The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1379

Chapter 1378 For The Lucky Even Their Advanced Missions Are Different

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On the other side, in the Super Star Cluster conference room.

"The Sanctum Revival What a terrifying power. Hehe, the three Universal Civilizations are probably in a terrible state."

Compared to the heavy atmosphere of the three Universal Civilizations leaders, the Super Star Cluster leaders were overjoyed. As the rulers of the explored universe, the three Universal Civilizations were hostile to all existences that could shake their rule. As the pursuers, the Super Star Cluster Alliance hoped for some factors that would affect the current status quo to appear.

Originally, Black Star had only relied on the one-time Sanctum Revival to bring the association to such a level. Now that he had finally shown the true effect of the Sanctum Revival, the Beyond Grade A Association instantly became many times more difficult to deal with. The more unhappy the three Universal Civilizations were, the happier the Super Star Cluster Alliance would be.

"Black Star obtained an independent political position from the three Universal Civilizations, akin to that of an advanced civilization. With Black Stars strength and the associations strength, the galactic society might be able to form a stable tripartite structure in the future. We, the three Universal Civilizations, and the association will balance each other. This is good news for us." The leader of the Star Arc Civilization breathed out in relief.

"It should be the Pseudo version of the Tripartite. We still have a ways to go before we can catch up to the three Universal Civilizations, but the association has the Sanctum Revival, and we have a lot of resources. If we cooperate more closely, we wont have to fear the suppression of the three Universal Civilizations. The galactic society is no longer under their control, "Someone corrected with a smile.

One of the Modo Three Kings said with a depressed voice, "Its too early to say all this. The premise is that the three Universal Civilizations win this war. Otherwise, all of this will be empty talk."

"Thats true. With the enemy before us, we cant celebrate too early." Someone nodded in agreement.

At this moment, the leader of the Star Arc Civilization knocked on the table, before speaking out.

"In about eleven years, the World Tree will attack the mainland. At that time, we will see if we should evacuate the explored universe. This period is enough for us to make preparations and keep it a secret. Dont let anyone know of our plan."

Hearing this, everyone nodded.

The Super Star Cluster Alliance had always been considering the possibility of migrating with the help of the war. This was a plan that they had long decided on. During the interception war, they had secretly started to build secret stargates in their respective civilizations, connecting them to the Super Star Cluster Civilizations at the border. Once they started to migrate, they would be able to directly arrive at their departure point from their capital territories. At the same time, they used taking refuge as an excuse to gather most of the population and manage. As long as they started the plan, they would be able to migrate everyone efficiently. A large number of resources were also secretly stored, and some of the shipyards under them had been secretly mass-producing starships during the interception war to prepare for the long-distance migration.

Everything was in full preparation. The Super Star Cluster Alliance had planned to start after the World Tree invaded their territory. They would observe the situation and decide if they wanted to escape.

"If the three Universal Civilizations are defeated, Black Star and the others will not be destroyed together with them. They will retreat. At that time, we might have a chance to take over the Beyond Grade A Association"

Someone whispered.

The leader of the Star Arc Civilization rubbed his finger and shook his head. "Hmm, you cant say that. If we migrate to another area we will become the new ruler. An existence like the association will also become a threat to us. Therefore, if the three Universal Civilizations explode, its best that we dont contact the association. Its not bad to live our own lives."

He sounded like he was saying, "Lets split our luggage and go our separate ways. You go back to your Quicksand River, and I go back to my hometown." Everyone could not help but laugh.

Although they were envious of the Beyond Grade As and the Sanctum Revival channel of the association, they knew that they would not have the chance to obtain such benefits.

The Super Star Cluster Alliance did not have the confidence and base strength of the three Universal Civilizations, and they were even more afraid that the Beyond Grade A Association would take over their territory. After all, their strength was weaker than the three Universal Civilizations. If they entered a migration period without any rules or regulations, the Beyond Grade A groups that could continuously revive would have the power to overthrow their regime. Therefore, if everyone had to evacuate one day, then parting ways would make them feel more at ease.

"Speaking of which, Black Star is truly a talent. He successfully fooled the three Universal Civilizations, and the current situation we see now has his shadow behind every step. In just a few decades, the Beyond Grade As already possess such strength, breaking the stalemate. Its not an easy task."

The leader of the Star Arc Civilization sighed softly, his tone filled with admiration and fear.

Although their relationship with Black Star often changed, from a personal perspective, the leader of the Star Arc Civilization and most of the Super Star Cluster leaders present mostly admired Black Star.

Everyone had carefully read Black Stars file. If they had not witnessed everything with their own eyes, they would never have imagined that a bumpkin from the surface civilization would rise from the bottom and reach the top in just a hundred years.

It was a pity that such a person was not born in their civilization. If not for the fact that Planet Aquamarine was under Black Stars protection, they would have dissected this planet to see why there were three Beyond Grade As.

The leader of the Star Arc Civilization changed into a more comfortable position and sighed. "I dont have any hopes for the association now. I just hope that they can sell us more revivals Speaking of which, the Sanctum revivals are unlimited. Will Black Star lower the price for us now?"

Everyone tilted their heads and pondered.

At the training base, the Calamity Grade combat training ground.

Energy surged, and light flashed. Five figures surrounded Hadavy. All kinds of attacks landed on his body and exploded into light fragments. They could only leave faint marks on his tough body and could not break through his defense.

