The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1369

Chapter 1368 Strange Encounter And Lies

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Chapter 1368 Strange Encounter and Lies

Seemingly noticing Han Xiaos confusion, the Realmless King explained with a deep voice.

"This secondary dimension is nurturing one of my children. It was a special case, as it was still an embryo, yet to take form when it was taken away. The dimension entities that took it planned to eat it after it matured, so I hope that you can snatch it back while protecting the secondary dimension from shattering."

"So, its not your wif cough, Ill try my best." Han Xiao hid his words with a cough, before asking, "By the way, what is the origin of that dimension?"

Realmless King shifted his sitting posture, before slowly speaking,

"They are external dimension entities. I was born in this area, and this area is my territory. Originally, I was the only overlord life form here, and there were no natural enemies or competitors. However, when those dimension entities arrived here from the spatial storm, my situation changed. They targeted me and settled down at the edge of my territory. I tried to expel them many times, but I failed. However, they could not do anything to me either"

Following the Realmless Kings explanation, Han Xiao quickly understood the situation.

The secondary dimension world had its own ecosystem. Due to the uncertainty of space, the division of regions was usually marked by some special secondary dimension or overlord-level life forms. For example, the territory controlled by the Realmless King was a representative stable region. The areas outside this region were akin to the desolate universe belt of the main universe, except they were not only desolate but filled with unknowns.

This was akin to being cut off from the rest of the world. It was just that the area was too vast, and they did not know the boundaries. Most of the stable regions did not know of each others existence, and they did not want to be discovered by outsiders. After all, the environment here was more dangerous, and it was difficult to breed a civilization. The life forms born were more particular about the law of the jungle where the strong preyed on the weak.

However, order would also be found within the chaos. A small group of stable areas would usually maintain communications with each other, and for different reasons, their names would spread out and connect to other stable areas. Just like how the primitive tribes in the Wilderness discovered each other, they formed a new compound organization.

The Realmless King was a member of the composite ecosystem. He knew the coordinates of several stable areas and had always been without problems.

To put it simply, the situation that the Realmless King had encountered was that the local tyrant had met with a roaming dragon. The secondary dimension was so big, but the other party refused to leave and even wanted to target him. Thus, it turned into a neighbor dispute.

Han Xiao had obtained information about these few dimensional entities from the mental messages that the other party had shared. They were the accumulated experiences of the Realmless King fighting them over the years, displaying their various abilities.

However, this information only had a little bit of reference value to him. As long as they fought, he would be able to obtain more detailed information through the combat information on the interface. Han Xiao did not take the Realmless Kings exaggerated description of the enemy too seriously. Although the secondary dimension world was strange and varied, as long as no one reached a higher level, the peak Beyond Grade As of the main universe would still be the predators at the top of the food chain. No matter how famous the dimension deities were, they would not appear impressive in front of him.

"I understand. Send a projection over with


Han Xiaos tone was casual. His body swayed, and a Lords Avatar separated from his body. Mechanical Force electric arcs surged out from his body and entered the Lords Avatar, activating the Lords Descent state.

He did not plan to leave this place. His main body would stay behind to keep an eye on the Realmless King, in case he made any small moves. Sending the Lords Avatar would be enough to resolve this mission. "Alright, if you dont mind, I hope to let him temporarily inherit my power. It will only be beneficial to him and not detrimental. Consider it a small apology."

The Realmless King raised an arm and waved it. Harrison spun around and landed in front of Han Xiao. His eyelids trembled, and he slowly opened his eyes. He looked like he had just woken up from a coma.

As soon as he saw Han Xiao, Harrisons eyes immediately focused and he slowly recalled what had happened before he fainted. His face immediately twitched, and an expression of disbelief appeared on his face.

"Your Excellency Black Star?! I Im still alive?!"

Han Xiao pressed down on Harrisons shoulder and electric sparks appeared on his fingertips. He looked at the interface, nodded, and said, "Your vital signs are normal. Its good that youre okay."

"I still remember the fleet being attacked Are you here to save me?"

Harrison was touched.

He still remembered his last memory before he fainted. The overwhelming black tide swallowed the entire fleet, and the fleet could not resist at all. He did not have time to do anything, and at that moment, he thought he was done for. Jennys beautiful face and shiny forehead flashed in his mind, and his heart was filled with reluctance and despair. Now that he had woken up and seen Han Xiao, Harrisons uneasy heart instantly calmed down. His fear, panic, and nervousness instantly disappeared. He knew that Black Stars arrival meant that he was fine.

Before he could ask why Harrison felt his body turn around and look behind him. At the same time, a message appeared in his mind.

