The Male Leads Substitute Wife Chapter 249

Chapter 249 Scalded Fingers 3

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Chapter 249 Scalded Fingers (3)

Yan Junyi finished filming and went on Weibo to see the news of Su Yaya opening agritourism. He hesitated before liking Su Yayas post as well and then forwarded it: May business be more and more prosperous!

Seeing that her friends in the entertainment circle had all forwarded her post, Su Yaya was really happy. She kept on smiling. She was quite happy stepping into the entertainment circle for she had their constant support.

Su Yaya kept on refreshing her Weibo and got a new forward. Xu Chaoran had also forwarded her post and commented: Where? I want to come!

Last time, Su Yaya blacklisted Xu Chaorans phone number and then got a new phone number. Xu Chaoran was unable to call her ever since, so he privately messaged her Weibo a few times. However, Su Yaya ignored it acting like she hadnt seen it.

Today, Su Yaya had posted on Weibo and Xu Chaoran had asked her directly on there. Therefore, it wasnt like she could just ignore him. It was clear that she really didnt want him to come nor did she want people to think that they were close. But if she didnt respond but replied to other peoples comments, it would feel awkward.

Plus, media was great at making something out of nothing. If they saw the different treatment she gave him, they would definitely suspect something fishy between the two again. Who knew what they would write about them. She had quit the entertainment circle now, living a peaceful and happy life. She didnt want the media to start writing nonsense about her again, interrupting her beautiful days.

She thought about it before replying: guess?

I just wont tell you!

Its up to you to see whether you can guess it or not.

Thats what Su Yaya meant.

When Xu Chaoran saw her reply, he burst into laughter, saying out loud, "Stupid woman, are you happy that you get to tease me?"

In the villa, Chen Xiuqi was boiling water when he suddenly heard a notification from his phone. He walked over and slid the screen up to see a notification indicating that Su Yaya had posted something on Weibo.

He paused before clicking into Weibo and seeing her newest update.

The morning sunshine shone in the forest and Su Yaya walked on the road slowly. She wore a sweet and beautiful smile. It was quiet and peaceful. Then, he saw a picture of her standing by agritourism with two rows of flower baskets, smiling splendidly

Chen Xiuqis gaze landed on her face. He curled his lips up. Was she that happy to be away from him? She even went to open agritourism.

Then, he saw that Xu Chaoran and the others had forwarded her Weibo, chatting with her happily. Especially when Su Yaya replied to Xu Chaoran with "guess." It was cute and adorable, very like when she was by his side and acting cute, trying to please him.

Chen Xiuqi knitted his brows right then, feeling his heart tighten. It felt as if someone had harshly punched his heart a few times.

This woman

His fingers started moving and he wanted to type something.

At this time, he suddenly heard the sound of the kettle rattling on the stove and there was a faint scent of gas in the air. He hurriedly lifted his head and looked over to see the water in the kettle overflowing.

He hurriedly grabbed his phone and walked over quickly, his gaze still on the Weibo while he tried to reach over and turn off the fire on the stove. His fingers accidentally touched the burning hot kettle and it turned red instantly. He immediately felt burning pain.

Chen Xiuqi withdrew his burnt finger in a panic when a concerned female voice suddenly rang in his ears. "Ah, did you get scalded? Hurry and place your fingers under the tap"

Hearing the voice, he suddenly turned around and seemed to see Su Yaya standing there and looking at her in concern.

His eyes became moist and teared up all of a sudden. His lips twitched a bit and after a moment, a nearly undetectable voice rang, "Su Yaya, my fingers got scalded"

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