The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1371

Chapter 1370 Current State Of The Potential Individuals

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"You found us a temporary ally in a deep layer dimension and got information about the World Trees territory?"

In the conference room of the three Universal Civilizations, Marbruce, Louis, and the Pope could not help but widen their eyes when they heard Han Xiaos notification.

"If it wasnt for Harrison, I definitely wouldnt have gone there. I wouldnt have met such a good thing." Han Xiao spread out his hands. After leaving the throne in the Realmless Kings dimension, he returned to the main material universe and informed the three Universal Civilizations about what had happened. Considering the Realmless Kings attitude, Han Xiao only hid the information about the Pivotal Snake Egg. Before this trump card matured, there was no need to tell the three Universal Civilizations about it for the time being.

After hearing the reason, the three of them looked at each other in shock and joy.

Marbruce cleared his throat and said in a deep voice, "Its been hard on you. This is an important discovery in the expedition plan. Our next search will be more targeted. We have agreed to this alliance. We will send some envoys to be in charge of negotiating with the Realmless King about the future cooperation."

Although Han Xiao did not report the matter beforehand and had made the decision on behalf of the three Universal Civilizations, this was a special time. As long as it was useful to the war, this problem was nothing. Han Xiao nodded, took out a list of secondary dimension coordinates, and said, "These are the secondary dimension coordinates that the Realmless King lent us to act as the outpost. We can build a new gate entrance here and turn this area into a shallow layer. You guys know what to do next. Just play your rogue side, but dont push the Realmless King too hard."

"What are you saying"

Marbruces face twitched. He helplessly took the list and showed it to the other two leaders. "Alright, thats all I have to say. If theres no other problem, Ill head back to take care of the training." Han Xiao waved his hand.

"Wait a moment, we still have something to discuss with you"

Louis called out to Han Xiao with a rare smile on his face.

"The Beyond Grade As have worked hard for the war. After a discussion, we have unanimously decided to set up a monument for all the Beyond Grade As sacrificed in the war. It has nothing to do with identity, only merits."

Han Xiaos eyes lit up, and he said with relief, "This was not easy. You guys finally said something sensible."

Louis smile froze, and he laughed dryly as though he did not hear that. "Hehe, what do you think of this plan?"

"Very good, I have no objections."

Han Xiao shook his head.

When they were fighting in the interception circle, no one had the intention to do so. Now that they had eleven years of buffer time, it was suitable for them to do such things. Although the dark clouds of war still shrouded them, at least the Soul Comfort Monument would not let them die in obscurity. Compared to the battle damage report on the internet, the real thing was more meaningful and could slightly increase their cohesion.

However, under the premise of the Sanctum Revival, the effect of the Soul Comfort Monument would probably be different from what they had expected. The three Universal Civilizations still did not believe that the Sanctum Revival was limitless. In Han Xiaos opinion, the Soul Comfort Monument would probably become a battle record that recorded the number of deaths of the various Beyond Grade As in the future. This would be different from what they had expected but at least it was better than nothing.

"Since you have no objections, Ill have to trouble you to convey our intentions to all the members of the association and let them know that were grateful for their help. No matter what grudges we had in the past, we were born from the same universe." The Pope nodded.

"Did the three of you take the wrong medicine today? Why are you talking so much?"

Han Xiao looked at the three of them in surprise.

"Alright, thats all. You can go."

Han Xiao shrugged, deactivated the remote projection, and disappeared from their sights.

Seeing this, Louis relaxed, shook his head, and sighed.

"Sigh, Black Star always brings us surprises. If not for him saving Harrison, we would have missed this secondary dimension intelligence."

"Black Stars luck is unbelievable. Luckily, hes our teammate now." Marbruce exhaled.

The three of them sighed for a while before lowering their heads to study the information that Han Xiao had brought back.

The matter of Harrison did not take much time, and Han Xiao did not have to worry too much about the follow-up alliance affairs.

After returning to the training base, Han Xiao sent a message to inform them of the plan for the Soul Comfort Monument.

