The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1366

Chapter 1365 Training And Abnormality

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The destruction of the intercepting circle meant that the war had entered a new phase. The World Tree had the coordinates from the Kunde Race refugees. The army left behind temporary strongholds along the way and split into many routes as they headed toward the Flickering World. They were like green roots that grew endlessly in the universe, slowly extending toward the territories of the three Universal Civilizations.

The three Universal Civilizations used their super long-range weapons and harassment tactics to stall the enemy.

The players did not react much to the loss of the interception circle, and their morale was not affected. In their eyes, it was just a normal development of the main storyline. At most, some storyline-loving players would post on the forums to analyze the subsequent war trends, and most of it was just speculation.

The biggest impact was the main storyline mission of the players which was currently in progress. The requirements and the terms of guarding the intercepting circle had been changed to try to stop the World Trees advance.

However, most of the players were quite happy. The Spacetime Splicing Technology had become useful again. They were able to work after being laid off, and they had many more opportunities to work.

In times of war, mercenaries like the players were the happiest. The reward level of the mission had increased by a few levels, and their wallets were filled up at a few times the speed.

During the harassment phase, the three Universal Civilizations had left a large number of suicide squad positions for the players, which made things easier for the Great Mechanic Han. He did not have to divert his attention to fertilize the players, instead, focusing his attention elsewhere.

Flickering World, Black Star territory.

A huge metal fortress was suspended in the space, it was triangular with a thin magnetic field binding track extending out from each corner. They looked like transparent pipes, but they were actually rapid shuttle corridors connected to crescent-shaped mechanical devices at the end. These three devices were like suction cups, sucking the three Fixed Stars from afar. They were all stars that had been migrated, and after special treatments such as gravitational restraints and energy restraints, they were very stable. The three crescent-shaped mechanical devices were called Star Guiding devices, which were used to guide the energy of the stars. This was a model used for individual training. It could be used for body tempering, charging, and endurance enhancement by adjusting the output power of the stars energy.

This metal fortress was a specially built training ground. It was equipped with all kinds of top-notch training facilities such as Fixed Star cultivation room for star energy body tempering, environment simulation rooms for converting various cosmic radiation, ultra-high extreme density gravity rooms, and so on. There were also training-type Universal Treasures provided by the three Universal Civilizations and many Beyond Grade As that could stimulate the potential of different races and systems. It could be called the best training ground for Supers in the entire explored universe.

Those who could undergo training here were not ordinary people. More than 95% of the Beyond Grade A seeds in the entire explored universe had been sent here, regardless of whether they were regular people or civilizations direct members. At the same time, there were also other Calamity Grades with potential that various organizations had selected

In the open-air square of the training ground, a small crowd had already formed a formation. They looked at the row of figures in front of them with almost fanaticism, and most of their gazes were focused on Han Xiao who was in the center.

"All of you are Calamity Grades. I believe I do not need to explain why you are here. From today onwards, all the facilities here will be provided to you for free. We will set up a training schedule for you, and when we are free, we will discuss the problems you face during your training"

As Han Xiao spoke, he scanned the crowd before him.

Establishing this training ground was also the intention of the three Universal Civilizations. Originally, the direct descendants had all received training in the various military bases, but now, they had all been sent over by the three Universal Civilizations. The people in front of them were all high-level Calamity Grades, including all the peak Supers in the explored universe below Beyond Grade As.

The purpose of providing the best facilities, the strongest teachers, and the best resources was to produce as many Beyond Grade As as possible in the next eleven years. Facing the suffocating power of the World Tree, the three Universal Civilizations could not care less about the imbalance of Supers.


Hadavy shouted excitedly, and the hundreds of Beyond Grade A seeds who had already joined the Black Star Army immediately echoed. Under their leadership, the people of other organizations also responded.

Han Xiao glanced at him. There were quite a few familiar faces among them, including the Beyond Grade A seeds of the Black Star Army. Lagi, Hadavy, Jotina, Nero, Mia, and the others were among them.

However, not all of the potential individuals participated in the training. Some of the golden leeks that they had high hopes for such as Karlot and Evans, were privately given special treatment.

"However, lets get this straight. All those who become Beyond Grade As in the training camp must participate in the war unconditionally and use it as your tuition fee. Otherwise, we will take back your strength. This is a deal, and its not too late to back out now."

Hearing this, the excitement on everyones faces did not change at all. They already knew the price. However, the value of the training this time was extraordinary. Most of the Beyond Grade A seeds here grew on their own. In the past, there was no such thing as free use of such a treasure, and now they could even ask for help from different Beyond Grade As casually. Even if they joined a Beyond Grade A organization, they would not receive such treatment. Compared to this benefit, joining the battle was nothing.

Just as everyone was getting excited, an odd mutter sounded from the crowd.

"Sigh, I have to sacrifice myself in the war anyway. Whats the point of training harder"

Han Xiaos eyes twitched.

The style was too obvious. He did not even have to look to know who was speaking. He immediately emphasized:

"Our training course is compulsory. We will not allow any form of laziness, and we will strictly control the rest time. Some people better pay attention."

"Sigh, totalitarianism" The same voice sighed.

Han Xiao ignored Lagi and continued.

"Alright, I wont say anything else. Ive already made the corresponding timetable for each of you. These instructors will be in charge of training you. Training starts immediately. From now on, dont waste any second."

