The Marriage Of An Esteemed Supreme Healer A Noble Ruler Chapter 468

Chapter 467 Truth

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Emperor Jiawen originally wanted to avoid it, but the sword auras speed was too fast.


The cold aura scratched past his neck.


The thing hanging around his neck suddenly snapped and flew toward Rong Xiu.

Emperor Jiawen was shocked and immediately reached out to grab it back, but he missed it by a few inches. Just as he was about to chase it, the red-tailed flood dragon rushed up again and slammed its tail against Emperor Jiawen strongly.

Emperor Jiawen was careless for a while, and his back was harshly hit. His body flew back uncontrollably.

At this moment, that thing had already landed in Rong Xius hands.

Chu Liuyue looked over and realized that it was a black bone chain, and a ring was hanging on it.

That ring was bronze, and there seemed to be a mysterious black pattern carved on it, making it look very special.

Rong Xiu looked down and glanced at the ring as his black lashes covered his eyes. His thin lips pressed against each other, and his jade-like chin seemed to tense up for a moment.

His face didnt show any expression, but Chu Liuyues heart was suddenly tugged.

"Rong Xiu, return me that thing!" Emperor Jiawen forcefully stabilized himself and hurriedly looked at Rong Xiu.

Rong Xius expression changed. His wrist flipped, and he put away that ring. "If Mother were still around, she definitely wouldnt agree to me returning you this item."

"You!" Emperor Jiawen wanted to argue, but he couldnt say anything when he met with Rong Xius transparent eyes. It was like every extra sentence he said would become deep mockery.

Just when he felt very conflicted, the red-tailed flood dragon rushed up again.

The human and the fiend battled.

At this point, Emperor Jiawen was a peak stage-six warrior, and the red-tailed flood dragon was a seventh-grade fiend. Logically speaking, they could forcefully fight to a draw.

But Emperor Jiawen very quickly came to be on the losing side, and he was about to be defeated.

The more important thing was that his force seemed to spread in all directions continuously, and his aura gradually reduced.

Not long later, his cultivation dropped by one stage.

But this was only the beginning.

Time trickled past, and the red-tailed flood dragon left increasingly more marks on his body.

At the very end, Emperor Jiawen couldnt retaliate at all, and his cultivation level dropped to that of a stage-four warrior.


Emperor Jiawen finally couldnt take it any longer and fell to the floor.

Dust flew up instantly.

He held his chest and violently coughed, causing his entire mouth to be filled with blood and him to hang by his last few breaths.

Rong Xiu didnt seem interested in this as he turned around and walked toward Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue finally couldnt help but ask softly, "That red-tailed flood dragon seems to have a grudge against His Majesty"

Rong Xiu smiled lightly and nonchalantly said, "It once received help from Mother."

I see.Chu Liuyue nodded in understanding and sized Rong Xiu up in detail before sighing.I have never asked Rong Xiu why he pretended to be ill and all along thought that he was doing it for the throne. I didnt expect it to be for the person sitting on the throne. All these years of careful planning were done to deal with Emperor Jiawen.

Just as she was about to say something, she suddenly noticed a gaze from the side.

She turned and looked.

Rong Jiu looked at Rong Xiu with a complicated gaze.

He was not stupid. Many things had happened before and after, so he had guessed quite a bit.

"Seventh Brother, I have something to speak to you about in private. I wonder if you have the time now."

Rong Xiu smiled lightly and nodded. "Sure."

Outside Tai He Hall, Chu Liuyue was speaking to Elder Ye. "Mentor, dont worry. All of these are small wounds, and theyll recover after a while"

Chu Liuyue looked at Elder Ye and was caught between laughter and tears.

Ever since Rong Xiu and Rong Jiu entered Tai He Hall to discuss something, Elder Ye kept asking her non-stop, afraid that there was something wrong with her body.

"Didnt you already take my pulse? Do you not trust yourself?"

Elder Ye coughed. "Im just worried about you."

Thinking of what happened earlier on, he still felt scared.If my disciple wasnt outstanding and strong enough, it would really be dangerous!

Chu Liuyue swiftly changed the topic. "Elder Zong Ye has left already?"

Elder Ye sneered. "Situ Xingchen is already dead. Why would he still stay here? If he stays any longer, he would be the one that dies next."

Chu Liuyue pondered for a moment. "Elder Zong Ye seems to be someone who holds grudges. So for the happenings today"

"Haha, that fellow has always been like this! But he wont dare to let the news spread to Mingyue Tianshan. If not, he wont be able to bear with the consequences of failing. Even though Zong Ye is just a stage-six warrior, he wont dare to mess around."

Chu Liuyue remained silent.Elder Zong Ye and Situ Xingchen had a very good relationship. If not, he wouldnt exhaust his means to come over and save her personally. Now that he has personally witnessed Situ Xingchen dying in front of him, I feel that he wont take it lying down

"As for Country Xing Luos side Situ Xingchen is the eldest princess after all"

Situ Yan really doted on this daughter. When he was angry, he might do something about it.

Elder Ye waved his hands. "Dont worry. Situ Yan wont dare to mess around. Situ Xingchen absorbed the strength within the bronze cauldron and used it to elevate her strength. She even wanted to kill you, so she was in the wrong first. Besides, her body was later stolen, and she was already dead at that moment. At the end of the day, she dug her own grave. Everyone saw it clearly, so how would Situ Yan dare to talk about this?"

No matter how much he liked Situ Xingchen, it was impossible for him to put the entire Country Xing Luo on the line. Thus, he could only reduce the severity of the matter and amount it to nothing in the end.

Chu Liuyue lightly nodded as she looked at the tightly locked door. "I wonder how their discussion is going."

Emperor Jiawen had already been locked up, and the red-tailed flood dragon was once again suppressed within the Deep Xuan formation.

The previous messy state had already been cleaned up mostly. On the surface, it looked as if everything had returned to normal. However

Everyone knew that the matters ending was controlled by the duo.

Elder Ye followed her gaze and sighed deeply. "I didnt expect that after so many years, its still"

Chu Liuyue asked again, "Mentor, did you already know that His Majesty"

Elder Ye hesitated for a moment before nodding; then, he shook his head. "I only knew that His Majesty and Ru Yue had a conflict back then because he wronged her, but I didnt know it was Whats the point?"

Who else could he blame for his current state?

Chu Liuyue thought for a moment and asked, "Consort Wan Was she from Heavens Canopy?"

Elder Ye paused for a while and laughed bitterly. "I cant confirm this either. She met His Majesty outside by accident, and he said that she was an orphan from a poor family. However, nobody knew the details. She was greatly loved back then, and many people had secretly investigated her identity, but they couldnt find anything."

Chu Liuyue nodded in understanding.This explains everything.


Tai He Halls door suddenly opened.

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