The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1375

Chapter 1374 The Game With Confirmed Victory

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After stabilizing the Beyond Grade As, Han Xiao submitted a meeting request to the three Universal Civilizations which was quickly passed through As soon as he arrived at the conference room, he saw the solemn expressions on the faces of Marbruce and the other two. The atmosphere in the room was heavy, and for some reason, it felt as though there were three trials.

Han Xiao was not bothered by this. He ignored their sharp gazes and said with a smile, "You guys dont look too good. Have you been too tired recently?"

Marbruce did not respond. "Black Star, you tricked us."

Louis and the Pope also tensed their faces and looked serious.

Ten minutes ago, when they received the report of this revival, they were shocked and immediately stopped the battle conference regarding the frontline situation to discuss this matter.

A few years ago, when the Revivors were born, Black Star had claimed that the Sanctum Revival was a one-time thing, and the three Universal Civilizations had also suspected it. However, only Black Star could enter the Sanctum and they had no way of verifying the truth. They could only obtain the relevant information from Black Star and they had always been on the passive side.

Even now, although the three Universal Civilizations were still skeptical, they had accepted the fact that the Sanctum Revival was a one-time thing and had made the main plan based on this. However, the sudden change at this moment had disrupted many of their plans.

Although the Military Strategy Department had made contingency plans for this kind of situation, in the current situation, no plan could deal with this situation perfectly.

In their shock, the three of them were just about to come up with a new strategy when Han Xiao requested to meet them. The three of them stopped their discussion and suppressed their chaotic thoughts, planning to hear Han Xiao first.

"Is that so? Then Im honored." Han Xiao spread out his hands and smiled. "Dont forget how the three Universal Civilizations planned to deal with us back then. We were on opposite sides, and I used a tactic to trick you guys. I dont think theres anything wrong with that. It only proves that I did a good job." "You must be very proud now." The Pope snorted.

"No, I dont feel anything." Han Xiao shook his head and said with a playful tone, "Besides, why do you guys look like youre at a disadvantage? A group of high-level combatants who can revive multiple times just happens to be at odds with the World Tree. Isnt this good news for the battle, or do you guys still have some bad intentions?".

Hearing the mockery in Han Xiaos tone, the Popes face was expressionless, but he was furious.

During the negotiations back then, they had played a hidden risk game with Black Star, using the Beyond Grade A Associations independent political position as a bargaining chip in exchange for the association joining the battle.

One of the reasons the three Universal Civilizations agreed to it was because they hoped the war would reduce the Beyond Grade As of the Association, using external forces to clean up the high-level combatants and reduce the hidden dangers of Beyond Grade As. This way, they would not have to fight internally and waste strength. The starting point of this plan was the one-time use of the Sanctum Revival. However, this was a trap that Han Xiao had dug long ago. When the three Universal Civilizations agreed to the deal, they had already lost this game. It was equivalent to the association getting a free political position without suffering any losses as the three Universal Civilizations wished.


The three of them had also realized that Black Star was trying to gain something without risking anything of his own. He had benefited greatly from them and now that he had revealed his trump card, they were filled with hatred. They knew that they had fallen into his trap.

The pressure from the foreign enemies was huge, and the three Universal Civilizations could not focus on this game for the time being. Instead, they did not mind expanding the size of the high-level combatants. However, this was still a potential strategic direction. From the looks of it, this plan to ease the imbalance of the Supers had failed.

If they had known that there was no limit to the Sanctum Revival back then, they would not have chosen this game path. Unfortunately, the boat had already sailed and they could only swallow their losses, temporarily not having the energy to fight among themselves.

Marbruce took a deep breath and slowly said, "It is indeed as you said. This is good news for the battle. Black Star, we hope you can give us a definite answer. What is the situation with the Sanctum Revival? Is it really not limited to one time?"

The other two stared at Han Xiao without blinking.

Han Xiao did not give a definite answer. "Theoretically, theres no limit."

"Theoretically?" The three of their hearts skipped a beat, and they looked at each other with an expression that said, "What are you playing at this time?"

Han Xiao stroked his chin and raised his brows. "Every Beyond Grade A individual can revive an unlimited number of times, but there is a limit to the number of people who can revive in the Sanctum."

"What do you mean?" Marbruce frowned.

"Activating the Sanctum Revival requires authority. Every time the Sanctum is opened, the activators authority will increase by one level, and the number of times an individual can revive will be recorded. Every additional revival requires a corresponding level of authority Let me explain it to you this way. If you die twice, then the third revival requires a level three authority, which means that only the person who opens the Sanctum for the third time can do it. If a new person opens the Sanctum halfway, the authority will not be enough," Han Xiao said with a wave of his hand.

Hearing this, the three of them exchanged looks.

