The Most Powerful Fisherman In The Heavens Chapter 592

Chapter 592: Chapter 586

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"King Ashoka of the Kingdom of Huoruo? Joker, dare to be presumptuous!"

Seeing that Ye Donghuang was surrounded by so many powerful people, he dared to speak out, and looked arrogant as a hero in the world.

The strong like Ashoka were furious.

Which one of them is not a masterful powerhouse?

Although Ye Donghuang is strong, he doesn't take them seriously!


Hundreds of powerhouses stopped delaying, and shot with anger. In the face of powerhouses like Ye Donghuang, no one dared to be careless, and they didn't care about bullying too much.

After all, one to one, no one is Ye Donghuang's opponent!

The pope of Jingyuan Temple sneered, and a scepter of divine light appeared in her hand.

At the same time, there is also a chain filled with the rules of order, and a cage that exudes the aura of fate, flying out of her to kill Ye Donghuang.

Scepter of glory!

Chains of order!

Destiny cage!

This is the three great artifacts of Jingyuan Temple.

Now the Pope of the Jingyuan Temple used three great artifacts against Ye Donghuang as soon as she shot it. Obviously, she attached great importance to Ye Donghuang in her heart, and her shot was the strongest killer move.

"Rama's Hammer!"

At the same moment, above the head of King Ashoka of the Kingdom of Fire, a mountain-sized Shura hammer with countless weird textures and a strong **** aura appeared.

The Shura giant hammer smashed down Ye Donghuang fiercely.

"Xuantian Shattered Slash!"

The combination of the deep dark star true energy of the Destroyer God of Xuantian Pavilion and his divine power instantly formed a sword light that was several feet long, flickering!

Dark Star's true qi and his power of **** present a perfect combination.


This sword light directly cut through the void, with a powerful war-killing aura, instantly arrived in front of Ye Donghuang.

"Black Sky Claw!"

The Heitian Demon God beside the Great Destruction God also moved, grabbing with both hands, on top of the dark and mysterious big claws, five black lights were immediately shot out, and they were fascinating!

Tian Ling Gai, who grabbed Ye Donghuang directly, still had a face.

Jingyuan Hercules, Dharma God, Blood God and other three gods in Jingyuan Temple.

Yunmeng family, Murong, Ouyang, Shangguan, Sima, Dugu, Gongyang, Nangong, Duanmu, Huangfu, the nine great families!

And many powerful people in Xuantian Pavilion have taken action.

The sky on this side was directly bombarded and shattered by a series of attacks, and the world of ten directions was shaking.

Countless powerful people and creatures around are trembling, and under this terrifying power, any aftermath can wipe them out!

"A group of chickens and dogs!"

With a wave of Ye Donghuang's big hand, a divine light swept past, whether it was a scepter of glory, chains of order, or a cage of destiny, or divine passage methods such as Xuantian Destruction Slash and Black Sky Claw.

The divine light swept away, everything was shattered, and the invisible was eliminated!

Whether it is a master of thunder tribulation realm Taoism or a human fairyland martial arts expert, it is like a pile of sand, and it will break when rubbed, and it will become powder!

Countless strong people have cultivated their bases for hundreds of years before they even screamed.


With a wave of his hand, hundreds of masters had no power to resist, and they were all shuddering as they watched the strong people around.

"Is this the strength of Ye Donghuang? This is too scary!"

The veil fell on the face of the Pope of Jingyuan Temple, his face was pale, the scepter of glory, chains of order, and the cage of destiny she controlled were shattered, and she was also backlashed and deeply injured.

All the powerhouses around her turned into flying ashes just now!

At first she thought she was going to die, but for some reason Ye Donghuang left her for life!

Yu Wenmu, the national master of Yunmeng, had red eyes. With just one blow, his strong men were killed and injured and suffered heavy losses!

But they are not without cards, just a test, the real strong has not made a move!


"Tongtian Three Realms! Spirit! Quiet! Real! Killing! Killing! Lore! Tongtian Sword Formation, Three Realms Secret Technique! The Great Golden Pagoda of Tongtian Cultivation."

With the vitality spirit behind Yu Wenmu, he did not hesitate to make a move at this moment, and immediately used his strongest secret method.

He sacrificed the Great Golden Pagoda of Tongtian Cultivation, the magic weapon of the Taigu Tongtian Dao.

The Great Golden Pagoda of Tongtian Comprehension, this magic weapon is a small pagoda in the shape of "gold".

On the pagoda, there are countless secrets and invisible texts and graphics. The top of the pagoda includes the sun wheel, the moon wheel, and the sun wheel.

In the center of the moon wheel, a long ladder faintly appeared. This ladder is illusory and leads to the endless void!

Seeing this ladder, everyone will have a feeling that as long as they climb up the ladder all the way, they will reach a position that is level with the balance.

Yuwenmu's countless thoughts wrapped up all his magic weapons, and all around this small "golden"-shaped pagoda, the "Qi Tian Ti" at the top of the pagoda turned crazy.

