The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1380

Chapter 1379 Opportunity For Sublimation Soul Terminal

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"You said that not only did you sense the opportunity of sublimation, but the Soul Swapper also changed causing your psychic power to mutate?"

In the private workshop, Han Xiao turned around and looked at Feidin with a strange expression.

"Thats right, Im also very surprised. The Soul Connection level has increased by a level, and part of the Soul Swappers characteristic is added to my Psychic powers. In addition, I can vaguely sense the existence of a secondary dimension, and my intuition leads me there."

Feidin shook his head in resignation.

Whats with that helpless expression of yours? Why do you find it so troublesome when youve had a fortuitous encounter? Is this what it means to be favored by the heavens? How beautiful.

Han Xiao said in his mind.

Speaking of which, he had used (Bold Explorer) to look at the origin of the Soul Swapper before, and it was not that rare. It was an artificial product, but it might have formed a connection with a secondary dimension when it transformed into a Space Wonder.

He guessed that once a suitable person touched the Beyond Grade A sublimation, they would be able to activate this hidden benefit. The possibility was quite high.

No wonder the Soul Swapper was so eager to be pampered by Feidin. It turned out that it was because it saw the opportunity to unlock its new form in Feidin.

Han Xiao then poked Feidin. Feidins main purpose for coming to report was to accept his physical examination.

The moment he poked, combat information popped up on the interface.

Han Xiao looked at Feidin and realized that Feidin had a new energy attribute that involved the soul. At the same time, he had two new talents. One was the bonus from the Soul Swappers mutation, which increased his Psychic Strength and other attributes. The other talent was a question mark and was still in a gray frozen state.

This was literally the scenario of sitting at home, talents descending from the sky Tsk, what was this?

Han Xiao coughed and said,

"Since its your intuition that leads you to that secondary dimension, you can go over and take a look. Did you get a sense of direction or specific coordinates?"

"Coordinates," Feidin replied with a nod.

"Oh, thats convenient. Theres no need to spend too much time on the journey. However, most people get a sense of direction. Your coordinates should be the information recorded by the Soul Swapper. Lets set off after I pack up."

As he spoke, Han Xiao prepared to put away the technology he was studying and summon the carrier.

However, Feidin shook his head and rejected.

"Black Star, I have a feeling that this is my own training. If you follow me, I wont have any sense of danger. Ill go alone."

Han Xiao paused and said,

"Since you have such a request, thats fine too. Ill give you a King, and you can bring another Throne. If you encounter any problems that you cant solve, just ask me for help"

Seeing that Feidin still wanted to say something, Han Xiao waved his hand and interrupted him.

"Youre my good friend. I cant possibly let you take the risk without any backup plan. Thats my bottom line."

"Alright then." Feidin smiled helplessly.

Han Xiao took out the equipment and a small carrier that was specially used in secondary dimensions. He got the mechanical assistant to bring them to the departure area. Feidin thanked him and followed along.

After watching Feidin disappear, Han Xiao looked away and shook his head. To a Calamity Grade, the secondary dimensions were still quite dangerous. Han Xiao was worried about Feidins safety and wanted to accompany him. However, Feidin wanted to clear the dungeon alone, and it involved the opportunity of Beyond Grade A sublimation. He respected Feidins premonition.

However, with Feidins luck, he would most likely be able to turn any misfortune into good luck. Whereas, with Han Xiaos luck black hole, there might be some twists and turns. It would be a good thing if he did not go.

However, Han Xiao would not sit back and watch this treasure put himself in danger. He had secretly given Feidin an Observers Mark just now and planned to monitor the risk. After all, Feidin had coordinates unlike Harrison, it would not waste too much of his time.


Han Xiao turned around and looked at the research device that was analyzing the new technology. He temporarily stopped the progress.

Every Beyond Grade A had their own training plan. Han Xiao had brought out more blueprints from the Sanctum this time, and he was researching these technologies during this period while also optimizing and raising his attributes. To Mechanics, this was called optimizing the allocation of resources. Putting the attribute points in a more cost-effective area could also increase his combat strength.

After entering the First Sanctum this time, his authority had increased to level nine, and his memory capacity had increased again. Furthermore, there were fewer gaps in the message board, but the last few paragraphs were still mostly empty.

The last time, the valuable information about the Information Form Stripping Plan had appeared in the fourth last paragraph, but this time, the last paragraph caught his attention. Han Xiao could not help but recall.

[ The previous Iteration planned route should be correct, but because of some flaws and failures, we decided to add a controlling terminal on to reduce the processing cost of However, what will the controlling terminal become after the mutation of

In the days after he left the Sanctum, he had been pondering over this piece of information. It seemed that the last Iteration had agreed with the previous Iterations plan and made some improvements.

Generally speaking, a civilization that was facing the Great Reboot would not place all its hopes on the path of its predecessors. After all, the failures of their predecessors had already proved that their plans were not effective, and they could only provide some experience.

However, the previous Iteration was actually willing to believe in the past Iterations plan. If not for the fact that this plan had its merits, the subsequent civilization would not have made such a decision. This way, the plan that had improved the two Iterations was very valuable as a reference. Han Xiao was also secretly interested.

"Ill have to enter the First Sanctum a few more times in the future. I wonder how much authority I need to unlock these two messages."

Han Xiao calmed himself down, left the workshop, and returned to the office on the top floor. He first looked down at the combat training of the other Calamity Grades before entering the field of vision of the Observers Mark.

