The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1360

Chapter 1359 Thought Seal Herberlon Moves

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Surging psychic energy flowed into the floating purple crystal leaf, and a beam of purple light shot out toward Aurora, who was in the protective circle of the three Universal Civilizations.

Seeing this, a portion of the mechanical army closest to the beam shook off the entanglement of Fortitude Tree King and formed a psionic shield in front of the beam.

However, the moment they came into contact, the light purple beam did not show any signs of being obstructed. Its speed did not change at all, and it easily penetrated the psionic shield as though it did not exist. The mechanical soldiers that blocked it with their bodies were also penetrated, but their bodies were not damaged at all. It was as though this beam did not exist in the material world and could ignore all kinds of defenses.

"Hmm? Stop this attack." Han Xiao had been paying attention to Heart Tree Kings actions. Although he did not know what method Heart Tree King had used, it would be best to stop it. He pushed Fortitude Tree Kings mechanical body away and immediately called his teammates who were fighting all over the battlefield.

Hearing Han Xiaos command, a portion of the Beyond Grade As who were closer to Han Xiao barely managed to divert their attention. They used various methods, throwing out their magic, Esper Abilities, and Psychic powers in an attempt to disperse the light purple beam, but they were all penetrated.

Seeing this, everyone was shocked.

"What ability is this?"

"I cant block it. Why does it look like it has the characteristics of the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter "

Under everyones gaze, the beam of light passed through the Beyond Grade As battle zone and shot into the protective circle of the three Universal Civilizations. It passed through the battleships that came to stop it one after another. No matter how Auroras battleship changed its position, the beam of light followed it and quickly entered Auroras spaceship. The light purple beam passed through the shield and the exterior armor and shot into the command room, heading straight for Aurora in the room. Sorokin, the double agent, appeared in an instant and sent condensed Psychic energy, but it did not cause any effect. Even his body was penetrated, but he was not injured at all. Just as it was about to hit Aurora, when it was only a few meters away, the light purple beam suddenly slid away as if it had hit an invisible barrier. It flew out of the battleship in a flash.

Aurora, who was in a tense state, heaved a sigh of relief.

"Looks like the Spacetime Amber is still useful"

In front of her was a Spacetime Amber Ball. Han Xiao had given her a batch of it to protect herself. Currently, there were still not any known items that could pass through the Spacetime Amber Ball.

However, the light purple beam did not dissipate. After flying out of the battleship, it circled and adjusted its position before shooting toward Aurora.

Seeing this scene from afar, Heart Tree Kings expression changed slightly as though he was surprised.

"Theres actually a way to block it? Could it be a special substance that isolates the mother tree from the individual?"

Heart Tree King did not hesitate. He immediately grabbed the purple crystal leaf and activated the green power of the World Tree, instantly activating a new power.


Cracks appeared on the surface of the purple crystal leaf. While it was damaged, it released more energy and emitted a halo.

The light purple beam that was chasing Aurora suddenly exploded and disappeared.

At first glance, Sorokin thought that this guy had given up on attacking. However, he suddenly heard a plop sound beside him. He turned around and saw Aurora falling to the ground.

"Whats wrong?"

Sorokin was shocked as he quickly approached Aurora. He saw that Auroras eyes were lifeless, and she was staring straight ahead. Her eyes did not move at all, as though she had lost her senses.

He quickly used his psychic energy to probe Auroras mind, only to discover that Auroras consciousness had already been sealed up and was wrapped within a thick purple crystal. Green energy flowed within the crystal and his psychic energy could not penetrate it.

"Whats going on? Aurora and I have broken our soul link!" Hilas voice sounded in the channel. She was the first to notice the abnormality, and her tone was urgent.

"Aurora has lost consciousness. Some kind of energy has sealed her thoughts. I dont know what kind of psychic ability it is Not good, I cant undo it in a short time."

Sorokin told the truth and used his psychic energy to attack the purple crystal. However, the purple crystal in Auroras mind was extremely tough, and his psychic energy could only leave shallow marks on it. Very soon, the purple crystal repaired itself.


Just as he said that Han Xiao used The King to leave the battlefield and instantly appeared beside Aurora. Without saying a word, he poked Aurora and forced out combat information to check on Auroras condition.

All of Auroras abilities turned into a frozen gray color, and a special status appeared in her stats window.

[Illusion Mind Lock]: The sealed individuals thoughts and consciousness enter a vegetative state. The target will fall into infinite illusion composed of their desires, ambitions, visions, imagination, fear, dreams, goals, and other factors. If the target treats the illusion as the truth, they will continuously supply energy to the seal. The seal will not weaken with time and will instead grow stronger. Meanwhile, the target will continue to grow weaker and be unable to see through the illusion. Duration: Unknown.

