The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1376

Chapter 1375 Your Feud Has Nothing To Do With Me.

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This was a secondary dimension. The sky was filled with a fluttering ribbon-like aurora. A high-speed stream of light passed through it. It was the magic vehicle of Dylan and the others.

After sailing for more than a month, they had already left the area controlled by the three Universal Civilizations. The initial vigilance of Dylan and the others gradually became relaxed. A month ago, Oathkeeper had used mental projection to meet them and then disappeared. They were all Revivors of the Holy Accord and knew the effects of Soul Flame very well. They knew that Oathkeeper could only talk to them and could not lock onto their location, so they were not worried about exposing their coordinates.

"Its been so long. Its about time for Black Star to return from the Sanctum. Oathkeeper said he would tell us something valuable, so he should be here soon."

A Beyond Grade A teased the furry pet on the table and casually mentioned this.

The other person was in a small ecological area in the cabin, watering and nourishing the decorative plants. Hearing this, he turned around and smiled. "Oathkeeper seems to want to use this news to change our minds. I want to know what he will say."

The revivors in the cabin were all doing their own things, but everyone was present. All of the Beyond Grade As who left the main universe with Dylan a month ago were there. Other than their special relationship, the Beyond Grade As were not willing to submit to others, and they did not treat Dylan as their leader. The reason they had yet to part ways was mainly because of the risks of dealing with the secondary dimensions. After all, this place was still a threat to normal Beyond Grade As.

Someone turned to look at Dylan. "Im quite curious. What about you?" "Im not curious at all." Dylan closed his eyes to rest, not even bothering to open them. "Since youve chosen to leave, be firm. Youre all Beyond Grade As, dont you have any backbone? Anyway, no matter what he says, I wont go back."

Everyone laughed and was about to say something when black sparks suddenly appeared in the cabin and quickly formed Oathkeepers mental projection. Seeing this, Dylans brows twitched, and he slowly opened his eyes. The other Revivors expressions also changed slightly, and they stopped smiling. They stopped what they were doing and stared at Oathkeeper. "Youre here again." Dylan narrowed his eyes. "What, you still want to persuade me to go back?"

"Its up to you to return. Im just here to deliver the information."

Oathkeeper did not want to bother with him and turned to look at the other curious Revivors. A black flame ignited on his palm, and blurry images flashed in it, containing the information of the Sanctum Revival.

With a light flick of his finger, sparks shot out and fused into everyones foreheads, transmitting the information directly into their mind. The sequence of events was clear at a glance, and the relevant memories were released, allowing them to check.

The next moment, everyone received this information and was instantly dumbfounded. "So the Sanctum Revival isnt a one-time thing ? You and Black Star have been hiding it from us!" Many peoples expressions changed drastically as they glared at Oathkeeper. Their expressions were indescribably ugly, as though they had fallen into a pile of feces. "The choice is yours."

Oathkeeper was too lazy to say anything else. He left a sentence, deactivated his mental projection, and disappeared in front of everyone.

Seeing him leave, everyones expressions changed. One of the revivors looked around before looking at the shocked Dylan. "Everyone, Ill go back and take a look. Well meet again if fate allows it."

After saying that, he ignored everyones reaction and directly flashed out of the carrier. He raised his hand to cast a spell, summoned a fixed teleportation gate, and directly stepped in, disappearing along with the door. This became a signal. The revivors took their leave one after another, using various methods to leave. Those who were patient would say their goodbyes and those who were not would leave without saying a word. There was no need to explain anything to these temporary companions. They were all people who had been revived. They left the main universe because they thought that the one-time Sanctum Revival was useless to them, this was their last life. However, only now did they realize that this was just a scam created by the Holy Accord and Black Star. However, the reason was no longer important to them. The Sanctum Revival was almost eternal. There was nothing to hesitate about in front of this benefit.

The group of friends left one after another. Very soon, the cabin that had been quite lively a while ago became empty, leaving only Dylan alone.

