Remember to make Sorokin stay beside you and protect you. Although hes annoying, he can at least block a few mental attacks for


"Got it." Aurora nodded obediently.

On the other side, in the main war zone surrounded by the Tree Kings halo. Heart Tree King calmly led a group of resurrected World Tree experts around the battlefield. With so many Beyond Grade As gathered together, it was naturally very conspicuous. Wherever they passed, the fleets of the three Universal Civilizations focused their fire on them.

However, the nearby World Tree fleet kept using their shields to block the attacks for the Heart Tree King. Thus, Heart Tree King and the others seemed to be taking a stroll on the intense battlefield.

"Arent the enemies sending their high-level combatants?"

Heart Tree King kept looking at the three Universal Civilizations line of defense, but he was not anxious at all. After all, he had the initiative and was very patient. As soon as he said that, Fortitude Tree Kings voice sounded in his mind.

"Humph, I think you should come back. They probably wont dare to make a move. Dont waste my time. I want to return to the mother tree."

"Bear with it."

Heart Tree King was helpless.

For the Lord to descend, Fortitude Tree King had to be in the base. It had only been a short while, but he could not take it anymore and felt lazy to the bones.

At this moment, Fortitude Tree King was still on standby and had yet to activate his ability. They only had the powerless Lords Avatars body in their hands. This was Heart Tree Kings request. This was a card he prepared to summon Fortitude Tree King when the time was right.

He still wanted to say something, but the next moment, Beyond Grade A energy suddenly appeared in his senses.

Heart Tree King and the many World Tree experts looked in the direction of the energy source and saw a group of Beyond Grade As flying out from the three Universal Civilizations fleets and attacking them from across the battlefield. The leader was the outsider that left a deep impression on them.

"As expected, they still came The number of people seems to have increased. It seems like they are using the same tactic, holding back their high-level combatants." Heart Tree Kings eyes flickered. Seeing the revivors participating in this battle, he immediately thought that they were the hidden experts of the three Universal Civilizations. As for Garoze and the others who had died in the previous battle, they did not join the battle because they were worried about their lives, so he naturally could not see them.

"Attack! Do your best to cause damage and force their recovery Esper out." As this thought flashed through his mind, Heart Tree King did not show any signs of weakness. He took the lead and charged forward with the World Tree powerhouses following behind him.

The Beyond Grade As on both sides passed through the battlefield. There was no communication, they directly entered the enemys formation and clashed. The last time, the three Universal Civilizations had no choice but to surround and attack a portion of the peak Beyond Grade As. This time, the rest of the World Tree experts were stopped by the other peak Beyond Grade A Revivors. Reeve, Hilbert, and the others went to fight the Executive Officers, the high-level Holy Tree Emissaries, and the members of the 13 Ancestral Spirits. The number of experts sent by the World Tree this time was almost the same as the last time, and they were at a disadvantage in terms of numbers. As soon as they fought, they were suppressed by the Beyond Grade As of the three Universal Civilizations.

Han Xiao turned into the Mechanical Deity and went to find Heart Tree King. The energy shockwaves and psychic shockwaves exploded between the two of them, creating continually bursting blue and white bubbles.

Heart Tree Kings combat style was completely different from that of Subduing Tree King. As a Psychic, he did not like to fight head-on and relied on his strange methods to move around nimbly. From time to time, he would release large AOE spells and convert his psychic energy into physical psychic energy, forming layers of shields to block the Mechanical Deitys torrential attacks.


Psionic energy vibrated, and a huge mechanical blade slashed across. Heart Tree King seemed to have seen through it, and with a nimble dodge, he used psychic energy to pull his body away, avoiding the slash that contained Getta Hadoken.

The blade light was like a dark blue waterfall, sweeping across the battlefield. Hundreds of battleships exploded into smoke.

"Outsider, this is the first time weve met, right? I could not fight you the last time you came to our territory and caused a ruckus."

While dodging the close-range attacks of the Mechanical Deity and the mechanical army, Heart Tree King sent a mental message to Han Xiao.