Although the original intention of both sides working together was to make a deal, the Beyond Grade As did not want their achievements to be neglected. It was naturally extremely good for the three Universal Civilizations to be willing to increase their reputation for them. However, this action seemed to be to sustain their sense of belonging to the galactic society, so it did not move the Beyond Grade As.

As usual, Han Xiao checked on the training of the Calamity Grade and Beyond Grade As. He then went to a mental strength training room and found Feidin, who was training his psychic energy. A song that directly resonated in ones soul echoed in the room along with psychic energy. It was different from simple psychic needles or psychic blasts. This kind of psychic voice was not provocative at all. It was like the chirping of birds in spring, full of vitality and soothing to the soul.

However, the next moment, the calm sea suddenly became violent, and the slow psychic voice suddenly became high-pitched and sharp. It was as if the country music had suddenly turned into death metal, wanting to tear the soul into pieces and throw them into the furnace to be destroyed. The mannequins in the training room exploded at the same time and fell to the ground, twitching.

Han Xiao looked from outside for a while before walking into the room. The psychic singing immediately came like a tsunami, and the magical sound entered his brain, making his ears ring. However, they were all blocked by his tough mental barrier and did not cause any substantial damage.

Feidin only retracted his psychic energy when he sensed that an outsider had entered. He slowly opened his eyes and smiled.

"Your Excellency Black Star, why are you here? Are you out of luck again?"

"Let me give you some special treatment."

Han Xiao chuckled and looked at the interface.

"Youre a qualified person. I can feel from your psychic energy that youve already touched the Beyond Grade A boundary."

"Its just that I dont know how long it will take to complete the final sublimation."

Feidin did not deny it and shook his head.

He had stayed in the Calamity Grade for a long time and accumulated a lot of experience. He had already touched the threshold of Beyond Grade A, but he had not taken the final step.

In the beginning, he had inherited Chen Xings Psychic abilities, and he had already walked out of his own path. He had spent a lot of time summarizing his skills and trying to create a new path. He could feel that when his self-created path was completely formed, he would enter the final sublimation and join the Beyond Grade A realm.

In this aspect, the Soul Swapper had helped him quite a bit. This Universal Treasure also had the effect of assisting him in training. It was convenient for him to study the structure of different souls, and from there, he could develop various Psychic skills to perfect his path.

Among the five major systems, other than Esper class, the other four were interactive. Mage and Mechanic class mainly focused on knowledge, and they needed to learn all kinds of things. Pugilists and Psychics focused on pureness.

Pugilists created countless martial arts styles through the development of physical strength, while Psychics developed the soul and mind while also creating many skills systems. Like close-range skills, Psychic attacks had countless power exerting skills, mainly divided into Mental, Psychic, Sensory, and Potential branches. There were also various styles under each branch, just like Pugilists.

For example, Kasuyi was most proficient in the Psychic branch, while Feidin was proficient in the Mental branch. It was very rare to see Feidin use violent psychic energy, and most of his skills were of the Mental branch. The Psychic Song that Feidin used was from this branch.

"Dont worry, you will complete the Beyond Grade A transformation very soon."

Han Xiao patted Feidins shoulder. He looked at the combat information and knew that Feidin was not far from the Beyond Grade A level.

"I hope I can help you when the time comes" Feidin sighed." In just eleven years, even if I become a Beyond Grade A Super, I wont have enough time to accumulate. Ill probably be cannon fodder on the battlefield. ".

"You have to be confident in your luck, and you have the Soul Swapper. No one will use your basic combat power to measure your usefulness."

Han Xiao encouraged.

Feidin did not have the same exaggerated talent as Karlots (Everlasting Martial Path), but he was the only one who was perfectly compatible with the Soul Swapper. The power of this Universal Treasure depended on Feidins own strength. Once he entered the Beyond Grade A realm, the Soul Swappers effect would undergo a qualitative change. Although the soul of the World Tree expert was absorbed by the Mother Tree and could not be transferred completely, he had specially let Feidin test it in small-scale battles. The Soul Swapper could tear the soul of a World Tree member and cause heavy damage. If all the soul was pulled out, the enemy would die on the spot.

After a while, Han Xiao left the room and teleported to a secret location in the Black Star Palace.

