The Most Powerful Fisherman In The Heavens Chapter 591

Chapter 591: 585

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Daqian World, Daxia Dynasty.

Ever since Ye Donghuang forcefully killed Emperor Qian Yang Pan and Hong Xuanji, he took control of Jade Capital, and all the rebellious forces smashed them.

However, the vast world is too big to be controlled by Ye Donghuang alone, so after Ye Donghuang left his clone and sat in town, he drove the Wandao Tianzhou to Tianwaitian to conquer the master for his own use.

And less than a month after Ye Donghuang left, Ye Donghuang's titles such as "Peerless Demon", "Cholera The Enchantment", and "The World's Number One Anti-thief" reverberated throughout the world.

Not only was it spread throughout the entire Dagan dynasty, but also the Kingdom of Kamikaze in the south, the Kingdom of Yunmeng and Yuantu in the north, and the Huoluo Kingdom of the Western Regions.

At the same time, there were various charges against Ye Donghuang!

Cruel, licentious and bloodthirsty.

For a time, the world was surging.

The voice of condemnation is endless.

The major forces in the ninety-nine states of the former Dagan dynasty were ready to move, and countless families rushed to appeal and connect with each other.

The first year of Great Xia, March 15th.

The world has undergone a radical change. The surrounding countries, aristocratic families, and sect sacred places raised the flag of righteousness, chanting the slogan of slaying the rebel Ye Donghuang, uprising one after another, and one army came to Yujing City.

The avatar of Ye Donghuang in the middle of Yujing City was sitting on the dragon chair, beside him were Su Mu, Concubine Yuan, Huang Yanyan and other women!

"Report! The millennium aristocratic family, the Fan family, the Wu family, the Wang family, the Sun family, etc., have united countless families and academies to convene an army of millions to approach the Jade Capital!"

"Report! The countries of the Western Regions formed an alliance, summoned a million armies, and invaded the sandbar...The king of the mighty might avoid fighting, and let the millions of soldiers of the Western Region Alliance drive straight in. The situation is extremely urgent!"

"Report! Yunmeng State's 300,000 iron cavalry has broken through the border!"

"Report! The emperor of the Yuantu Kingdom conquered himself, commanding a 400,000 army to invade Selangor, and the nine elders of Zhengangmen followed the emperor of the Yuantu Kingdom..."

"Report! The 200,000 troops of the Kamikaze Kingdom displayed at the Haizhou border have changed..."

A letter came in, it can be said that the world is against the world, and the surrounding countries are coming in and out, wanting to take advantage of the chaos when the Daxia Dynasty has just established!

On this occasion, the Daxia Dynasty just established.

Internal worries!

foreign aggression!

In fact, Ye Donghuang did not control much of the Dagan Dynasty. After all, his current power is only the power of the former champion controlled by Huang Yanyan.

Soon, the army from all walks of life came to the Yujing City like a broken bamboo, and the people in Yujing City were panicked, and no hundreds of people packed up and fled!


The first year of Great Xia, March 20.


On this day, in the sky above Yujing City, the endless void rippled with layers of clothing, and a golden heavenly ship broke through the void and flew into it.

Wearing a golden Nine Dragons robe, Ye Donghuang stood on the front of the Wandao Tianzhou deck, standing with his hands holding his hands, with his deep eyes overlooking the world and a panoramic view of the world.

"Is this the fairy world?"

Li Fuyanluo, Beichen Star Lord, Yanyang Star Lord and others stood behind Ye Donghuang, excited, feeling the breath of the great world, full of curiosity.

For them, this is the fairy world, a legend.

It was the mysterious place they once yearned for!

"Not in a few months, the world is really surging!"

Emperor Ye Dong was promoted to the Emperor Realm Dzogchen, and his physical body also reached the Emperor Realm Perfection, which was equivalent to the crushing vacuum and Yang God of this world.

Although the world is big, it can't stop his gaze!

I saw a large army around it encircling the Yujing City, with flags shaking, covering the sky and the sun, behind the army, there were countless powerful men lurking in the void.

After all, if you want to kill Ye Donghuang, you still have to rely on the alliance of many powerful people.

No matter how many troops there are, it's useless, you can't kill Ye Donghuang!

"It just happened, it happened to kill you all!"

There was a sharp look in Ye Donghuang's eyes.

After he crossed the calamity, he wanted to lead the strong man rescued from the deadly sky prison to kill the central world outside the sky and destroy the central world.

But he did not expect that he had received news from the clone of the Great Thousand World before he acted. The great kingdoms, sacred land of the sects, and aristocratic families in the Great Thousand World had all united and turned back!

