The Male Leads Substitute Wife Chapter 250

Chapter 250 Did You Break Up? 1

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Chapter 250 Did you break up? (1)

Su Yayas relatives all came to the opening day for her agritourism. Mother and Father Su were busy tending to customers, and there were quite a few tables set up in the hall of the courtyard.

Su Xiaoxuan and Uncle Su came together. The moment she arrived, she went to look for Su Yaya. She saw her standing in front of the flowerbed in the backyard. Running over to hold onto Su Yayas arms, she called out, "Sister, so youre actually here. Ive been looking for you for a long time."

Su Yaya tilted her head to look at Su Xiaoxuan and then at the hand on her arms. She silently withdrew her arms and said faintly, "What do you need me for?"

Su Xiaoxuan and Su Yaya were just half a year apart but they didnt have a good relationship. Su Xiaoxuan had been jealous of Su Yayas beauty as a child and frequently talked badly about her behind her back. She went around and slandered Su Yaya, saying that she had many boyfriends, changing them frequently like she did with clothes. When Su Yaya entered the entertainment circle and got into a scandal, Su Xiaoxuan specially went to Su Family to tell Mother and Father Su about this, causing them to angrily kick her out. Su Yaya knew about all of this. Mother had told her about this before. She still had some of the original bodys memories and didnt have a favorable impression of Su Xiaoxuan. She and her father, Uncle Su, were about the same. They only kissed up to her when she was of value to them.

Right now, just as Su Yaya thought, Su Xiaoxuan approached her with a motive. She had the intention of getting close to Su Yaya.

Su Xiaoxuan smiled and asked Su Yaya, "When did you come back? Why didnt you tell me earlier? Also, why isnt your boyfriend here? How come I only see you? Where is he?"

Look, shes on it already. She really thought that she didnt know what she was thinking?

Su Yaya lifted her brows and said moodily, "What does this have to do with you?"

If this was in the past and Su Yaya had talked to her like this, Su Xiaoxuan would definitely be unhappy. She wouldnt be able to resist jumping in and arguing with Su Yaya.

But it was different now. Su Xiaoxuan recalled the words Her father had said. He wanted her to kiss up to Su Yaya and not to offend her. Su Yayas status was different now. She had Chen Xiuqi supporting her. It was different now and they couldnt afford to upset her.

Of course, Su Xiaoxuan understood. It wasnt that they couldnt afford to offend Su Yaya but that they couldnt afford Chen Xiuqi. Thats why they needed to kiss up to her. But thinking of this, Su Xiaoxuan was still unhappy. Su Yaya got all the good things and she had always been suppressed by Su Yayas capability and beauty. She was unresigned to this.

Su Yaya didnt talk that nicely to her and Su Xiaoxuan was thinking about retorting when she recalled Uncle Sus words. He didnt want her to go against Su Yaya and he wanted her to follow along. Su Xiaoxuan wanted benefits from him, so she had to listen to him. She was forced to suppress her unhappiness and tugged a smile on her face, "Its cause I just saw you by yourself that I asked you."


Su Yaya ignored her and turned to leave.

Su Xiaoxuan hurriedly pulled her and glanced her up and down. She suddenly thought of something and asked Su Yaya sharply, "Your boyfriend didnt come back with you?"

"Yes." Su Yaya answered without a car, feeling like Su Xiaoxuan was making a fuss about nothing. Who cares if Chen Xiuqi didnt come back with her? Without looking back, she prepared to start walking again.

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