The Marriage Of An Esteemed Supreme Healer A Noble Ruler Chapter 339

Chapter 339 Jian Fengchi

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The few people in the room looked at Chu Liuyue.

Mu Hongyu naturally didnt have any opinion as she continuously nodded in agreement. She then looked at the Princess Consort and said, "Mother, this is Liuyue, my best friend at Tian Lu Academy. Its because of her help that Lieutenant Mu agreed to help us."

The Princess Consort looked at Chu Liuyue lovingly. "Thank you so"

"Mother, Liuyue is also a heavenly doctor herself! You might not know, but she produced a pill a few days ago during the Qing Jiao Competition! This also means that shes truly a heavenly doctor! Let her help you take a look; perhaps it might help!"

The Princess Consort smiled and nodded. "Ill listen to you, Yuer."

Just as Chu Liuyue was about to walk forward, the elder in green suddenly said, "Little Princess, Im afraid this isnt very appropriate."

Chu Liuyue looked up.

Mu Hongyu was stunned. "Grandpa Ji Chang, what do you mean?"

Ji Chang stroked his beard and said wisely, "Little Princess, I know youre thinking for the Princess Consort, but Im afraid Ms. Chu cant help with this."

Mu Hongyu thought for a while and asked, "You dont trust Liuyue?"

"Of course not." Ji Chang shook his head. "Ms. Chu is very famous, and weve all heard of her. Being able to produce a pill at such a young age is more than enough to prove her shocking talent. However the Princess Consort has been ill for so long, and even the top few heavenly doctors in Country Yao Chen cant do anything about it, let alone Ms. Chu. Why dont we just wait until the heavenly doctor from the Tianling Dynasty comes?"

Mu Hongyu knitted her brows in slight displeasure. "Grandpa Ji Chang, I just wanted Liuyue to help take Mothers pulse. Its not anything major. Besides, the heavenly doctor from the Tianling Dynasty hasnt arrived yet, and we can only wait. Whats the matter with letting Liuyue take a look? Arent you being too cautious?"

Ji Chang looked like he was in a difficult position. "Little Princess, its really not that Im purposely stopping you, but Sigh, you dont know about this, but the Prince specifically instructed us to keep the Princess Consorts illness a secret before we came, and we cant let outsiders know about it. Therefore"

"So, you still dont trust Liuyue?" Mu Hongyu was really angry this time. She stood up and looked straight at Ji Chang sternly. "Grandpa Ji Chang, Liuyue has done us such a huge favor. How can you be so guarded against her? If we cant even trust her, I cant trust anyone in the Imperial City. Youre breaking my heart!"

Ji Chang was helpless as it seemed like he didnt expect Mu Hongyu to think of Chu Liuyue so highly. "But the Prince"

"Ill talk to Father myself. Besides, even if Father were really here, he wouldnt be so unreasonable!" Mu Hongyu didnt want to care about him anymore, so she turned to look at Chu Liuyue. "Liuyue, dont take it to heart! Help my mother take a look!"

Ji Chang felt awkward and could only take a step back.

Chu Liuyue was in deep thought.This Ji Chang seems like he doesnt want me to touch the Princess Consort

She walked up and placed her fingers on the Princess Consorts wrist.

Ji Chang looked over.

Chu Liuyues expression remained unchanged. After a moment, she released her hand.

"Liuyue, hows my mothers condition? Can you see if theres anything wrong?" asked Mu Hongyu hurriedly.

Chu Liuyue shook her head. "The Princess Consort has been ill for many years, and her body is extremely weak. However, I also cant do anything else other than this."

Regret flashed across Mu Hongyus eyes. "The previous heavenly doctors also said the same thing" Moreover, she could clearly feel that her mothers condition was much worse than before.

Chu Liuyue patted her shoulder gently. "Dont worry, the heavenly doctor from the Tianling Dynasty will definitely have a way."

Mu Hongyu forced a smile. "Mm, I hope so."

Just as the atmosphere in the room was becoming serious, Wu Shans voice rang from outside. "Oh, so its Lieutenant Mu! Sorry for not recognizing you; Im too ignorant!"

Hearing this, everyone in the room looked outside.

Chu Liuyue walked out and indeed saw that Mu Qinghe had arrived at the yard.

Beside him stood a youngster in blue. This man looked like he was 28 or 29 as he wore a blue robe with a white jade belt, which accentuated his tall figure.

When this man stood beside Mu Qinghe, he was very tall and was a whole head taller than Mu Qinghewho was a general and considered to be very big and muscular. However, the more eye-catching thing was that he had a pair of blue eyes.

This pair of eyes was like the purest ice as they flickered with cold light. However, his face had a nonchalant smile, which made him look like a freak that coldly smiled through his eyes.

Chu Liuyues heart seemed to be hit hard.Why is it him?!

Standing in front of the Tianling Dynasty duo, Wu Shan was very nervous. "Im so sorry! We didnt know that youd be coming here today, Lieutenant Mu, so we didnt prepare anything"

Wu Shan secretly felt ashamed of himself. He was already very old and experienced, but he still became nervous in front of these two young men.

Actually, he couldnt be blamed for this. This was mainly because Mu Qinghe and the man in blues auras were very strong, and he couldnt ignore them.

He could already feel an unknown suppression just by standing there, causing his breathing to be interrupted.

Mu Qinghe didnt want to waste any time. He coincidentally looked up and saw Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue walked up in surprise.

"Lieutenant Mu! I didnt expect you to come here directly! Hongyu and I have just arrived as well. Please forgive us for being unable to serve you properly!" As she spoke, she walked to Wu Shan. "Senior Wu Shan, let me handle it from here. You can continue guarding the yard."

Wu Shan instantly heaved a sigh of relief and felt grateful toward Chu Liuyue. "Okay, okay! Then Ill leave the two VIPs to you."

Chu Liuyue nodded.

Wu Shan hurriedly backed away. Only when he was ten steps away did he carefully exhale to comfort his rapidly beating heart.People from the Tianling Dynasty are indeed different! Those two people look very young, but their capabilities are all much better than mine!

Chu Liuyue then looked at the man in blue beside Mu Qinghe, and she asked curiously, "May I know if this is the heavenly doctor youve brought over? How do I address him?"

Before Mu Qinghe could say anything, the man in blue lazily spoke first. "Jian Fengchi."

A smile was plastered on his face, making him look very friendly and warm, and his pair of blue eyes were especially charming.

However, Chu Liuyues internal alarm was ringing crazily!Nothing good ever happens when this guy shows such a smile! In the past, I had so many conflicts with him. I really didnt know how Mu Qinghe managed to become so close to him now!

Chu Liuyue thought for a while and didnt expect Mu Qinghe to send him over. "Greetings, Young Master Jian."

Chu Liuyue went on her knees and bowed.

Jian Fengchi suddenly leaned toward Mu Qinghe and softly laughed. "Dont you think she looks like someone?"

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