The Most Powerful Fisherman In The Heavens Chapter 593

Chapter 593: Chapter 587

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Time is long.

It has been ten years since Ye Donghuang wiped out powerful enemies and ruled the world.

The Hundred Kingdoms of the Western Regions, Yunmeng Kingdom, Yuantu Kingdom, Shenfeng Kingdom, Patriarchal Sect, etc., will either be eliminated or surrendered to join the Great Xia Dynasty within these ten years!

There is only one power in the Great Thousand World, and that is the Great Xia Dynasty!

There is only one voice in the Great Thousand World, and that is Ye Donghuang's voice!

Not only the Great Thousand World, but the countless stars in the outer sky, including the Central World, have also turned into the territory of the Great Xia Dynasty!

As early as six years ago, the God King who was promoted to smash the vacuum had unified the Central World and all the stars in the outer sky!

Yujing City has now been renamed Yanhuang City!

The endless life and luck of the great world, and even the endless life and luck of the heavens, converge into the vast ocean, covering the entire Yanhuang City!

And in this vast ocean of luck, a golden dragon of luck hovering, majestic and sacred, suppressing the world!

On top of the Qiyun Golden Dragon's head, there is a huge golden boat-a heavenly boat!

these years!

Wan Dao Tian Zhou, tempered by Ye Donghuang's endless genius, earth treasure and Qi Yun, has been constantly changing and has reached an incredible level!

In the thirty-three heavens of the Ten Thousand Heavenly Boats, magnificent heavenly palaces stand in the center of the largest heavenly palace hall.

Ye Donghuang's figure appeared, his aura introverted, like Yuan Yu Yue Zhi, majestic and terrifying!

Swish Swish!

follow closely.

Shadows came one after another, and they all rushed to feel that Ye Donghuang left the customs!

The first is to go away from the king!

Followed by are Su Mu, Xianghu Wang Yuanfei, Silver Shark King Zen Yinsha, Hua Nong Yue, Hua Nong Ying, Li Fu Xing Master Li Fu Yanluo, Bei Chen Star Master Yu Bei Yao, Jing Yuan Temple Pope Xu Fei Rainbow and Tianlai Fairy!

Fairy Tianlai is the daughter of a Taoist ancestor of the ancestors of the Jiuyuan Divine Realm, and is the fiance of Tang Hailong. However, on the day of their marriage, not only has there been a lot of changes, but Ye Donghuang's army has also invaded the Jiuyuan Divine Realm!

From then on, Jiuyuan Divine Realm merged into the Great Xia Dynasty, and the marriage between Tian Lai Fairy and Tang Hailong was naturally taken up, and Tian Lai Fairy did not like Tang Hailong himself!

She has a special physique, possesses the natural aura of nature, and contains the most profound aura of Confucianism, which was shaped by the magnificent supernatural powers of Zhengqi.

If you cultivate both yin and yang with others, both can get great benefits.

The Tianji fairy married Tang Hailong for the purpose of double cultivation and innocence, so that she can break through to the realm of the creator in one fell swoop.

In the original work, the fairy Tian Lai didn't like Tang Hailong, and found the pig's feet Hong Yi double repair!

Now because of Ye Donghuang's sake, Hong Yi had already hidden in an unknown corner, so Fairy Tian Lai found Ye Donghuang!

Ye Donghuang couldn't help thinking that five years ago, Fairy Tian Lai came to him:

"I don't know if your Majesty is willing to help the little girl?"

The heavenly fairy strummed the strings!

Ding Dong!

A voice like heaven.

"Where do you start with this? You are Tang Hailong's fiance. If Tang Hailong hears this, he will directly lose his mind and vomit blood for three rises."

Ye Donghuang looked at the plump and graceful fairy with great interest.

"Although he is good, he lacks a spirit of self, which pales in comparison with your Majesty."

"I am a person who turns the yin and yin, and the yin and yang are coordinated, but I can't entrust it to bad people. Looking at the world, only your majesty is worth entrusting."

