The Most Powerful Emperor Of The Black Light Virus Chapter 848

Chapter 848: Itachi And Sasuke's Love And Killing

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The wild nature is sometimes very powerful, but when faced with a more powerful wild nature, it becomes a weakness. The dry persimmon ghost shark is a typical example, and even his shark muscles feel the threat from Ryuujisuke.

Just like a snake meeting an eagle or a rabbit meeting a wolf, the crisis consciousness of natural enemies makes the whole body uncomfortable.

"Do what you should do, Itachi, I am optimistic about the love and killing of your brothers." Ryunosuke disappeared strangely.

The dried persimmon ghost fish swallowed his mouth: "That guy is too powerful, it feels like I can't beat him, as if I have already lost. This kind of guy is too dangerous."

"According to the plan, he shouldn't stop us." Although Itachi recovered from facial paralysis, but in a bad mood, Ryunosuke appeared, and it felt as if everything about him had been seen through by Ryunosuke.

In the evening.

Naruto went back to the apartment, and found itachi and ghost shark waiting there on the stairs.

"Hey, you guys, I want to go over. Uncles." Naruto felt very full, with multiple shadow clones, his training speed can be a lot ahead, it is the guy Sasuke, with the power of the curse seal To overshadow him.

Itachi raised his hand and said, "Naruto, we need you..."

"Naruto." Sasuke ran up the stairs at this time, but saw Itachi! ! "It's you"

When there was no curse seal, Sasuke had almost become the best friend with Naruto, but after the curse seal was implanted, his negative consciousness continued to corrode Sasuke, and he continued to chase Naruto's power, making him very unbalanced.

After seeing Itachi, Sasuke's inner darkness finally broke out.

For the Uchiha family who is full of "love", their antonym is "hate"! Powerful love and hate have made the evolution of Shao Lunyan, and it also interprets the powerful men of the Uchiha family in the past.

Ryunosuke squatted and saw this scene in a pang. It felt like a small theater. The love between brothers wanted to kill. When Sasuke finally understood everything, hatred erupted like a volcano, it was really delicious.

But this time the script was written by Ryunosuke.

Sasuke immediately used the shave, and his more skillful skills made him appear behind Itachi almost immediately, and plunged into Itachi's vest.

But itachi turned into a crow in the sky.

"Too weak, you are not qualified to kill me." Itachi appeared behind Sasuke and kicked Sasuke in the stomach.

Sasuke ate Itachi with a kick, and through the alternating burst of shaving and instantaneous techniques, his eyes opened the three-hook jade, and Kuwu made a blood mark on Itachi's cheek. "Don't think of me as a kid anymore, I have become a lot stronger..."

"The technique of multiple shadow clones." Dozens of Naruto appeared, noisy. "Sasuke, I'm here to help you."

The dried persimmon ghost shark grinned. "Little devil, I'll be your opponent. We shouldn't bother about their brother's affairs."

"Look at my physique." Naruto avatar you punched and kicked, and moved towards the dried persimmon ghost shark.

The dry persimmon ghost shark couldn't distinguish the entities, as if they were all entities, and almost made his mind crash. "Water escape Hot metal bomb."

A burst of smoke appeared, and Naruto's clone caused the iron bomb of the dried persimmon ghost shark to explode. After all, the strength of the S-rank Rennin far surpassed that of Shangren, and Naruto's shadow clone could not hold it.

Itachi did not expect that Sasuke could hurt him. While gratifying, he felt a moment of sadness. Seeing Sasukes hateful three-gou jade writing wheel eyes, his heart was full of complicated emotions, the man whose background could not be found. , Sasuke has become a lot stronger! !

"Are you surprised? I have Konoha's strongest mentor. And to tell you, I am not alone, he is also a member of Uchiha's clan." Sasuke roared very proudly.

Ryunosuke saw this in secret, and felt a little ridiculous. If Sasuke knew that Itachi would kill the Uchiha clan for him, what would Sasuke think? The sharp contrast made Sasuke now likely to have a nervous breakdown.

But at the time Uchiha wanted to reverse it, and Konoha's senior management was about to destroy Uchiha, but Uchiha didn't know it. When Itachi killed everyone, Fuyue knew that their plan had been revealed, and volunteered to die in Itachi for Sasuke. Under the sword.

Uchiha, who had gone, had no bargaining chips at all. Itachi was put to death and gave Sasuke time to grow up. He was still safe in Konoha.

However, Sasuke still went astray. In order to pursue his strong power, he followed the path of Oshemaru, feeling confused as a traveler holding a straw.

Although Sasuke injured Itachi, but Sasuke is still far from Itachi, not to mention his pupil power, even physical skills are inferior.

"Lion BulletsThe Art of Fire and Flame." Sasuke suddenly brought out the combination of physique and ninjutsu, trying to defeat Itachi, but Sasuke was too naive.

Itachi was only a moment away, and he got behind Sasuke's back and hit the back of his neck with a knife. "You are still too weak, Sasuke, remember, your weakness is a shame, the Uchiha family, the greatest shame, you can't kill me, there is no way to avenge mom and dad, you are just a waste."

"No, I'm going to kill you, kill you..." Sasuke asked Itachi to grab his neck with one hand and press it against the wall, but he couldn't break away from Itachi's power.

Naruto also let the dried persimmon ghost shark fly, but Jilai also rushed over and caught Naruto. "Rebel? What are you doing in Konoha? It's not here to bully Konoha's new generation, right!!!" Jilai also mocked. ..

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