As he spoke, the Beyond Grade As beside him took away the Calamity Grades to train them separately.

Some ordinary Beyond Grade As who did not have much room to improve were more passionate about being instructors. As long as they could groom one more comrade, they would be able to share the pressure. Their experience was also precious to Calamity Grades.

"I hope that in eleven years, more than ten Beyond Grade As will be born"

Han Xiao thought to himself.

Gathering all the potential stocks in the universe to help them grow, there was a chance to produce a double-digit number of Beyond Grade As in eleven years, which was equivalent to a batch of already grown leeks.

With his targeted training, the guidance of Beyond Grade As, and the support of a large number of resources, the probability of a high-level Calamity Grade completing the last step would increase many times.

Watching the group of potential stocks being taken away for training, Han Xiao turned to the other Beyond Grade As and nodded.

"The same goes for us. If you need anything, I can give you some training advice."

There were two groups of people training. One was Calamity Grades, and the other was Beyond Grade As. Of course, the two were different, and he was in charge of the latter.

The Beyond Grade As had been watching from the side the entire time. They looked at each other, feeling a little awkward.

Those who could advance to Beyond Grade A were all geniuses who had found their paths. They had always been exploring their own path of cultivation, and many of them were not used to suddenly receiving guidance from others.

However, Han Xiaos prestige was very high. Everyone present had agreed to the training plan that he had proposed during the regular meeting, so they could not go back on their words now. All of them came up one after another to be poked by Han Xiao.

Han Xiao used this opportunity to collect the information of most Beyond Grade As and analyzed their abilities.

Why do I feel like a Pokemon trainer After analyzing for a while, this thought suddenly appeared in Han Xiaos mind.

On the other side, when the Beyond Grade As saw Black Star accurately pointing out their weaknesses and even giving them effective training plans, they could not help but be stunned.

They knew that Black Star had great foresight, but it was all hearsay and not true. Now that they had personally witnessed this, they could not help but be interested. "You didnt grow so quickly because of this ability, did you?" Oulou was surprised.

"To a certain extent, thats true." Han Xiao shrugged.

"I should give you the title of Super mentor. If you were in the Federation of Light, I might have lost my job," Verena had a helpless expression.

"Dont worry, its not too late to lose your job." Han Xiao could not be bothered to speak. After distributing the training plans, he urged everyone to hurry up and cultivate. Although he really wanted to find someone to spar with and try to draw abilities, the training had just begun, so it was better to let others get used to it first.

The many Beyond Grade As dispersed. This was not their training ground. Han Xiao had modified some planets nearby to serve as a temporary training ground for the Beyond Grade As. In the next eleven years, most of them would move around this area. However, it was only limited to the ordinary Beyond Grade As and some high-level Beyond Grade As. Kasuyi, Manison, Hila, and the others all had their own special training route, so they did not need to come for training.

After doing all this, Han Xiao was about to return to the workshop to continue his research when his communicator suddenly rang. The caller was the department leader in charge of contacting the secondary dimension expedition team.

"Your Excellency Black Star, I have some bad news for you. In our last contact, we discovered that the fleet carrying the emissary you sent out has disappeared. We are currently unable to contact them."


Han Xiao activated the Observers Mark.

Before Harrison left, he had used his Void Talent to set up an Observers Mark on Harrison. Because he had not obtained anything in a long time, he did not check on Harrison all the time. The last time he checked was a day and a half ago. Everything was normal.

He activated his ability, and his vision suddenly changed. All that was left was darkness, and he could not see Harrison at all.

Before he could observe carefully, his vision suddenly disappeared, proving that the Observers Mark had been destroyed.

"What did they encounter in the secondary dimension world?"

Han Xiao frowned. Being able to remove his Observers Mark meant that there was a high chance of the appearance of Beyond Grade A energy level.

Without hesitation, he changed into a specific King and teleported to the throne that Harrison had taken away.

With a flash of light, the surroundings spun. Han Xiao had already arrived in a black, deep sea-like space. There was nothing else around him.

The throne should have been stored in Harrisons room, but at this moment, the fleet was gone, Harrison and the other crew members were nowhere to be seen. Only the throne was left floating alone.

"What is this place?"

Han Xiao looked around and was surprised to find that his energy sense seemed to have disappeared. He could not even sense the situation in this deep sea-like area. The radar of his mechanical suit was also malfunctioning, and his vision was greatly suppressed.

He released a group of detectors and connected them with his Mechanical Force. However, the detectors only flew for a short distance before they suddenly disconnected, and he could no longer sense them. It was as if they were swallowed by this black sea. Han Xiao tried to shoot a few energy beams in one direction, but there was no reaction.

"This is a strange secondary dimension. What did Harrison encounter?"

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

The secondary dimension world was filled with all kinds of possibilities, and anything could happen. It was very complicated, and this expedition team had been in there for more than a year, so he could not be sure what had happened.

Just as Han Xiao was about to start searching for this secondary dimension, a huge pressure suddenly came from all directions. A loud sound rang as if this black sea suddenly pressed toward Han Xiao.

At the same time, a cold mental wave suddenly invaded his mind, and a solemn voice sounded.

"Foreign high-level life form, leave immediately. Otherwise, you will become the Realmless Kings enemy!"

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