The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1386

Chapter 1385 Coordinates

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Just as he was about to say something, Han Xiao suddenly realized that a set of coordinates had appeared in his mind. It was a message from Tyrsius.

Han Xiao looked at Tyrsius in doubt.

"What coordinates did you give me?"

Tyrsius shook his head and sighed.

"My hometown is my lingering obsession. Although I was born on Planet Cree, I left very early. When I was young, I surpassed all my predecessors, broke all records, and became the strongest person in the entire civilization. My civilization could no longer provide me with any help. To pursue a higher level of individual strength, I left the galaxy alone. This journey lasted countless years.

There were no worthy opponents in my hometown. I tried to find someone of my standard in the entire universe, hoping to learn from them. In my life as a wanderer, I spent most of my time with the desolate universe. I rarely met people, but I had seen strong and weak civilizations come and go. I would only make an appearance when I met powerful Supers, other than that, I would not interfere with the normal development of these civilizations. During that time, I only focused on the road ahead of me and wanted to become stronger and stronger. Even till the day I died, I did not return to my hometown even once.

Ive been dead for many years and have been trapped here. I did not have any perception of the outside world and have long accepted reality. However, the only thing I cant let go of is my hometown. I have nothing to do here and the only thing I can comfort myself with is the incomplete memories of the past. Its just that my initial firm pursuit of a higher level and the wonderful experience of wandering the universe has become fainter, yet, the childhood times spent in my hometown have become more and more clear.

Back then, I could have chosen to stay and help build my hometown, but I was unwilling to do so. I wandered for the sake of a higher goal. But now, I miss my hometown more and more. So many years have passed, and I dont know how my hometown is now. You have inherited my Beyonders Vestige, so if its convenient for you, I request you to go over and take a look for me. The coordinates I gave you are the location of Planet Cree. I hope you can take care of them for my sake."

After hearing his explanation, Han Xiao raised his brows with a strange expression. "Dont you know that its best not to allow foreigners to come into contact with other civilizations? You dont know anything about me. Arent you afraid that Ill bring people to invade if you give me the coordinates of your hometown?"

Tyrsius smiled faintly.

"Youre the only person who has come in all these years. Im about to die, so who else can I give it to if not you? Lets take the risk. Theres nothing guaranteed in this world. Otherwise, I wouldnt have fought against my sense of danger to pursue a higher level and end up dying Also, I dont think youre an invader."

"Making such a conclusion after only seeing me once is too hasty." Han Xiao shook his head. "I can help you take a look, but I wont promise anything. Also, I dont think a powerful Universal Civilization needs my care."

"Youre mistaken. My civilization isnt particularly developed."

Tyrus sighed.

"You can withstand the impact of the cosmic assimilation, and I can feel how strong you are. On the other hand, Im sure you think Im very strong, but in fact, when I left my hometown, I was far from this state. At that time, it was very difficult for me to destroy a planet, and all my strength came from constantly breaking through while wandering The experience I accumulated should have been brought back to my hometown, giving birth to more experts, but unfortunately, I died, and all these plans came to an end."

Hearing this, Han Xiao started to calculate.

It sounded like when Tyrsius first started wandering, his strength should have been between a high Calamity Grade and an ordinary Beyond Grade A. The latter was more likely, and he had ascended to the peak of the Beyond Grade A realm step by step during his long and lonely journey. He had felt the existence of a higher level, and he had reached this step without any experience.

Looking at it this way, Tyrsius is also an extremely talented individual, probably not inferior to me ahem, not inferior to all the genius Supers in the history of the three Universal Civilizations.

If what the other party said was true, then their civilization should be like a remote village, not as strong as he had imagined. However, a genius had appeared there, just like how Planet Aquamarine had produced him.

If Tyrsius had managed to return to his hometown with his experience and insights, there might have been another civilization with a relatively advanced individual strength in the universe.

