The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1381

Chapter 1380 Beyond Grade A Feidin

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While Han Xiao was feeling bitter, Feidin, who was in the Soul Terminal, had already started to work.

Feidin took out the Soul Swapper and activated its ability. Instantly, an invisible suction force appeared, and the soul fragments in the surrounding area suddenly slowed down toward the nebula vortex. In the end, they changed direction and flew toward his starship.

The nebula vortex had a natural gravitational force toward the soul residue, and Feidins actions were akin to snatching food from a tigers mouth. However, this secondary dimension did not seem to have any dimension consciousness, so no one bothered about him.

Soul residue was absorbed by the black mirror in the Soul Swapper. The remaining thoughts were extracted and refined into pure soul energy.

Feidin used Soul Connection to extract the results of the Soul Swapper and used his psychic energy to wrap it around and bring it into his brain to digest. He only felt refreshed and did not have the memory or emotional impact that he usually suffered when using his psychic energy to probe others thoughts. He could feel his psychic energy being cleansed, and the cells in his body were cheering.

He could feel that his body was gradually transforming, like an extremely thirsty person continuously drinking clear and sweet spring water. He was brimming with a sense of fulfillment from head to toe, giving him a feeling that was even more comfortable than spiritual bonding, making him involuntarily lose himself in it.

While his body and mind were closely connected to the Soul Swapper, the psychic energy around Feidins body was tainted with a deeper black color, and he received a new enhancement from the Soul Swapper. His characteristics became stronger, and he became more refined. This gave him a thrill that made his soul tremble.


Feidin could not help but let out a comfortable sigh. It was as though he had entered a state of unconscious cultivation, and all the cells in his body were gradually jumping toward the Beyond Grade A level.

With him as the center, a gray vortex that was countless times smaller formed, reflecting the enormous nebula vortex. The large and small vortex rotated at the same speed and in opposite directions.

After confirming that Feidin was not in danger, Han Xiao did not disturb him and continued his research.

Soon, a month passed.

Han Xiao arrived at the training base square early in the morning.

Not too long ago, Feidin had finally ended his one-month-long training, and he had already broken through to the Beyond Grade A realm. Only then did he remember to send a message saying that he was coming back, so Han Xiao waited there.

The Calamity Grade students who happened to pass by saw him standing there, and they could not help but look at him with curiosity. Not long after, there was a flash of light, and the shuttle carrier appeared out of thin air. It jumped back to the main universe from the secondary dimension world and landed on the square where the coordinates were set.

The hatch opened, and Feidin walked out. The moment he saw Han Xiao, he smiled happily and walked over.

Compared to a month ago, his aura had undergone a huge change. Just walking alone made the hearts of all the Calamity Grade students tense up, and they felt an instinctive pressure. It was the pressure of a high-level life form.

At this moment, the Calamity Grades immediately understood what was going on. They were shocked and immediately crowded around Feidin.

"Feidin, youve already become a Beyond Grade A "

"I havent seen you in the base all this time. I was still curious about where you went. I didnt expect you to undergo sublimation without saying anything. Not bad!"

"Quick, quick, quick. Tell us how it feels."

Feidin was surrounded by a large group of people, so he could only stop and look at Han Xiao with a helpless smile. His charisma attribute was extremely high, and his personality was the type that would not offend anyone, so he had quite a good relationship with people. Even after becoming a Beyond Grade A, he did not have the mentality of being superior to others and did not push the crowd away.

The Calamity Grades present were still calling out to their friends when they saw figures covered in streams of light jumping around the base. At the same time, there were a few transportation doors beside them. A large group of Calamity Grades who had received the news rushed over and crowded around. There were more and more people, and the scene was as noisy as a market.

Outside the crowd, Han Xiao coughed and suppressed everyones voices.

"Feidin has indeed advanced to the Beyond Grade A realm. He is the first student to break through during the training period. It has only been two to three months since the training started. This is a very good start."

Upon receiving the information, everyone could not help but reveal the looks of envy as they congratulated Feidin.

A wave of congratulations instantly resounded. Some were sincere, some were sour.

Feidin sighed and explained.

"Everyone, I was able to advance successfully because of some opportunities. Im afraid my experience is not suitable for everyone, so theres no point in referencing it."

Of course. When an ordinary person advanced to Beyond Grade A, which one of them did not feel constipated? Silver Shadow even went into seclusion for close to a hundred years during his transformation. Only a cheater like you could do it as easily as eating or drinking Han Xiao thought to himself.

This time, Feidin saw the regret on everyones faces, thought for a while, and smiled.

"However, I can let everyone experience my strength after my Promotion. I can also replicate my senses during my Promotion"

As he spoke, he closed his eyes and spoke softly. A melodious psychic voice immediately swept out and covered everyone present.

The spirits of the Calamity Grade students were refreshed, and they instantly received Feidins comprehension of his Promotion. At the same time, they also realized that the beautiful psychic voice that resounded through their souls had triggered their emotions, and they were subconsciously immersed in it.

The next moment, a sense of motivation rose from the bottom of their hearts. Everyones heart was filled with the desire to train. They wished they could go into seclusion and train hard right now. It was as if they had used stimulants and became rather energetic.

Han Xiao purposely let go of the mental barrier and tested Feidins Psychic abilities. Seeing the combat information on the interface, he could not help but raise his brows.

