The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1374

Chapter 1373 So We Were The Ones Lied To

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Black Star Territory, Training Base, Artificial Planet.

On a metal wasteland, many Beyond Grade As were gathered. They stood in groups of two or three, whispering to each other as they waited for Han Xiao to arrive.

The situation had not changed much in the past month. Han Xiao had notified Kasuyi the moment he returned from the Sanctum and told Kasuyi to gather everyone, but he had not arrived yet.

Many of the Beyond Grade As present had already heard from Kasuyi that this gathering was to carry out a new Sanctum Revival. Many of them were filled with curiosity, especially the third batch of Revivors who had yet to witness the process of their revival.

Stein and the others were scattered in the crowd and deliberately did not stand together. Their eyes met occasionally when they turned their heads and communicated with each other with their eyes. They had a tacit understanding of todays plan.

A month ago, when they found out that Han Xiao might have lied about the Sanctum Revival, they did not publicize it openly. Instead, they secretly prepared to question Han Xiao publicly on this special occasion and expose his lie, causing the third group of revivors to be united against a common enemy. Therefore, they were the only ones who knew about it.

On the other side, the association members and the first two groups of revivors were scattered at the edge of the crowd, forming a semi-circle, sandwiching most of the third group of revivors in the middle. On the surface, they were chatting with their companions, but in reality, they were secretly nervous.

They did not have any private plans, and they did not know what Stein and the others were planning. However, everyone knew that Black Star had lied to the third batch of revivors, and it was very likely that he would be exposed today. If the third batch of revivors saw that the people who died twice did not revive, who knew how intense the backlash would be.

Therefore, although many Beyond Grade As did not plan in secret, they stood on their own and formed an obscure encirclement. Although they did not know what excuse Black Star would use to trick the third batch of Revivors, they were all prepared to prevent any unforeseen events from happening today. "Its a pity that Aurora was defeated in the last battle of the intercepting circle. If she had played her usual role, there might not have been people who died a second time. This way, Black Stars lies couldve continued to stabilize these people"

Everyone secretly glanced at the third batch of revivors. Most of them felt that it was a pity that they could not fool these people for long.

All the Beyond Grade As waited patiently. After a while, a stream of light suddenly broke through the atmosphere and fell from the sky, landing in front of everyone. It then turned around and the sparks disappeared, revealing Han Xiao. "I havent seen you guys for more than a month. Are you all thinking about me day and night?"

Han Xiao looked at everyone with a smile, seemingly in a good mood.

"Who is this? How shameless," Milizaus had a look of disdain.

"Want my fart?" Sun Hunter curled his lips.

"Tsk tsk, its a pity that I already have a crush. Or else, I wouldnt mind welcoming you with my body," Reeve licked his lips shamelessly.

As soon as he returned, it was as if they were injected with vitality. The crowd immediately became lively and started to joke around.

After teasing the others for a while, Han Xiao stopped smiling and showed the Sanctum revival mark.

"Alright, lets get down to business. The sacrificed comrades are still waiting for us to wake them up."

After saying that, he turned around and activated the brand, releasing rays of light.

Everyone quietened down and watched him operate.

The historical Beyond Grade As in the explored universe were limited. The last revival had already used all the mediums that had been gathered, and the mediums of the remaining historical Beyond Grade As had yet to be found. Thus, there were no newcomers this time, all of them were those who had died in the intercepting circle battle.

One after another, the figures of those who died in battle began to materialize.

Stein and the others immediately perked up and stared at the reviving light cluster. Their bodies tensed up, and they all prepared to take action. As long as they did not see the people who died twice in this batch of revivors, they would act according to the plan.

At the same time, the association members also quietly changed their positions. The intention of surrounding them became more obvious. They were tense and prepared to deal with the possible backlash from the third batch of revivors.

Right at this moment, under the watchful eyes of everyone, the light slowly faded. This batch of revivors finally took shape, revealing their faces. They were all familiar.

Steins eyes quickly swept across and suddenly focused on a few figures. Surprise flashed in his eyes, and he turned to look at his companions.

These figures were among the third batch of Revivors who had died in the interception battle, the Beyond Grade As who had died twice.

"The people who have died twice really revived? Black Star did not lie to us!"

