The Male Leads Substitute Wife Chapter 263

Chapter 263 Nightmare 2

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Ch.263 Nightmare (2)

Assistant Chen trembled right then and then he was full of spirit. He assumed the responsibility and solemnly promised, "I will make sure work will be done and I will complete my task perfectly."

Chen Xiuqi quickly got on the plane back domestically. There wasnt a nonstop flight from America to Vietnam, so he boarded the plane to S City and then transferred.

On the plane, Chen Xiuqi fell asleep and had a dream. He dreamed of the dirty Su Yaya begging him for help, saying: Xiuqi, save me, Xiuqi, save me. Please, save me

He looked at her and his brows furrowed. He glanced at her lying on the ground pitifully and he felt his heart aching. He hurriedly reached over to pull her up. Who knew that his hands penetrated through her body. He tried several times, but to no avail. It felt as if they werent in the same world. Despite him being very anxious and wanting to save her, he was unable to. She was like an illusion.

"Yaya" He called.

Tears streamed down Su Yayas face as she watched him cry miserably. He wanted to throw himself over and try again when the scene changed in front of his eyes.

He watched as she stood up with difficulty, walking out. Darkness surrounded them like a layer of pitch-black smoke had blocked everything. He could only see that woman walking extremely slowly while crying.

He called her but she didnt respond. He tried to pull her but he couldnt either. He could only follow her out. She walked slowly, her body full of injuries. He could only slow down to match her steps. The field of sight finally got wider after a bit.

Chen Xiuqi felt a bit less depressed after walking out of the pitch-black smoke. He was about to sigh in relief when he saw a speeding car rushing over and crashed right into Su Yaya, knocking her body into the air like a broken doll.

The car accident was too sudden. Chen Xiuqi watched as Su Yaya was knocked into the air, his black eyes widening. His body reacted quicker than his brain and he ran over, wanting to catch her.

However, there was still nothing. He watched as Su Yaya penetrated through his hands and fell on the ground with a thump, her body covered in fresh blood


Chen Xiuqi shouted and woke up, his forehead full of cold sweat.

"Mister, did you have a nightmare?"

A gentle voice rang in his ears.

Chen Xiuqi subconsciously reached over and grabbed her. His mind was still on the dream. He paused before shifting his gaze to the flight attendant. He stayed dazed for a while before he gradually snapped out of his trance. Seeing that it was just the flight attendant in front of him, he realized that he was still on the plane to go back domestically. He just had a terrifying nightmare.

"Mister, are you still okay?" The flight attendant still smiled, her voice gentle. She was still willing to service a handsome man like Chen Xiuqi even though he wasnt in a good state right now as he had dark bags under his eyes. It was clear that he hadnt rest well but it was hard to conceal his noble temperament.

Chen Xiuqi was awake now. He nodded, "Im good."

"Do you want some water?" The flight attendant asked.

Chen Xiuqi had her pour a cup of water for him.

Not long later, the flight attendant brought a cup of warm water over and asked him if he needed anything else. He waved his hands and said no, saying that hell call her if he did. As a result, the flight attendant just left.

Chen Xiuqi drank a sip of water and recalled the scene in his dream. Su Yaya seemed to have lived a tragic life within the dream and she was also very dirty as if she had rolled on the ground a few times. Her clothes were ragged and ripped too Most importantly, she was actually ran over by An Yuting.

He remembered clearly. The moment that he ran over and watched to catch Su Yaya, he lifted his head and looked inside the car. He actually saw An Yuting sitting in the drivers seat. Her face was full of hatred and resentment. It was clear that she wanted Su Yayas life!

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