"A thought seal that even Sorokin finds difficult to break It must be a Universal Treasures characteristic."

The purple crystal leaf that Heart Tree King had taken out flashed past Han Xiaos mind, and his face tightened. He did not have any information about this item in his previous life.

The eruption just now ignored the distance and attack path and turned into a direct attack within the range. It was like a spiritual explosion that directly affected an individual. As long as Aurora was not wrapped up tightly by the Spacetime Amber, there would always be a gap and she would suffer the attack.

If this move was used on others, it would also pose a great threat, but Heart Tree King only used it on one person. Furthermore, the purple crystal leaf was damaged after it was used, so there might be some restrictions.

This is not good. Auroras energy level is still too low Han Xiaos eyes narrowed.

Auroras Esper Ability was special, but her own level was limited. The effect of Heart Tree Kings seal was very obvious, and the chances of her seeing through the illusion were too low. If her strength was at the peak Beyond Grade A level, the seal would definitely not be as strong as it was now. "Anyone with psychic abilities, come and try to unseal it."

Han Xiao immediately gave the order. He did not have time to stay there any longer. He quickly activated the Kings repeated warping ability and returned to his original position. In just a short while, the Mechanical Deity, which had lost its core support, was cut into pieces by Fortitude Tree King. He had no choice but to use his Mechanical Force to connect the pieces of the Mechanical Deity back together and continue fighting with the Tree King

Upon knowing that the healer had fallen, the Beyond Grade As were immediately anxious. They wanted to shake off their opponents and go back to check on Aurora, but the World Tree experts had also received the order from Heart Tree King. They were extremely spirited and charged forward with all their might, not letting the Beyond Grade As leave.

"Ha, your recovery-type Esper has been defeated by His Excellency the Tree King. Lets see how you can recover!" "Arent you unafraid of death? Come on, continue fighting!"

"Without confidence, do you still dare to exchange injuries?"

In the mental network, many World Tree experts were extremely excited.

The scene of the previous battle was still vivid in their minds. This group of enemies relied on the healer behind them to constantly exchange injuries with them. Even if they were heavily injured time and time again, as long as they were fed a mouthful of milk, they would instantly be full of energy and the battle would be very uncomfortable for World Tree experts. In the end, they had no choice but to use the self-detonation tactic, but they could only drag a few people down with them. Thinking about the embarrassing battle last time, many of the World Tree Supers were furious. At this moment, Heart Tree King had used his methods to wipe out the confidence of these enemies, and the Beyond Grade As of the World Tree were all energized. They felt that they could finally show their strengths

They had never been afraid of exchanging lives for lives!

Fortitude Tree King turned around and deflected Han Xiaos attack. Hearing the commotion in the mental network, he could not help but send a message to Heart Tree King.

"Are you sure this will seal the enemys recovery Esper forever?" "I didnt say forever. As long as there are enough people with psychic abilities who spend a lot of time wearing down the seal, it will be broken sooner or later However, as long as the recovery-type Esper does not play a role in this battle, my goal will be achieved." Heart Tree King kept the cracked purple crystal leaf into his body and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Without the recovery-type Esper, the battle losses will return to normal. As long as we destroy enough high-level combatants in this battle and cause substantial damage, it wont matter even if that Esper wakes up later."

In his opinion, even if he could only seal the Esper in one battle, the Exchange tactic would succeed. As long as they could get rid of enough high-level combatants this time, the World Trees snowballing advantage could be put to full display.

Now that the plan was more than half complete, Heart Tree King was relieved and returned to the battlefield. Together with Fortitude Tree King, they surrounded and attacked Han Xiao. The three of them were locked in battle.

Not long after, some Beyond Grade As finally managed to shake off their opponents with the help of their teammates and returned to Auroras side. However, after checking, their hearts sank.

"The situation is not good. This thought seal is too strong and is protected by a special force. Even if we attack together, it will not be broken in a short time." Kasuyis voice sounded in the channel.

"Not even you?" Sun Hunter was shocked.

Kasuyi shook his head. "Although I have unlimited energy, there is a limit to the strength of my psychic energy. Just like how the water current keeps washing the reefs, it needs time."

Upon hearing Kasuyis words, the hearts of many association members skipped a beat.

The next moment, a member of the association suggested in the channel.

"Black Star, why dont we retreat first and fight them after we break Auroras seal?"

"Do you think the World Tree will blankly watch our retreat? Even if we retreat, the Tree Kings Halo will continue to take effect. Theres a high chance that the frontal defense line wont be able to hold on. When we unseal Aurora and want to fight them again, its hard to say if they will give us the chance. By then, it will be too late."

Oulou spoke first before Han Xiao could.