Stein was rather surprised, and his tense body relaxed. He secretly wondered if he had gotten the wrong information. "Regardless, its good news that Black Star isnt lying. According to the plan, theres no need to take the risk today."

Stein breathed a sigh of relief.

Since they were not exposed, they had already agreed to keep it to themselves and pretend nothing had happened. However, at this moment, Stein suddenly thought of something and his mood became strange. Wait, Black Star did not lie to us. Doesnt that mean

Stein subconsciously turned to look at the association members beside him and was shocked to find that their expressions were all frozen on their faces. They were staring at the people who had died twice in disbelief.

The other third batch of revivors who did not know the truth looked as usual. They had always thought that Han Xiao was not lying to them, so they had no reaction.

However, the association members who believed that the Sanctum Revival was a one-time thing were completely dumbfounded.

They had originally wanted to help Black Star prevent the backlash after his lie was exposed, but they did not expect to be the ones who were shocked.

Didnt he say that the Sanctum Revival could only be used once? What was going on ?

The association members could not suppress their emotions and surrounded Han Xiao, squeezing him in the middle.

"Black Star! Whats going on?"

Sun Hunters tiny head was filled with question marks, and he urgently asked what everyone was thinking. Although he did not point it out clearly because he was wary of the reaction of the third batch of Revivors, everyone understood what he meant and stared at Han Xiao.

Han Xiao raised his brows and said, "Didnt I say that theres no limit to the Sanctum Revival? Why are you making a fuss?"

"You, you"

Everyone stared at Han Xiao, speechless. Only then did they understand.

It turned out that Black Star was not lying to the third batch of Revivors and was telling the truth!

So the one you lied to was us ?

You made us think that the Sanctum Revival would only revive once, and we had to fight in fear You really fooled us hard!

Many association members looked at Han Xiao with resentment. If looks could turn into blades, they would have given Han Xiao a beating.

Kant pressed on Han Xiaos shoulder, clenched his teeth, and said in a low voice, "You actually kept it from us"

Facing the indignant looks of the others, Han Xiao remained calm. He shook Kants hand and smiled.

"So what? Dont tell me you guys dont feel surprised now."

Without waiting for a response, he tilted his head and continued.

"Dont forget the situation we were in back then. If this matter was exposed at that time, would the three Universal Civilizations still choose to wait and see, giving us some time to accumulate? There could have been internal conflicts long ago, and the current situation would only be worse.

"However, our situation is different now. With the pressure from the enemies, the three Universal Civilizations cant do anything to us. Now that weve revealed the truth, its good for morale.

Just think about it and you will understand. You wont revive only once, you will find out sooner or later about this matter that is beneficial to the whole of Beyond Grade As. What I hid in the past was just a deceptive tactic from a strategic point of view Furthermore, I am not the only one who knows. I have long told this secret to a Beyond Grade A who is worth trusting."

As he spoke, Han Xiao looked at Kasuyi and nodded.

Seeing this, Kasuyi stood out and said,

"Thats right. Black Star told me about this a long time ago, and I agree with the reason for hiding it. I didnt tell you guys in the past because I wanted to deal with the three Universal Civilizations, but now is the time to make it public" Kasuyi supported Han Xiaos words while cursing in his heart. His understanding of the Sanctum came from the Celestial Star Alliance, but when he received Han Xiaos signal, he could only say that it was Han Xiao who told him and played along.

After listening to the explanation, the association members blinked their eyes and calmed down. They pondered over this explanation and had to admit that there was indeed a reason to hide it.

If they took too big a step, they would most likely be in trouble. If Black Star had made this matter public back then, it would have been too much of a threat to the three Universal Civilizations. They would not have let the matter rest and would have probably started an even more intense civil war. Things like the Mechanical Race battle would definitely have happened earlier.

Furthermore, although they had been tricked, this was not a loss to them but a pleasant surprise.

They originally thought that they could only revive once, but it turned out to be an infinite number of times. As long as Black Star could continuously provide the Sanctum Revival, wouldnt that mean they had achieved another form of immortality ?

Thinking of this, a strong sense of excitement replaced shock!