With a turn of his gaze, he had already arrived outside a potential stimulation training room filled with all kinds of cosmic radiation and immense pressure. Evans stood in the middle of the room, and a gentle light flowed on his body, using the harsh environment to temper himself.

Han Xiao opened the door and walked in. The training room immediately stopped operating. Evans sensed something and turned around. "Commander, what can I do for you?"

Evans greeted.

Han Xiao waved his hand. "Theres no need to be so formal. Im just here to check on your training."

As he spoke, he sized up Evans and nodded with satisfaction.

Han Xiao had always been planning Esper Ability Absorption for Evans. At this time, his genes were very stable, and all his Esper Abilities had been carefully selected. They were not many but were chosen meticulously, enough to deal with all kinds of complex situations. Not a single Esper Ability slot was wasted, and the combination of abilities was many times better than EsGods.

At the same time, Evans also absorbed the gene-enhancing ability that increased Esper Ability Cultivation speed. Coupled with his (Highest Grade Esper Ability Affinity Physique), his growth speed was extremely delightful. After many years of bitter training, Evans had already reached the level of a high-level Calamity Grade and was not too far from becoming a Beyond Grade A. Han Xiao poked Evans, looked at the interface, and said with a smile, "Youre in the process of transforming, and it wont be long before you complete your sublimation. Im afraid I have to congratulate you in advance for becoming a Beyond Grade A. What are your plans then?"

He did not doubt Evans talent. With [Esper Ability Copy) and (Highest Grade Esper Ability Affinity Physique), it was only a matter of time before he became a Beyond Grade A.

Evans smiled and said steadily, "If not for you, I might still be an ordinary person. Youve been helping me improve my strength for the past few decades, and I owe you too much. If you dont mind, I hope to stay in the army and repay this debt."

Han Xiao was quite satisfied with this answer. To be fair, he did not want to let this talent go either.

With his correct guidance and stabilizing himself for the first half of his life, Evans was not the type of Esper who took shortcuts. Instead, he became firm like a rock and made people free from worry.

Furthermore, Evans had always been grateful to him for stimulating his suppressed talent and giving him a new life. His loyalty was probably even higher than Lothaire.

Han Xiao pressed on Evans shoulder with a smile and said, "Enter Beyond Grade A as soon as possible. Ill give you a gift then."

"What gift?" Evans was curious.

"Its a secret. Youll know when the time comes."

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

When Evans enters the Beyond Grade A realm, he would be able to absorb Esper Abilities of the same level. Gaud, who had been locked up in the Spacetime Amber for many years, would be of use. After many years of observation, he was certain that Evans was qualified to accept this gift.

A Super High-Risk Esper Ability like Energy Control definitely could not be wasted. Letting Evans take this Esper Ability was the best way to make use of it, making EsGods Esper Ability, which he had painstakingly synthesized, become someone elses wedding dress. He would also let this evil guy have a taste of being a victim.

By then, the reaction of the three Universal Civilizations would no longer be a problem. Han Xiao planned to tell them everything EsGod had done. Regardless of whether the three Universal Civilizations believed it or not, they would not turn hostile when there was an attack from the foreign enemy.

As for EsGods main body, he believed that the Underworld would not mind having another strong man. Before EsGod was captured, he thought that the three Universal Civilizations would release him one day to ask about the World Tree. However, from the start to the end, Han Xiao did not plan to let this extremely dangerous and evil man regain his freedom.

The troops at the frontlines had been blocking the World Trees advancement, and the three Universal Civilizations had also begun their forceful development of the Flickering World. The galactic society was in a state of panic; on the contrary, the training base was in rare peace. The changes in the battle outside could not interfere with their training plan for the time being. Time passed quickly during the training

Under Han Xiaos training plan, many of the trainees were overjoyed at their progress. Other than one person, the rest of the trainees were working harder.

After spending a few months in training, Oathkeeper finally sent a message saying that he had gathered another set of keys to the First Sanctum.

Han Xiao had been waiting for this moment. Without any delay, he informed everyone and entered the Sanctum again. Under the gaze of many Holy Accord members, he disappeared into the galaxy.

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