Feidin was proficient in the path of mental power. The fortuitous encounter this time had allowed his abilities to undergo a huge transformation. His Psychic Song had been integrated into the special nature of the Soul Swapper, and his Psychological Resistance penetration had increased tremendously. Now, he could more efficiently trigger the emotions and desires of living beings, achieving a strong hypnotic effect. Every time he triggered different emotions, the target would enter a similar state.

At this moment, everyones enthusiasm was a manifestation of this. Feidin used his Psychic voice to stimulate everyones motivation, and what appeared in Han Xiaos status bar was the effect of increasing his efficiency in acquiring experience. On others, it would increase their cultivation efficiency!

Han Xiao instantly thought of the role Feidin could play. Although Feidins current level was not high and he was not good at fighting head-on, he could bring a large area of buffs or debuffs to his teammates or enemies. This was more useful than his combat capability.

"A strong support is much more valuable than an ordinary Beyond Grade A. Just this ability alone is enough to make him very popular and he wont be at the bottom. Most importantly, he can increase the training efficiency of others without any side effects. With his help, more Beyond Grade As might be born"

Han Xiao was overjoyed.

His gaze suddenly paused and he realized that there was an extremely eye-catching figure among the energetic crowd. His face was still scrunched up, forming a sharp contrast with the people around him.

This figure was like a firefly in the night, so bright and outstanding. Who else could it be but Lagi?

Han Xiao was curious. "Hey, Feidin, this doesnt seem to work on him."

Hearing this, Feidin turned to look at Lagi and was stunned.

"Thats not right. This move shouldnt be ineffective against Calamity Grades, right"

As he spoke, Feidin sent out another psychic voice to encourage Lagi.

Lagis spirit instantly soared, and he was no longer hunched. His posture was tall and straight like a javelin, and his entire aura changed drastically. He was heroic, and his eyes were wide open.

"Isnt this effective Hmm?"

Before Feidin could even finish his sentence, Lagis state only lasted for a few seconds before his aura suddenly deflated like a balloon. In the blink of an eye, he returned to his original state of being dispirited and weak.


Feidin opened his mouth in confusion.

This kind of invigoration would usually last for a few days, but why did it disappear after a few seconds on Lagi?

He did not give up and wanted to try again, but Lagi stopped him.

"Stop torturing me. This is all in vain. Sigh, even if you become a Beyond Grade A, you wont be able to free me. Let me rot in the corner alone"

Tsk, what familiar trash, what beautiful Lagi language

Han Xiaos heart skipped a beat. He sized Lagi up and made a bold guess.

"Hmm, I think I understand now. After all, your invigoration is only similar to hypnosis, not brainwashing. It cant change the personality of others, so the emotions that trigger different targets are also different Maybe Lagi is exempt from this kind of mental invigoration?"

As he spoke, Han Xiao felt that he had guessed the truth.

It had to be that Lagis sense of worth was too f*cking firm, and the temporary invigoration would only be broken down in an instant. It was like drinking chicken soup and making up his mind to work hard the next day, but still lazing around the next day. Feidin also felt that it made sense and asked, "How about I try to stimulate his dispirited emotions and see if youre right?"

Hearing this, Han Xiaos mouth twitched.

"Better not. Hes already dispirited enough. If you add fuel to the fire, Im afraid hell commit suicide on the spot."


Feidin was speechless.

The Calamity Grade students received the experience that they wanted. Seeing that Han Xiao and Feidin still had something to discuss, they all left and went to train their abilities. Very soon, only the two of them were left in the square. Without anyone else around, Han Xiao walked up to Feidin and patted his shoulder.

"Congratulations, youve already left your name in the Sanctum. As long as Im still alive, death will stay away from you."

Feidin smiled and said, "My fortuitous encounter this time came from the Soul Swapper. If not for you, I wouldnt have been able to obtain this Universal Treasure. Thanks."

"Why are you being so polite to me?" Han Xiao waved his hand and said, "By the way, you dont have a nickname yet, right? Let me think of one for you. Why dont we call you Singer? How fitting."

Singer was Feidins nickname in his previous life. Although his life experience was completely different this time, Han Xiao felt that this nickname was still suitable for Feidin. "Alright, let it be Singer then." Feidin smiled and expressed that he accepted the title. He then hid his smile and explained everything that he had experienced.

Although he guessed that Black Star might already know, he still told him.

After hearing Feidins explanation, Han Xiao smiled and nodded.

"I understand. This is your opportunity. Even if you become a Beyond Grade A, you can still use it to quickly increase your strength. You have to make good use of it."

"Of course. By the way, remnant souls will also be beneficial to Hila. I can only digest the soul residue with the help of external objects, but Hila has a natural ability to do that. Her growth rate might even be faster than mine. Ask her what she thinks. Anyway, the soul residue there is inexhaustible, and the parts I can digest are not worth mentioning."

"Must be tough for you to think of her as well. I think she would be very happy to do so."

The more Han Xiao looked at Feidin, the more he admired him, and his hands grew a little itchy.

Suppressing his impulse, Han Xiao coughed and said,

"Im going to inform Hila now. Shes still training in the Underworld, and Ill need you to bring her there. After all, you found this place. Without your permission, I wont give the coordinates to anyone else."

With that, Han Xiao changed into King and teleported away.

Feidin watched Han Xiao leave and clenched his fists. An unknown emotion echoed in his heart, and he sighed softly.

"You have provided me with protection for almost a hundred years. Now, its finally my turn to help you"

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