The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1377

Chapter 1376 Violent Beating And Establishing Power

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"What do you think Black Star intends to do, making that annoying bastard stay behind?"

The Beyond Grade As walked out of the conference room and left along the corridor. Sun Hunters tiny body floated midair as he followed the crowd.

Kant shrugged and fiddled with the thrusters on the back of Manisons Lords Avatar. "Its definitely not anything good."

Secret Master looked down at the light of the enchantment tattoo and said calmly,

"I did divination just now. Dylans luck is dark, and there seems to be a bloody disaster."

"Hmm, looks like Black Star is planning to teach him a lesson. He deserves to be beaten


Sun Hunter smacked his lips and chuckled.

Just as they were guessing, there was a loud explosion behind them!


A powerful shockwave suddenly came from behind, causing everyone to stagger.

The Beyond Grade As turned around in surprise, only to see that the corridor they had come from had exploded into pieces. The conference room was at the center of the explosion, and it had already turned into a huge hole. The changes in the internal and external pressure exerted a shocking suction force, sucking away a large pile of junk. Two streams of light intertwined and soared into the sky, instantly entering the universe. The group of people looked up in surprise and realized that the psionic energy in the sky was exploding, and magic power was surging. Han Xiao was fighting with Dylan. His black robe danced, and dark blue psionic energy shot out, colliding with the spells that Dylan was continuously releasing.

"Whoa, theyre fighting!"

"Hit him hard, Black Star. I support you mentally!" "Count me in. Punch him a few times on my behalf."

Be it the association members or the direct members of the civilization, all of them had gathered. They looked up at the two people fighting in the sky through the open hole. With Dylans lacking social relations, no one went up to help him. Everyone was watching the show with gloating expressions.

In outer space, Dylan kept trying to pull away from Han Xiao, but he was stuck to him. Because it was a close-range attack, Dylan could not react in time and was flustered. His fair face was punched a few times and was slightly swollen.

Dylan hurriedly took out a magic tool, and his magic power circulated along the complicated circuits. The elven secret skill was released, and thin blue and green light ribbons quickly extended out. They were densely packed, and the light rays almost solidified, wrapping around Han Xiaos hands and feet, flashing countless elven inscriptions.

Taking advantage of the short duration of control, Dylan quickly activated the short-range teleportation enchantment. With a flash of light, a large distance was opened up, and he hurriedly raised his hand to cast a spell to construct a long-distance transportation door.

He was not willing to sit back and do nothing, nor did he want to fight it out with Han Xiao, so he only wanted to escape as soon as possible.

However, the door had just emitted a spark when Han Xiao tore apart his control spell and shattered his weapon. He then used Void Hyperdrive to appear beside Dylan.

The next moment, an elbow condensed with psionic energy slammed into Dylans magic shield. The powerful force instantly shattered the shield into pieces of light, and the unhindered iron elbow slammed into Dylans chest.


A dull vibration spread from the point of impact. Dylans eyes bulged out, and he felt as if a huge force was crushing his internal organs. Many of his bones broke, his chest caved in, and his back suddenly swelled up


A gush of blood rushed up to his throat, and Dylan could not help but cough out a mouthful of blood. Enduring the pain, he quickly activated Phase Void Transformation, instantly avoiding Han Xiaos headbutt.

However, before he could use this opportunity to cast a spell, a mechanical palm wrapped in a pale white light quickly attacked him. The force field emitted by the Phase Stabilization device instantly neutralized his spell. The large hand immediately grabbed onto the physical body and held onto his throat. Immediately after, a storm of fists quickly enlarged in Dylans vision.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

In just a blink of an eye, Dylan had lost count of the number of punches he had received on his face. He felt as if his head had become a sandbag that someone had hit crazily. Parts of his head caved in, and his entire body deflated. Waves of shock penetrated through his skin, muscles, and bones, penetrating deep into his brain. His brain was almost shaken into foam-like matter. "Get lost!"

Dylan gritted his teeth, and his magic power flowed into his mind through a specific circuit, stimulating his mind. The dizzy negative status was cleared, and he regained his focused state. Without a word, he raised his hand and cast five instant-cast spells. Amidst the flow of magic, the five spells instantly formed a combo. A shield that specialized in defending against melee attacks was formed again, barely blocking a few chain attacks. Following this, an escape spell broke free from the control, followed by a high-level Body Immobilization spell, which blocked Han Xiao for an instant. Then, the shockwave from the explosion of magic power pushed him away, and he used a Starlight Evasion skill to slide out, pulling away from Han Xiao again. After finally getting a chance to catch his breath, Dylan quickly activated the healing magic that the elves were good at and healed his body. However, after receiving a series of heavy blows, his originally handsome face was now swollen like a pigs head.

