The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1362

Chapter 1361 Facing Death And Gamble

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Chapter 1361 Facing Death and Gamble

The battle zone of the Beyond Grade As was scattered all over the battlefield, and it was a bloody battle. Individual strengths from both sides fell one after another, and the battles between the fleets of both sides were equally intense. The World Tree Army, which was enhanced by the Tree Kings halo, continued to advance. Although the three Universal Civilizations continued to provide reinforcements, the defense line was still slowly but surely retreating.

Due to the constantly changing battlefield of the fleets, the battle areas of the Beyond Grade As were also shifting accordingly.

Ames moved around in space, controlling the force field to harass the enemies or help her comrades. Her dress was stained with blood.

There were more than ten Beyond Grade As participating in the team battle in the area she was in, and the association members and the direct descendants had the upper hand against the enemies.

Force Field Esper Abilities had an all-rounder characteristic and could be used for both attack and defense. Ames was mainly used as a control type on the battlefield. Occasionally, she would condense a force field or drag a battleship to attack, and the damage was not low.

She extended her palm and used Gaze of the Dragon on one of the Holy Tree Emissaries. Ames quickly scanned the battlefield and realized that the battlefield of Herberlon, Fortitude Tree King, Han Xiao, and Heart Tree King had already been shifted to a faraway place. The layers of battleships in the battlefield almost covered their figures, and she could only see the occasional flashes of energy that were far more intense than here.

"Looks like he wont be able to kill the Tree King so quickly"

Ames frowned slightly and retracted her gaze. She dodged a compressed beam of light and countered with a pale green shock wave.

Looking at the battlefield, Ames saw a brief flaw in the enemys side and was about to ask her teammates to work together to create time for her to gather her energy, but at this moment, the other party threw a wave of focused fire at her. The few association members who were supposed to be blocking in front immediately dodged, and she had no choice but to stop accumulating her energy and dodge.

"This wont do. Theres no way to kill the enemy." Ames glanced at the association members and shook her head.

Even after having the upper hand for so long, they had not been able to cause much damage to the enemy. Every time they wanted to advance, the World Tree experts would become more fearless. In contrast, the comrades of the association would cower in fear because of this, not wanting to be injured. This caused them to lose the opportunity to expand their advantage again and again.

The temporary loss of the milkmaid had a huge impact on the Beyond Grade As battle. Most of the association members did not have the mentality to risk their lives like last time and did not want to get injured. Their combat style became more conservative while the World Tree experts became more ferocious.

Ames heard from the channel that many of the association members were dissatisfied with Han Xiaos plan. Initially, they planned to quickly get rid of the Tree King to reduce the disadvantage of the main battlefield. However, both sides were in a stalemate now. Black Star could not complete his goal, and Aurora was also beaten back temporarily, leading to the sacrifice of many Beyond Grade As. In their eyes, the plan had failed, and it was a sure loss.

Furthermore, after fighting for so long, the main battlefield was already in a bad situation. Even if they killed the Tree King now, they might not be able to reverse the situation. Therefore, in the eyes of many association members, the sacrifices from this attack plan were meaningless. Instead, many of them had lost the one-time Sanctum Revival opportunity, so they were filled with complaints.

The Beyond Grade A Association members had all prepared for the worst. They still believed that the Sanctum Revival could only happen once, so they did not take Han Xiaos words of convincing the Revivors seriously.

Many of them were already thinking of retreating, but they could not leave the battle for the time being. They could only protect themselves and were not willing to pay the price for killing their opponent. This kind of conservative mindset affected their combat strength, and Ames could only cooperate with her teammates in retreating. She had no intention of charging into the enemies alone.

At this moment, one of the Holy Tree Emissaries suddenly paused, as if the damage had been accumulated to the limit. His body stiffened, revealing an obvious flaw.


Ames and her teammates immediately changed targets and focused their attacks on this person. All kinds of abilities shattered the defensive shield that the other party had hastily constructed and landed on his body, causing blood to splatter everywhere.

Just as they were about to pursue and kill the enemy, the other World Tree experts suddenly unleashed their full strength and charged toward the front of this heavily injured teammate, trying to force them to retreat like the previous few times.

Facing such a powerful attack, the members of the association hesitated and retreated. They did not face it head-on. It was not that they could not endure the attack head-on, but they were unwilling to do so. They would rather give up this opportunity than getting injured.

Seeing this, Ames felt a little helpless. This situation had already happened a few times. Due to the members of the association retreating, they had missed many opportunities.

But at this moment, a firm voice sounded in the channel.

