The Most Powerful Emperor Of The Black Light Virus Chapter 846

Chapter 846: Oshemaru And Tsunade

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Ryunosuke stayed in Konoha for a few more days, and when he learned that Tsunade still had no news, he set off to search for it.

Jiraiya couldn't find it there, but Oshemaru would definitely find it, even if Tsunade was hiding, she couldn't escape Oshemaru's eyeliner.

Because Tsunade has two hobbies, one is drinking good wine, and the other is gambling.

The problem with Tsunades gambling is entirely because the more money you lose, the less it proves that there is nothing to do. For an insecure woman, money is a pile of bargaining chips, and its important to know that nothing happens.

Ryunosuke's illusion has been passed in Oshemaru, so there is a mark in his body. When Oshemaru finds Tsunade, Ryunosuke can pass through the gate fruit.

Although it was weird to suddenly appear between Onoshimaru and Tsunade, Ryunosuke greeted him easily: "Yo, Onoshimaru, we meet again."

"..." Da She Maru was now wrapped in bandages with his hands, and his face was pale. When he saw Ryunosuke, he was shocked and said to his heart, how come this lingering man is coming again! !

Tsunade gave Ryunosuke a surprised look. "Konoha's head and root mask, you are from Danzo..."

"Or it should be said that Danzo is my collaborator, I am not his subordinate." Ryunosuke turned his head to look at Tsunade. "As expected to be Tsunade, one of the three ninjas. The skin care is really good, the appearance and the figure are all good, how about it, you have been single for so many years, do you want to stay with me."

"Presumptuous." Mute had already rushed over at this moment, very quickly, pulling his sleeves apart, it was a hidden weapon! ! Swish swish, several poisonous Chibons headed towards Ryunosuke's front door.

Long Zhisuke made his body virtual. This trick was often used to bring dirt, and he was almost immune to the physics department.

The pocket next to Da She Wan was taken aback. Fortunately, he reacted quickly.

Silent had rushed to the front of Ryunosuke, but because of Ryunosuke's blur, Silent couldn't hit him at all.

Long Nosuke took advantage of the gap where Silent's back was facing him, and directly locked her arm and pressed it against her back. "Don't worry, I accept Tsunade, and I will definitely accept you too, Mute."

"Let go of me, you bastard." Silent wanted to be present, but Ryunosuke didn't move, as if she was on her back.

"Master Ryunosuke, we are just here to find Master Tsunade, who will treat Master Oshemaru, please..." Tou throws away the poisonous Chibon in his hand respectfully.

Ryunosuke put his chin on his silent shoulder and said, "I just came to Tsunade to do the fifth generation. It won't interfere with your affairs."

Tsunade said in a gloomy tone: "What happened to the three generations!!"

"Oh, nothing, it's just that Oshe Maru was killed not long ago, and the three generations were dying with ghouls, so the soul of O She Maru's hand was sealed, and no one can cure it, so we can only find you." His eyes narrowed.

Tsunade's fist was clenched tightly. "Oshe Maru, you actually killed the teacher!!"

"I can resurrect the rope tree, heal my hand, and I will resurrect all the people you want. I have already researched it out..." Oshamaru grinned, Ryunosuke said that he would not mix it with this one. As long as he tells the bargaining chip, Tsunade should agree to it.

Ryunosuke mocked: "Oshemaru, don't you know that Tsunade has panicemia? At this time, you should throw a blood bag to her, and then slowly negotiate the terms, otherwise I think you will be beaten by Tsunade Ji. ."

"Uh, pocket, blood pack." Oshemaru looked at the pocket next to her. As a medical ninja, this thing would definitely be brought.

Tou immediately took some blood packets from his pocket and threw them under Tsunade's feet.

Tsunade saw the blood, his body became weak, and he couldn't stand anymore, and sat on the ground. "blood"

"Which side are you standing on!!" Silent asked Ryunosuke.

Ryunosuke casually said, "Of course...I have made a wave by myself."

"Tsunadehime, as long as you heal my hand, I will resurrect the rope tree, and..." Oshemaru approached.

Tsunade's tears flowed out. "Stop talking... don't..."

"Oshemaru, I cut in. Actually, I have already told you just now. Your injury is a soul problem, that is, you cannot use cells to heal and regenerate. Unless you can strengthen the soul's secret method, or you can summon the ghoul to seal it up again. Take the soul back in your hand, otherwise even if Tsunade unlocks the Yin seal, there will be no way to heal you." Ryunosuke saw that Dashemaru was so persistent, he didn't want him to take the bamboo basket to nothing, and told him the correct method of treatment. , As for how he does it, that's his business.

Oshemaru was in a horrible mood now. It turned out that after spending a long time, Tsunade couldn't cure him. "how so!!"

"Oshemaru, you do me a little favor, I will help you get back the soul of your hand, but you need to finish things." Ryunosuke smiled.

Da She Wan did not hesitate and agreed. Then Ryunosuke asked Mute to take care of Tsunade, and would come back to look for them after talking with Oshamaru.

When he came to a concealed enemy with Oshemaru, Ryuzhisuke said: "In some days, you will ask the four people to confuse Sasuke, and then you can help me teach Sasuke. When you succeed in getting Sasuke, I will take Give it back to you, it's easy."

"Deal." Da She Wan nodded and agreed. ..

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