"Although this guy, Dylan, is annoying, he still has some ability. Its a pity that the opponent this time is someone outside the norm. Hes definitely unlucky."

The Beyond Grade As below watched the show while whispering

Pinnacle Beyond Grade A Mages were known for their rich means. As an arcane master who had left his name in history, Dylan naturally knew countless spells. Unfortunately, these spells could only allow him to struggle for more time and had no other use. As a peak Beyond Grade A, Han Xiaos energy level far exceeded his.

Seeing that Dylan was being beaten up, everyones enthusiasm soared. If not for their status, they might have cheered loudly. If not for knowing about Han Xiaos abilities, they would have thought that Dylan was being beaten up by a Pugilist when they saw the close combat suppression earlier.

This time, Han Xiaos energy surged and shattered the runes of the high-level Body Immobilization spell. He summoned the dimensional army box. A black army surged out, finally showing the style of a Mechanic.

Dylans heart skipped a beat, and he did not dare to be distracted anymore. He quickly chanted incantations, and powerful forbidden spells flew out one after another, turning into magic artillery that bombarded the endless mechanical army. The colorful but fatal explosions burst out in the sea of machinery.

However, the performance of Han Xiaos mechanical soldiers was already extremely shocking, and with the support of his extremely high Machinery Affinity, there was no way that Dylan could cut through them. The toughness of the soldiers was like a nightmare, and most of his attacks were blocked by the mechanical armys shields and armor.

Switching to the Mechanics group fight mode, the battle entered a rhythm that Han Xiao was familiar with. Dylan was surrounded, and he could not escape no matter how hard he tried. The mechanical army, on the other hand, moved back and forth like a rag wiping a stubborn stain.

After enduring the attacks time and time again, Dylans aura slowly slid down from its peak and gradually weakened. He tried to open a stable transportation door again and again, but all the spatial fluctuations dissipated.

He was already an arrow at the end of its flight, struggling as he drowned in the sea of machinery. With his endless magic, he only lasted for a while.

Finally, the flickering magic shield could no longer withstand the attacks of the Apostle Weapons and shattered.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The next moment, laser beams penetrated his body, leaving charred wounds on his body, and turning his body into a beehive.

However, although Mages were fragile, the life force of a peak Beyond Grade A was not so easily destroyed.

Han Xiao waved his hand, and a few Apostle Weapons escorted the heavily wounded Dylan into the broken conference room. They then arrived in front of the many Beyond Grade As who had been watching the battle.

Everyone looked at the miserable look on Dylans face and grinned in secret. Dylan had no friends.

Sun Hunter floated over to Dylans head, grabbed a bunch of hair, and pulled it off. "Arent you very arrogant? Why dont you talk some more?"

"He was beaten up by you. I hope he can learn to keep a low profile in the future." Beiger shook his head.

Aurora could not bear to see him like this. She grabbed a ball of life energy and asked, "Do you need me to heal him?".

Han Xiao waved his hands and said casually,

"Theres no need. I was just about to kill him."

As soon as he said that, the atmosphere changed slightly, and the smiles on everyones faces disappeared.

They had thought that Han Xiao only wanted to teach Dylan a lesson, so they had been enjoying the show. However, now that they knew that Han Xiao wanted his life, their expressions turned serious.

"You want to kill him? Although this guy is quite annoying, its not enough to take his life, right?" Sun Hunters tone was doubtful.

Oulou agreed and said with surprise, "This guy is quite strong. Since hes willing to join the battle, why kill him? Furthermore, youll have to revive him sooner or later. Isnt this unnecessary Dont tell me you dont plan to revive him ?"

For a moment, many people spoke up, expressing their objections.

Although they hated him, most Beyond Grade As did not want to kill him, not because they had any relationship, but because it involved their own interests. Although the Sanctum Revival was their lifeline, no one wanted to see Black Star kill a Beyond Grade A just because of this.

Han Xiao looked around and was not surprised at all.

The truth of the Sanctum Revival was a double-edged sword. The Beyond Grade As tolerated him because he was strong enough, but it did not mean that they had become obedient.

From the start to the end, these Beyond Grade As were all beasts that had never been tamed.

The chance of eternal life was very tempting. Some Beyond Grade As could let go of their pride, but they would not completely give up their dignity and bottom line. It was best for everyone to live in harmony, and everyone was willing to listen to his orders within the bottom line. However, if he went too far, then the Beyond Grade As would not submit to him and remain indifferent.

