The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1378

Chapter 1377 Shaken A Ridiculous Ability

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On the other side, the direct Beyond Grade As left the venue together, still thinking about how Dylan had died.

"Black Star is really domineering. He killed a peak Beyond Grade A just like that."

Reeve clicked her tongue and snorted.

"He wants to set a good example. Its quite unlucky for Dylan to have been chosen to establish dominance, but he deserves it."

Clotti looked straight ahead and said with a calm tone.

"I saw those revivors running away in fear just now. Isnt Black Star afraid of scaring them away?"

"If they run again, theyll have to follow in Dylans footsteps. Also, will they be willing to leave?"

Clotti shook his head.

This time, Oulou rubbed his chin and said with a worried expression,

"Black Star is in control of this channel and has tied up almost all the Beyond Grade As with his benefits. The power of the association can no longer be restricted, and the problem of the Beyond Grade A imbalance can no longer be solved"

Hearing this, many of the direct descendants were worried about the future of the three Universal Civilizations.


It was the war period now, so Black Star provided recovery services to the advanced civilizations. However, in the long run, if they could get rid of the pressure from the foreign enemies, they did not know if Black Star would still be willing to sell the recovery slots. At that time, they might lose the benefits of the Sanctum Revival, and the difference in strength between them would only grow.

Now that the association had an independent political position and astonishing strength coupled with the contributions and reputation of participating in the war, it was very difficult for the three Universal Civilizations to do anything else. They had dug a grave for themselves and even if they had tears in their eyes, they had to jump into it. No one knew how the upper echelons would deal with such a behemoth of an organization.

"The only way to break out of this situation is probably to develop the Sanctum Revival. Its a pity that I dont know how long it will take."

Oulou sighed.

The Sanctum Revivals now had a fatal attraction, and some direct descendants in the crowd were tempted. After all, the treatment of the two was worlds apart.

While everyone was worried, Hilbert did not say a word, but his eyes constantly twinkled.

As a retiree who had completed his military service and felt that he had fulfilled his duty to the three Universal Civilizations, he was very interested in the treatment of the association. When compared to the benefit of the Sanctum Revival, the retirement treatment that he had paid using his life was worth nothing

Although he had the patience to wait for the three Universal Civilizations to come out with their own Sanctum Revival, with his understanding of the three Universal Civilizations, he knew that it would not be a free lunch. In his opinion, the three Universal Civilizations would probably set some terms as restrictions, such as continuing to serve the civilization.

However, this would only work in an ideal situation where there were no competitors. Now that there were relaxed revival rules of the association for comparison, Hilbert felt that even if the three Universal Civilizations managed to revive the Sanctum, they would most likely have no choice but to reduce the price. They would not dare set conditions that were too harsh since the existence of the association would force them to increase the benefits for their descendants.

With this in mind, Hilbert glanced at everyone with a disapproving look.

It was really funny. These people were still here "worrying about the country and the people" but did not know that the existence of the association was also their blessing.

"Struggling for the interests of the entire Beyond Grade A class he has been carrying out the purpose of the association."

Hilberts eyes flickered with admiration.

Since he had already retired, joining the association was not a bad choice

Two days later, in the Army Commanders office.

Han Xiao sat on his large chair, casually scrolling through the virtual screen to check the reactions of the Beyond Grade As in the past two days. He was quite satisfied. After he revealed the truth about the Sanctum Revival, the morale of the Beyond Grade As was high. They were originally a little relaxed, but now, they were even more determined, and their fighting spirit was unprecedentedly high. Even their training had improved a notch.

"Although this kind of cohesion can only be triggered through such a request, its enough."

Han Xiao knocked on the armrest of the chair, deep in thought.

He did not pursue the so-called absolute control but only wanted to achieve his goal. Therefore, he did not have any intention of taming a portion of the Beyond Grade As. Up till now, he had already made his stance clear through his actions. With the benefits that he had offered, there was no need for him to use any more methods.

Han Xiao suddenly thought of something and chuckled.