He did not care about the others leaving at all. He was still immersed in shock and muttered to himself,

"No wonder, no wonder. Black Star has never cared about us, the avoidance faction. So, he had this trump card" The opportunity of eternal life was right in front of him, but Dylans expression changed, and he was extremely conflicted.

A few days later, in the conference room on the top floor of the training base.

Han Xiao sat at the head of the table and looked around at the Beyond Grade As present. Seeing that everyone was staring at him, he casually said:

"Everyone already knows about the true situation of the Sanctum Revival. I believe theres no need for me to repeat the unnecessary explanation. Everyone should have digested this information over the past few days. Today, I gathered everyone to discuss the follow-up issue of the Sanctum Revival. This will be an important trump card for us to fight the World Tree. The three Universal Civilizations are very surprised by this and have decided to continue to support us and keep it a secret for the time being" The people present nodded silently with subtle expressions.

They believed that there was indeed a surprise, but it was more of a shock. Even if they used their butts to think, they could imagine how the leaders of the three Universal Civilizations felt when they found out about this surprise.

They had been looking for Han Xiao for the past few days, but after Han Xiao used the Sanctum Revival, he had left temporarily and could not be contacted at all. He had only just returned and gathered all the Beyond Grade As in the training base. All the participating Beyond Grade As had been waiting for the meeting and immediately rushed over. Han Xiao took in everyones expressions, tapped the table, and chuckled. "By the way, lets count your opinions today and see if youre willing to continue participating in the battle. After all, from now on, participating in the battle will be linked to the revival treatment of the Sanctum. I need to record it in the register. Who knows, some people might not like this treatment, but I cant force them. After all, Im a very democratic person."

Democracy? Bah, shameless!

Everyone cursed silently.

Black Star had grasped this lifeline, and his authority had already risen to a whole new level to the point that whatever he said went. No one would be willing to give up this opportunity. Although they were complaining in their hearts, the Beyond Grade As present were still very honest and could not wait to speak. "Count me in!" "Theres no reason to give up halfway. Of course, we should continue fighting." Everyone expressed their stance enthusiastically. Initially, some from the third batch of revivors did not fight and did not participate in the interception battle. However, after seeing the substantial evidence of the Sanctum revival, they changed their minds.

Han Xiao smiled as he watched this scene. He opened a virtual screen, pulled out a memo, and recorded the names of the people who expressed their stand in front of everyone.

The temptation of the limitless Sanctum Revival is indeed something that not many people can resist. The effect is similar to what I expected

A few days ago, Han Xiao had received Oathkeepers report. Upon learning that the Revivors of the Holy Accord had also requested to come out and join the battle, he had gone to deal with the matter in the past few days. He had appeased the group of Holy Accord Revivors and said that they would only need to take action when the World Tree invaded the mainland. There was no need for them to come out now, and they could continue to hide in the dark as long as they accepted his targeted training plan. The reason those Holy Accord Revivors had stayed in seclusion was partly that they were unwilling to continue being involved in the conflict between organizations, and partly because they had a grudge against the three Universal Civilizations. However, they had all abandoned their original intentions and changed their minds. Although they spoke nicely, their actions were still realistic. Beyond Grade As who knew their own needs would make rational choices.

Of course, Han Xiao would not scoff at them. It was only human nature. Not many people could watch others enjoy such benefits without getting a share. Just as everyone was expressing their stance, the conference room door was suddenly pulled open, interrupting the meeting.

Everyone turned to look and could not help but have a playful look on their faces. They saw that the revivors of the avoidance faction who had stayed on Planet Finn had all arrived. The room immediately fell silent. This group of people who had stayed behind to avoid the battle stood by the table.

Han Xiao glanced around, put on a calm expression, and casually said, "Why are you guys here? Whats the matter?"

