The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1387

Chapter 1386 Calamity Of Technology Psionic Wave Transmitter

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"It looks like a low-level artificial intelligence no, it might also be a mechanical body without any artificial intelligence. Furthermore, its technology level is low, not exceeding the upper limit of a Star System civilization"

Han Xiao watched as the robot passed by him. With his experience, he could tell the technology level of this robot with a single glance.

He raised his hand slightly and aimed at the back of the transport robot. A magnetic force was released from his palm.


The robot flew backward uncontrollably and attached itself to the Lords Avatars hand. It was unable to move, and only its hands and feet could still move. It was like a turtle whose shell had been grabbed.

A few tiny blue snake-like electric arcs followed the arm of the Lords Avatar and quickly swam to the surface of the robots body, entering its body through the gaps in the armor. He immediately read the current state of this robot. Only its basic functions were still operating with difficulty. Most of its parts were severely damaged, almost to the point of being scrap.

At the same time, the item introduction popped up on the interface, and Han Xiao took a look.

(7-5 Transport Robot]: Arthur Civilizations common transport-type bionic robot. Low artificial intelligence, possesses strong biochemical tendons and engineering mechanical components. Has magnetic devices and simple self-defense weapons. Commonly used for land transportation.

Remark: This machine is manufactured in Meg Corporations Workshop No. 5 of Planet Cree. Product Number: TOV-2144687M"Good machine, beauty pageant!" "An ordinary transport robot?"

Han Xiao was curious. He used his Mechanical Force to hack into the unprotected chip and quickly copied the logic code and memory log.

The basic codes that the other party used were not related to the explored universe, but they were not difficult for Han Xiao. He easily analyzed them and understood most of them.

A series of deciphered codes appeared in Han Xiaos quantum network vision. He quickly browsed through them and realized that the basic logic was the transportation robot code format that had no abnormalities. It should have had low artificial intelligence, but because there was no one to maintain it for a long time, there were some malfunctions in the data, causing the artificial intelligence level to decrease. It could barely maintain the core logic and carry out a long-term order.

This order was to bury a special machine, but in the database of a low artificial intelligence transport robot, there was naturally no detailed explanation of the purpose of this machine and why it was buried.

From the data of this transport robot, Han Xiao could only see the appearance and position of this machine. It looked like the peaks of two pyramid-shaped objects were connected, like an hourglass placed horizontally. The location was below this metal tower.

The memory log, on the other hand, was intermittent. Due to the malfunction, there was a large number of gaps, and there were not even timestamps. He could only tell the time by the height of the metal tower in the transportation robots memory. The height in the earliest memory file was about a quarter of the current height of the metal tower. This robot was already alone at that time.

Most of the memories of the transport robot were of building this metal tower. The other memories were of searching for spare parts in the warehouse of the abandoned factory, changing the heavily damaged parts of its body, and charging them.

"Why does this look so familiar"

Han Xiao stroked his chin. He felt like he had seen something similar in an old movie in his previous life.

Other than these things, there was nothing else of value in this robot. Han Xiao turned off the magnetic device, and the robot fell back to the ground. The metal fragment on its back also fell to the side, following the metal tower.

The transport robot stayed on the spot for two seconds and did not bother about Han Xiao. It turned around and walked down the mountain as if it was looking for new building material, as though nothing had happened.

Han Xiao watched it disappear before looking at the interface.

At this time, the (Shadow of the Past] mission had been completed, and Han Xiao immediately calculated. There was a small amount of experience and a Tyrsius Character Summon Card. The ability was called Mind Cleanse, and its effect was to expel ones negative status. It could only be used three times at most, which was quite useful.

At the same time, a new mission popped up.

You have triggered the mission (Secret of Extinction]!

Mission Introduction: You agreed to Tyrsius request and came to his home planet, Cree, but something seems to have happened here.

Mission Requirements: Find out the reason behind the extinction of Arthur Civilization.

Reward: 5 Billion EXP, 1 Awakening Point

"This civilization is extinct?"

Han Xiao was stunned.

He immediately felt that the destruction of the civilization was most likely related to the unknown mechanical device that was suppressed under the metal tower.

However, Han Xiao thought about it and did not bother. With a flash, he turned into a stream of light and escaped. Very soon, he stopped in front of an abandoned factory. It was the headquarters in the memory of the transport robot.

It looked like a large mechanical factory, but it was covered in vegetation. The surrounding ruined buildings were all covered by dense trees.

Han Xiao looked at it, and with a wave of his hand, a gale swept away the vegetation and dust on the factory door, revealing a sign written in unfamiliar words.

"This is probably the factory of that Meg Corporation, the place where that robot was produced"

Han Xiao could not understand the language of this civilization and guessed.

He walked in with large strides and saw that the scrapped assembly lines were neatly arranged, with some unfinished transport robots hanging on them. It looked like they had suddenly stopped working.