The eyes of the association members lit up, and their confidence skyrocketed. They felt that Han Xiao was emitting an extremely alluring aura, and they just wanted to hug this golden thigh tightly. Beiger, who was standing at the side, was shocked. Oathkeepers instructions flashed through his mind, and he immediately understood that Oathkeeper was also someone who knew about it. He and Han Xiao were colluding together cough, working together to hide it.

"No wonder he suggested that I join the battle and continue to help Black Star. Those guys who thought that they had used up all their revivals and disregarded Black Star will regret it"

The thought flashed across Beigers mind, and he secretly rejoiced.

On the other side, the third batch of revivors who did not know the details looked at the excited group of association members around Han Xiao and were secretly surprised. They did not know why these people were so excited.

While everyone was excited, Manisons Lords Avatar asked with a confused expression,

"Black Star, you knew that the World Tree would attack, so you hid the truth of the Sanctum Revival to protect the Beyond Grade As and the three Universal Civilizations?"

Han Xiao smiled and did not retort.

Seeing this, the expressions of the Beyond Grade As changed.

Although they were already very impressed by Han Xiao, they could not help but respect him even more.

It turned out that Black Star had long been planning for the safety of the galactic society. For the sake of todays war, he had done so many things in secret to obtain temporary peace To the entire galactic society, only the phrase a great man could be worthy of such a contribution!

Such a foresight, just thinking about it made everyone gasp in admiration.

Only such a person had the qualifications to be the leader of their entire Beyond Grade A group. His ability was always trustworthy! Secret Master shook his head and sighed. "Black Star, someone like you probably doesnt need the help of luck."

Dont talk nonsense, I need it very much!

Han Xiao curled his lips.

Then, he turned around and patted Kasuyi.

"Theres no need to hide this matter. In a while, tell all the Beyond Grade As, including those who are avoiding the battle, as well as all the Calamity Grades who are training, and tell them the truth about the Sanctum Revival. Tell them that no matter the outcome of the war, only by fighting alongside us now will I let them enjoy this benefit in the future. Otherwise, dont even think about getting a chance to revive in the future."


Kasuyi nodded.

Upon hearing that, the association members felt much better. Only participants like them would receive special treatment. This was the right way. Otherwise, it would be unfair.

All of a sudden, everyones determination to join the battle was unprecedented. The confusion and hesitation that they had initially felt instantly disappeared.

Black Star had said that if the three Universal Civilizations lost this war, he would take them away. This meant that the Sanctum Revival would still be a guarantee for their future!

In the hearts of the association members, the importance of Black Stars safety was immediately raised to the highest level. Even if they had to die in battle, they could not let Black Star be in danger. The associations cohesiveness instantly exploded!

Seeing how motivated everyone was, Han Xiao smiled. He knew that the most basic goal had been achieved.

Then, he stopped smiling and turned to look at the direct Beyond Grade As who were equally shocked.

Its time to have a chat with the three Universal Civilizations

In the conference room of the three Universal Civilizations.

Today was the day Han Xiao was going to perform Sanctum Revival. However, because they had seen it the last time, and since the people who were going to revive this time were the ones who died in the war, Marbruce and the others did not pay much attention to it. Instead, they discussed the situation of the harassment battle at the frontline with the Military Strategy Department.

As for the situation of the Sanctum Revival this time, some supervisors paid attention to it. The three of them did not watch it with their own eyes and waited for the report.

A meeting was being held in the room, and the remote projections of Simon and the other military officials were reporting. " This is the current situation. The harassment troops at the frontline have already done their best, but the World Tree Army is steadily advancing and cannot be stopped"

Marbruce, Louis, and the Pope were listening attentively to the battle report.

Beep beep beep

Suddenly, the sound of emergency communication rang out, interrupting the report from the military personnel.

Louis frowned and opened the emergency communication channel. "Whats going on?"

"Your Excellencies, the Sanctum Revival is complete!" The supervisors anxious voice sounded in the channel.

"Okay, got it. Write a report for us later. I have an important battle conference to attend."

Louis did not think much of it and was about to hang up.

However, right at this moment, the supervisor suddenly yelled out. His tone was filled with anxiety and panic.

"This time, Black Star revived the direct Beyond Grade As who died in battle twice. Your Excellencies the Sanctum Revival is not limited to once. What he said about it being limitless might be true!"


Just as the words landed, the three of them were stunned for a moment before standing up with a shocked expression!

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