The remaining souls were transformed into three "Tall Heaven Swords" and fabricated into a sword formation. The center of the sword formation was the "Tongtian Cultivation Great Golden Pagoda" and "Qi Tian Ti" as the magic weapon for suppression.

Thousands of sword auras filled the void, the urn revolved, and the ladder skyrocketed!

At this moment, Yu Wenmu showed amazing strength.

"We should also take action and kill Ye Donghuang together!"

A dark star revolves, and above the entire star, there are no rivers, no flowers, plants or trees, only thick darkness.

However, when the darkness on the stars has been enlightened, it has formed a thick black cloud like the earth, which can carry and inhabit people, so that they can cultivate and live on it, just like a small middle-thousand world.

This is Dark Star!

According to the rumors, the magic weapon of Primordial Xuantian Dao Zun's life, even the Emperor Yuan was very afraid of this dark star!

At this moment, the "Dark Star" was trembling violently, and the boundless black air that it emitted was violently concentrated, concentrated, concentrated again...

In the end, the entire "Dark Star" collapsed completely, forming a black-robed Taoist who released boundless darkness!

This Taoist is the Dark Emperor Taoist!

The first-generation Sovereign of Xuantian Pavilion, the successor of Taigu Yangshen "Xuan", the master of thunder tribulation eight times, and the existence of creator level!

The dark emperor resurrected by relying on the dark star, human treasure is one, man is treasure, treasure is man!

At this moment, he seems to be the true master and manipulator of the darkness of the night since ancient times. He was born from the darkness and brought the entire earth and the world into the deep darkness.

Divine power is like prison, divine grace is like sea.

A wave of powerful mana fluctuations, without any cover, spread out naked, covering the entire void.

"Cambrian Nether Ancient Celestial Claw!"

The Dark Yellow Daoist shot, and a black air surged over the sky, and in the black air, a huge demon claw burst out at Ye Donghuang.

The devil's claw is ten acres, and all the nails are... all kinds of odd-shaped scale rune patterns.

The air seemed to stop in between.

at the same time.

A three-foot-square small portal where illusion and reality coexist suddenly opened, and one of the broad palms stretched out.

The palm of the hand was crystal clear as jade, and in the midst of soaring changes, there was the sound of ancient stars bursting slightly above it, and the sound was extremely subtle like a lantern, but it resounded in the soul, but there was a sensitive danger of doomsday.


This palm was severely imprinted on Queen Ye Dong's back, incredibly fast!

This portal where illusion and reality coexist is the ancient Rashomon!

The strongest magic weapon of vitality!

"Three Realms Yuanqi Cannon!"

At the same time, an extremely bright light, even brighter than the past Amitabha light, infinite light in the past sutras, was gathering violently.

A bright beam of hundreds of feet of light emitted a rumbling cannon, bursting out of the ancient Luoshengmen.

Shoot at Ye Donghuang.

As soon as this beam of light appeared, even the dark light of the Dark Zodiac could hardly be suppressed. It was extremely bright, illuminating the universe and galaxy!

This is the light born for destruction.

Especially the rumble of cannons, as if countless things in the beam of light were exploding.

Hearing the sound of this cannon, there is a feeling that this cannon response should be the sound of ancient, the stars bursting in the sky.

In the vast world, in the universe, there are endless stars, some stars after hundreds of millions of years, when their lifespan is exhausted, there will be a bang, an explosion, and a cannon!

The great supernatural powers who heard this voice were all shaking in their hearts, even the creator of the seven thunder tribulations.

This is irresistible destruction.

Now that the beam of light came out, it actually contained the sound of this ancient star bursting, which showed its power, enough to penetrate everything.

There is only one such powerful Dao technique in the sky and the earth, and that is the "Three Realm Yuanqi Cannon" of the Yuanqi God.

With boundless vitality and divine power, it simulates the explosion of the cannon at the end of the ancient star's life, tearing everything that is blocked, and can't stop it.

In the entire world, billions of creatures, there seemed to be a cannon burst in the soul, and the soul trembled and shivered!

"My life is over!"

The beautiful eyes of the pope of Jingyuan Temple are desperate, and the surrounding space is fragmented. Under such terrifying power, her power is as weak as a drop of water in the sea.

"everything is over!"

Endless divine light blooms on Ye Donghuang's body, and the realm of Ten Thousand Ways is diffused, and the fragmented void wherever he passes seems to be smoothed with boundless might.

Both the Three Realms Yuanqi Cannon and the Cambrian Netherworld God's Claws were frozen in the air, and then they shattered silently and disappeared.

"Impossible! How is it possible?"

Yuwenmu, Yuanqishen and Dark Yellow Daoist were stunned. They hit with all their strength, so they were easily resolved?

Pope Xufeihongs beautiful eyes were dull, she was ready to be broken into pieces in the aftermath of the battle, and as a result all fluctuations were calmed down!

Know that destruction is hundreds of times more difficult than suppression!

Ye Donghuang can suppress everyone's attacks in an instant, the strength gap is obvious, and the gap between the two sides is beyond estimation!

