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  • The Marriage Of An Esteemed Supreme Healer A Noble Ruler

  • Genres : Martial Arts -  Romance -  Xianxia -  Historical -  Wuxia -  Josei -  Shoujo
  • Status : Ongoing
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The Marriage Of An Esteemed Supreme Healer A Noble Ruler summary:

In her previous life, she was a highly respected Heavenly Empress, but on the eve of her wedding, she was betrayed and died by self-immolation! Reborn as the abandoned daughter of a broken dog family, she was bullied, however, the one who hurt her is above her and enjoying the prestige! Once reborn, the phoenix flew into the heavens once again! Taming divine beasts, coagulating the Force, mastering the art of healing and poison, and controlling the life and death of the gods! She vowed to make those who betrayed and abused her suffer and return the torment a hundredfold! He is a weak and gentle King Li, and the King of the Night, who holds the world in his hands, but for one person, he has devoted his life to her. He promises to make sure that the only person he has ever loved is safe and happy, forever living in bliss. She thought the journey would be filled with blood and tears, but she didnt know that what awaited her instead was a lifetime of premeditated, luxurious favours! Status in COO :2 Volumes/ 2497 Main Chapters (Completed) 1 Volume/ 92 Side Stories (Completed)

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The Marriage Of An Esteemed Supreme Healer A Noble Ruler Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 161 Sorry2 months ago
Chapter 159 Teach2 months ago
Chapter 155 Help2 months ago
Chapter 148 Aura2 months ago
Chapter 147 Chaos2 months ago
Chapter 124 Late2 months ago
Chapter 116 Stuck2 months ago
Chapter 91: Wine3 months ago
Chapter 85 Crowd3 months ago
Chapter 84 Fight3 months ago
Chapter 80 Wait3 months ago
Chapter 65 Sin3 months ago
Chapter 61 Battle3 months ago
Chapter 603 months ago
Chapter 593 months ago
Chapter 583 months ago
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