The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1368

Chapter 1367 Unexpected Deal

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The flowing light particles formed an endless tunnel in front of him. There was only a single point of light at the end, and time and space were pulled into an infinite line in his senses. He did not know how much distance he had crossed or how much time he had spent, but it felt like only an instant.

Countless strange scenes flashed past outside the tunnel, and his body seemed to have turned into smoke. For a moment, he could not feel the existence of his body, and all his senses that were used to explore the world were mixed together. However, the next moment, all his senses returned to normal, and his vision suddenly changed. He had arrived in a new space.

Endless black fog pervaded the area and red lightning flashed from time to time. It was like dark clouds that were brewing lightning, or dark clouds from a volcanic eruption. It was like the end of the world.

A black mountain range flowing with lava-like scarlet light was floating in the black fog like an island. The mountain peak at the center was steep and tall, and a rusty dark gold chain was wrapped around it, forming spiral-like patterns. It was connected to a black crystal-like platform that was suspended in the air, and on it sat a gigantic black figure the size of a mountain. Countless red eyes turned in unison and looked over.

"Oh my, isnt this going to cost me my sanity?"

Han Xiao smacked his lips. He took a look at the scenery of this secondary dimension with interest and captured a photo as a memento. Otherwise, if they were to fight later, he might accidentally crush this place.

Looking up at the mountain-like figure, Han Xiao narrowed his eyes.

"Youre the Realmless King?"

It had to be said that this guys appearance was quite scary. Ordinary people would probably be shocked to the point of losing their minds at first glance, triggering a deep-seated phobia of giant creatures. However, Han Xiao was used to seeing all kinds of things, so this scene did not have any impact on him at all. The shock was far less than a fleet salvo during the interception battle.

"Yes, I was waiting for you, Black Star," the Realmless King replied slowly.

"You know me?"

Han Xiao was a little surprised. He looked down at Bobanica in his hands and remembered that he did not mention his name. Could it be that his name had already spread from the main universe to the secondary dimensions? "I know why youre here. You want to take this fleet and this intelligent creature called Harrison away, right? I learned about your civilization from their memories."

The Realmless King sat still, but the black fog in the sky suddenly moved away, revealing a fleet. It was the missing expedition team of the three Universal Civilizations. However, it was only shown for a moment before the black fog covered it again, making it impossible to sense.

The unconscious Harrison flew up from the platform and hovered in front of it.

Han Xiaos eyes flashed, but he was not in a hurry to make a move. He asked curiously, "I see. Then why are you waiting for me here?"

The Realmless King did not reply immediately. He slowly said, "I usually digest the prey I capture immediately, but I learned your name from their memories. To be honest, Im very afraid of you high-level life forms in the main material universe. Because of your existence, I did not eat them immediately."

"Youre quite cool-headed."

Han Xiao sized up the Realmless King with surprise.

Your cowardice saved you, baby!

Just from the memories of Harrison and the others, he knew that I was their backer, so he did not dare to attack the expedition team It seems that I am still very intimidating.

Seeing that the other party was giving him face, Han Xiaos expression softened a little. He stretched out his hand and said with a smile, "In that case, I dont mind being friends with you. Let them go first."

However, the Realmless King shook his head. "I didnt say I would return them to you."

Hearing this, Han Xiao paused. "If youre not willing to provoke me, and you dont want to return the people, what are you going to do?"

"I want to make a deal with you."

"Deal? Although you didnt eat these people, you captured them and brought them here. I dont owe you any favors. You want to use these people as bargaining chips? Its difficult."

Han Xiao replied casually.

The Realmless King said slowly:

"No, my bargaining chip is the intelligence of the three Universal Civilizations in their memories. You guys are fighting a war with the World Tree, and I believe the World Tree will definitely like this intelligence. They will be able to find your secondary dimension territory, and I happen to have a way to contact the members of the World Tree."

This news was out of his expectations. Han Xiaos eyes narrowed, and he immediately put down his hands.

"Threatening me? Are you tired of living?"

"Its not a threat, its just self-preservation. Even if you agree to make a deal with me, Im afraid that youll take revenge on me after I return the person to you. I dont have the confidence to win against you And with this trump card, I believe my safety will be guaranteed. This is the basis of the deal."

The Realmless Kings tone was matter-of-fact.

"How can I believe you when you say that you can contact the members of the World Tree? Do you think you can scare me with just a few words? Its not that I dont dare to bet that you know the term from their memories. Show me the evidence."

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes.

The Realmless King did not mind and explained:

"I understand what you mean, but Im not lying to you. Although you and the World Tree fought in the main material universe, the secondary dimension world is their base camp. They have devoured secondary dimensions one after another for countless years.

However, the secondary dimensions are endless, and the World Tree does not eat every single one of them. Its main method of expansion is to take root and imprint the secondary dimensions into their territory, turning them into territories that allow them to travel quickly. For some special secondary dimensions, they dont even interfere with them and instead focus on observation and research.

