The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1388

Chapter 1387 Race Evolution

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A few days later, in the Black Star Army territory. Five figures were floating above a desolate planet. Four of them were staring at a black-robed figure. "Black Star, are you kidding me? You want us to help you break through to a higher level?"

Kasuyi was surprised.

"Do I look like Im joking?"

Han Xiao asked in return. After returning from the Arthur Civilization, he immediately contacted four peak Beyond Grade As and invited them to help him with his cultivation. Wuornos had agreed long ago to represent Espers. The other three classes were Kasuyi, the old dragon, and Sierron, who did not have a deep relationship with them. The Pugilist class was relatively weak at the high end, and there were not many strong people. Putting aside the Revivors, Sierron was already one of the rare cards. Although Han Xiao preferred Karlot at his peak, he had yet to grow fully, there was no need to wait for him. He just needed to find Sierron to make up for the loss.

In the past, during the Hila Rescue War, he and Sierron had some conflicts, but after experiencing all kinds of storms together with the association, their relationship had returned to normal. This guy was not a direct descendant of the Universal Civilizations and had always been on the side of the association. Now that he was also a vice president, he could be trusted.

"You can always do unexpected things."

The three of them shook their heads helplessly.

When they received Han Xiaos invitation a few days ago, they were all equally shocked. They did not expect Black Star to be able to reach a higher level without saying anything, opening up the path of individual strength.

At first, they thought that Black Star was joking with them, but after confirming it, again and again, they realized that Black Star was serious.

Because they had a good relationship with each other, although the three of them were surprised, they agreed to the invitation and prepared to help. What surprised them was Black Stars method of advancement.

"Speaking of which, what can we help you with? Shouldnt this sort of thing be done alone?" Milizaus was confused.

In his mind, breaking through to a higher level and ascending to the next level was something that one could only do by themselves. Since when did one need help?

"Of course, I have my reasons." Han Xiao did not explain the reason, and it was difficult for him to explain.

Wuornos pondered.

"The five of us have different Super systems. Could it be that your idea is to combine the five elements"

Han Xiao interrupted him and waved his hands.

"Why are you asking so many questions now? Since youre already here, just follow the plan and wait for the final result." Hearing this, Wuornos stopped talking. However, he kept thinking about it in his mind and was secretly surprised by Han Xiaos performance.

He was very puzzled. The method to reach a higher level should be a mystery to everyone, and Black Star did not look like he had tried it many times. However, why did this guy look so confident? Why did he have such a thought? He borrowed the Churchs National Treasure and asked a few people for help

Furthermore, attempting a promotion should be risky. Why was Black Star using such a bold method? Was he not afraid? Did he not sense the danger of this Promotion?

Various thoughts flashed through Wuornos mind. In the end, he shook his head and did not intend to remind Han Xiao.

In any case, this was Black Stars Promotion. He looked very confident, so there was no need for Han Xiao to kindly remind him. He would just wait and see. Even if Black Star failed, the experience would still be able to broaden his horizons.

Thinking about this, Wuornos pressed his palm against his chest and phased through it. He took out a ball of soft white light and threw it at Han Xiao.

"This is what you want. Ill lend it to you."

Han Xiao reached out to take it. He looked down at this Arcane Church weapon. It was different from what he had expected. It was just a ball of light.

Its main user was beside him, so it was not convenient for him to study it closely. Han Xiao pressed the Arcane Church device on his chest, and the white light quickly fused into his body. A special energy immediately surged out and covered his entire body. He felt that his cells in his critical state immediately became much calmer.

Han Xiao glanced at the interface. The first Promotion requirement had turned golden, and it was now labeled as "Activation Triggered".

"Then I shall begin."

Han Xiao nodded at the others and floated a distance away before landing on the surface of the planet.

Watching his figure shrink into a black dot, Sierron turned to look at the people around him and asked,

"Do you think he will succeed?"

"If it was that easy, I would have entered a higher level long ago." Wuornos shook his head and said calmly.


At this time, in everyones perception, space suddenly shook, and a shocking energy wave burst out from the planet!

In just an instant, the entire planet exploded into a huge hole, and the molten fluids in the core gushed out and scattered across the galaxy. Then, the planet suddenly exploded!