Han Xiao looked around and realized that all the energy equipment in the factory had been destroyed. The damage seemed to have been caused by an electromagnetic pulse. The only thing that was still working was a charging station, but the wires buried underground had been dug out and connected to a small, crude generator.

He had originally wanted to see if the factory mainframe had a more detailed database, and it would be best if he could find the star map of this civilizations territory. However, the chipset of the factory mainframe had also been destroyed and could not be turned on. Furthermore, all the data had been wiped out, and nothing could be found.

"From the looks of it, all the equipment in this factory seems to have been damaged by an impact that can destroy electrical and energy devices. They were instantly destroyed."

Han Xiao summoned his mechanical army and searched the entire planet. Very soon, he found the remains of cities covered by plants. All the energy and electrical devices were in the same state.

Furthermore, not only were there no intelligent life forms on this planet, there were no beasts or insects to be seen either. It was as though all life forms other than plants were extinct.

In addition, in some city residences, there were bowls and plates of food on the table, and clusters of rotten clothes were scattered on the ground. All signs indicated that the life forms on the entire planet seemed to have disappeared at the same time. "What happened? Everyone disappeared overnight. It seems like that transport robot was the only survivor"

Han Xiao was even more curious.

He turned around and returned to the metal tower. His entire body was wrapped in the repulsion force field, and he immediately entered the bottom of the tower. He walked forward with large strides, and the pile of metal waste in front of him was smoothly pushed to the side, creating a path.

Not long after, he walked to the central area and saw a pile of construction debris. It had been crushed by a mountain of trash, and there were all kinds of experimental equipment scattered around. It seemed to have once been a research base.

A scanning light shot out from the Lords Avatars eyes, and it immediately saw a large space underground. It looked like an underground base in the past, but it was also crushed by the huge weight above and filled with metal scraps.

After scanning for a while, he finally locked onto the target. The hourglass-like unknown device was pressed into the trash pile, making it difficult to distinguish it.

Han Xiao released his Mechanical Force, and this unknown device slowly floated up and into his hands. He then left the metal tower and returned to the outside world.

Mechanical Force seeped into the unknown device, and Han Xiao could feel the internal structure. He realized that he could not understand this technology, and many parts had been damaged and destroyed after being buried for a long time.

Han Xiao looked at the item introduction.

[Psionic Wave Transmitter-Prototype (Damaged)]: Function unknown.

"Psionic Wave?"

Han Xiao raised his brows and started to think.

He had a feeling that this concept of psionic waves was not the same as the psionic waves and psionic impact of the explored universe. He did not know what was going on at the moment, but he could roughly guess how the Arthur Civilization went extinct. Research involving psionic energy had always been extremely dangerous, and many civilizations had been doomed because of it.

After pondering for a few seconds, Han Xiao used (Bold Explorer) on this thing. The last time he used it on Beyonders Vestige, the notification was that it was ineffective on the target and did not successfully cast it, so it did not enter a seven-day cooldown period.


Han Xiaos vision suddenly changed, and he arrived at a research institute.

The psionic wave transmitter was suspended in midair, covered by a transparent container. There were tubes connected to it, and below it was a huge pile of equipment. Countless researchers in uniform were busy adjusting the parameters.

A senior officer who looked like the person in charge waved his hand and said something. The other researchers pushed the lever and activated the switch. Energy flowed into the psionic wave transmitter. Not long after, the space on both sides of this hourglass-shaped device began to vibrate. The air distorted like invisible ripples, but it was restrained within a small area.

All the researchers present were overjoyed.

However, the next moment, something happened!

The ripples on both sides of the device suddenly broke through the constraints, and a light blue ring-shaped shockwave spread out, passing through the inner wall of the container and quickly sweeping across the entire room. All the devices exploded, and the energy devices were instantly paralyzed. The entire room immediately turned black.

The researchers that were swept by the shockwave were all killed in the blink of an eye, turning into ashes without a sound, leaving only empty clothes on the ground. At this moment, Han Xiaos vision suddenly zoomed out and arrived at the outer space of the planet that overlooked the entire planet. It turned into a macro perspective, and he saw a blue shockwave explode on the surface of Planet Cree, sweeping across the entire planet. The brightly lit cities instantly darkened, and countless unaware citizens turned into dust.

No one on the entire planet survived!

However, this was not the end. Han Xiao could clearly see that this light blue shockwave that destroyed all electrons, energy equipment, and life forms did not weaken. It spread far into the universe with Planet Cree as the center, quickly disappearing from his sight.

After seeing this, Han Xiaos vision returned to normal, and the effect of the skill ended.

"As expected, its because of this thing. I thought that Tyrsius was lying to me, but his civilization really isnt that advanced. They can even destroy themselves by researching psionic energy, but it doesnt seem right to say that their technology isnt good. The psionic wave transmitter they created is probably some kind of advanced technology"

Han Xiao fiddled with the device in his hands in shock.