At the same time, they sent out countless members to explore the outside world, spreading the name of the World Tree and its connection channels. Its similar to what they did in the main material universe. One of their exploration teams passed by my outer territory, and one of my guardians received a lot of information and reported it to me"

As he spoke, the Realmless King shared a small portion of his memories through mental communication.

Han Xiao did a check, but there were no signs of forgery. He did indeed have the contact information of the World Tree members, and he was a little annoyed.

"This is a little tricky Theres no 100% chance of stopping the information leak if I try to kill this guy. If the World Tree starts a secondary dimensional battlefront, our situation will become worse. Han Xiaos eyes sparkled, and he quickly calculated.

The World Trees main body was rooted in the secondary dimension, and this was its territory. Although its main body was found in his previous life, if not for the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device transporting to the central area and launching a sneak attack, it would have been almost impossible for frontal attacks to pass through the secondary dimension defense circle near the World Trees main body. Right now, the three Universal Civilizations were in a good situation. One of the reasons was that the World Tree did not have the time to figure out the secondary dimension territory of the three Universal Civilizations like in his previous life and did not activate this battlefront, which reduced the pressure on them.

Seeing the change in Han Xiaos expression, the Realmless King spoke again.

"You dont have to worry about me using this as leverage to threaten you. With the abilities of high-level life forms like you, even if your civilization is destroyed, theres a high chance that you can escape. At that time, this trump card wont be able to protect me anymore So, you can rest assured. I just want to make a deal with you. I wont force you to do anything overboard. As long as you dont attack me, theres no need for me to tell on you. Trust me, no one is willing to take the initiative to have dealings with the World Tree."

The Realmless Kings tone was sincere. Although he had a hold on him, he did not dare make any outrageous requests. He did not think that this trump card could support him in doing whatever he wanted in front of the other party. In his eyes, it was just a qualification to make a deal with the other party.

Han Xiao stroked his chin and looked at the Realmless King thoughtfully.

This Realmless King was a powerful dimensional deity, and his name was very intimidating. However, he remained humble in front of Han Xiao. Although he had a hold on him, he did not act tough. Instead, he was a little cowardly.

Han Xiao pondered for a few seconds and suppressed his hostility. " Tell me about your deal. What do you want me to do for you?"

"There are only two things. One is that after the battle breaks out, you will allow me to project my power and harvest the souls of those who died in battle, as well as some destroyed battleships. The materials of the main universe are quite valuable to us."

Are you trying to snatch business from the Underworld?

Furthermore, youre working part-time to retrieve the wreckage of the battleship. Are you a galactic scavenger ?

Han Xiaos expression became strange. He looked around at the slowly flowing black fog and felt that the Realmless King suddenly looked like a trash station owner.

"What about the second matter?"

"I once had a special secondary dimension, but it was snatched away by another group of dimensional entities. They are not easy to deal with, and I have never been able to deal with them. I hope you can help me snatch it back."

Han Xiao smacked his lips and said:

"I can help you with these two things, but since you said that the method of snitching is only to protect yourself and not threaten me, I wont take it as a bargaining chip. The price you offered isnt suitable, so I need more." "What do you want?" The Realmless King did not reject the bargain.

"I need more information about the World Trees force in the secondary dimension. Tell me everything you know. Also, I want some black matter for research. Finally Maybe we can work together to deal with the World Tree. They have been expanding in the secondary dimension and will arrive at your territory sooner or later. Its best to strike first," Han Xiao said slowly.

"I can promise you the first two points. As for dealing with the World Tree, forget it. I cant afford to provoke them either. Ill just hide."

As expected, the Realmless King rejected.

Han Xiao smiled.

"Dont be too afraid. The World Tree has the weakness of the main body. As long as the main body is destroyed, your threat will be resolved once and for all. Isnt that good? Also, you might even be able to free a large number of souls to be your food."

Although Harrison and the others had been captured, causing the leak of information to appear, with Harrisons luck, he could turn bad luck into good luck. From a good perspective, this was also an opportunity for him to find out about the World Trees force in the secondary dimension.

Therefore, he did not launch an attack. Instead, he was trying to see if he could pull in a new ally. After all, he was once the successor of socialism, and it had become a habit to unite all forces.

"It sounds very tempting, but Im not sure if the main body really exists. Lets talk about it after you find it."

The Realmless King did not comment. Seeing this, Han Xiao did not force him. He already knew that the other would not agree so easily, and only mentioned this topic.

At this moment, a notification popped up on the interface.

You have triggered the mission (Transaction with the Realmless King]!

Mission Introduction: For some reason, the Realmless King has something to ask of you. He has proposed a deal with you.

Mission Requirements: Retrieve the targets secondary dimension.

Reward: 250 Billion EXP,+25 Realmless King Favorability, x1 Character Summon Card.

Remarks: This mission may have unknown effects. Please accept carefully.

Han Xiao was curious.

What kind of secondary dimension was it that the Realmless King would risk offending him to snatch it back Could this be his wife

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