"This should be the most united Beyond Grade A group in history. If only we could always be united."

As he spoke, he shook his head and laughed. After all, it was an unrealistic fantasy. They were divided internally and had different ideals. Only benefits were eternal. It was destined that only benefits could bind everyone to a place. Oh, not everyone. Almost all the surviving Beyond Grade As had been attracted over, but there were still exceptions. The Avengers from Pangon had never contacted the Holy Accord and did not say that they had returned to participate in the battle. Their civilization had been destroyed, and their hatred was much deeper than Dylans. They had long decided to sacrifice their lives for revenge. Although the Sanctum Revival was tempting, it would not make them give up on revenge.

The main reason was that they knew that as long as they did not give up on revenge, Black Star would not revive them to let them continue causing trouble. Pangon did not want to come back and implicate the association, so he simply ignored them.

The front line did not lack these few combatants, and Han Xiao did not want to revive these troublesome fellows, so he let them be. He did not call them back on purpose, not wanting to give them a way out.

"Tsk, theyre pretty firm about their ideals. Hopefully, you guys can keep it up."

Han Xiao curled his lips.

These avengers had set their sights on their goal and were not tempted by the Sanctum Revival. However, with Han Xiaos position, he no longer had any admiration for them. Everyone had their ambitions. The choices of Pangon and the others as well as Dylan did not matter to him.

He was satisfied that these people were sensible and did not bring him any trouble.

Sitting in this position, he had too many responsibilities. He did not have the time to indulge others in war, class benefits, and dealing with the three Universal Civilizations. Everything had to be focused on the goal. Whoever caused trouble for him, he would not hesitate to stop them. All the difficulties and reasons were meaningless. Why should he understand other peoples difficulties if they would not understand him first?

Therefore, for the past two days, Dylan had been cursing and swearing in the Underworld, but Han Xiao could not be bothered to talk with him.

Previously, Han Xiao had deliberately promised to let him go in front of everyone and get them to monitor him before deciding how to deal with him. This had given him hope, so no matter how he behaved, as long as Han Xiao could hold on to this point, the former would have no choice but to do his job obediently.

However, this guy has provided me with an interesting ability Han Xiao calmed himself down, opened the interface, and looked at the skill list with a weird expression.

Two days ago, he had already settled the mission reward. Perhaps it was because Harrison had spent all the luck that he had accumulated over this period, but he did not get anything good from touching the backup Feidin this time. They were all ordinary skills, except for one

(Taunting Habit): After you activate the skill, it will be easier for the other party to misunderstand your language. -50% increase in Favorability, +100% decrease in Favorability. When you communicate with the enemy in battle, the enemy will have a higher chance of targeting you. (Judgement probability depends on Charm, Luck, and Favorability. The lower the related stats, the easier it is to become the target of hatred). No Energy consumption, buff lasts for 3 minutes each time you activate before it can be deactivated. No cooldown.

"No wonder this guy is so annoying. He probably never turned this skill off before, right?"

Every time he saw this ability introduction and thought about Dylans daily performance, Han Xiao could not help but ponder.

Was it because of Dylans habit of having a foul mouth that resulted in this ability, or was it because of this ability that caused Dylan to have a foul mouth? This was a question of whether the chicken or the egg came first.

Putting these factors aside, Han Xiao was quite satisfied with the effect of the skill.

The Taunt skill was not a common skill but was rather rare in the Star Sea. The biggest difficulty for players to fight a BOSS was that intelligent beings did not have a rigid aggro system. If they wanted to pull monsters, they could only use tactical cooperation. There was no rough and simple taunting method. The most common ability to attract aggro was the mental guidance of Mages or Psychics, hinting to the enemy which targets they wanted to hit, but it was often rendered immune due to the BOSS mental resilience.

"There really are all kinds of strange things in the vast universe. Even chatting can create some decent skills I have to use my skills more in the future."

Han Xiao raised his brow.

My style is becoming more and more like a qualified MT. I feel that if this goes on, my Galaxy Chief Mechanic title will change to become the number one tank in the universe!

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