The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1372

Chapter 1371 Suspicion And Reaction

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A few hours after Han Xiao entered the Sanctum, a group of association members gathered in the secret conference room under the call of Dillon.

"Black Star has finally entered the Sanctum again What do you guys think?"

While chewing on a fluorescent grass leaf, Dillon gently rubbed his finger and looked at the Beyond Grade As on the table with a scrutinizing gaze.

Everyone remained silent and looked at their companions. No one wanted to speak first.

Seeing this, Dillon removed the blade of grass from his mouth and knocked his fist on the table.

"Since no one is saying anything, let me explain. The last time Black Star went to the Sanctum, he spent about two months. This time should be about the same. I think this is a good opportunity to leave." Everyone paused and turned to look at him, their gazes uncertain.

Dylan shrugged, waving his hands in response.

"Everyone understands me. I always say what I want to say. The last time Black Star entered the Sanctum, I wanted to make this suggestion. However, I did not know how long Black Star would disappear back then, and everyone was watching to see if the interception could really stop the enemies, so I did not make the suggestion. Now that the battle has changed, the enemies have broken through the interception and will arrive at the three Universal Civilizations sooner or later. At the same time, we also know how long it will take Black Star to enter the Sanctum, so this is a chance to leave the main universe and avoid the war."

Hearing this, everyones expressions changed. Some were dissatisfied, some were tempted, and some had the intention to watch and see.

"Dont forget, Black Star revived us, and we all owe him a favor. Its not good to leave without saying goodbye."

Someone frowned and objected.

The members of the association were all revivors of the Holy Accord. They did not participate in the war only because they treasured the second life that they had obtained with great difficulty. Because Dillon was good at talking, they let him be the representative for the time being. However, he was not their leader, and they had their own thoughts and opinions as well.

Dillon played with the glowing grass as he calmly stated,

"I wont deny that Black Star has done us a favor, but he will never allow us to leave freely. The purpose of reviving us is just to make use of our strength. "Right now, hes allowing us to avoid battle, but its only temporary. As those participants become more and more dissatisfied with us, Black Star will pressure us sooner or later. Just like how he forced the third batch of Revivors to join the battle, he will do the same to us in the future. Therefore, we might as well leave the main universe before it happens or we will end up in a passive position.

While we might let Black Star down, we have to take responsibility for our own lives. Even if he revives us, it doesnt mean we have to accept their orders and sacrifice our lives for him."

Everyone frowned and pondered. These words had also hit the nail on the head. Many people did not dare disobey Black Star because of their feelings, but they were not willing to take the risk either.

"What about the Holy Accord?" someone asked.

Dillon snorted. "Oathkeeper and Black Star are on the same side. If we want to leave, we have to act in secret. We cant inform them."

"If we do this, we will probably be hunted down by Black Star. I dont think we should make such a rash decision," another person said.

Hearing this, Dillon retorted, "Black Star isnt in the main universe, which is why we have the chance to sneak away. Every minute and second we waste now is the time for us to escape. If we wait for him to return, will we be able to leave? Anyway, no matter what you say, I will definitely leave!"

Many of them had conflicted expressions.

The pressure that Black Star put on them was too heavy. Only when he was not around would these people dare to plot and think that this period of time was a rare opportunity to escape.

If Black Star had not entered the Sanctum, they would not have dared act rashly, afraid they would be taught a lesson by Han Xiao.

After discussing for a while, the avoidance faction could only barely reach a consensus. Those who were willing to leave would make their own plans, and those who were unwilling to leave were not allowed to leak the secret, creating another layer of assurance.

As he gazed at everyone debating, Dillon was a little distracted. He played with the grass in his hands as memories of the past flashed through his mind.

He then thought of the Elven Holy Land that he had once created, and he could not help but reminisce about the times when he played with the many consorts in the pure white imperial court. Those beautiful, cold and pure faces flashed past his eyes.

It was a pity that after his death, the Elven Holy Land lost its protection, and these concubines could not control their fate. The identity of a Beyond Grade A widow was like the emperors harem, enough to attract the interest of many people in the gray area with power and influence.

At this point, although he had come back to life, his old confidants had also long disappeared with time. He had power, but there was nothing he could do.

Dillons face tightened, and he subconsciously crushed the grass into powder.

"The three Universal Civilizations not kicking you while youre down is already the last line. How can I help you!"

On the other side, somewhere in the training


A group of Beyond Grade As gathered in the room and looked at each other.

The group consisted of the members of the third Revival. Other than the majority of the direct descendants of the civilizations, the remaining neutral Beyond Grade As were all present.

Because they had the same interests, the Beyond Grade As in the third batch of revivals all gathered together privately. The revivals formed a faction, and the free Beyond Grade As formed a faction. Although the three Universal Civilizations had placed everyone under house arrest, they could still communicate privately. After all, they were a group of important combatants, and they could not restrict all their freedom as though they were in prison.