The continuous sound of explosions mixed with Hadavys laughter.

"Hahahaha-useless, useless, useless! Your attacks are nothing compared to His Excellency Black Stars Apostle Weapons. Theres no way they can break through my defense!"

Just from the tone of his voice, it sounded like he was fighting against five Calamity Grades alone. However, upon closer inspection, the five Calamity Grades were beating Hadavy up like a rubber ball.

On the spectator stands in the sky, many Calamity Grades looked down at the trembling training ground with strange expressions.

"He can still be so arrogant after being beaten up. Looks like he has learned the essence of what makes up the Army Commander."

"This guy is indeed the Black Star Guard that has followed His Excellency Black Star for decades."

Everyone chatted casually.

The Black Star Army had once harvested hundreds of Beyond Grade A seeds, and most of the spectators were members of the army. However, not only were they watching the show, but they were also waiting to beat Hadavy up.

After decades of training by Han Xiao, Hadavys Esper Ability had been developed to an astonishing level. He was used to being beaten by a Beyond Grade A Apostle Weapon, and normal Calamity Grade attacks were nothing to him. Even the weaker Calamity Grades would be able to break through his defenses.

Thus, Hadavy became a human sandbag in the training base. Many Calamity Grade students were willing to use him to test how far away they were from the Beyond Grade As. As long as they could beat Hadavy to the point that he screamed, it would mean that they were half a step away from the Calamity Grade.

The beating lasted for quite a while, and the five attackers stopped while panting. Hadavy immediately got up from the ground and pretended to pat the non-existent dust on his body. He shook his finger at the five of them and snorted.

"Thats it? I dont feel anything yet. Lets practice a little more and try to make me feel like dying next time."

"Why do you always say such ambiguous words?" A Calamity Grade wiped his sweat and could not help but complain, "Is this the organizational culture of your Black Star Army?"

"A crooked stick will have a crooked shadow," another person agreed.

"Horsing around is one thing, but spouting nonsense is another. Dont joke about my dear Army Commander," Sylvia, who was participating in the siege, said to her friend.

Hearing this, Hadavy looked at her and patted his chest.

"You quit your job as Chief Administrative Official, and youve been training behind closed doors for so long. Why havent you made any progress? I think youd better not waste your time training here. You definitely wont become a Beyond Grade A."

Hearing this, Sylvia turned her head and said with a face full of disdain, "You have the cheek to say that about me. With your single ability, even if you become a Beyond Grade A, you will still be at the bottom."

"At the very least, I have the ticket to immortality."

Hadavy looked like a dead pig that was not afraid of boiling water. Ever since the truth of the Sanctum Revival was revealed, such words could no longer hurt his heart.

To enjoy the revival of the Sanctum, he did not even play his favorite Wayne Cards anymore. Lagi had called him a few times, but he had rejected him.

Speaking of which, the number of people playing cards had decreased by 99% recently. Only Lagi was still pulling people in, but the frequency had also decreased. People often saw Lagi training in the magic training ground as well. His training duration had increased by ten times!

This was a sight that was hard to come by in ten years. Many of the officers who knew him were shocked and felt encouraged.

Even Lagi was working hard, what right do you have to be lazy?!

This time, a few more Calamity Grades jumped down from the sky and landed on the ground. "Alright, stop chatting. Were still queuing. Its our turn. Hadavy, do you want to take a break?"

Hadavy patted his chest and said in a booming voice,

"What are you resting for? These people are useless. Im still thirsty. Come, face me!"

"I told you not to be ambiguous!"

The group roared.

While the Calamity Grade Supers were sparring, Feidin, who was deep in training, suddenly opened his eyes. A gleam flashed past. In that instant, it was as if some invisible boundary had been broken. A deep shiver from the depths of his cells started from his brain and slowly spread through his entire body inch by inch as if every cell was crying out in joy and desire.

Immediately after, the cells in his body started to stir, like water that was being heated up. "This feeling Im going to be promoted?!" Feidin was pleasantly surprised. He could not be wrong about this feeling of being elevated to the next level. However, the feeling this time was different from the previous Promotions. This time, it was dozens of times stronger, causing his body to tremble uncontrollably. His psychic energy also gushed out uncontrollably, sweeping around the room like a storm.

At this time, the Soul Swapper on him suddenly sensed something and began to vibrate at a high frequency. Black ripples appeared on the Soul Swapper. The Soul Swapper was contaminated with Psychic energy, and a subtle fusion was formed. The originally formless and colorless Psychic energy seemed to have been drawn to the edge of the Soul Swapper, and as if being traced out, the edges turned black.

Before Feidin could even react, he realized that his psychic energy seemed to have reached into an unknown realm, and countless voices began clamoring from his soul.


Feidin cried out in pain, feeling as though his head was about to explode.

Amid the pain, a piece of information appeared in his mind. He realized that he had sensed an unknown existence, and a strong intuition was guiding him. The path to ascension was here.

It was a pity that Han Xiao did not see it at the moment, or else he would have sighed. He was very familiar with this rare treasure!

As expected of a child blessed by the heavens, even the Promotion Mission was different from the others. If he was here, he would have to interview Feidin and see what it was like to be one of the three thousand faces of the Goddess of Luck.

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