The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1361

Chapter 1360 Heart Tree Kings Bullshtting And Sealing Plan

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The World Tree experts were suddenly enlightened.

No wonder this civilization had shown a certain level of understanding of the World Tree when they first came into contact with it. Herberlon, whose home was invaded, was the best source of information, which made sense.

The members of the World Tree remembered every battle clearly. Although the Karma Republic Alliance was not a strong opponent, Herberlon had left a deep impression on many World Tree experts. Some of them had even participated in the siege. This was a rare prey that had slipped away from their hands and disappeared into the vast universe after the fall of the Karma Republic.

Fortitude Tree King quickly recovered from the shock of seeing someone he knew. He activated the protective equipment on his body and blocked the furious attack from Herberlon.

"A loser from a destroyed civilization dares to continue opposing us instead of hiding. You managed to survive last time, but you wont be so lucky this time. The mother tree has always wanted to devour you, so why dont you merge with us and reunite with your compatriots!"

"As long as Im alive, the glory of the Karma Republic will never disappear!"

Herberlon stabbed his blade into Fortitude Tree Kings thick shield and embedded it inside. Two new mechanical arms suddenly grew out from his shoulders and firmly locked Fortitude Tree Kings body in front of him. Following this, the flesh and machinery on his chest slid open, revealing a large energy outlet.


An extremely thick dark red beam of light shot out, and in a flash, Fortitude Tree Kings chest was penetrated, leaving a huge hole with a torn edge. Broken parts flew everywhere.

This time, the damage was not light. Fortitude Tree King hurriedly activated the flowing force field and the power structure of the mechanical suit. A huge force was generated, and he immediately cut off the mechanical arm that was holding him. He then kicked Herberlon away, leaving a deep footprint on the latters abdomen armor.

A portion of the mechanical soldiers in the surroundings returned to Fortitude Tree Kings body like tired birds returning to their nest. A large number of mechanical structures flowed in his body and quickly filled up the wound on his chest.

Herberlons gigantic body stopped its retreat. He raised his hand and created an invisible force field that covered Fortitude Tree King. Fortitude Tree Kings body froze as if he had been hit by a Body Immobilization spell.

Just as the decryption device on Fortitude Tree Kings body was analyzing the operating principles of the force field at a high speed, Herberlon grabbed his blade with both hands. His muscles and machinery twisted, accumulating an endless amount of energy. Dark red streams of light appeared on his body, and his energy reaction soared!

The next moment, Herberlons gigantic body suddenly turned into a red bolt of lightning and charged forward. He instantly passed by Fortitude Tree King as if he teleported and appeared behind him.

"Deity Maneuver!"


In a flash, a huge hole was carved out on Fortitude Tree Kings waist, and he was almost cut in half. Energy continued to destroy the insides of the body through the wound, and the wound was still expanding.

The space around Fortitude Tree King shook, and he suddenly broke the control of the force field and covered the wound on his waist. At the same time, he hurriedly turned around to block Herberlons charge. The force traveled along the clashing weapons and into his arm, causing a violent tremor. A large portion of the parts in both of their bodies malfunctioned from the tremor.

"What a troublesome guy"

Fortitude Tree King was in a stalemate with Herberlon. He glanced at Han Xiao and realized that he had already left to fight Heart Tree King.

He wanted to help but could not escape. Although he called Herberlon a loser, he had to admit that this guy had the might to restrain him.

On the other side, Han Xiao had finally gotten rid of the two-on-one situation. He chased after Heart Tree King with his mechanical army, and the psychic barrier clashed with the bombardment of fire.

Heart Tree King dodged Han Xiaos psionic slash and the World Tree Rootsthat he got after transforming-moved like tentacles around him, blocking the attacks from all directions.

"I have to say, during our battle in the universe, you are the most troublesome Super Lifeform we have encountered. There are not many people who are qualified to stand shoulder to shoulder with you. Because of your existence, our large group of foreign experts is almost useless. Without you, your high-level combatants would not be able to fight us."

Han Xiao turned a deaf ear to him. He clapped his hands, and the anti-psychic energy device released waves of energy. The psychic barrier seemed to have received an attack at its weak points, and it exploded repeatedly, forcing Heart Tree King to have no choice but to invest more energy to stabilize his psychic strength. Seeing that Han Xiao did not speak, Heart Tree King did not give up and continued.

"I can give you a promise. If you are willing to leave, the World Tree will not chase after you and your companions-not that we would be able to chase you anyway. You can stay far away from this battle that is bound to fail. The universe is so big, you can live anywhere. Living is more important than anything."

"You guys havent won yet, dont be too confident."

