The Male Leads Substitute Wife Chapter 265

Chapter 265 Are You Here To Play? 1

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Chapter 265 Are You Here To Play? (1)

Xu Chaoran wore a blue and white athletic outfit with a peaked cap on top of his head. He pushed the cap down and wore a mask to cover his handsome face, only revealing his pair of sparkling and bright eyes. His entire face was concealed. If one didnt look carefully, they wouldnt be able to recognize him.

"What? You dont recognize me?" Seeing that Su Yaya wasnt happy in the least bit to see him, Xu Chaoran was a bit unhappy. He lifted his thick brows as a result.

Su Yaya curled her lips and replied, "Why are you here?" She didnt remember inviting him to come here.

Xu Chaoran laughed and said shamelessly, "What? I cant come? Your agritourism was open here with the purpose of having people to come here, no? Are you going to kick your customers out, hm? What sort of reason is that?"

Fine, she did open the agritourism in order to do business. Everyone was a customer here. Xu Chaoran wasnt wrong, so she accepted this.

"Youre not going to invite me inside to take a seat?" Xu Chaoran glanced inside the lounge. When he came, he heard a staff member say that Su Yaya had customers, and two handsome guys at that. Therefore, he turned to ask Su Yaya, "Are there customers inside? Is that why its inconvenient for me to come?"

He acted like he wont go inside if she had customers, but who knew what he would do later on.

Su Yaya knew that Xu Chaoran was a troublemaker. If she didnt comfort him after he came to the agritourism, who the heck knows what hed do?

"Follow me." Su Yaya had no choice but to tell him to follow her to the top-grade private room as well.

Xu Chaoran looked up to see Xu Chengkun and Yan Junyan sitting inside. Man!

She really did have customers, extraordinary customers in fact!

No wonder the staff members wore an excited and shocked expression when he inquired them about Su Yayas customers. As it turned out, there were two celebrities inside the private room. With the addition of him, there were now three. Three male celebrities in fact. The staff members were clearly excited and awaiting gossip.

"Hi, when did you guys come?" Xu Chaoran took off the peaked cap and his mask, greeting Xu Chengkun and Yan Junyan familiarly.

Strictly speaking, Xu Chaoran, Yan Junyan, and Xu Chengkun were competitors within the entertainment circle. For instance, the drama [Flourishing Palace] had considered both Xu Chaoran and Yan Junyan as the male lead. In the end, Xu Chaoran won. Because of other reasons, Yan Junyan didnt get the role. Instead, he took on another drama. After that, Xu Chaoran got into an accident. When the crew decided to change roles, they swapped Xu Chaoran out for Xu Chengkun. Therefore, the three of them had all worked for the same role before.

Xu Chaoran was a bit nicer to Yan Junyan right now. After all, the two had only competed for the same role. Moreover, Yan Junyan lost to him. Xu Chaoran felt a bit superior against him. But it was different for Xu Chengkun. The twos fans were still fighting on an anonymous forum online.

Especially Xu Chengkun had taken on the role that Xu Chaoran had once had but gave up in the end. The two sides fans fought for days nonstop. They even compared the twos datas. In the end, Xu Chengkun won Xu Chaoran by a lot.

Although the fans had made up this result, it obviously spread to the implicated partys ears. Xu Chengkun didnt know but Xu Chaoran knew very well.

Therefore, when Xu Chaoran encountered Xu Chengkun, he felt awkward for some reason. So what if Xu Chengkun graduated from a professional arts college? He could just enter an arts college and become a graduate student too.

There was a strange atmosphere within the private room for some reason. There were three men and a woman. In the end, Su Yaya thought that just sitting here wasnt the way. They were just staring at each other and werent really making any conversation. Especially because of Xu Chaoran. She tried to keep up the conversation, but to no avail. She had to think of another way to pass time.

"Why dont we play cards?" Su Yaya suggested. That was the best way to kill time.

Yan Junyan and Su Yaya were neighbors, so he knew very well about the card rules. The three could sit down and play cards. With four people, they could play mahjong. In short, it was a good way to kill time.

Yan Junyan didnt object to this. He didnt want to just awkwardly sit here, so he gestured okay. "Im good with that."

Xu Chengkun had about the same thought so he said that he was fine too.

Only Xu Chaoran was left. Glancing at the three, he followed suit, "Since everyones playing, why wouldnt I play?"

Su Yaya then said, "Since were all playing, then lets go."

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