Hearing this, one member of the avoidance faction stepped out from the crowd and spoke loudly like the representative of everyone. "Your Excellency Black Star, after careful consideration, we have made a unanimous decision. Please allow us to join the training. We request to join the battle!" The Beyond Grade As present exchanged looks, shook their heads, and laughed, not surprised at all. Han Xiao smiled, nodded, and said, "As I said before, if you change your mind one day, we welcome you to fight alongside us." With that, he snapped his fingers, and with a flash of Mechanical Force, the conference table suddenly moved. Mechanical particles extended, and the table slowly expanded. The seats slid sideways leaving more gaps and new seats rose from the ground.

After doing this, Han Xiao pointed at the empty seats and chuckled.

"Everyone, please take a seat."

Seeing this, the revivors of the avoidance faction heaved a sigh of relief. They nodded and thanked him one after another before finding empty seats to sit down. Initially, they had wanted to watch from the sidelines as the group of association members attacked the enemy at the frontline. However, after learning the truth about the Sanctum Revival from Beiger, everyone changed their minds overnight and decided to join the battle. Initially, they were worried that Black Star would make things difficult for them, or at the very least, some people would make sarcastic remarks. However, they realized that this group of participants looked at them like it was a matter of course and no one teased them about their choice. This made their nerves relax. However, thinking about it, since they were all alike, no one would laugh at the other.

Sun Hunter glanced at them and said, "Why are there so few of you? There are still some people, right? Wheres that foul-mouthed Elf King?" "They" A former member of the avoidance faction paused for a moment before smiling helplessly." They are not willing to get involved in the war and have already left the main universe. No one can contact them."

Everyone was surprised. Not everyone knew about this. Kasuyi had hidden the news.

"Then they really made a huge loss, missing out on such a good thing." Sun Hunter clicked his tongue in wonder. The corners of many peoples mouths curled up, secretly mocking them. Since they had chosen this path, they would have to walk it even if they had to kneel. They would not feel pity for these guys who had a severe lack of judgment and ran away. "They still dont know the truth about the Sanctum Revival, right? Should we try to get them back?" Milizaus turned around and asked.

Han Xiao did not mind and said calmly, "Our association is not an organization that cannot be left once entered. They have the freedom to leave. Dont bother about them" Halfway through, he suddenly paused, chuckled, and continued. "Besides, didnt they come back on theirown?"

After saying that, everyone noticed it too. They turned to look at the bright starry sky outside the window and saw a teleportation gate spinning open. Streams of light landed on the training base.

Very soon, the sound of footsteps could be heard from afar. They were getting closer and closer. Everyone turned to look at the opened door. Under everyones gaze, all the revivors of the avoidance faction appeared at the entrance and walked in one after another. Dylan was the last. Kasuyi calmly took a sip of the Spirit Concentration Tea. The group of people that had just returned contacted him one after another since they could not find Black Star. He arranged for them to appear together today, separately from the other group that stayed behind to avoid battle. However, only he and Han Xiao knew about this.

"Yo, we were just talking about you guys. Didnt you say you were going to stay away from the war? Why are you back?"

Sun Hunter winked and teased. The others also had a mocking expression on their faces. Their eyes kept sweeping past Dylan, who was at the end of the line. They still remembered that Dylan was the most determined member of the avoidance faction. They could still remember how he had slammed the table and objected to the battle in the past, but now, he was silent, expressionless, and looking straight ahead. It was as if he saw everyone else as air and did not even look at them after entering the room. Dylan ignored Sun Hunter and looked at Han Xiao. "Black Star, we wish to participate in the war. Do you agree?" The others stopped talking and turned to look at Han Xiao, waiting for his decision.

Han Xiao looked at this group of people and knocked on the table. Another batch of empty seats appeared on the ground.

"Have a seat."

Seeing this, the group of people finally relaxed, not daring to look into Han Xiaos eyes. They quickly sat down after bowing. Seeing that Han Xiao had no intention of talking to him, the anxiety in Dylans heart dissipated a little. He found a seat and sat down obediently.

