The Most Powerful Emperor Of The Black Light Virus Chapter 847

Chapter 847: Uchiha Itachi And Dried Persimmon Ghost Shark

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Go back to find Tsunade, Ryunosuke took her and Silent back to Konoha, the layout is complete, it's time to go back and wait for the show.

However, Tsunade's return must have made Danzo very unhappy. He wanted to talk to Ryunosuke, but Ryunosuke did not see him.

Tsunade didnt like Ryunosuke, and the silence was the same, but Ryunosuke gave her the job. If she didnt do the fifth generation, she let Danzo do it. Then the efforts of the first generations will probably cover the darkness, because Danzos The style is very unscrupulous.

In the end Tsunade compromised and she had to make a film.

Then Ryunosuke was going to eat Yile Ramen, but this ramen shop that was open all year round turned out to be closed.

Ding Ci and Naruto took great pains and discovered that Uncle Shou Da was studying new ramen, but there was something else hidden in it.

It turned out that Cai Nu was kidnapped by Chu Ren, and asked Shou Da to make more delicious ramen. Otherwise, Cai Nu could not be saved, so Uncle Shou Da retired to develop new ramen.

Ryunosuke called Kakashi and let his Ninja dog track him. Inuzuka and Dingji's noses also came in handy, and everyone looked for the trace of Aya.

Finally, Cai Nu was rescued back, and the Yile Ramen of Hand Beating Uncle was opened again, and the storm of Chu Ren was not a big deal under the strengthened Twelve Small Fighting Power.

A few days later...

Uchiha Itachi and the dried persimmon ghost shark came to Konoha Village, and their target was the nine tails in Naruto.

And Jilai also heard that Tsunade had found him, and he rushed back to Konoha, which meant that he had ran away in vain, and the Miaomu Mountain Toad scout had not been able to find Tsunade.

Because of the power of the curse seal, Sasuke's inner hatred was aroused. Although it did not erupt, the appearance of Itachi would inevitably cause this dark flame to ignite.

Kakashi and Kai were discussing how to deal with Ryunosuke's tactics, and they ran into Itachi and Onizuke head-on.

Kakashi felt that the writing wheel felt something, and felt suspicious of these two closely guarded people. "Where did you come from, take a look at the pass."

"Did you find it?" Itachi's voice was flat.

The dried persimmon ghost shoved the big robe more readily, and laughed and said: "There is another fight, my shark muscles are hungry."

"It's Rebellion!!" Kai frowned and started to do it immediately, but Kakashi stopped him.

Itachi said flatly: "We are not here to fight, we will leave when we take what we want."

Kakashi said indifferently, "There is nothing you want here, Itachi."

"Itachi? It's the man who killed Uchiha!" Kai was dazed, and the young man in front of him was Itachi! ?

"Monthly reading." Itachi said.

Kakashi stayed for a while, then knelt on the ground, and after 3 breaths, he was tortured in the moon reading space and almost brain-dead.

Kai found that Kakashi had been attacked, and a Konoha whirlwind immediately kicked it to death, but let the ghost shark grab her ankle and threw it into the lake next to it.

Kakashi opened his forehead, and the writing wheel turned into a three-goed jade. "I won't let you do whatever you want in Konoha!!"

"You can eat one trick and read, and you can stand up. You didn't insult the eye you inherited, but it is your strength and your drag." Itachi turned into a sky full of crows, and the ghost shark beside it also disappeared.

Seeing that the other party was gone, Kakashi couldn't hold it anymore and immediately fell to the ground. "Jia, go to Wudai and tell her..."

"Oh, oh." Kay crawled over, picked up Kakashi, and headed towards where the fifth generation was.

the other side.

Itachi and Guiyu sat down in a restaurant, and Jiraiya was passing by next to them.

The ghosts wanted to challenge very much, but it was stopped by Itachi. Their target was Naruto who would come to eat ramen in the intelligence, not the legendary Sannin Jiraiya.

Soon Naruto came, and he must eat ramen every day. What surprised Itachi was that Sasuke followed.

Although Itachi is very pleased to have a friend, but those eyes need great stimulation to open. Itachi is ready to give his eyes to Sasuke, making Itachi an eternal kaleidoscope. The contents of the ancient Uchiha secret! !

However, Shikamaru, Neji, Dingji, Shino, Xiaoli, Inuzuka, these boys have all caught up one after another. They have become one and they are cultivating every day, so they let Naruto give it to Naruto for a good ramen The belt is off.

Itachi's eyes are very incredible, but he must make Sasuke remember his hatred for him. For the awakening of those eyes and to protect Sasuke, he must have enough strength to stand up... Kill these friends? Sasuke will hate me even more! !

Feeling the murderous intent of Itachi, the ghost warrior reminded: "You slow down, your murderous intent is already known to everyone."

"..." Itachi fell silent immediately.

Ryunosuke was sitting next to Itachi at this time. "Itachi, don't care who I am, I know who you are, I don't care about you and Sasuke, but he is my student, so don't always treat him as a child. You can abuse him. Now he needs to open a kaleidoscope. Its up to you."

"What, Kaleidoscope!?" Itachi surprised Ryunosuke. He remembered that Sasuke had only one eye on the second gou jade that night, how could it be so fast that he not only broke through the seal he placed, but also had three gou jade eyes!

"Don't make a fuss, you are carrying a lot, Shishui's eyes, the spoiling of his brother, but I don't like your approach." Long Zhisuke narrowed his eyes and looked at the dried persimmon ghost. The ghost shark is called a tailless beast, and there are many chakras, but when he saw Ryunosuke he lowered his head and was covered in sweat. ..

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