The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1373

Chapter 1372 Persuasion And Return

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In the blink of an eye, several days passed.

Everything in the training base was the same as before. However, Black Stars temporary departure caused the emotions of many to fluctuate.

After experiencing so many storms, In the eyes of the Beyond Grade As, Black Star was like a stabilizing needle. Under his control, the common interests of the Beyond Grade As continued to extend. To a certain extent, they were gathered under the banner of the Beyond Grade A Association because of Black Star.

Therefore, although Han Xiao said he was going for business and would not be gone for long, everyone still felt as though something was amiss.

Kasuyi was in charge of the overall situation during this period, following Han Xiaos instructions and paying attention to the movements of the many revivors. He originally thought this was just a routine matter, but he did not expect there to be real changes.

A few days after Han Xiao left, Dylan and some of the revivors disappeared. Kasuyi had been paying attention to the movements of the association members, and it did not take long for him to notice this anomaly.

As comrades who stood firmly on the side of the Association against the three Universal Civilizations, the treatment of the first two batches of revivors was naturally different from the third batch. The Association had to consider the feelings of all the members. They would not take away the freedom of this group just because some of the members were unwilling to participate in the battle. Therefore, Dylan and the others were not placed under house arrest like the third batch of revivors.

In shock, Kasuyi immediately investigated and asked those who had yet to leave. Only then did he finally understand that Dylan and the others wanted to take the opportunity to leave. However, no one revealed their route, only saying that Dylan had cast a spell and brought some of his companions into the secondary dimension to leave using this method.

Kasuyi tried to contact Dylan and the others, but they seemed to be determined to leave and could not be contacted at all. Helpless, he thought of the Oathkeeper method that Han Xiao had left for him and turned to this stranger for help.

In the office of the training base, Kasuyi was leaning on a chair. The communicator on the table shot out a cone-shaped light, sweeping out a virtual screen in front of him, showing the image of a dialing phone. The ringtone rang for a few seconds before the call was picked up. The black communication interface immediately changed, revealing a mysterious figure in a hooded black robe.

Kasuyi looked at this person curiously and said, "Im Kasuyi. Are you the Oathkeeper that Black Star mentioned?"

"It is I."

Oathkeeper replied calmly and looked at Kasuyi.

The two of them sized each other up, and the atmosphere turned a little strange.

After a few seconds, Kasuyi asked curiously,

"Before Black Star left, he gave me your contact number. He said that if the revivors make any movements, I could ask you for help?"

"He informed me too." Oathkeeper nodded. "So, whats your relationship with Black Star? Ive never heard of someone like you."

"Its normal that you dont know me. I have a closer relationship with Black Star," Oathkeeper said calmly.

Upon hearing this, Kasuyis eyes narrowed as all kinds of guesses flashed through his mind.

The existence of the Holy Accord had always been a secret, and he naturally would not know about it.

On the spur of the moment, Kasuyi probed further.

"Are you Black Stars secret subordinate?"

Oathkeepers eyes immediately turned sharp. His tone grew solemn, "Youre thinking too much. Im just an important partner, never his subordinate."

Really? I dont believe it

Kasuyi cursed in his heart. Many members of the association were always putting themselves on a pedestal. They all said that they were not Black Stars subordinates, but they still followed his orders. He was already used to such situations.

After cursing to himself, Kasuyi calmed himself down and curiously asked, "I dont quite understand. Whats your relationship with those revivors? Why did Black Star ask me to ask you for help?" "This is a secret. Black Star didnt tell you, and I cant tell you. You just need to know that I can help. Dont ask too much." Oathkeepers tone was calm. He did not know that Kasuyi was also an insider of the truth behind the Sanctum Revival, so he naturally hid it.

Among all the partners of Han Xiao, the Holy Accord was an extremely important existence, and an outsider like Kasuyi definitely could not touch the core secrets. Therefore, when Oathkeeper expressed his stance, it was easy for others to misunderstand that he held a superior position.

Seeing this, Kasuyi secretly curled his lips.

Tsk, you still say that youre not Black Stars secret subordinate. If not, why would you have such a sense of superiority when keeping Black Star a secret?

Seeing that Oathkeeper did not intend to talk much, Kasuyi temporarily gave up the idea of gathering intelligence and told him about Dylan and the others.

After hearing that, Oathkeepers eyes flickered, and he slowly said, "Dylan? As expected, Ill talk to him."

"He has already blocked all communication from the outside world. You can contact him?" Kasuyi was surprised.

"I have my ways. You dont have to know, Just leave it to me."

Oathkeeper waved and hung up.

Kasuyi mumbled with a strange expression as the communication screen turned black.

"Hes so mysterious, Ive never even heard of his name before When did Black Star meet such a guy?"

Somewhere in the secondary dimension world, Dylan and the others were riding on the golem vehicles of the elves.

The room was silent. No one spoke. From time to time, they looked at the magic compass which served as a radar, afraid someone would chase after them.

"Everything is going smoothly so far. We have already entered the secondary dimension world. As long as we avoid the three Universal Civilizations territory, we wont have to worry about being discovered."

The carrier had magical awareness and was reporting the situation. So far, the operation had been going smoothly and did not meet much resistance.

"It will take at least a month for Black Star to return. That much time is enough for us to completely hide. We have no chance of winning the war," one of his comrades said with a chuckle.