"Cover me!"

One of the direct descendants suddenly advanced instead of retreating and faced this wave of attacks. The scene was like a surfer charging toward a tsunami. The shield on his body was instantly torn apart by the combined attack of many Beyond Grade As, and wounds exploded on his body.

Everyone was shocked. They did not have time to think about anything else. They quickly stopped and used ranged attacks to cover this teammate.

Ignoring the damage to his body, he endured the huge impact of the attack and charged at the heavily injured World Tree expert resolutely and decisively. His Pugilist flames were all concentrated on him, completely ignoring the enemy teammates who were rushing over.


The two figures collided, and the heavily injured World Tree Beyond Grade A activated self-destruction without hesitation.

Ames and the others could only see the figure of this direct Beyond Grade A who showed no intention of retreating. The next moment, their vision was covered in white.


A powerful light burst forth, and a huge energy ball rose up. Before the light dissipated, the World Tree Race experts in the surroundings were still attacking the self-destruction area.

The group of people hurriedly retreated some distance. When the self-destruction energy was fully released, they focused their attention on the area. There were only fragmented corpses left.

"Hes gone."

Everyone had complicated expressions.

The direct Beyond Grade A who died in the battle was not a Revivor. He knew that there was only one chance for Sanctum Revival, but he still risked his life to seize the opportunity. This was something they would never be able to do. These direct descendants who worked for the civilization had a purer attitude toward this war than them and were unafraid of death.

Ames shook her head. She knew that she was not that great, nor was she willing to be.

Time quickly passed.

On the battlefield filled with countless mechanical fragments, Han Xiao and Heart Tree King had been fighting for a long time, and both sides were exhausted.

In comparison, Heart Tree Kings energy consumption was much higher. This was not only due to suppression from Han Xiaos energy level but also because of his class.

After all, mental attacks were ineffective against mechanical soldiers, and Han Xiaos main body was not afraid of his mental attacks. Only his physical attacks and psychic attacks would be effective. This meant that Heart Tree King was at a disadvantage when facing Han Xiao.

The green light on Heart Tree Kings body had become much dimmer, and more than half of the World Tree Roots that appeared with his transformation had been destroyed. He was not in the same state as when they had first started fighting, and his movements were also slightly slower.


Using psychic energy to block the firepower of another mechanical army, Heart Tree King sent another message to Han Xiao.

"Did you see that? Youve already lost. Even if you kill me, you wont be able to turn the situation around."

Hearing this, Han Xiao looked at the battle situation and could not help but click his tongue.

The World Tree Army in this war zone continued to advance. They had already broken through the defense zone and penetrated a few battle lines, forming a situation that was difficult to reverse. They had at least an eighty to ninety percent chance of breaking through the interception circle and turning this place into a breakthrough point for the overall battle. In a war of a scale of hundreds of billions, the victory of high-level combatants could no longer turn the situation around.

"When we arrive at your territory, the mother tree will enjoy your world inch by inch. You wont have any chance. Do you want to reconsider my previous suggestion?" Heart Tree King continued.

Han Xiao did not say anything. He turned around and responded with a slash.

Heart Tree King hurriedly dodged but was still grazed by the psionic energy. The psychic barrier shattered, and another World Tree root broke.

"Hehe, looks like your stance is very firm"

Heart Tree King smiled on the surface, but his heart was filled with fear. He already had the intention to retreat.

After this exchange, he realized that he was no match for this outsider. Just a bunch of powerful Apostle Weapons was enough to deal with him. His internal injuries were burning.

If this continues, Im afraid Ill really die here. The other Beyond Grade As will probably have the time to make a move soon. Its time to retreat

Heart Tree King thought to himself. Many of the World Tree powerhouses had already been sacrificed because there were more Beyond Grade As present. Heart Tree King knew that the rate of casualties on his side would only snowball. Before long, there would be other Beyond Grade As coming to help this outsider deal with him, and it would be difficult for him to leave.

Although he was prepared to die here, the Exchange tactic had already taken effect. There was no need to continue fighting. It was best to preserve his life.

Having made up his mind, Heart Tree King no longer bombarded Han Xiao with chats. He immediately changed his strategy and attempted to break out of the encirclement of Han Xiaos mechanical army.

Sensing the change in Heart Tree Kings actions, Han Xiaos eyes flickered.

"He finally wants to escape. It seems like he has used up most of his energy. We can execute the plan now!"

Han Xiao immediately gave a direct order to the combat artificial intelligence, and the mechanical army immediately surrounded and intercepted Heart Tree King, adjusting the weak points of the encirclement to guide Heart Tree Kings movement.