A large number of direct Line members ignored life and death and continued to fight with their opponents. Seeing this, many association members who wanted to retreat could not desert and could only continue fighting

However, without the protection of the milkmaid, a large number of association members considered their own safety and did not dare to risk their lives like last time. Their combat power was far inferior to the first time they had fought. Instead, they were faintly suppressed by the World Tree experts who were not afraid of death. Luckily, they had the advantage in numbers this time, and there was a group of revivors to hold the situation. Otherwise, their losses might have exceeded the other party.

The Beyond Grade As all had their thoughts and the battle this time was much bloodier. The Beyond Grade As on both sides were frequently sacrificed, and the damage was increasing.

"Hehe, without that recovery-type Esper, your true colors are revealed. The casualties will only increase. How long can you last?" As Han Xiao dealt with the encirclement of Fortitude Tree King and Heart Tree King, the other partys mocking mental message appeared in his mind.


Energy Explosion, a dark blue compressed energy cannon fired at Fortitude Tree King. Han Xiao took the opportunity to glance at the loss of the Beyond Grade As calmly and did not respond to the others taunt.

Turning around, Han Xiao started to fight with Fortitude Tree King that was charging at him again. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his brain as Heart Tree King sent several mental shockwaves.

Shaking his head, Han Xiao felt a little troubled.

"Just one Tree King alone is already difficult to deal with. With the two of them attacking together, it is much harder Although I can withstand the attacks of these two, it will be difficult for me to deal much damage to them I need someone to share the pressure and let me fight with one person"

As this thought flashed through his mind, Han Xiao gritted his teeth and looked at Heart Tree King

His goal was not to be in a stalemate with the two of them. If he could capture a tree king here, that would be for the best. At the very least, he would have to kill one of them and let the other party enter hibernation. If he allowed the other party to escape unscathed, that would be a huge loss.

He was being held back, and the two tree kings were looking after each other. If they wanted to leave, he would most likely not be able to stop them.

Han Xiaos target was Heart Tree King. After all, Fortitude Tree King was only a Lords Avatar, so there was no need to deal with him. However, someone had to restrain him.

Although Fortitude Tree King was a stranger, his strength was worthy of his identity as a Tree King.


In his previous life, the World Tree War was a very late version. Now that the war had been brought forward by many years, Han Xiao could only think that Fortitude Tree King was the Mechanic-class Tree King of this time period. He would lose his position in the future and Emperor Tree King would replace him. As for the reason, Han Xiao had no idea.

Suppressing the distracting thoughts in his mind, Han Xiao looked at the battlefield. Seeing that most of his teammates were fighting a bloody battle, he could not help but switch to the communication channel and send an order to one of his external helpers.

At this time, Han Xiao felt a sense of danger. He hurriedly opened the Emperors Cape and saw that Fortitude Tree King had used some kind of skill. The double-edged war blade swept up a whirlpool of green energy and smashed onto his body. Green flames exploded, and the gigantic body was sent flying for a distance.

"Humph, you still dare to be distracted in front of me. You are disregarding me." Fortitude Tree King brandished his blade and said coldly. "What? Is this the best you can do?" Han Xiao clicked his tongue and casually replied with a joke that the other party did not understand.

"Humph, I dont know what youre talking about, but with me restraining you, you wont be able to help your other comrades." Fortitude Tree King pointed his blade at Han Xiao.

"Are you a pig? Snorting again and again!"

Han Xiao was not to be outdone. He realized that the World Tree experts liked to chat when they fought.

"Outsider, they think you have an almost indestructible body. Ill see if I can kill you today!"

Fortitude Tree King activated all his armor cannons and shot out countless beams of light. He then turned his blade and was about to charge forward.

However, right at this moment, the light from the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device suddenly flashed behind Han Xiao, and a gigantic Mechanical Deity appeared. It was none other than Herberlon!

The interception war had already been going on for a month, and Herberlon had been on standby since a long time ago. The moment he received Han Xiaos message, he immediately used the teleportation device and descended from the Flickering World. During the stalemate before this war broke out, he had already completed the loading of his weapons. He was now fully armed and in peak condition!

"World Tree! Our war is not over yet!"

Herberlons furious roar could be heard in the public channel. Countless thrusters were activated at the same time, and a huge force pushed Herberlon to accelerate continuously. The giant blade in his hand swept up psionic energy and slashed toward Fortitude Tree King. Clang!

Herberlons attack landed on Fortitude Tree Kings defense, and a shockwave swept out.

Another new force entered the venue, and many World Tree experts looked over, stunned.

"You Herberlon? Youre still alive !" Fortitude Tree King was shocked.

All the World Tree powerhouses present knew Herberlon. They had fought against him when they destroyed the Karma Republic, so they had a deep impression of this enemy.

Heart Tree King was stunned for a moment before he suddenly realized the truth.

"I see. This civilizations initial intelligence on our World Tree came from you!"

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