The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1370

Chapter 1369 Lucky Halo Forever God

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"Youre mistaken. This is my child. Its just mutated slightly."

The Realmless King pretended to be calm.

Keep pretending!

Han Xiao snorted inwardly and ignored him. He turned to look at the item introduction on the interface.

[Pivotal Snake Egg]

(Pivotal Snake, also known as World Devouring Snake, is a rare species that lives in chaotic space stream. It is a creature that lives alone and feeds on secondary dimensions and special Information Form Phenomenons. Every World Devouring Snake will only lay seven eggs in its lifetime. After laying eggs, it will abandon them in the space storm, allowing the eggs to drift freely. When the egg encounters a secondary dimension, it will automatically parasitize and turn into an embryo state, absorbing multiple secondary dimensions until it completely matures. At the same time, Pivotal Snake eggs have an extremely strong attraction to some secondary dimension life forms. Eating them as infants is very beneficial. It has a certain chance of strengthening ones talent and raising ones life level.]

Remarks: The origin of this species is closely related to the World Tree. It can eat the body of the World Tree and has a certain level of restraint.

The item introduction was not long, but the information it revealed shocked Han Xiao.

The Pivotal Snake was like a space louse back then. It was not in the database of the three Universal Civilizations, and it had never been discovered in his previous life. Even to him, it was a foreign species. What surprised Han Xiao the most was that this creature was actually related to the World Tree. The item introduction even stated that it was the World Trees nemesis to a certain extent, which surprised him.

The World Tree was a unique Space Wonder, but there just happened to be a type of creature that could restrain it. Could it be that there was always a paper to every rock?

Perhaps the Pivotal Snake was, in a sense, a companion species of the World Tree, born to restrain it? If one thought deeper, what was the origin of the World Tree

All kinds of guesses flashed through Han Xiaos mind, but he did not have a clue.

However, there was one thing he could confirm. If he did not have the item introduction on the interface, he would definitely not have been able to discover the uniqueness of this embryo. The Realmless King had claimed that this was his child, so it would be difficult for him to investigate further. It would be difficult for him to discover anything strange, and he would most likely be fooled by the Realmless King. This was probably what the Realmless King had planned.

All kinds of thoughts flashed through Han Xiaos mind. He raised his hand and pressed on the Realmless Kings shoulder.

"Do you really think I dont know whats what? This cant be your child. Are you lying to me because youre worried that Ill be tempted by this thing? Our deal needs to be honest, and my impression of you is quite good at the moment, so Ill give you a chance to come clean. If you still lie to me, then dont blame me for holding a grudge. No matter how my civilization and the World Tree fight in the future, Ill guarantee that youll definitely die."

The Realmless Kings face twitched.

Although he had something on Han Xiao, it could not protect him forever. Facing Han Xiaos threat, he was still very weak.

His original intention of lying was to not let Black Star investigate further to avoid more problems. After all, as long as they came to this secondary dimension, they could feel the birth of a certain life-form, which would easily make people curious. Furthermore, the embryo had a special attraction to the dimension deities. If he did not claim to have a special relationship with it, he was worried that Black Star would be tempted.

He had originally thought that since Black Star was a guest of the main universe, he might not be able to feel the attraction of the embryo. As long as he did not study it, he would not be able to discover anything amiss, and he would be able to fool everyone. However, he did not expect Black Star to see through it so easily, causing his plan to fail. Of course, he could not rule out the possibility that Black Star was trying to trick him, but since he had made a threat, the Realmless King was not confident.

After hesitating for a while, the Realmless King said helplessly, "If you know what this is, why ask me?"

"I just want to hear it from you."

Han Xiao crossed his arms. He was mainly curious about how much the Realmless King knew about the Pivotal Snake Egg.

If he was only tempted by the special attraction shown by the item introduction, then the Realmless Kings goal should also be to wait for the embryo to mature and eat it. However, if he knew the origins of the Pivotal Snake, then the Realmless Kings actions would be a little subtle.

However, in his opinion, the Realmless King most likely did not know about the relationship between the Pivotal Snake and the World Tree, or even about the Pivotal Snake. If not for the item introduction, he would not have known about this secret. In the secondary dimension world where information was difficult to spread, the Realmless King would not have known about this secret.

As expected, the Realmless Kings answer was roughly the same as what Han Xiao had guessed. He said that he had discovered this embryo when he was expanding his territory and felt the attraction, so he had brought it back to wait for it to mature, but it had been snatched away.

After explaining, the Realmless King asked Han Xiao if he knew the origin of the embryo. "Of course I know, but the information isnt complete. I only saw it once when I was exploring the secondary dimensions, but it disappeared afterward."

Han Xiao waved his hands and found an excuse.

Of course, he would not reveal the information about the Pivotal Snake to the Realmless King. As for whether he was pretending not to know the Pivotal Snake, he could only observe.

"Alright Then how do you plan to deal with this embryo? Our deal" the Realmless King probed.

"Tsk, youre hiding something from me. Logically speaking, the deal should be canceled, but since your attitude is alright, the deal can continue. This embryo is still yours."