At the same time, he sent a message to Heart Tree King.

"You will die here today!"

This time, it was Heart Tree King who turned a deaf ear. He focused on avoiding the focus fire of the mechanical army and quickly found the weakness to break through.

After Han Xiao shouted, he stared at the change in formation. Seeing that Heart Tree King was slowly being forced into a suitable position, his Mechanical Force flashed.


A Lords Avatar wrapped in Mechanical Force suddenly shot out from the Mechanical Deity and flew toward Heart Tree King.

Sensing the impending danger, Heart Tree King suddenly turned his head and concentrated his psychic energy on this Lords Avatar. If it was hit, it would surely be sent flying

However, at this very second, a golden energy suddenly gushed out from the Lords Avatars body. Its entire body seemed to have turned into a golden chariot that pressed forward with indomitable will. It instantly shattered the psychic energy and was not affected at all. It locked onto Heart Tree King and charged forward with rapidly increasing speed.


Heart Tree King was a little surprised. He controlled the last World Tree Root to block it, but it was knocked away by the Lords Avatar. It could not even slow it down.

Seeing this, Han Xiao, who was still inside the Mechanical Deitys body, could not help but clench his fists.

His main body was right in front of him, but he had used the Lords Descent. Naturally, it was to capture Heart Tree King alive. For this, he did not hesitate to activate two Character Summon CardsSilver Shadows (Comet Rush), Oulous (Golden Treasure Ship-Ram)!

The former was an endless acceleration, while the latter was a domineering state that was immune to any crowd control!

Success and failure depended on this. Han Xiao was betting that Heart Tree King would not self-destruct before he got close!

The warnings in Heart Tree Kings mind became more and more obvious, and he hurriedly retreated. However, the speed of the Lords Avatars charge became faster and faster, and with the mechanical army around restraining him, the distance between the two sides rapidly shortened. In the blink of an eye, there was only a small portion left.

As the Lords Avatar rapidly expanded in his vision, thoughts flashed through Heart Tree Kings mind one after another, and the thought of self-destructing immediately surfaced in his mind.

However, he had many things to think about, and he tried to figure out Han Xiaos intentions. In moments of urgency, he could not be as resolute as the simple-minded Subduing Tree King.

In that moment of hesitation, the Lords Avatar wrapped in golden energy crashed into him. Its biological muscles expanded instantly.

Heart Tree King only felt a strong force wrapping around his body. Not only was he unable to move, but even the cells in his body were being suppressed. He was shocked.

This is a Pugilists forced crowd control skill

"It hit!"

Han Xiao clenched his fists in excitement.

To complement this move, he had specially tested a batch of lord bodies that were specialized in close combat. They were able to withstand his Strength and Endurance attributes to the maximum, allowing the [Azure Dragon Bind) to unleash even greater power! However, Heart Tree Kings strength and endurance were far inferior to that of a Pugilist. After the duration of the forced crowd control, he would not be able to escape so quickly.

At the same time that Heart Tree King was hit, the mechanical army around him was already prepared and released force fields to cover him, stacking many crowd control methods.


Han Xiao shouted.

At this moment, a beam of light flashed past the mechanical army not far away from Heart Tree King. Hila suddenly appeared beside an Apostle Weapon that was carrying a throne. A bright red Dead Sea instantly spread out. The next moment, Hilas body sank into the Dead Sea and appeared beside Heart Tree King in the blink of an eye. She held the Spacetime Amber and pressed it toward Heart Tree King

The Spacetime Amber flashed, and the frozen spacetime quickly expanded, enveloping the immobile Heart Tree King and the Lords Avatar.

Heart Tree Kings eyes widened, but he could not even speak.

His encounter was transmitted through the mental network, and the fleets around him immediately turned their cannons around to fire at him. The World Tree experts scattered all over the place were shocked, and they retreated at the same time, charging madly in the direction of Heart Tree King.


Fortitude Tree Kings heart skipped a beat. He could not be bothered to deal with the enemy and turned around to reinforce Heart Tree King. However, a large part of the thrusters on his back was shattered by Herberlons blade slash.

Han Xiao had already distanced himself from the battlefield, leaving Heart Tree King alone. There was no way the Beyond Grade As of the World Tree could arrive quickly.

Under the shocked, horrified, and disbelieving gazes, a new Spacetime Amber ball took shape, freezing Heart Tree Kings shocked expression.

Hila stared at the shocked Heart Tree King in the amber.

"You hurt my sister, stay here forever!"

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