Thinking about it this way, the Supers born in the three Universal Civilizations were lucky. There were many strong people here, and there were many opponents that they could exchange pointers with. As for a small civilization like Tyrsius, if they wanted to find opponents, they could only travel far away and be a lonely Pathfinder. While he was thinking, the interface suddenly pinged.

(You have triggered the mission: Shadow of the Past!)

[Mission Introduction: In order to explore the path ahead, Tyrsius wandered the universe alone and never returned to his hometown. He wants you to take a look on his behalf.) [Mission Requirements: Arrive at Planet Cree]

[Reward: 2,000,000,000 Experience, 1 Character Summon Card)

"I got a Mission"

Han Xiaos heart skipped a beat.

He did not know if his nature was so open and sincere, or if he felt liberated, or if he had special feelings for his successor.

Tyrsius figure was getting fainter and fainter, almost disappearing. He did not mind and only smiled.

"It seems like my time is almost up. After so many years of loneliness, Im satisfied to have someone to talk to at the end of my journey"

Han Xiao looked at him muttering to himself. Although it was an unexpected encounter, this first time was also the last. Originally, Tyrsius wandering knowledge was a precious channel to understand more unknown civilizations, but there was not enough time.

However, at this moment, Tyrsius seemed to have thought of something, before whispering,

"By the way, let me give you a piece of advice. If you meet a civilization called the World Tree one day, youd better run as far as you can"

Han Xiao was stunned, his face changing rapidly. However, before he could ask about the details, Tyrsius figure completely disappeared, leaving only a faint sigh. "Ive never left anything for the civilization in my life. What a failure"

The blue figure in front of Han Xiao turned into light particles and disappeared.

At the same time, the mental burden that was getting weaker and weaker finally stopped.

The white alternate space in front of him suddenly collapsed, and Han Xiao was left in a daze. He realized that his vision had returned to the main material universe, and he was still there, having not moved at all.

The Beyonders Vestige had already fused into his body and was fully assimilated, but it did not have any further reaction with him. Even though Han Xiao had gotten the Beyonders Vestige, he did not feel too excited about that, only secretly feeling a headache.

"To stop speaking halfway at the most crucial point, you really need to be beaten up. You should have told me about the World Tree Civilization earlier"

Han Xiao was resigned, he had no choice and could only complain.

After all, Tyrsius did not know that they were fighting the World Tree Civilization. If not for the other party mentioning it, he would not have known that Tyrsius had met the World Tree Civilization before.

"It sounds like this guy has seen the aggressiveness of the World Tree. Maybe they have crossed paths before. Would the World Tree still remember this guy?"

Han Xiao pondered.

Very soon, he shook his head and put this matter aside for the time being. He turned around to study the Beyonders Vestige in his body. This was his main goal.

After absorbing the Beyonders Vestige, his strength did not change at all. He could only sense its existence at any time as if it was simply absorbed by his body. This vestige should only be activated during the Promotion and become a catalyst for his Promotion. He roughly guessed that regardless of whether the Promotion succeeded or not, the Beyonders Vestige would be consumed. This was a one-time use item.

"The higher levels require the skeletons of the predecessors Tsk, turn into a salary and burn yourself to benefit the future generations. No matter what, I owe you a favor."

Han Xiao exhaled.

Although he was dead, Han Xiao still remembered this favor. The next time he entered the Sanctum, he planned to see if he could revive this guy, but the chances were very low.

As someone who left a Beyonders Vestige, Han Xiao did not know if he had left an Information Form like the two sisters in the past. Even if he died now, he might not be able to benefit from the Sanctum Revival. Han Xiao only planned to do his best.

This time, Han Xiao suddenly thought of something and smiled. "Speaking of which, in the explored universe, this is the only piece of the Beyonders Vestige that was the easiest to obtain. If Wuornos reaches this level one day, he can only search for other Beyonders Vestiges."

Han Xiao was amused.