Amidst the debris and light, Han Xiaos voice did not move at all. It was continuously emitting shocking energy waves, and his aura was rising rapidly.

"Its starting!"

The eyes of the four of them focused, and they immediately followed the plan. They released their energy. It passed through the fragments of the planet and entered Han Xiaos body.

Han Xiao was bathed in the light, and the cells in his body started to go berserk. He felt like his body was going to separate and reform at any time.

However, the Churchs National Treasure floating in his chest released fluctuations at a fixed frequency, engulfing his entire body and allowing his body to maintain its original structure.

Strangely, though the different energies sent out from his four helpers should have been ejected, at this moment, they were not repelled. Instead, they seemed to have been absorbed and quickly merged into his cells.

At the same time, the Beyonders Vestige that had been dormant for many days suddenly glowed brightly and started burning fiercely, releasing all the energy. It immediately caused the speed of advancement to spike and soar rapidly. The feeling of pain and exhilaration assaulted Han Xiaos mind time and time again. He struggled to control his vision and glanced at the interface, only to see that the notifications were flooding in.

(Level 360 Promotion has been activated!]

(You have reached the prerequisite for Promotion: 3/3]

(You have activated the Apotheosis Promotion!)

(The new Grade can be unlocked!)

(Due to the Apotheosis Promotion, +160 Basic END Bonus increased to +480! Current 1 END = 1170 Health = 1180 Stamina)

Your (Gods Trait Transformation.Machinery] has reached the maximum level. You have been awarded an additional Life Level Promotion!)

[Detecting your race: Black Star Race (Exclusive race, irreplaceable)] [Detected that your evolutionary route (Void) has reached the limit, there is no higher Life Level to promote to]

[Detected that you are undergoing Apotheosis, conventional optimization is cancelled would you like to proceed with evolving your Exclusive Race?]

[.. Evolution confirmed, [Black Star Race) has now evolved to become (Black Star God Race), your life level has been promoted, your genes strengthened. You have obtained additional Attributes: +2140 STR, +1705 DEX, +2600 END, +3440 INT, +3052 MYS, +1024 CHA and +26200 Energy. The bonuses provided by your Energy Attribute Realm has been strengthened)

(Your Black Star God Race exclusive talent [Mechanical Genius) has been enhanced]

(Mechanical Genius: The bonus Machinery Affinity has been increased from x1.55 to X1.65, Machinery Creation Performance increased from 70% to 80%, all Mechanic related skill levels increased from +3 to +4] (Your Gods Trait Transformation.Void is at the maximum, you have received a bonus Life Level Promotion!]

[Your race has been detected: [Black Star God Race) (Exclusive race, irreplaceable)]

[Detected that your evolutionary route (Void) has reached the limit, there is no higher Life Level to promote to]

[Detected that you are undergoing Apotheosis, conventional optimization is cancelled would you like to proceed with evolving your Exclusive Race?]

[.. Evolution confirmed, your (Black Star God Race] has now evolved to become (Black Star God Race Royal Bloodline). Your Life Level has been promoted and genes strengthened. You have obtained the additional Attributes: +2780 STR, +2410 DEX, +2600 END, +3440 INT, +3052 MYS, +1024 CHA and +26200 Energy. The bonuses provided by your Energy Attribute Realm has been strengthened] (Your Black Star God Race exclusive talent [Mechanical Genius] has been enhanced)

[Mechanical Genius: The bonus Machinery Affinity has been increased from x1.65 to x1.75, Machinery Creation Performance increased from 80% to 90%, all Mechanic related skill levels increased from +4 to +5]

Originally, there was no chance for a Race Evolution at level 360, but the two Gods Trait Transformation metamorphoses brought about two additional Life level promotion opportunities.


The surging energy was so dense that it almost solidified. With Han Xiao as the center, it gushed out in all directions, spreading far and wide. It had already reached the level of a cosmic energy surge, and almost all the Black Star Armys outposts in this area sounded an alarm.

Scorching energy flowed through his body, and all the cells in his body rapidly advanced toward a higher level of life. It was as if his cells had developed an independent consciousness, but it did not cause great changes under the support of the Churchs National Treasure.