After a while, one of them broke the silence.

"Black Star has gone to the Sanctum. Why did he summon us at this time?"

Everyone immediately turned to look at the initiator of this gathering, a high-level Beyond Grade A named Stein.

Stein was a male Demon with transparent wings, and his outer appearance looked like a moth. Other than his wings and antennae, his other body was shaped like a human. At this moment, his two antennae trembled, making him look nervous.

"I heard some news. The infinite number of times the Sanctum has been revived that Black Star mentioned might be a lie meant to deceive us"


Hearing this, everyones expression changed.

The three Universal Civilizations had always controlled the channels and did not allow the third batch of revivors to come into contact with the relevant information. Therefore, they never knew that Han Xiao had once said that the Sanctum Revival could only be done once.

"What exactly is going on?" everyone asked. Stein quickly explained, "Black Stars explanation to us was different from what he told the other Beyond Grade As when it came to the Sanctum Revival. In the past, he claimed that the Sanctum Revival was only limited to one time, but to us, he said it was unlimited I only came into contact with this information by chance. There must be a problem!" "Is the news reliable?!"

"I cant guarantee it, but its most likely true," Stein said hastily.

Everyones face turned gloomy as they sunk into their own thoughts.

If Black Star had two theories, the other Beyond Grade As would definitely know about it. However, no one had exposed it yet.

Perhaps, Black Stars words to them were a lie on purpose to trick them into contributing. The other Beyond Grade As were all beneficiaries, so they tacitly agreed to this. Not only did they not expose them, they even cooperated to deceive the third batch of Revivors This was everyone trying to use them as cannon fodder!

This speculation was probably correct. Based on their perspective, this possibility was completely reasonable and extremely convincing However, because they misunderstood the key information, their conclusion was completely different from the truth.

The more they thought about it, the more shocked they became.

"Then what should we do now?" someone asked with a deep voice as he took a deep breath to calm his anger.

"If we can only revive once, then this will be our last life, and we have no choice but to consider our path of retreat," Stein mused.

"Are we going to take the opportunity to escape? Although Black Star isnt here, were being confined in this area, and those Beyond Grade As arent easy to deal with."

After a heated debate, someone suddenly made a suggestion.

"The situation is still unclear. We will wait for Black Star to come back and revive the Sanctum. We will most likely be invited to watch it together. At that time, we will see if he revives a second death.

"If not, then no matter what reason Black Star gives, we will question him face to face and make sense of it. This way, we will be able to shake the new revivors and the direct descendants of the same batch as us. Together, we will break the restrictions of the three Universal Civilizations and resist the fate of being cannon fodder!"

Hearing this, many peoples eyes lit up.

It would be difficult for them to fight back on their own, and the next revival might be an opportunity to seek a temporary alliance. "Then its settled. Well attack together!" Stein agreed.

Primeval Star River, Mechanical Race territory.

In the mechanical palace, Manisons Lords Avatar and Kasuyis remote projection sat opposite each other, casually playing cards.

"I really envy you. You dont have to manage the affairs of the association and can spend all your time digesting the war insights. I want to do the same"

Kasuyi grumbled as he watched the layout of the cards. Manison did not mind and casually said, "Since Black Star isnt around, we will need someone to supervise the association. I have long been stripped of my position as president, and Im not even the vice president. This job is yours."

"Sigh, theres nothing I can do. Before Black Star left, he told me that some of the association members and revivors might not know their place during this period. He told me to be careful of any variables, so I can only do as he says."

Kasuyi shook his head helplessly.

Just like the exploration era in the past, the war had always been the catalyst for the strong. Many Beyond Grade As had been stationed in the interception circle for the past year, and after experiencing all kinds of battles, they more or less had new insights. Manison and Kasuyi had both discovered a wider room for improvement. As long as they were in seclusion for some time, their strength could still improve.

It was a pity that Black Star had gone to the Sanctum and even told him to be careful. Kasuyi could only suppress his desire to digest the war experience in the wormhole and manage the association instead. Thus, he was very envious of Manison being able to focus on training behind closed doors.

"Youre thinking too much. Ive also encountered some miscellaneous matters," Manison said with a calm tone. "Nilfgadi has been restless recently. He was unwilling to let the Machinery Faith and the Mechanical Race be controlled by Black Star and me. He felt that these benefits were originally his, so he tried to regain his former leader position."

"Oh? What did he do?" Kasuyi was curious.

"Humph, just as Black Star left, he sent people to promote his return to the Machinery Faith. He wants to use his identity as the founder to harvest the believers main faith. He wants to take advantage of the situation."

"Whats the result?" Kasuyi was interested.