"What you mean is, its best to make the emissary who opens the Sanctum remain the same person till the end?" Louis looked at Han Xiao up and down and said with a deep voice, "Why do I feel like youre lying to us again?"

Black Star had already entered the Sanctum many times. If there was really such a thing as the authority, it would definitely be beneficial to him. If the war became critical, even if they could unravel the secret of the Sanctum in the future, the best candidate would still be Black Star. A new member would not be able to make the most of it.

"When you guys enter the Sanctum one day, wont you know if the authority is real or fake?"

Han Xiao did not think much of it. He did not care if the three of them suspected him.

The Sanctum mission from the past had yet to be completed. He used this excuse to build a foundation for it. It might be useful in the future.

Seeing this, the three of them felt a headache coming on.

Black Star was certain that they would not be able to prove the Sanctums mechanism. He was not afraid of being exposed no matter what!

There was no way he could get an answer if he kept asking. Marbruce had no choice but to change the topic.

"No matter what, this is good news to boost morale. Are you planning to announce it to the entire galactic society?"

"Theres no need. The World Tree has yet to reach the mainland. Theres no need to let the people know so early. Its enough for the upper echelons and some of the chosen ones to know."

Han Xiao waved his hands casually.

Marbruce nodded. Suddenly, he paused and changed the topic.

"Black Star, we know each other very well, so lets not make empty talks Thinking about it carefully, its understandable that you hid it from us back then. If we knew about the truth of the Sanctum Revival long ago, we would not have been able to sit still as we did back then, and a large-scale clean-up would have started. You knew about the intelligence of the World Tree long ago, and to maintain the internal balance, you had put in a lot of effort. But what Im curious about is if a large-scale civil war had broken out, what would you have done?"

"Hmm, I wanted to delay as much as possible and give us more time to prepare, but if you had insisted on acting willfully, I was also prepared to reveal the existence of the World Tree to you in advance and divert the conflict."

Han Xiao did not hide his original thoughts. He smiled and continued.

"However, you found the World Tree on your own, which is a good thing for me."

He only said half of what he wanted to say. Back then, he had not managed to gather the second set of keys and was worried that the three Universal Civilizations would get serious. This lie was also part of the empty fort strategy, but he naturally did not have to reveal it to the leaders of the three Universal Civilizations. There was no need to let them know that they had missed the real opportunity to clean up.

The three of them shook their heads with complicated emotions.

Indeed, if not for the Research Department discovering the World Tree and Black Star taking the initiative to inform them, they would most likely have treated it as Black Stars stalling tactic and would not have stopped. They might have continued to push for internal cleansing, and that would have been bad.

At least from the current situation, the three of them had to admit that Black Stars actions had brought them a good result. There was no large-scale internal conflict that consumed their strength, just like how Black Star had hidden the World Trees existence for many years. However, the three of them did not like this kind of passive position. Even though they knew that it was beneficial, they could not be happy. "As expected of the receiver of the Stuarts Peace Prize, youre really great," Louis snorted. Three parts were sarcasm, and three parts sincere. The remaining four parts were gloom. "Youre too kind. Ill take it as a compliment." Han Xiao chuckled. "Since you guys already know what to do, I wont disturb you anymore."

The purpose of this meeting had already been achieved. Han Xiao did not continue to chat with the three of them. He deactivated the remote projection and thoughtfully left them alone. He knew that the three of them still needed some time to accept the truth.

Seeing Han Xiaos figure disappear, the three of their faces immediately fell.

"Originally, I wanted to use the foreign war to weaken the combat power of the association, but it seems like theres no chance," Marbruce sighed helplessly.

"If thats the case, it will be very difficult for us to clean up individual strength. The total number of Beyond Grade As will continue to increase, and it will not decrease anymore." There was a hint of fear in the Popes tone.

The three of them looked at each other and could not help but sigh. Their hearts were filled with seriousness and helplessness.

The threat of the World Tree was too great, and they did not dare drag their feet in the war. Even though they knew that it would create a huge problem of imbalance in the Supers in the future, they did not have the extra energy to deal with it.

Furthermore, they still had to rely on the Beyond Grade As to deal with the high-level combatants of the World Tree. What could they do? They could only watch and not dare do anything. If they forced Black Star away, the consequences would be unimaginable!

"As expected of the leader of a Beyond Grade A group. He chose good timing!" Louis emphasized heavily, his face ashen.

Not to mention the leaders of the three Universal Civilizations and the Beyond Grade As who witnessed it with their own eyes were still extremely excited as they accepted this reality. With Kasuyi and the others spreading it, the news of the Sanctum Revival reached the entire training base.

All the Calamity Grade Supers who were undergoing training felt their emotions boiling!