After watching the video, he had a rough idea of how this device worked.

The Primordial Psionic Energy itself could assimilate, devour, absorb, and transform various forms of energy. Once it exploded, it would expand endlessly, swallowing everything

However, the psionic wave transmitter created by the Arthur Civilization could destroy certain forms of energy without devouring any matter. It could also absorb some of the energy to maintain its own expansion. A normal psionic energy explosion was a solid energy cluster, but this psionic wave was just a ripple.

However, there were also some things that Han Xiao did not understand. He did not understand why the other materials were not damaged, but the life forms were destroyed. In short, there were still many unknowns about this technology. "It seems to have a lot of research value. Maybe it can become an important combat technology for me."

Han Xiao was in a good mood. He did not have any plans for this trip, but he did not expect to gain something unexpected.

He had a feeling that this psionic wave technology was more powerful than he had expected.

The (Secret of Extinction] on the interface also showed that it was completed. The normal way was to look for clues everywhere, but he had the [Bold Explorer) and completed the mission.

The experience reward did not matter. One Awakening Point was better than nothing. However, it was very easy and did not take much effort. The biggest reward was this special psionic wave technology. Just as Han Xiao was feeling happy, he suddenly heard a familiar voice beside him.

"Discovered a stranger approaching the mission target. Permission to use a stun gun!"

Han Xiao turned around and saw that the broken transport robot had returned to the foot of the mountain. It raised its mechanical arm toward him, and two firearms shot out from its wrist. Without saying a word, it pulled the trigger at Han Xiao.

Ka ka ka

Han Xiao had long known that these two rusty firearms were useless, and they could not shoot anything at all. However, the transport robot did not seem to have noticed it, and it continued to pull the trigger in vain.

Han Xiao raised his brows, took a step to the left, and the muzzles of the transport robot followed him. He took another step to the right, and the muzzles turned around again, facing him.

Looking at the robot pulling the trigger, Han Xiao felt that it was a little cute.

"Forget it, I wont dismantle you." Seeing that it was not a threat at all, Han Xiao ignored it. He summoned more exploration-type mechanical soldiers and waved for them to leave, searching for other planets in this universe to see if there were any survivors of the Arthur Civilization. He wanted to find the history of this civilization as well as the records of Tyrsius deeds. After all, there were still many things that he had yet to understand. However, he could just let the mechanical soldiers do this for him. After all, he was a Mechanic and he did not have to do such troublesome things himself.

After doing all this, Han Xiao looked back at the transport robot. Seeing that it was still pulling the trigger, he could not help but smile.

"Speaking of which, I dont know what kind of luck this little guy has to be able to survive the psionic waves. He might be the only survivor of the entire Arthur Civilization. Since I promised Tyrsius to take care of his hometown, I cant ignore you"

Han Xiao thought for a while and suddenly released a stream of Mechanical Force, which landed on the transport robot. The robot froze on the spot, and its appearance and structure changed rapidly. It gradually turned into the shape of a human, and the rust fell off.

At the same time, wave after wave of mechanical particles poured out from Han Xiaos hands and landed on the other partys body. The material of the mechanical suit was quickly strengthened.

Not long after, the transformation stopped. The appearance of this transport robot had changed drastically. It was covered in silver armor and had a streamlined shape. Its body was slender and long, and energy circuits that emitted a faint fluorescent light could be seen on its body. It was as if it had gone from a chibi to a realistic concept art.

"Thats enough."

Han Xiao nodded and retracted his Mechanical Force.

He gave life to this transport robot, turning it into a mechanical life form. At the same time, he had greatly improved the other partys body and added many new functions. He had also stored some knowledge of the Star System Civilizations technology tree into the other partys database. However, he did not rewrite the core logic of the other party. He only perfected the other partys intelligence on the original basis and did not leave his mark on the other party.

With his current abilities, the first-generation Mechanical Life that he had personally modified had extremely high-performance bonuses.

Han Xiao did not plan to take this robot with him because he owed Tyrsius a favor. As for whether this robot would be able to grow a new flower of civilization on the ruins of Planet Cree after receiving his gift, that was not his concern.

Looking up at the soaring metal tower, Han Xiao had mixed feelings. After knowing the situation, this metal tower seemed to have a special meaning. In his eyes, this metal tower that looked like a building that had become the tombstone of a civilization.

"The advancement of technology is also a disaster"

Han Xiao sighed. He then glanced at the transport robot before changing into King and disappearing with the psionic wave transmitter.

The transport robot did not seem to have noticed anything. It stood there in a daze for a long time before finally coming back to its senses. It looked down at its body, which had changed drastically, and seemed very confused.

The electric current on the motherboard seemed to have created sparks in its mind. It murmured to himself,

"What am I?"

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