"Kid, Im the Realmless King. Relax your body and mind and accept my infusion."

As soon as Harrison turned around, he saw the strange sight of this dimension, as well as the terrifying body of the Lord of the Realmless. An instinctive fear rose from the depths of his soul, and it was like a chill that spread through his bones, freezing his body in an instant.

However, the feeling disappeared in the blink of an eye. If he was alone, Harrison might have felt that he had gone crazy from fear. However, the moment he thought about how Black Star, his "father-level" universe expert, was standing right behind him, an incomparable sense of security immediately dispelled all the fear in his heart.

Without fear, the explorers soul was immediately ignited. Harrison looked at the Realmless King, and his tone was filled with curiosity.

"Your Excellency Black Star, what sort of thing is this?"

"Hes not a thing. Hes called the Realmless King. Hes a life form from a secondary dimension. Hes basically a trash collector," Han Xiao replied casually. He patted Harrisons shoulder and said, "Listen to him. Relax and let him enter your body. It wont hurt."

As soon as he said that, the Realmless Kings eyes blinked. The black fog around him seemed to be drawn toward the confused Harrison and entered his body. Very soon, thin black and red lines appeared on the surface of his body. They looked like bulging blood vessels, but they were messy and still twisting irregularly. However, Harrison did not feel any pain. He only felt his body burning.

In places that he could not see, every cell in his body got cleansed by the black fog-like energy and underwent a positive mutation in the direction of optimization. Although he was still a low-level Super, his basic physique was rapidly improving.

After a long while, the black and red lines on Harrisons body finally converged on his chest, forming a mark. This represented the contract formed by the Realmless King. With it, he would be able to borrow the power of the Realmless King from afar in most environments.

This kind of dimensional divine entity could project its power to life forms through contracts. This was also the main method for them to enter the main material universe. Some religious sects in the galaxy had connections with the dimensional divine spirits, and Han Xiaos Underworld Mark followed a similar process.

The amount of power that could be borrowed depended on the individual strength of the contractor and the level of the contract. For Han Xiaos sake, the Realmless King had made the highest level contract. In times of danger, the Realmless King could even temporarily take over and provide the strong family grandpa service.

The treatment Harrison received was all thanks to Han Xiao.

"Damn, this Advanced Luck Glow is really"

Han Xiao gritted his teeth in envy.

With his current level, he was already the source of luck for the owner of the Lucky Halo. Because of his existence, Harrison was able to turn this danger into a fortuitous encounter.

If I could have met someone like myself when I was weak, it would have been awesome!

Its a pity that Ive already reached my current maximum. Not many people have the right to be relied on by me Han Xiao sighed in his heart.

At this time, Harrisons pupils had already turned pure black. The Realmless King took over his body and nodded.

"Im done. Shall we set off now?"

Han Xiao nodded and controlled the Lords Avatar to take out the Dimensional Travel Device. Together with Harrison, they disappeared in a flash.

He suddenly thought of something. His main body took out the container that held Bobanica and spoke to the Realmless King, "By the way, I caught this guy and forgot to return him to you."

The Realmless King glanced at the container with a human-like look of disdain in his eyes. "Keep it. Let it out after were done."

Han Xiao curled his lips and put away the container. It seemed like the liquid was bragging when it said that it was the Realmless Kings confidant.

The Lords Avatar needed to travel for a while. Han Xiao rose up and sat mid-air, hovering at the same height as the Realmless Kings head. The two of them stared at each other.

The Lords Avatar set the coordinates of the dimensions provided by the Realmless King, and it did not take long for them to reach their destination.

This was still a pitch-black secondary dimension, but it was different from the doomsday scene on the side of the Realmless King. The darkness here had a peaceful aura.

Han Xiao could sense that the energy of the entire secondary dimension was flowing toward the same location. In that direction, there was an incomplete life signal that showed something was being nurtured. "This is it. Those dimensional entities have always been here. Be careful," the Realmless King spoke through Harrison.

Han Xiao nodded. He opened the dimensional army camp and from it appeared an endless stretch of his mechanical army. At the same time, he activated a portion of the mechanical soldiers to form a normal version of the Mechanical Deity and prepared for battle.

At this time, a few powerful energy sources approached from different directions. Three enormous figures covering the sky approached from afar and quickly occupied their sights. They had different appearances and were the external dimension gods that occupied this place. The moment they appeared, they gave off a strong sense of oppression. "Who is it ? How dare you disturb our F*ck, Black Star!"

"We cant win, run!"

As soon as the three dimensional entities saw the Mechanical Deity, they immediately turned around and ran.

Seeing this, both Han Xiao and the Realmless King were stunned.