Hearing this, all the revivors who had left with Dylan could not help but smile in relief. Only Dylan was the exception, sitting in his seat expressionlessly.


At this moment, a cluster of black flames suddenly appeared out of nowhere and formed Oathkeepers mind projection. It appeared in front of Dylan, and the laughter in the room immediately stopped.

"You really came."

Dylan was not surprised at all.

Oathkeeper stared at him and said calmly, "Leaving without saying goodbye isnt appropriate, right?" "No one knows if the world will explode tomorrow. It can be the last time, so theres nothing to be particular about." Dylan crossed his arms and coldly replied. "Black Star will be very unhappy if you do this." Oathkeepers expression was calm.

"I dont care if hes happy or not." Dylan snorted. "If youre just here to chat with me, I welcome it. If you want to persuade me, then forget it. You know that I will never help the three Universal Civilizations."

Oathkeeper shook his head. "I understand the hatred between you and the three Universal Civilizations, and I wont persuade you to let it go. However, leaving the main universe is just an act of escapism."

"Since I owe you guys a favor, I wont take revenge on the three Universal Civilizations. What else can I do if I dont leave? Or do you want to persuade me not to run away and stay behind to make the three Universal Civilizations pay the price in blood?"

Dylans tone was sarcastic.

Oathkeeper did not mind and instead replied in a calm tone.

"Its normal for you to have complaints, but you have to be forward-thinking in everything you do. Now that were fighting for the three Universal Civilizations, its only to protect our hometown, the galactic society. Working together now is just a temporary measure. Even if we win in the end, the three Universal Civilizations still have many irreconcilable conflicts with us Black Star is tolerant of you. Other than sympathizing with your situation, he also foresaw many conflicts with the three Universal Civilizations in the future. He never asked you to let go of your hatred, so why not wait a while?"

"Humph, I dont doubt Black Stars foresight, but Im not someone who will easily change my mind. No matter what, Im not willing to work for the three Universal Civilizations. If you want me to go back, wait until the day you become enemies with the three Universal Civilizations again." Dylan straightened his back and curled his lips.

Oathkeeper said calmly, "If you run away now and dont join the battle with the association, we wont welcome you even if you return in the future."

"Then I wont be coming back." Dylan pointed at Oathkeeper and said coldly, "Also, pay attention to your words. Im not your soldier, and neither is the association an army. Dont use the term escape."

Oathkeeper nodded and said calmly, "Youve made up your mind to leave. Since thats the case, I wont persuade you. The association doesnt lack you. Just dont regret it."

Then, Oathkeeper turned to look at the other revivors and casually spoke out,

"As for you guys, when Black Star returns from the Sanctum, I will tell you a valuable piece of information. Whether you want to leave with Dylan completely or come back to fight with us, you guys can decide for yourselves."

As soon as he said that, Oathkeepers mental projection cracked and turned into black sparks before disappearing.

With his identity, he could actually stand out and emphasize the truth behind the Sanctum Revival, proving Han Xiaos words. However, Oathkeeper did not plan to do so now. Firstly, it was his personal wish, and secondly, it was because of Han Xiaos reminder before he entered the Sanctum.

If some of the revivors wanted to take the opportunity to leave, they could do as they wished. There was no need for them to urge others to seek the benefits of eternal life.

Oathkeeper knew that what he needed to do was to use the communication function of the Soul Flame to show these people that Black Star had revived in the Sanctum. At that time, people would return to the Sanctum if they wanted to, and those who still did not care would leave. It would be hard to say who would beg who then. They have to put down the mentality that Black Star and himself would keep asking them to stay. Seeing Oathkeepers figure disappear, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Their eyes flickered as they pondered his words.

Dylan sneered.

"Regret? The word never existed in my dictionary!"

Under Kasuyis control, the departure of Dylan and the others did not cause much of a commotion, but it was inevitable that the other association members would feel a difference.

Most of the people participated in the war and fought on the frontlines, while some of their comrades stayed away from the war and went to the secondary dimensions to enjoy themselves. This made some of the association members feel dissatisfied.

However, as Beyond Grade As, they would not change their decision easily. Although they were a little shaken and dissatisfied, no one followed the actions of Dylan. They only hid their emotions in their hearts and trained silently.

Soon, a month passed.

In a certain space of the Ancient Star Desert, a Holy Sanctum passageway appeared, and a figure was spat out.

"Phew, Im back"

Han Xiao shook his head and felt that the symptoms this time were lighter than the last time. He quickly regained his senses, and the many technologies that he had obtained from the First Sanctum were quickly stabilized in his memory palace.

After adjusting his state for a while, he took out his communicator and looked at the time. His lips curled up.

"This time, I only used forty days. My authority has increased by one level, and the time flow has decreased. If this continues, I might be able to come out in a few days."

Han Xiao was in a good mood as he scrolled through the information bar.

He had only left for such a short period of time, and there was nothing else important. Only Kasuyi and Oathkeeper reported to him about the situation of Dylan leaving.

"He slipped away while I was not around Tsk, Ill deal with him in the future."

Han Xiao curled his lips. Thinking about what kind of person Dylan was, he did not find it surprising However, for now, this problem was unimportant. The most important thing was to digest the gains from this trip.

Han Xiao looked down at the back of his hand. The brand of the new Sanctum Revival was glowing, and he could not help but smile.

"This time, I can finally make the Beyond Grade As decide to participate in the battle I hope the three hooligans can stay calm when they hear this."

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