The purpose of participating in the battle in exchange for the revival quota was to unite against the outside world. It was a reasonable request, so everyone could accept it. However, it did not mean that the Beyond Grade As would obey all orders unconditionally. Although everyone cherished the opportunity to live forever, they had not become subordinates to be completely controlled by others.

Once the truth of the Sanctum Revival was revealed, it would no longer be a private matter but public interest in the eyes of the Beyond Grade As. It could be controlled by one person, but it could not be completely privatized.

If they wanted to use this channel to gain absolute control over the Beyond Grade As, the result would most likely be the Beyond Grade As working together to snatch the Sanctum Revival control.

They could either fight alone or rope in a group of Beyond Grade As to deal with the rebels. This way, it would be the route of the Celestial Star Alliance.

Han Xiao was well aware of this, and he did not plan to control everyone.

"Dylan has destroyed the internal unity many times, so hes an unstable factor. This time, he brought others to leave the association, which has already proved his instability. What if he had accidentally leaked the information? Seeing that he took the initiative to come back, Ill reduce his responsibility. However, for the sake of the war, I plan to send him to the Underworld temporarily and let him enjoy the normal revival treatment after the war ends.

Everyone, please bear witness to prevent me from going back on my word in the future."

Hearing this, everyone quietened down and exchanged looks.

They were against killing for no reason, but at the same time, they felt that Black Stars words made sense.

Thinking back to Dylans performance, letting this foul-mouthed guy enter the Underworld for a while might be a good choice. The world would be quite peaceful. Thinking of this, everyone retreated and did not stop him.

Seeing this, Dylan was in complete despair. He coughed out a large mouthful of charred blood, and his aura withered.

"Since no one has any objections, I shall take action."

Han Xiao turned around and signaled the troops.


The next moment, Psionic Primes spear stabbed the back of Dylans head and destroyed his last chance of survival.

Hila immediately raised her hand to capture Dylans soul, then disappeared from where she was with Aurora. They entered the Underworld and transformed Dylans spirit body.

Han Xiao looked at Kasuyi, pointed at the hole in the ceiling, and said, "Dont forget to get someone to fix the conference room."

With that, he changed into King and teleported away.

Seeing the mechanical army dragging away Dylans corpse, the Beyond Grade As present were all shocked.

After thinking about it for a while, everyone felt that Black Star was deliberately killing Dylan in front of them to show his might. Black Stars hidden intent was that although he did not want to use the revival quota to control the Beyond Grade As, he did not want them to think that they could do whatever they wanted with the Sanctum Revival. He was not going to pay for the mistakes of others.

Originally, they had received the unlimited revival quota promised by Black Star through participating in the battle, and they were all very excited. Now that they had finally calmed down, some dangerous thoughts that had been sprouting in their minds were put on the reins.

The group composed themselves and dispersed.

In the Underworld Dimension.

Dylans soul was suspended midair, Hila and Aurora were manipulating the power of the Underworld and continuously pouring it into Dylans body to modify the form of his spirit body. Meanwhile, the Nine Great Hero Spirit Kings were watching from the side.

With a flash of light, Han Xiao teleported over. The moment he appeared, he attracted Dylans furious gaze.

"Black Star! I took the initiative to return and join the battle, but you killed me. You and I are irreconcilable!"

Dylan cursed and gritted his teeth. Han Xiao did not mind and clicked his tongue. "You looked like you were half dead just now, but you look very energetic after your death."

"Youre shameless! Youre shameless! I believe youre really blind! I"

Before he could finish, Hila silenced him with an expressionless face.

Han Xiao shrugged, turned to look at Sorokin and the others, and said, "This guy will be the tenth Hero Spirit King in the future. Teach him a little more and let him reflect on what it means to cause trouble with words."

With the rise in seniority, Sorokin was in a good mood.

"How strong is this guy?"

"Peak Beyond Grade A Mage, once the Elf Races Holy King. His combat strength is quite good, and you might not even be his match. He is just a little bit weaker than me," Han Xiao said casually.

"The quality of the rookies this time is not bad," Sorokin replied.

Han Xiao ignored him and turned to look at the roaring Dylan.

This way, the Underworld Hero Spirit Kings would become one of the Ten Great Generals. With such a lively fellow, Sorokin and the others lives would be more colorful.

Without looking at the Heroic Spirit Modification Ceremony of the two sisters, Han Xiao opened the interface and looked at the mission list. Dylans Beyond Grade A Challenge Mission was shining brightly. "Mage I wonder what abilities I can draw"

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