"What else can he do? Hes the founder who was eliminated by history and only revived because of Black Star. He wants to shake Black Stars position? Dream on." Manison snorted.

"Thats true. The prestige of Nilfgadi has long been worn down by time. He still doesnt have the qualifications to compete with Black Star."

Kasuyi nodded, paused, before jokingly saying,

"Furthermore, even you cant beat Black Star, let alone him."

"Humph, ridiculous."

Manison glanced at him and snorted.

This person really doesnt know where to stop. If we hadnt known each other for so many years, I would have ignored you!

Kasuyi shrugged and asked, "How about the Mechanical Race? It should be quite troublesome for him to return as an ancestor, right?"

"Who do you think I am? Ive managed the Mechanical Race for many years, and he wants me to give up my base just because hes an ancestor? Is that possible?" Manisons tone was calm.

"So what did you do to him?"

"If it was in the past, I would have made him into a criminal a long time ago. However, I havent done such a thing for a long time. After all, Nilfgadi is the ancestor of the Mechanical Race, and I cant do anything to him even if I want to. Therefore, I gave him a batch of Mechanical Race members and told him to set up a new Mechanical Race."

"So, the Mechanical Race has already split up?" Kasuyi raised his brows.

Manison did not take it to heart and said calmly, "Its not that serious. I can hand over some clansmen since they can be replenished. However, he wont get even a single strand of my accumulated wealth."

"Hehe, youre still the same. Other than Black Star, no one can gain anything from you."

Kasuyi shook his head and laughed.

"Humph, even Black Star cant take much advantage of me."

Manison was simply being hard-mouthed.

Kasuyi only smiled and did not expose Manisons stubbornness. He changed the topic and said curiously, "By the way, before Black Star left, he left me a strangers contact number. Tell me, if those revivors have any abnormal movements, I can find this person to settle it."

"Black Star will not speak without thinking. Whats that strangers name?"

"I dont know his name. Black Star only told me to call him Oathkeeper. I havent contacted him yet. I wonder what his background is. Even Black Star thinks so highly of him."

Kasuyi seemed quite interested.

"Looks like Black Star still has many secrets." Manison snorted.

World Tree Territory, Tree King Palace.

Dark green lights full of vitality flowed along with the roots and veins into a huge cocoon made of leaves. It looked like the heart of a cabbage, and below it was an opulent base that looked like an altar.

After a long while, the leaves that formed the cocoon suddenly opened layer by layer, and a figure covered in a dazzling green light walked out. He walked down the steps step by step, and the green light slowly faded, revealing the appearance of Subduing Tree King.

"Youve finally revived!"

Below the altar, joy flashed in the eyes of Fortitude Tree King who had been waiting for a long time. He took two steps forward to welcome him.

After watering it for so long, Subduing Tree King has finally matured. Now I can finally laze off!

"Phew, Im still not used to it."

Subduing Tree King let out a breath and moved his body stiffly to rouse his senses.

Although the World Tree could allow him to return to his seed form and be reborn, the process of the seed germinating and maturing was very uncomfortable. The thought of Black Star, who had caused him so much pain, made Subduing Tree King furious.

"I died once. Next time, Ill make that foreigner pay!"

"You will have a chance."

Fortitude Tree King immediately tried to interject.

Subduing Tree King turned to look at him in surprise.

"Why are you here? Wheres Heart Tree King?" "Hes dead, sealed by that foreigner," Fortitude Tree Kings tone was filled with disdain.

Subduing Tree King frowned, before asking in a solemn tone,

"What happened after I died?"

Fortitude Tree King did not beat around the bush, directly telling him the whole story through the mind network. After finding out the whole story, the formers expression softened, and he slowly nodded.

"So thats what happened. Heart Tree King restrained the Esper of the Recovery class, which resulted in the successful exchange of attacks. Many high-level combatants of the enemy civilization were killed. Although Heart Tree King was defeated later, the strategic results he created have already laid a good foundation for us. The advantage in numbers is gradually slipping toward us. The high-level combatants of the enemy civilization will only become fewer and fewer in the future. Goodjob."

"But Ancestral Tree King is not satisfied. Heart Tree King has been captured, and we cannot recover the Tree King Crown," Fortitude Tree King stated.

"It doesnt matter. Its just a crown. Well find a chance to save Heart Tree King in the future. Using temporary losses in exchange for permanent damage to the enemy is undoubtedly a win for us."

Subduing Tree King waved his hand, not taking it to heart.

"Alright, since youve revived, Ill leave the matters here to you. Ill return to the mother tree first."

Before Subduing Tree King could react, he immediately dispelled his physical body and returned to the World Tree.

"Humph, you still have to rely on me."

Subduing Tree King snorted and had no intention of rejecting. As a Pugilist, he was already used to doing such tiring work.

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