"It's you! Have you been promoted to smash the vacuum?"

Suddenly, an extremely terrifying thought crossed the minds of Yuanqi Shen and the Dark Zodiac.

Before being promoted to the God King and smashing the vacuum, all the strong above the Creator in the world of Yang God have the induction!

Now it is natural to think that Ye Donghuang has reached the crushing vacuum!

Of course, Ye Donghuang's cultivation is equivalent to crushing the vacuum!

"Congratulations, you got the right answer, but unfortunately there is no reward!"

Ye Donghuang stretched out his hand and grabbed it. Purple Qi came hundreds of thousands of miles from the east and turned into a boundless giant palm covering a hundred thousand miles in radius!

Cover the whole world, cover the eight wilderness!

Including the vitality **** and the dark zodiac, all the powerhouses who wanted to attack him were crushed in this palm.

Their flesh and soul was swallowed by Ye Donghuang!

Their memories, martial arts, and Taoism all turned into Ye Donghuang's background!

All the treasures they left behind became Ye Donghuang's treasures!

Among the most important treasures are the Dark Star of the Dark Zodiac, the Ancient Rashomon of the Vitality God, the Three Realm Vitality Pool and the Great Golden Pagoda of Yuwenmu!

These treasures, Ye Donghuang is going to refine them all into the Ten Thousand Ways of Heavenly Ark, and enhance the foundation of the Ten Thousand Ways of Heaven!

Ye Donghuang stands proudly in the void, with divine light blooming, surrounded by a series of laws, like the emperor of the world, overlooking the world, the divine power is like prison, and the divine power is like the sea!

In his eyes, there seems to be an endless stream of galaxies, the endless universe is born out of disintegration, and a hanging galaxy flows between the strands of hair.

Invincible, unparalleled in the world!

With a wave of Ye Donghuang's big hand, all the treasures were instantly taken into the bag.

this moment.

The strong onlookers were silent, and every cell in his body was trembling. The eyes looking at Ye Donghuang were full of awe and fear!

Ye Donghuang's not very tall figure is like a universe galaxy, flooded with heaven and earth, vast and immense, making it difficult to look straight at!

The sacred and majestic atmosphere that permeated the body even covered nine heavens and ten earth, shaking everywhere!

It is incredibly powerful, incomprehensible, and unpredictable!

"Ye Donghuang! How come such a powerful person suddenly appeared in the world, and there is no information at all. It is really terrible. Unless you are promoted to the sun god, you can't resist it!"

Mengshenji, once known as the number one person in the world, looked at Ye Donghuang from a distance, and his heart was full of shock!

He already knew that Ye Donghuang had subdued Goulishen King, one of the Five Great God Kings in Tianwaitian, and occupied the central world of Tianwaitian!

Killed the central world leader Xu Yi and the eight ministers!

His once reincarnated family dream family also left the central world under the leadership of Meng Wuhen, far away from the void!

You must know that Meng Wuhen, the contemporary Patriarch of the Meng Family, is a strong man of nine thunder tribulations!

The background is unfathomable!

Dreaming machine finally looked at Ye Donghuang unwillingly, and disappeared without a trace with the king of artifacts, the eternal kingdom!

"Ye Donghuang, is this the power to smash the vacuum? I must be promoted to Yang Shen!"

Hong Yi hid in the temples and watched the scene of Ye Donghuang hoisting his vitality and other strong men, his heart was surging, and his fighting spirit was high!

Following the temples, they turned into a particle size and disappeared into the void.

"Wait until the place of origin, and then harvest together!"

Ye Donghuang looked at the place where Mengshenji and Hong Yi had left, and didn't make any effort to leave them behind. Anyway, in the end all the strong will gather in the place of origin.

Then he will kill all the strong!

"Why didn't your majesty kill me?"

Seeing Ye Donghuang's eyes finally look towards her, the frightened Xufeihong finally asked her doubts!

She is the only one who is besieging the strong, and the rest are dead

Let her panic!

"Is it a pity to kill such a beautiful woman?"

Ye Donghuang appeared in front of Xufeihong like a ghost, and gently squeezed her white and delicate chin with his hand, and lifted it forcefully!

A strong man's masculine aura came to her face, as if the hot flame was about to melt her.

Xu Feihong didn't say a word, and under the coercion of Ye Donghuang, his whole body was already weakened!


Ye Donghuang didn't need her to answer, stretched out his hand to embrace her slender waist, and instantly disappeared in place!

The battle is over!

Crushing a group of ants is simply not addictive!

Just enjoy the newly obtained trophies and come to an alternative battle.

It must be enjoyable and hearty!

With the departure of Emperor Ye Donghuang, the news of this earth-shattering battle swept across the Great Xia Dynasty, the Hundred Kingdoms of the Western Regions, the Yunmeng Kingdom, the Yuantu Kingdom, the Shenfeng Kingdom, and even the entire Great Thousand World!


The world is boiling!

The prestige of Ye Donghuang is shaking!


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