Han Xiao did not reply. He raised his hand and shot out a few thin, dark red rays of light. Heart Tree Kings body flashed, and he moved a distance away as though he had teleported. The rays of light only shattered the afterimages that he left behind.

This guy is so slippery

Han Xiao clicked his tongue.

The psychic power of Heart Tree King was extremely sensitive. He used his psychic power to pull and control his body and was extremely agile. At the same time, he also constantly released mental interference to mislead the direction of his attacks and reduce his hit rate. Even when facing the bombardment from the mechanical army that had almost no blind spots, Heart Tree King was able to dodge them with ease, as though he had seen through all the attack trajectories in advance.

Heart Tree Kings fighting style was the exact opposite of Kasuyis wide-open combat style that ignored mana. It was exquisite and focused on harassing and exhausting the enemy. He flew around the enemy like a mosquito, stabbing the enemy from time to time before retreating immediately. It was very difficult for the enemy to hit him. His fighting style was very dirty and annoying.

Pugilists are still the best. They like to fight head-on, how easy it is

Han Xiao could not help but miss Subduing Tree King. However, although Heart Tree King was very agile, he had no choice but to focus on dealing with Han Xiaos attacks. Both of them restrained the other party.

While the two of them were fighting, in a certain battlefield not far away, a direct Beyond Grade A fought very fiercely. He exchanged blows with the Holy Tree Emissary and suffered heavy injuries. The next moment, a few dazzling beams of life energy shot out from the three Universal Civilizations fleets.

The Holy Tree Emissary, who was long prepared, endured the pain and shot out a series of spells to intercept the life energy. Half of the life energy was scattered by his spells, but the remaining life energy suddenly changed its route, drawing a strange twisted path and hitting the target. This direct Beyond Grade As life force quickly recovered. "It hit!" Aurora, who was in the protective circle of the fleet, was overjoyed.

She had not spent the past half a year in vain. Every day, she trained her control over the life energy that left her body so that she could avoid being intercepted by the enemy and heal the target. On the other side, Heart Tree King could not help but divert some of his attention to look in Auroras direction.

"Found her"

Before he could finish his thought, a few splitting rays arrived in front of him. He was slightly distracted, and he was a step too slow to dodge them, leaving several burning marks on his body.

Heart Tree King hurriedly retracted his attention and covered his wounds while avoiding the continuous pursuit from the mechanical army. "I really cant afford to be distracted when dealing with this fellow. Fortunately, someone is able to stop him and give me the time to make a move" The next second, Heart Tree King suddenly retreated, and Han Xiao immediately chased after him.

One chased as the other fled, and their battlefield shifted by a large distance. A powerful Beyond Grade A energy suddenly rose from a World Tree battleship beside them.

The spaceship exploded, and a dark green Mechanical Deity appeared as though it had broken out of its shell. Its body expanded rapidly, and it held a double-edged mechanical war blade that was covered in energy circuits. The blade lashed down with astonishing psionic energy. At the same time, green armored mechanical soldiers swarmed out and bit Han Xiaos mechanical army.

"This energy another Tree King!"

Han Xiao raised his brows and immediately raised his blade to meet the attack. Two gigantic Mechanical Deity weapons, one black, and one green clashed.


The sound of heavy metals hitting each other reached everyones mind, and a dazzling electric arc appeared in an instant. A huge energy shock wave swept away everything around it.

"Humph, outsider, Ill be your opponent." Fortitude Tree Kings voice sounded in the public channel.

"Who are you?"

Han Xiao looked at the combat information and raised his brows in surprise. This Tree King was not one of the five Great Tree Kings he knew in his previous life!

Wasnt Emperor Tree King the Mechanic class Tree King? Where did this Tree King pop out from ?

While he was still in shock, Heart Tree King took advantage of the fact that Fortitude Tree King was blocking his opponent and left the battlefield. He locked onto Auroras life force with his mind.

Then, he opened his arms, and a diamond-shaped purple leaf appeared on his chest, spinning and emitting strange fluctuations.

The next moment, Heart Tree Kings mental strength burst forth.

"Illusion Mind Lock!"

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