The few clones he left behind can only protect Yujing City!

Therefore, Ye Donghuang directly returned to the Great Thousand World with a total of 40 million troops who subdued the general strong from the Dead Silent Sky Prison and these strong men.

As for the Central World, Ye Donghuang did not let it go!

Gouli God King was promoted to smash the vacuum realm, and his strength was strong. Therefore, Ye Donghuang divided half of the strong to the Gouli God King to command the Gouli God King to attack the Central God Realm.

The leader of the Central God Realm Xu Yi and the eight ministers were all killed by Ye Donghuang. Although there was still a powerful dream house there, they were not the opponents who were promoted to smash the vacuum and depart from the God King.

Therefore, it is as easy as turning away from the king to win the Central World!


Wandao Tianzhou fell from the void and stopped above the Yujing City Palace.


Su Mu, Concubine Yuan, Huang Yanyan, Ouyang Qian, Han Bingxin and other women saw the Ten Thousand Dao Heavenly Ark, their tired eyes burst with strange light, and they quickly came to the Ten Thousand Dao Heavenly Ark.

"The concubine Huang Yanyan (Su Mu, Han Bingxin...) See your majesty!"

The girls bowed to Yingying. Although there is a avatar of Ye Donghuang sitting in the palace, they are not the deity, and they are always a little disturbed!

Nowadays, the army from all walks of life, countless strong soldiers approaching the city, only when they see Ye Donghuang's deity return, their hanging hearts finally let go.

"Thanks a lot during this time, get up!"

Ye Donghuang thought, an invisible force lifted everyone up.

"Your Majesty, like today..." Su Mu got up and reported to Ye Donghuang.

"Don't worry, I already know!"

When Ye Donghuang interrupted them, his clone and his mind were connected, and he knew exactly what happened here.

"Come out!"

Ye Donghuang spoke faintly, and a portal appeared in the Ten Thousand Heavenly Boats, and a group of vigorous and **** figures stepped out, and each of them exuded the terrifying aura of a strong human being!

"Many immortal strong people!"

"Is this the powerhouse that your Majesty found in the outer world? I am afraid that there are not so many human and immortal powerhouses in the entire world!"


Su Mu, Huang Yanyan, Yuan Concubine and others looked at the hundreds of immortals, their eyes were full of shock, they didn't expect Ye Donghuang to subdue so many powerful immortals.

"See your majesty!"

A full three hundred and sixty people bowed and bowed, and the mighty and masculine blood rose to the sky, washing away the clouds in the sky!

"You are divided into ten groups, and each led a four million army to spread around the Jade Capital to suppress the rebels. You must not massacre the city or harass the people along the way!"

When Ye Donghuang commanded, the Ten Thousand Ways of Heavenly Boats bloomed endlessly, and the rays of light condensed into ten Tongtian Avenues leading to ten directions outside the Yujing City.

I saw the mighty army filed out from the ten Tongtian Avenues, mighty and densely packed, with no end in sight!

Su Mu, Concubine Yuan, Huang Yanyan and other women and even the hundreds of names and spies in Yujing City were shocked. They didn't expect Ye Donghuang not only to find so many masters, but also to have so many troops!

A full half an hour.

The ten armies are divided into ten positions in Yujing City, and the four million troops in each position are neatly lined up. The black is pressed and boundless, making the scalp numb and frightening!

"See your majesty!"

The four thousand and five army knelt down to Ye Donghuang in unison, a pair of eyes looked at Ye Donghuang, full of devout fanaticism.

These armies were all transferred from the stars in the outer sky, their stars were broken by the Central World, and they were all oppressed, and the star master was imprisoned in the Silent Heaven Prison.

After Ye Donghuang rescued the star masters imprisoned in the dead Jitian prison, these star masters raised their arms and countless people responded. In just a few days, nearly a hundred million troops were assembled.

Ye Donghuang only took 40 million, and the rest was handed over to the God King Gouli to attack the Central World.

Three hundred and sixty immortals saw the army appear, saluted Ye Donghuang, and then divided into ten teams and flew toward the ten army, landing in front of the army.

"Go, to smooth out the rebellion for your majesty!"

Three hundred and sixty immortals led a large army and set off in their respective predetermined directions.

There are a total of ten armies, each with 36 people and 4 million armies.

This force is enough to level the world and push everything against him!

Forty million troops acted at the same time, shaking the earth, shattering mountains and rivers, and endless smoke and dust rising into the sky.

There are no hundreds of surnames in Yujing City. The strong and spies looked at the boundless and mighty army, their scalp numb and shocked.