Before he came back, he had been worried about being punished. After all, he had always been against the war, so it was very likely that Black Star was not willing to accept him. He did not have much confidence and felt that he would be mocked no matter what. He did not expect Black Star to treat him the same way, as though he did not care about him at all. This time, Sun Hunter curled his lips and looked at Dylan with disdain. "Tsk tsk, didnt you say that you would never regret it? Didnt you say that you have a deep grudge? Werent you quite stubborn? I am disappointed in you."

Dylan did not mind. He could not help but retort, "Do I need you to think highly of me? Whatever I do is my freedom. Cant I change my mind? To make you think highly of me, I have to give up the chance to live forever? Who do you think you are?" He had always done what he wanted. If he cared about what others thought, he would not have died so miserably in the past. After a series of internal conflicts, he finally chose the opportunity to live forever. Although the hatred in the past was unforgettable, it did not blind his rationality. He was not willing to fight for the three Universal Civilizations. Hatred was one factor, and another was the lack of benefits. Now that the truth of the Sanctum revival was right in front of him, he naturally knew which was more important. There were endless possibilities as long as he was alive. The disdain of others did not hinder him from making the right decision. "Humph, Ill kill you one day." Sun Hunter snorted coldly and turned around, too lazy to argue with this guy. The others also looked away. For the sake of important benefits, not many Beyond Grade As would be affected by the opinions of others. It was fine to tease them in their hearts, but there was nothing to look down on since they could understand their choice.

Han Xiao ignored them and waited for everyone to quiet down before continuing with the main topic. Not long after, the simple meeting ended, and everyone dispersed. Just as Dylan was about to leave, Han Xiaos voice sounded from behind him. "Stay for a while." Everyone paused and looked back at the calm Han Xiao with a contemplative look. They then sped up and left the room, leaving only the two of them. Dylans expression froze, and he turned around to look at Han Xiao. He did not dare meet Han Xiaos indifferent gaze, so he forced himself to ask, "Whats the matter?"

Han Xiao tilted his head and pretended to be confused. "You incited the members to leave the association. Dont tell me you think this matter is over just like that?" "What do you want to do?" Dylans heart skipped a beat. Although he had a foul mouth, that was because of his personality. He was not really afraid of anything Han Xiao did not reply immediately. "Your past was indeed tragic. However, this isnt an excuse for your repeated incitement. Are you the only one here who has a grudge against the three Universal Civilizations? But you are the only one who jumped the gun like this.

I dont care about your hatred. Thats your private matter. How you deal with it has nothing to do with me. I dont pity you either. You deserve to be beaten to death. I only care about whether my plan can be carried out as usual, whether the battle can progress smoothly. Youve obstructed me many times, you should pay a price" "Ive already let go of my hatred and am willing to come back and work for the three Universal Civilizations. What else do you want

Dylan said with a deep voice. "What does it have to do with me whether you let go of your hatred or not? Do you think that just because youve overcome your own difficulties, Ill let you have your way? If theres no chance of eternal life, will you come back? Im only concerned about whether you can be of use!"

Han Xiao did not buy it.

"But you came back of your own accord, and you did make the right choice. No path leads to darkness, so Im giving you a chance."

"What are you going to do?"

Dylan clenched his fists and backed away carefully. "If you hadnt taken the initiative to return today, I would have hunted you down and not let you have the chance to encounter the World Tree and leak intelligence. I believe your companions would have been very happy to expose your route. After you had died, I would have sent you to the Underworld to serve the war forever. "However, Im very satisfied with your return, so I wont kill you. But I still need to send an unstable factor like you to the Underworld, but I promise that after the war ends, I will remove your heroic spirit status and use the Sanctum Revival to return you to normal. You will also obtain eternal life in the future"

As he spoke, Han Xiao slowly stood up, rubbed his fists, and narrowed his eyes. "I hope you can fight back. You talk senselessly all the time. Ive always wanted to beat you up and cure your mouth!"

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