The Marriage Of An Esteemed Supreme Healer A Noble Ruler Chapter 469

Chapter 468 Honesty

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Chu Liuyue and Elder Ye looked up at the same time.

Not far behind them, the crowd of family heads kept quiet and looked over.

A figure came out from insideit was Rong Xiu.

His cold and distinguished face was very calm, and nobody could tell his expression. However, the family heads outside unwittingly became scared.

After witnessing this persons abilities, they didnt dare to treat Rong Xiu the same way as before.

The crowd became silent.

Chu Liuyue stepped forward. "Your Highness, how are you?"

Rong Xius heart warmed when he met with her worried gaze. All the tiredness and lethargy from all these days seem to vanish into thin air at that moment.No matter what, there is still one person that continues accompanying me.

"Lets go home," said Rong Xiu lightly as he grabbed her hands.

Overnight, Country Yao Chen experienced a drastic change.

Firstly, Rong Jiu brought soldiers and started a revolt. They attacked the Imperial City and charged into the palace.

Then, Country Xing Luos Eldest PrincessSitu Xingchenswallowed some weird power and broke through repeatedly before trying to kill Chu Liuyue. In the end, her body was stolen, and she was killed instead.

Finally, in order to retrieve his birth mothers item, Prince LiRong Xiufought with Emperor Jiawen and won with his sword.

Too many things had happened on that day, and the news spread throughout the Imperial City.

Nobody tried to seal the news. In actual fact, it was impossible to pretend nothing happened after such a huge commotion was caused.

Besides, the fight for the throne had huge implications. So when the family heads witnessed this personally, they would definitely tell their own family members to find out how to handle the situation.

In no time, everyone in the Imperial City was talking about this.

Very quickly, the latest news came out: The Third Prince, Rong Jiu, would ascend the throne and become the emperor, while Prince LiRong Xiuchose to return to Mingyue Tianshan.

As for Emperor Jiawen, as the supreme emperor, he would be sent to a hall and spend his remaining years there.

Everyone partook in discussions about this ending. After all, everyone now knew that Rong Xiu wasnt truly sickly. On the other hand, he was very talented and strong.

Previously, many people had guessed that he and Rong Jiu would fight for eventual ownership of the throne. They didnt expect him to return to Mingyue Tianshan.

As for Emperor Jiawen What good ending would he have after he was forcefully removed from the throne?

But after Situ Xingchen died, Country Xing Luo didnt have any reaction. It was as though they directly skipped past the event.

Prince Li Mansion, bamboo forest.

Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu sat opposite each other with a chess game in between them.

The wind blew lightly, and the bamboo leaves rustled.

Rong Xiu put down the chess piece in his hands. "Yueer, do you think Im too heartless?"

Chu Liuyue looked up and said in shock, "Your Highness, why would you say so?"

Rong Xiu paused.

Chu Liuyue suddenly understood.Is he talking about Emperor Jiawen?

"You have your own reasons and logic for doing this, Your Highness." Chu Liuyue lightly shook her head. "If you think you did nothing wrong, then you did nothing wrong."

Rong Xius thin lips curved up, and he suddenly inched in closer. He looked at her eyes calmly and teased, "Yueer, do you mean that youll always stand on my side no matter what I do?"

His voice was low and lazy as he smiled in a nonchalant manner.

"Of course," said Chu Liuyue determinedly as she gazed into his deep eyes. Her expression was serious and sincere.

Rong Xius heart seemed to slam against something as a dim light flashed across his eyes.

"Your Highness, youre my man. Of course, Ill protect you." Chu Liuyue smiled, and her eyes curved up as if she was joking. However, her gaze was determined and didnt allow room for any doubts.

Rong Xiu knew that she meant it. He kept silent for a moment and suddenly said, "Actually, thats not very accurate."

"Hm, why?" Chu Liuyue was dazed.

Rong Xius long fingers knocked against the chessboard in a seemingly smiling manner. "Im still not quite your man now."

His voice was especially low, and he dragged his last syllable, which landed in Chu Liuyues ear. It felt as though something was scratching her ear.

Chu Liuyue suddenly reacted and couldnt help but scold in her heart.Demon!

"Im afraid I will have to disappoint you, Your Highness. I have to go to the Tianling Dynasty now, and you will have to return to Mingyue Tianshan. Im afraid we wont be seeing each other for a while."

Rong Xiu raised his saber-like eyebrows. "It seems like youre very anxious, Yueer."

Chu Liuyue suddenly said, "Not as anxious as you, Your Highness, who prepared everything for the grand wedding in advance!"

Speaking of this, Rong Xiu felt rather regretful. "I did plan for a grand wedding early on, but Too many things happened along the way, and I didnt expect it to drag until now."

Both of them now had things to do, and they couldnt make it in time for the grand wedding.

Upon seeing that Rong Xiu really seemed disappointed, Chu Liuyues heart tingled. "Anyway, we do have a marriage agreement. It doesnt make much of a difference whether we marry earlier or later, right?"

Rong Xiu looked at her with deep meaning and smiled lightly. "Of course, theres a difference. I have already waited for too long."

Doubt flashed across Chu Liuyues heart.It has only been a few months since we first met. Why does Rong Xiu sound like he truly has been waiting for a very long time

"But if its for you, Yueer, I can continue waiting."

Noticing Rong Xius gentle gaze, Chu Liuyue sighed lightly.Actually, if I leave, the road will be perilous and filled with obstacles. I dont know when I can see him again.

"Your Highness, you really want to go back to Mingyue Tianshan?"

"Ive already settled everything in the Imperial City, so theres no need for me to stay."

If I dont find a time to go back, Im afraid that 36 Respected Elder Ming will chase after me. Besides, I have to go back and handle something else.He gently caressed Chu Liuyues handwhich was soft and thinwith much reluctance.

Chu Liuyues heart seemed to hit something soft, which was sour and sweet.

She seemed to say without hesitation, "Then Wait for me to come back from the Tianling Dynasty, and well hold a grand wedding. How about that?"

Rong Xiu gathered his focus.That was what I wanted to say, but I didnt expect her to say it first.

He looked into her eyes, and he felt as if he could drown in her deep gaze. The next moment, he lowered his head and kissed Chu Liuyues brows. "Sure."

The light sound harbored way too muchpatience, tolerance, love, trust

Chu Liuyue looked down and thought for a long time before finally making up her mind. "Your Highness, I have something to tell you."

Rong Xiu nodded and leaned in to listen to her.

Chu Liuyue pursed her lips, not speaking for a while.

Rong Xiu didnt urge her; he just waited quietly by the side.

After some time, Chu Liuyue was determined. She looked into Rong Xius eyes and enunciated every word. "I dont know when Ill come back from the Tianling Dynasty. My enemy is there."

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