At the private space dock, the mechanical assistants quickly finished the adjustments in the small carrier.

Feidin sat in the pilots seat and recalled for a while. He then entered the secondary dimension coordinates into the navigator and started the shuttle engine. He immediately felt the spaceship tremble.

"Locking the secondary dimension coordinates preheating the shuttle engine activating the internal space stabilization device"

The artificial intelligence of the spaceship kept reporting, and a large number of navigation parameters appeared on the screen.

Feidin set the autopilot, took out the Soul Swapper, and pressed it against his chest. He took a deep breath to calm himself down.

Not long after, the spaceship completed its self-examination before the voyage and the vibration suddenly disappeared. Feidin felt his body suddenly become heavy, as though he was pressed onto his seat by a strong force. The scene of the dock outside the window also shattered in an instant, turning into endless streams of light, and the spaceship entered the traveling mode. After an unknown period of time, the spaceship shook again and exited the traveling mode. The scene outside changed.

This was a pitch-black space with no end in sight. A gray nebula vortex with an immeasurable area was slowly spinning outside the window, right above the spaceship. He looked up, but he could not see the entirety of the vortex. He could not help but be shocked.

A gigantic white pillar of light shot out from the center of the vortex, extending all the way out of sight.

At the same time, wisps of gray airflow floated in from all directions and were pulled by the nebula vortex. It was like a hundred rivers converging into the sea, all fusing into it. This was the main material that formed this vortex.

Before Feidin could even exclaim in surprise, he discovered something special. Being in this space, his mental strength seemed to have become more active, and the Soul Swapper was also vibrating slightly.

"What is this place"

Feidin looked around, but there seemed to be no signs of life around him. He released his psychic energy, which was too active and difficult to control, and captured a gray stream of air that passed by him to see what it was.

After checking carefully, Feidins expression suddenly changed.

"This is a soul "".

He turned around and looked at the endless gray airflow in disbelief.

This nebula vortex was made of souls ?

This time, Feidin suddenly thought of a piece of information and muttered,

"In the visions of some psychic ability users, when a living being dies, their soul might seem to have completely dissipated, but in reality, there are still undetectable bits and pieces left behind. One part will turn into the Psychic Current, and the other part will drift in the universe.

There should be some places like this in this world thattook in the soul residue from the entire universe, filtered it, crushed the residue extracting the remaining thoughts inside, condensed them into the universe consciousness, and sank them into the bottommost layer of the pan-consciousness dimension. Some psychic ability users called these places Soul Terminal, Spirit World Sanctuary, and Ruins of End.

However, no one has ever found a similar secondary dimension. Could it be that the legend is real?"

Feidin was shocked. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that this might be one of the legendary Soul Terminals.

During the development of the Flickering World, Black Star had brought a group of officers to travel around. Feidin had once met a Heart Sucking Demon from the bottommost layer of the pan-consciousness dimension and turned it into his own nutrients to strengthen his psychic energy. Thus, he had paid special attention to this theoretical conjecture.

The three Universal Civilizations knew the coordinates of the bottommost layer of the pan-consciousness, but there were countless Heart Sucking Demons there, and they had extremely strong xenophobia. With their current technology, it was very difficult to build a stable outpost there. The Heart Sucking Demons, on the other hand, fed on the universe consciousness. Therefore, Soul Terminal was equivalent to their kitchen. The soul residue here was all ingredients that had not been processed.

"The Soul Swapper guided me here. Could it be related to this dimension?"

Feidin thought to himself.

The effect of the Soul Swapper had long exceeded what was envisioned when it was first created. Perhaps the Soul Swapper had such a strange effect because it could transform into a Universal Treasure

After guessing for a while, Feidin carefully sensed the gray airflow around him and smiled bitterly.

The gray airflow was the soul residue, and the center of the nebula vortex was constantly smelting the residue and serving food.

Heart Sucking Demon was a great supplement to the mind, but the side effects required a lot of time to resolve.

The soul residue was even more complicated. Although he could absorb the soul energy within it to refine his mental strength, most of his energy had to be used to deal with side effects such as split personality and schizophrenia.

Furthermore, the energy contained in the soul residue was almost undetectable. The conversion efficiency was extremely low, and the amount of energy invested far exceeded the output.

As for the universe consciousness after the smelting process, it had already removed the soul energy, and the side effects were even more violent. It was not beneficial to him at all.

"Speaking of which, this place is suitable for Hila. Her Power Of The Dead can quickly purify the soul energy. This might be her holy land of cultivation"

Feidin mumbled to himself and was stunned.

He almost forgot that he had the Soul Swapper. If the target was only soul residue, the Soul Swapper should be able to separate the remnant thoughts and soul energy and purify it, right?

Doesnt that mean I can absorb these countless soul dregs without any side effects ?

Feidin immediately understood and was pleasantly surprised.

Is this why the Soul Swapper guided me here ?

After cultivating here for a while, there was an 80% chance that he could advance. His intuition told him that this was indeed the opportunity to advance!


On the other side, Han Xiao, who was peeping, had a complicated feeling.

I thought that my cheat was already amazing, but you are even more over the top!

To think that the fortuitous encounter from decades ago and now would be connected. The power of the Advanced Luck Glow was truly terrifying

Compared to the Luck Glow owners who needed to rely on him like Harrison and Nero, Han Xiao felt that Feidins Luck Glow was the most impressive.

Not only did he have a fortuitous encounter, but he also benefited his teammates It was not in vain that they treat you as the Chief mascot to touch for luck!

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