He had thought that he would have to fight to solve the problem, but these dimension entities ran away like rabbits on seeing him as if they already knew him.

Has my name really spread in the secondary dimension world?

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes, his mind working rapidly.

These three dimensional entities were outsiders, and they might have come from somewhere near the shallow layer. Could it be that he had accidentally beat up some dimensional deitieswho did not realize they were third-wheelingwhen he was traveling with Ames a few decades ago, inadvertently making a name for himself?

Han Xiao pondered over the reason, but his hands did not slow down. The mechanical army immediately chased after them.

These three dimensional entities could not even deal with the Realmless King, and in his hands, it would only be a one-sided abuse.

Han Xiao originally wanted to kill them, but since the other party knew him, he controlled his strength and left them alive.

After a round of beating, the three dimension entities with swollen faces sat down in front of him, leaving only obedience inside them.


The Realmless Kings face twitched. The situation was different from what he had imagined.

These people were powerful outsiders that he could not chase away no matter how hard he tried. But the moment they met Black Star, they were so terrified they had to run away but could not even escape being caught and beaten up. This made the Realmless King feel disillusioned.

Seeing Black Star take action with his own eyes, the Realmless King was afraid, but at the same time, he was also glad that he did not choose to be stubborn against Han Xiao. The top experts of the main material universe were indeed not to be messed with.

At the same time, Han Xiao was interrogating the three dimension entities with his arms crossed.

"Where have the three of you heard of me?"

"We Weve seen you kill dimension deities" The three dimensional deities who were strong enough to dominate an entire region in the secondary dimension had become extremely docile.

It was only after Han Xiao finished listening that he realized that there was indeed a reason for these three to come to the Realmless Kings territory. These three dimension deities originally resided near the secondary dimensional layer controlled by the three Universal Civilizations. As the Universal Civilizations were planning to expand there, the three of them had planned to migrate.

A few decades ago, when he and Ames were traveling, they passed by the area and beat up another dimension deity. The three of them witnessed the tragic scene and were filled with fear. Thus, they decided to migrate and enter the depths of the secondary dimension. In the end, they came to the Realmless Kings territory many years ago and finally met someone alone. They planned to devour the Realmless King before continuing their journey.

However, the three of them did not expect to be unable to defeat the other party. They originally wanted to leave, but they coincidentally discovered this secondary dimension with a special embryo. They instinctively felt that eating this life would be very beneficial to them, so they stayed on.

"What a coincidence."

Han Xiao did not know what to say.

If this mission was given to someone else, the difficulty would be enough to meet the highest reward offered. Ordinary Beyond Grade As would be served up on a silver platter in front of these three dimensional entities. But if it was him, he would not even need to move a finger. Having a high Reputation was just that convenient.

"Well, weve told you everything we know. Can you let us go" A dimensional entity carefully spoke out. "Dont even think about it."

Han Xiao rejected without hesitation.

At this time, the Realmless King could not help but say, "Black Star, this secondary dimension has been taken back. I shall first occupy this place again."

As he spoke, black liquid appeared on his body, wanting to fill up this dimension and return it to being his territory.

Just as Han Xiao was about to agree, he suddenly paused and changed his words. "Dont be so anxious. Let me see what the embryo looks like first."

"My child hasnt even formed yet. Is this necessary?"

"This is the first time Ive seen such a phenomenon. Im just curious."

Han Xiao replied casually before flying toward the breeding ground. The Realmless King had no choice but to follow behind.

After advancing for some distance, Han Xiao saw a grayish-white sphere floating in the middle of the secondary dimension. It was like fog being condensed together before being wrapped up by a translucent membrane. Energy flowed in from all directions to nourish this embryo.

In his senses, this embryo had an extremely vigorous life force, as dazzling as dozens of stars put together.

Han Xiao looked inside and saw that within the gray fog flowing in the membrane, there seemed to be a long figure flashing around like a dragon.

The Realmless King came over and helplessly lamented, "Its not even born yet. Whats there to see?"

Han Xiao ignored him and touched the embryo. Although the membrane was thin, it was very pliable and tough.

At this moment, the item introduction popped up on the interface.

Han Xiao cursory glanced at the interface before stopping short. He slowly turned to look at the Realmless King with a smile that was yet not a smile.

"You said this is your child?"

"Whats wrong?" The Realmless King met Han Xiaos gaze and suddenly felt a little guilty.

"Bullsh*t. No wonder you took the risk to order me to help you snatch it back. It turns out to be such a magical item Are you betting that I wont be able to discover its wonders?"

Han Xiao flicked the embryo with his finger, and the sarcasm in his tone could not hide the joy within.

"Speaking half-truths? You almost fooled me."

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