The Male Leads Substitute Wife Chapter 264

Chapter 264 Nightmare 3

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Chapter 264 Nightmare (3)

Chen Xiuqi suddenly felt a pang in his heart. He almost couldnt even hold the water cup in his hands

Yaya will be fine. He definitely wont let anything happen to her. Chen Xiuqi clutched his hands tightly.

Su Yaya returned to agritourism. Mother and Father Su coincidentally had to leave since they had something to do. One of their old classmates daughter was going to get married and they were going to attend the wedding. They asked if Su Yaya wanted to go, but the latter had a lot on her mind so she wasnt in the mood to go. She said that shed work on agritourism and for them go instead.

After Mother and Father Su left, Su Yaya became spirited and decided to tell them about her pregnancy after they came back from the wedding.

The next day, Su Yaya was arranging peoples work in agritourism as she sweeped the courtyard. Today, there were three tables of customers coming over to eat.

Right now, a white van drove to the front door. The back door was opened and a tall man got out of the van wearing black sunglasses.

Xu Chengkun finally finished filming his drama yesterday. It just so happens that the crew wasnt that far from here. There was nothing important he had to do today anyway, so he brought his assistant and had a driver drive them over.

"Yaya." Xu Chengkun walked into the agritourism in large strides to see her standing right in the courtyard. Therefore, he called her.

Su Yaya looked over after hearing this and recognized Xu Chengkun. Her eyes brightened right then. In a shocked and surprised voice, "Ah, why did you come? Why didnt you call me beforehand?"

Xu Chengkun walked over in a few steps and smiled. "Hope you have a prosperous and flourishing business. It turns out that you werent far from where I am, so I had the driver drive here. I heard that the simmer-fried chicken is pretty good. I came here specially to taste it."

Su Yaya smiled and exclaimed, "I have tons of signature dishes here. Each one is delicious. Ill make sure youre satisfied."

"Thats great. I want to try them all then." Xu Chengkun smiled as he said this.

A worker kept on eyeing Xu Chengkun up and down. Someone had already recognized him. It was unfair to keep Xu Chengkun keep waiting outside, so Su Yaya led him to a top-grade private room.

The two entered the private room and sat down. Su Yaya asked Xu Chengkun, "What do you want to drink? Ill grab it for you."

Xu Chengkun took off his sunglasses and revealed a smile on his handsome face. "Just water is good enough."

"Then Ill go grab a bottle of water for you." Su Yaya turned and walked out as she said this. She quickly came back with a bottle of water.

Xu Chengkun took a sip from the bottle of water. Before he could say anything, he heard someone call for Su Yaya outside.

"Boss, someones looking for you!" A voice rang outside of the courtyard.

"Let me check it out." Su Yaya said.

"Go do what you have to." Xu Chengkun said.

Su Yaya could only apologize to Xu Chengkun before she turned to check on who it was.

Who knew that she walked out to see Yan Junyan!

Su Yaya blinked her eyes and walked over quickly. "Why are you here?"

Like Xu Chengkun, Yan Junyan wore sunglasses too. He said softly, "I came to visit you."

Su Yaya had no choice but to bring him into the private room as well. "Have a seat inside the private room."

Therefore, Yan Junyan followed Su Yaya into the top-grade private room.

Yan Junyan entered to see Xu Chengkun there too. The two recognized each other and they had filmed drama together before. They were quite okay with each other, so they smiled and greeted each other. Then, Yan Junyan found a seat and sat down.

Su Yaya had just sit down and talked to Xu Chengkun and Yan Junyan for a bit when she heard someone calling her outside again, "Boss, someone is looking for you!"

Hearing this, Su Yaya wondered who it was this time. She didnt know what was with today. Why did so many people come?

She smiled at Xu Chengkun and Yan Junyan. "Im not sure who it is this time. Let me go take a look."

Xu Chengkun and Yan Junyan came to an agreement and had Su Yaya go work.

She smiled before turning and walking out.

Su Yaya looked up after entering the courtyard. It was actually Xu Chaoran, that troublemaker!

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