Since Wuornos was so willing to help him advance, he might have intended to use him as a guinea pig to explore the path, but he did not know that the only advanced material in the area was lost to him. Perhaps Wuornos did not have a notification on the interface, so he could not dig out the sensing of the Beyonders Vestige, or maybe he did not enter the critical state and was still stuck on the mission. Anyway, he had been practically camping below a treasure unawares. In the end, he lost that treasure to Han Xiao instead.

Feeling the Beyonders Vestige in his body, Han Xiao smiled. Although he was a little surprised, he still managed to obtain a Vestige in the end. It went better than he had expected. It was not in vain that he had gathered so many mascots in the army.

This way, out of the three advancement requirements, he would only have to find four pretty boys to help him.

Han Xiaos nerves finally relaxed. He then started to think about the coordinates of Planet Cree sent by Tyrsius.

"There will definitely be risks if I rashly come into contact with an unknown civilization. Although Tyrsius said that his civilization isnt strong, thats all in the past. Now that so many years have passed, they might have become a powerful Universal Civilization. Furthermore, we cant rule out the possibility of Tyrsius lying"

After thinking for a while, Han Xiao still felt that he had to go and take a look. He could come and go as he pleased with the King, thus he planned to send out his Lords Avatar like a real Mechanic to take a look. He did not plan to take the risk himself.

On one hand, he wanted to complete the mission and see what would happen next. On the other hand, he felt that the civilization of Tyrsius might be a potential ally, and they might be able to fight the World Tree together. After all, the World Trees style and mechanism could be said to be the public enemy of most intelligent civilizations.

Two days later, in a certain Federation of Light military base in the Ancient Star Desert.

A Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device was slowly heating up, and a Lords Avatar shell was waiting in the teleportation area. Han Xiao was watching from afar in the base with the respectful senior officer beside him.

Han Xiaos Face Fruit had already reached the Large Success stage. There was no chance of being rejected if he borrowed the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device from the Federation of Light.

Looking at the two gigantic mechanical rings spinning rapidly and turning into a halo, Han Xiao could not help but sigh.

"Your Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device is truly a convenient invention. As long as you have the coordinates, you can go anywhere in the universe."

"Indeed. This is the highest technological achievement of our Federation of Light." The base commander straightened his back with pride.

"Impressive. Can I bring it back for research?"

"This Please dont make things difficult for me." The senior officer was stunned and smiled bitterly.

Han Xiao smiled and did not tease this officer anymore. He activated his Lords Avatar.

At this time, the power of the teleportation device reached its peak. Suddenly, light exploded, and the Avatar disappeared.


Han Xiaos vision changed, and he arrived outside the atmosphere of a planet. Before him was a dark green planet. Satellites were floating in the orbit of the planet. They did not seem to have any problems on the surface, but with a quick glance, Han Xiao could tell that these satellites had not been repaired for many years. They had all been corroded and turned into scrap metal. Vegetation covered the entire surface of the planet, and with a rough glance, he could not see any signs of a civilization city. Furthermore, there were no signs of life. It gave off a desolate feeling of decline.

Only a single brown metal tower was eye-catching. Looking down from outer space, it looked like this planet was wearing a small pointy hat. Looking at the ratio, one would know that this metal tower was extremely huge when looking at it from surface level.

It looked very rough, like countless metal objects of different shapes stacked together. The structure was loose, like a huge garbage mountain.

"This is Planet Cree? Looks like something happened"

As Han Xiao was pondering, his pupils suddenly constricted, and he quickly adjusted his vision mode. His sight expanded rapidly, and he locked onto a small black dot that was slowly moving halfway up the metal tower.

It was a robot covered in rust, carrying a metal fragment that was many times larger than itself on its back. It slowly climbed up the steep path toward the top of the metal tower. In Han Xiaos vision, it was the only moving thing

Han Xiao controlled the Lords Avatar to descend in front of the robot and revealed himself.

However, this robot did not seem to notice him and walked past him. When he passed by, Han Xiao could still hear the robot repeating the same word over and over again.

"Bury it Bury it"

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