They had thought that stepping into the Beyond Grade A realm would only grant them a second life, but who would have thought that this was the ticket to eternal life?

The attraction between the two was completely different!

The Calamity Grade Supers were extremely excited. The temptation of eternal life became the source of motivation, and almost everyone turned into a cultivation maniac in an instant. Even Lagi, who was extremely disheartened, secretly increased his training volume.

On the other side, Beiger received Han Xiaos approval and secretly sent the news back to the Holy Accord Organization.

Ancient Star Desert, Holy Accord Organization base.

Many Holy Accord Revivors forced Oathkeeper to a corner with their strong bodies. Their faces were filled with disbelief and shock.

"Did you already know the truth and had been working with Black Star to deceive us ?" "Damn it! You kept us in the dark!" "Say something!" The group of revivors started talking at the same time. Oathkeeper pushed through the crowd with a calm expression. "Thats right. Black Star had already analyzed the pros and cons. I also agreed with his plan back then. If you guys have any objections, go find him. After all, without his support, I wont be able to open the Sanctum. He has the main responsibility."

Hearing this, everyone was stunned.

Even though they were talking in private, they did not dare look for Black Star to express their dissatisfaction.

Furthermore, they had thought that they would only be able to revive once in the past and had already used it up, so their attitude toward Black Star was more or less a little casual. At this moment, everyone present immediately felt guilty and quickly recalled if they had respected Black Star before.

After a while, one of the Primordial Ones asked,

"Since theres no limit to the number of revivals, can we enjoy this treatment forever?"

Oathkeeper looked at him and slowly said, "Didnt you hear what Black Star said? Only by fighting alongside them can we obtain unlimited revivals in the future."

Hearing this, the Holy Accord Revivors present were shocked.

"Were doing the same ?"

"What else?" Oathkeeper was expressionless. "The first revival is free. We cant expect it to be free forever, right? Everyone is treated equally. Theres no reason for you guys to enjoy such benefits while living in seclusion. If you want this kind of treatment, you have to contribute. Black Stars intentions are my intentions as well."

The faces of many Holy Accord Revivors twitched.

They were all people who lived in seclusion and had rejected the invitation to leave. Initially, when they saw the association fighting to the death on the frontlines, they felt that they were not involved at all and were overjoyed. But now, it seemed like Black Star was using the benefits that they could not reject to force them to leave their seclusion!

Live in seclusion? Did they think that he was starting a charity? Dont even think about it!

Many of the Holy Accord Revivors understood this point, and their expressions immediately changed. Some of their eyes flashed with ominous intent.

If they worked together to snatch away the Sanctum information stored in the Holy Accord, they might not have to care about Black Stars coercion

However, before they could finish their thoughts, Oathkeeper spoke with a calm tone.

"I suggest that you guys dont take the risk. That would be a waste of energy. The Sanctum Revival requires authority. Currently, only Black Star has opened the Sanctum multiple times and has sufficient authority. Furthermore, Black Star isnt as gentle as me. Its best not to make a huge mistake, or the Underworld can grant you eternal life as well."

The crowd fell silent.

After more than ten seconds, a Revivor suddenly walked out from the crowd with a righteous expression.

"My hometown is in danger, and everyone should contribute their strength. Im ashamed to stay here and watch the show. It doesnt matter if I revive or not. I just want to join the battle!"

Everyone was surprised. They did not expect this person to be so thick-skinned.

However, the next moment, everyone followed suit. Their faces were filled with righteousness, and their facial lines became extremely firm. Even their style changed.

"Thats right. How can we allow the enemy to trample on our territory? I will offer my heart to the world I love!"

"My home has been invaded. My heart hurts too much. My sword is Black Stars sword. Im willing to die for my home!"

"Justice will never be absent!"

Everyone shouted and expressed their stance. It was as if they had all become warriors willing to protect their homeland. Their bodies were shining with righteous light, and they could not wait to rush to the battlefield.

There was no lack of people who had grudges with the three Universal Civilizations, but they knew what was more important. In the face of the temptation of eternal life, the grudges of the past could be held back for the time being, because the future was limitless.

Most Beyond Grade As had pride, but they also knew how to be flexible. In the face of almost eternal benefits, they could put aside all minor conflicts. Not many Beyond Grade As would be trapped by the past.

Oathkeeper was not surprised by the Holy Accord Revivors choice. No one knew the allure of the Sanctum Revival better than him, and he had already expected this scene.

As long as they could grasp the path of the Sanctum Revival, there was no need to care about what the Beyond Grade As were thinking. This was the lifeline of countless Beyond Grade As. If they were given a hundred chances to choose, the result would be the same.

Oathkeeper raised his hand and summoned a cluster of Soul Flames, which reflected Dylans figure. "I wonder if you can make me see you differently"

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