An endless stream of energy gushed over from all directions, and Han Xiao almost turned into the core of a nebula. His entire body was filled with heatwaves, and he felt like he was swelling up like a balloon.

He tried his best to maintain his thoughts and stared at the notification on the interface.

The improvement he got this time was extremely powerful. If he did not have the special Race Evolution brought about by the Apotheosis, the simple genetic optimization he got during an Advancement would not have brought about such a high amount of attribute increase.

However, the notifications of his two Race Evolutions had yet to end.

(Your exclusive race has been upgraded to [Black Star God Race). You have received a new talent: Mechanical Divine Body!)

(Mechanical Divine Body: +1500% Machinery Affinity, your Mechanical Force Attribute has been enhanced. Your skills (Emperors Gift] has been upgraded to (Ode of the Gods), (Apostle Life Creation) has been upgraded to (Gods Emissary Creation], [Tinder Awakening] has been upgraded to [Allspark), and [Dimension Factory] has been upgraded to [Godly Stronghold). (TL Note: Appreciated that the author thought of putting the Allspark in a mechanic novel. 10/10)

(Your exclusive race has been upgraded to (Black Star God Race Royal Bloodline). You have received a new talent: Void Divine Body!]

(Void Divine Body: +1500 to Basic Attributes, you have been awarded 30 Awakening Points. All Void-related Racial Talents will be buffed, and you can open a second Void Dimension within your body to integrate with the original Void Dimension]

Han Xiao looked at the introduction of these two talents with a hard-to suppress glee in his eyes.

The four Mechanic abilities had undergone a special evolution. Among them, (Ode of the Gods] and [Gods Emissary Creation) were enhanced based on basic values. The exact effects did not change, only the name of his Apostle Weapons were renamed as Mechanical Oracles.

As for (Allspark] and [Godly Stronghold), they had some functional changes.

[Tinder Awakening] was originally an ability used to create mechanical lives, and it needed to be actively cast. However, after evolution, it now possessed a passive effect. So long as machinery was connected by Mechanical Force, it could temporarily become a mechanical life form and receive various enhancements attributed to mechanical life forms. The effect would disappear if the Mechanical Force was cut off, but prolonged usage could solidify its status permanently, changing it to become a mechanical life-form forever. This way, the efficiency and scale of creating mechanical life forms would be raised to a new level, and the consumption would also be much lower.

In addition, the function of (Godly Stronghold) was to open a secondary dimension in his body as a Dimension Factory. He did not need to summon the secondary dimension portal any longer. This was akin to having the late game skills of a Mechanical Pugilist, which removed all its previous skills side effects. Now, even if the environment outside was locked onto by the Space Stabilization Anchor, Han Xiao would still be able to launch a surprise attack.

(Void Divine Body] also had similar effects. It could open up a new Void Dimension within ones body and even swallow parts of the original Void Dimension to improve ones own Void Dimension.

The mechanisms revealed by these two talents seemed to indicate the formation of a universe within his body!

"Is this the difference between levels?"

Han Xiao was shocked. Even now, the evolution had yet to end, and notifications were still being sent out continuously. Intense waves of pain assaulted his mind.

The power released by the Beyonders Vestige was cleansing the cells over and over again, causing the cells to change time and time again. It gradually approached the special flawless particle form, and the changes in his body became more and more intense, sometimes intense and sometimes mild.

At the same time, the four pretty boys who were continuously supplying energy finally realized that something was wrong.

From Han Xiaos body, there was an aura that made them tremble from the bottom of their souls. It was as if they had met with an existence of a higher level on the food chain.

"Am I seeing things? Is this the suppression pressure caused by a difference in life levels?!"

Kasuyis eyes widened in shock. "It cant be wrong, this is the feeling"

Milizaus dragon beard fluttered, and his huge dragon eyes flashed with disbelief. He secretly swallowed a dragon breath that was about to come out.

Wuornos, who was originally quite calm, could no longer remain unruffled. He stared at Han Xiaos figure in shock.

Holy sh*t, could it be that this guy was so lucky, able to succeed in one go?!

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