The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 1753

Chapter 1753 Thinks Well Of You

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That photo that Han Zhuoling took for Shi Xiaoya really had a bit of a blockbuster effect to it.

The moment she uploaded it, there were fans who commented, "Thats because you are beautiful to begin with. Three hundred sixty degrees of beauty with zero bad angles!"

"Main point is, whos the photographer?"

"Its probably pretty Miss Yujie."

As Shi Xiaoyas assistant, Guo Yujie was well-known by fans too, which was rare.

"But judging from the height, it doesnt look like it. Pretty Miss Assistant isnt very tall either. This is totally a boyfriend angle, a top-down angle."

"You guys are all Conans. You can even tell just by looking."

"Maybe the phone was raised."

"If the phone was raised up and the screen cant be seen, how is it possible to take such a good shot?"

"Who knows if this is really a candid shot?" Because of Han Zhuoling, Shi Xiaoya had also gained quite a few haters.

"You try standing in this position and posing for a shot. It looks so natural and is obviously a candid shot, yet you insist on saying that its a posed shot. Haters please leave, youre not welcome here."

"If you are ugly, you wont look nice even when you pose, so stop being sour about other people looking good even in candid shots."

"Xiaoya is pretty to begin with. I will say that in the makeup industry, be it as a makeup blogger or as a professional makeup artist, her looks always ranked near the top. This wont be considered an exaggeration. With her looks, even if she did not become a makeup artist, she would probably have good potential as a celebrity as well. If you were sour about other things, perhaps other people might agree with you, but being sour about her looks is really picking on the wrong point."

"Some people, arent they just jealous?"

"Does Xiaoya have a boyfriend? I also think this feels like a boyfriend angle."

"Xiaoya was going to head to the production set at that time. She probably had her staff following her along. It might just have been a male colleague."

"No, I dont believe. I strongly believe that our Xiaoya has a boyfriend now."

"Look what I saw!" a netizen exclaimed. "Han Zhuoling gave Xiaoya a like!"

Everyone flocked over to take a look.


"Forget it. I dont dare to say it, lest it brings more haters for Xiaoya."

"Anyway, Xiaoya, I think you stand a chance!"

Shi Xiaoya widened her eyes. She went to take a look and noticed that Han Zhuoling really gave her a like.

How did he see her new post so quickly?

This man usually did not go on Weibo, right?

He would only come out to share the official publicity post when he needed to publicize the companys products.

How would he know the moment she updated her page?

Shi Xiaoya felt an urge to go diagonally opposite to ask about it.

But she suppressed the urge and did not really go over.

When it was 8:30 PM, the door bell rang.

Shi Xiaoya went to open the door and saw that it was Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling had also changed into a set of comfortable clothes, and he saw that Shi Xiaoya was actually still wearing her pajamas.

It was furry, and her hoodie even had rabbit ears attached to it. It strikingly resembled her actual temperament.

"Youre not going to attend the supper with the production team?" Han Zhuoling asked.

If she was not going, there would be no point for him to go either.

"Im going." Shi Xiaoya explained, "Just that I felt there was still some time after coming back, so I showered first and changed into comfortable clothes. Im planning to change out again before I leave. Hold on for a moment, Ill go and change now."

Only then did Han Zhuoling notice that she had already removed her makeup and that her face was clean and clear.

He had seen her bare face before. During the first episode of the show, she came at dawn to put on makeup for him and even got misunderstood by him.

He had already seen it then.

However, the light was not very good then, so he could not see as clearly as he did now.

Even under sufficient light now, Shi Xiaoyas bare face still withstood the test and was not much different from how she looked in the day.

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