Han Xiao replied calmly, ignoring the pain of his brain being tortured by the mental attacks. He swung his blade again and collided with the Psychic King

Heart Tree King shook his head. "Its very difficult for high-level combatants to decide the direction of the universe-level war. Even if you can withstand the attacks of our high-level combatants time and time again, you wont be able to change the situation in the frontal war. Youre destined to be defeated. Actually, you have another choice. You might as well join us and become a member of the World Tree. You can join us to fight in the universe. Your ability is more than enough to replace the position of Fortitude Tree King." "Trying to instigate me?" Han Xiao sneered. "Putting aside whether Im willing to become a puppet that has lost its free will, just my identity as an expert from another race will never allow me to become the Tree King. Youd better save this trick to fool others."

Heart Tree King did not mind. "Even if you kill me and cause our fleet in this war zone to lose the buff of the World Trees power, we might still be able to break through your defense through normal battles. Is it worth it to sacrifice so many high-level combatants for such a small chance?"

Han Xiao was too lazy to respond. He activated another army combat skill and changed it to provide the bonus of agility and long-range attack speed, making the mechanical army more agile. The continuous energy weapons rained down on the roots of the World Tree, tearing them into pieces.

Seeing this, Heart Tree King did not give up and continued to use the chatting tactic. "You and I will not be able to determine the victor. I have witnessed the battle between you and Subduing Tree King. I will not fall into the same trap.

Wow, you can really bullsh*t, almost catching up to me!

Han Xiaos eyes twitched.

However, on second thought, he felt that what Heart Tree King said was not without reason. If the other party was prepared, it would not be easy to replicate the strategy that dealt with Subduing Tree King.

If they fought normally, he would indeed have the upper hand, but at the crucial moment, Heart Tree King would still have the choice of self-destructing and retreating to receive the protection of the fleet. The chances of killing him were very low.

Han Xiao then opened the private chat and contacted Hila.

"Hila, leave the battlefield first and stay beside Aurora."


Hilas tone was filled with killing intent, but it was toward the enemy.

After Aurora lost consciousness, Hila immediately entered a berserk state, killing everyone on the battlefield. She did not even send the dead into the Underworld but turned them all into soul energy to strengthen herself. Her presence on the battlefield was extremely strong, and she had already killed two Holy Tree Emissaries.

The dead only had one soul. If they were sent to the Underworld to be heroic spirits, they would not be able to trigger the rapid growth of the Power Of The Dead. The galactic battlefield was like a meat grinder. Hila followed Han Xiaos philosophy most of the time and sent the soldiers sacrificed by the three Universal Civilizations into the Underworld. Only a few times did she use them to strengthen herself.

Even so, due to the huge number of people, Hilas combat strength was growing at an astonishing rate, and she was like a completely different person from before the war. Even without the ability to shorten the opponents lifespan, there were not many people in the association who had the confidence to defeat her.

"I have a plan. Lets see if we can deal with this tree king who knocked Aurora unconscious. Follow my orders."


The one that Hila wanted to kill the most was Heart Tree King. Hearing that Han Xiao had a plan, she quickly regained some of her calmness. She glanced at the wounded ancestral spirit in front of her, suppressed the killing intent in her heart, and retreated toward the three Universal Civilizations fleet.

After getting rid of the World Tree experts one after another, Hila returned to Auroras spaceship with difficulty. To escape from the battle, she had gained many new wounds on her body. Although her healer had collapsed temporarily, her Power Of The Dead had extraordinary self-regeneration, and her wounds were gradually healing. Suddenly, there was a flash of light in the cabin, and a mechanical soldier wearing the King armor teleported over, handing the item in his hand to Hila. "Hmm? This is"

Hila looked down at the item in the mechanical soldiers hands, and a hint of surprise appeared on her usually expressionless face. She coldly glanced at the surrounding crew members, and only when she saw that no one was moving did she take it.

This time, Han Xiaos voice sounded in the private channel.

"Ill give this to you for the time being. Ive let you practice with it before. Do you know how to use it?"

"Hmm," Hila said with a deep voice. "Whats your plan?"

"Ill try to create an opportunity later. If it succeeds, use the King on that mechanical soldier to teleport over, then connect to your Advancing in the Dead Sea and teleport to the target to use it" Han Xiao quickly explained.

"I understand." Hila nodded and looked at the item in her hand. It was a white crystal the size of a palm.

This item was the Spacetime Amber!

Usually, Han Xiao would not give this thing to others, but this time, he would probably need someone else to do it.

In the past few months, he had trained Hila on how to use this Universal Treasure to coordinate with (Azure Dragon Bind) and form a new strategy.

Through Phillips battle simulation, he realized that in most situations, the die-together tactic could only kill the tree king or force it to self-destruct. From the looks of it, this new tactic was the method with the highest success rate to capture them.

Maintaining his private channel, Han Xiao looked at Heart Tree King, who was easily evading the attacks of the mechanical army. "I hope this works"

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