Before the Realmless King could heave a sigh of relief, Han Xiao paused and said: "However, the deal is only to help you get the embryo back. Although the embryo is in your hands, you cant eat it. Ill have a mechanical army stationed here. Im very interested in this embryo and want to see how it looks like when it matures."

Hearing this, the Realmless King had no choice but to agree. In terms of benefits, Black Star had at least gotten rid of his three neighbors, so it was not a loss.

After reaching a consensus, Han Xiao made the mechanical army build a temporary base around the embryo, and the Realmless King could only let him do as he wished.

At the same time, the mission completion notification popped up on Han Xiaos interface. He had obtained a large amount of EXP, but the favorability reward of the Realmless King had decreased, only increasing by five points. Clearly, it was affected by his actions. Only by completely returning the embryo would he obtain the most favorability, but this favorability was not important to him.

As for the Character Summon Card, it was the ability of the Realmless King. Its effect was to project the power of the Realmless King into the main universe and summon the black liquid that could block energy senses.

At the same time, the Realmless King Dimension.

Han Xiaos main body broke the silence and said:

"The matter is done. I will take these three dimensional entities with me. I will not disturb you anymore. Its time for you to fulfill your promise. I want all the information about the World Tree that you know."


The Realmless King had no choice but to do as he was told, sharing this part of his memories through mental messages.

Han Xiao immediately turned these mental memories into virtual data and entered them into a device.

With this information, the expedition team of the three Universal Civilizations would no longer have to explore like a headless fly. They would be able to save a lot of energy and head directly toward the World Trees territory in the secondary dimension. Although the closer they were to the World Trees territory, the more dangerous it would be, there was a higher chance of finding the World Trees main body.

The Realmless King also gave him the coordinates of a few stable areas and a portion of the map. The three Universal Civilizations were no longer completely clueless about this deep layer area, so the information was valuable.

Han Xiao browsed through the intelligence and suddenly said:

"I want to represent the three Universal Civilizations to reach an agreement with you. You control a large area of the secondary dimension, and I hope that you can lend a portion of your territory as a temporary outpost for the three Universal Civilizations to explore the secondary dimension world. Let our expedition team gather here and rest. This will provide us with a lot of help. What do you think?"

Hearing this, the Realmless King was immediately annoyed. He only felt that the other party was pushing his luck and could not help but warn him.

"I dont want to get involved in your war. Dont forget that I still have something onyou."

"Its okay. Were temporarily stationed here, so we can give you more information. Plus, were already here. Even if you dont welcome us, our large follow-up troops would still pass through here. You might as well cooperate with us and get some benefits."

Han Xiao did not mind it.

If he could obtain the Realmless Kings support, he would be able to obtain the coordinates of the edge of the Realmless Kings territory, which would save him the time needed to cross this area.

Setting up a transit station in this deep layer region was akin to obtaining a new entrance. Like a recording point, the expedition team would be able to set off from here as soon as they entered, saving them a lot of time. This would be very helpful for the expedition.

The Realmless Kings heart was filled with uncertainty. After weighing the pros and cons for a long time, he finally nodded with resignation.

Even though he had something on Black Star, he did not dare use it because he was afraid of the consequences. Instead, Black Star had taken the initiative. Although Black Star had helped him chase away his evil neighbors, this was undoubtedly asking a tiger for its skin. The Realmless King was already regretting inviting a wolf into his house.

Its all Bobanicas fault for provoking such a troublesome guy. How dare he boast that hes my trusted aide? More like a big trouble!


Just as the Realmless King was getting frustrated, Harrison returned to his main body on the carrier. He had already exited the please possess me state and regained control of his body.

Han Xiao released his magnetic force and drew Harrison in front of him. He then handed him the information recording device and said:

"The matter has been resolved. I have made a deal with the Realmless King. He is willing to lend out some secondary dimensions to act as our outpost. He will release the expedition team later. Go and report the situation to the commander and pass this information to him. Tell them to stop advancing and standby here. Wait for me to inform the three Universal Civilizations"

"Understood. I promise to complete the mission."

Harrison nodded repeatedly. Seeing how obedient he was, Han Xiao had mixed feelings.

Although Harrison and the others had been implicated this time, they had also benefited from the disaster, bringing substantial progress to their plan to search for the World Trees main body. They found a temporary ally deep in the secondary dimension.

What surprised Han Xiao the most was that Harrison had set off to search for the World Trees main body. He had yet to find the location of the main body, but he had already found a strange object that could restrain the main body

What else could he say?

Luck Glow, forever a god!

Letting Harrison join the expedition team was indeed the right decision

Han Xiao was pleased.

If not for the Realmless King discovering him from Harrisons memories, this expedition team would have been a goner. In his previous life, perhaps due to the time difference, the Realmless King had already eaten the Pivotal Snake Embryo, or perhaps for some other reason, Han Xiao had never heard of the three Universal Civilizations obtaining the Pivotal Snake Egg If they had such a trump card in his previous life, the difficulty of attacking the main body would have been much lower.

However, although it was worth being happy about obtaining a trump card, he still had to find the World Trees main body to put it to use. Furthermore, Han Xiao was still very curious about the connection between the Pivotal Snake and the World Tree.

In addition, he also wanted to know if the World Tree Civilization knew about the characteristics of the Pivotal Snake He had a feeling that there was something fishy about this.

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