"Hey, why did Ye Donghuang find so many powerful men and troops?"

"I'm afraid there are tens of millions, and all the rebels don't add up to that many. How can this be fought?"

The eyeliners and spies of the various forces in Jade Capital were stunned, and a bad premonition surged in my heart, and these insurgents were afraid that they would suffer.

Countless information spread all over the world, and soon all the powerful forces received news that Ye Donghuang led tens of millions of troops and hundreds of immortals returned.

The strong are full of fear in their shock!

They were originally afraid of Ye Donghuang's peerless force and were preparing to jointly deal with Ye Donghuang. They didn't expect that in only a few months, Ye Donghuang would subdue so many powerful men and troops.

Their plan to kill Ye Donghuang by relying on the advantage of numbers seems to be a little unworkable!

The Ten Route Army attacked and swept everything.

Wherever he went, all resistance forces were wiped out!

Ye Donghuang stretched out his hand and embraced Su Mu and Concubine Yuan and walked into the Wandao Tianzhou. They have also worked hard these months, so naturally they have to comfort them.

One day later.

Ye Donghuang, who was having an in-depth communication with Princess Xianghu Wang Yuan, suddenly felt that Wandao Tianzhou trembled suddenly, as if he had been severely hammered with a sledgehammer!

"Ah...what's the matter?"

Concubine Yuan exclaimed, Ye Donghuang's eyes flashed with murderous intent, some people really have a way out of heaven and he won't go, **** has no way to vote!

"A few ants came to die!"

Ye Donghuang got out, his nine-nine dragon robe emerged, and he took the neatly dressed concubine Yuan to the deck of Wandao Tianzhou.

I saw Wandao Tianzhou surrounded by silhouettes exuding a terrifying aura like a deep sea.

"Aren't there many people?"

Ye Donghuang glanced at it, and there are strong people from all the great families in the dynasty!

There are also powerful nations in the Western Regions, Yunmeng, Yuantu, and Kamikaze!

And Jingyuan Temple, Xuantian Pavilion, Zhengangmen, Taoshendao, these holy land powerhouses.

"Pope of Jingyuan Temple?"

Ye Donghuang's eyes fell on an exotic beauty.

With a tulle on her face, she is much taller than the average female, but she has a very full body, with almost perfect graceful curves, and her exposed skin is as white as jade.

But her face is very cold now, like frost.

"Unexpectedly, I, a little pope, can still remember His Majesty the Eastern Emperor. It's an honor!"

The pope's voice was cold, and his beautiful eyes looked at Ye Donghuang. This was the first time she had seen this unparalleled and thunderous figure in the limelight recently.

"Ye Donghuang, you are perverse and cruel. Today is your death date!"

The Patriarch of the Fan Family, who has passed on for thousands of years, Li He, he was very dissatisfied with Ye Donghuang who glanced at him and turned his eyes on an alien woman.

It's too deceitful!

"Just rely on you crooked melons and jujubes, chicken dogs?"

Ye Donghuang's eyes were full of disdain, his eyes swept over everyone,

Fan family, Ji family, Wang family, Sun family.

These four great families were once composed and sung in folk songs thousands of years ago. Even Dagan, Dazhou, Daxin and many other dynasties can only be tender.

These big family patriarchs have a high self-esteem, even if it is a major dynasty change, they will probably not appear in person.

You must know that the status of the Patriarch of this thousand-year-old saint family is not under the head of the Holy Land.

In fact, the thousand-year-old aristocratic family and Confucian orthodoxy all look down upon the "sacred places" such as the Great Zen Temple and the Taishang Dao.

But in the eyes of Ye Donghuang, they are all chickens!

"I have long heard that Ye Donghuang's martial arts is superb, lawless, arrogant, and I saw it today, it is really well-deserved!"

A middle-aged man in an exotic imperial robe laughed.

"King Ashoka of the Kingdom of Huoruo? Joker, dare to be presumptuous!"

Ye Donghuang glanced at the middle-aged faintly, and according to the memories of many powerful men he had swallowed, he could basically recognize the people here.

Such as the Jingyuan Hercules, Dharma God, Blood God in Jingyuan Temple, these people are famous all over the world, countless people have seen their images, Hong Xuanji, Yang Pan and others have these people in their memories. Image.

There are also the master of Xuantian Pavilion, the elder of Zhengangmen, and so on. Of course, these are the strong on the surface, and there are many hidden in the secret.

For example, the **** of vitality in Jingyuan Temple, the dark zodiac in Xuantian Pavilion and so on.

I'm afraid that most of the world's strongest will come!

This lineup is not unforgiving!


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