The fairy goddess said without shame: "It's not that the little girl is shameless, but the current world is chaotic, and the world is rolling like a tide. For the survival of the creation, everything can be abandoned."

"The way of double cultivation lies in the joy of the two emotions, the mutual sustenance of love threads, entangled into a knot of mandarin ducks and butterflies, evolving into the shape of Tai Chi Pisces, replenishing yin with yang, and replenishing yang with yin."

Ye Donghuang looked at Fairy Tian Lai with some curiosity, and said: "You don't seem to have any green silk for me. This is the second time you have seen me today? Do you believe me that way?"

"It is the ruthless silk that can be double repaired. On the contrary, the emotional silk is entangled and restrains the soul."

Fairy Tian Lai's red lips lightly opened, and said slowly: "To lead the way with love, that is the secret of the ancient emperor Changsheng, it is extraordinary."

"Since ancient times, there have been two schools of Shuangxiu, one is sentimental, and the other is ruthless. The representatives are Changsheng the Great and Taishang Dao."

"And my father created another school of double cultivation "Xiaoyao Dao", which is between the sentimental and ruthless, and the mantra is only one sentence, that is, each other is moisturized, and not if you forget each other in the world."

The celestial fairy said slowly, one word and one pearl.

"Ms. Ye Dong Yimo, if you have forgotten about each other?" Ye Donghuang's eyes flashed.

"Yes, two fishes are in the dry pond, spit out foam to moisturize each other, this is the true love of each other."

"However, once you return to the vast rivers and lakes, the true feelings between each other are immediately forgotten, and each other is at ease, leaving only faint memories."

"This is also the meaning of a confidante among scholars. A gentleman is lustful but not promiscuous, passionate but not abusive. Your Majesty will not refuse a little girl as a confidante."

The heavenly fairy played the strings again, and suddenly a melody jumped out of the sound of the piano, a faint sound of the piano, like running water, disappeared endlessly, revealing happiness and freedom.

"Double cultivation is divided into flesh, supernatural, and sexual intercourse. The inferior way is flesh intercourse, and the middle way is divine intercourse. The superior way is both physical and empty cultivation!"

"My free and easy double cultivation method is a double cultivation way between the middle and the superior. If your majesty can evolve the Yang Qi with literary thought and help me in my practice, it will not be difficult for me to become the creator."

"The Creator is just like this. Although your dual cultivation way is wonderful, I don't like it very much. Meeting is fate. Today, I preach you the superior dual cultivation way, the double cultivation of color and space!"

After all, before Fairy Tian Lai reacted, a princess Ye Donghuang hugged him and walked directly into the bedroom!

How could the meat delivered to the door let her slip away?

So far.

Tianlai Fairy stayed in Yanhuang City!


"Congratulations to your majesty for the great advancement of cultivation, detachment from the other side, just around the corner!"

Gouli the **** king and all the girls congratulate!

After a few years of not seeing each other, they found that Ye Donghuang became more and more terrified!

Especially the Gouli God King who has crushed the vacuum realm, although Ye Donghuang didn't have any horrible aura, it gave her a sense of great horror!

She has a strong instinct, she might not even be able to stop Ye Donghuang!

She feels right. In the past few years, Ye Donghuang has practiced in the depths of the Ten Thousand Dao Tianzhou. There is a world of Yangshen and endless life and luck, as well as the world of smiling proud, world of heaven, world of bad people, world of Daming Jianghu, world of Song Dynasty, and world of Sui and Tang Dynasty , Great Qin World, Fengyun World, Zhuxian World, Douluo World, Doupo World and other billions of trillions of life and luck!

His cultivation speed has skyrocketed, and time has accelerated. In the past three years, he has cultivated for three thousand years, and he has comprehended the law of the origin of the emperor's way, but suppressed no breakthrough!

As long as he breaks through, he can be promoted to the realm of the emperor!

The realm of the great emperor is ten thousand times stronger than the other side realm that no one has ever reached in the legend of the sun **** world!

"What big things have happened in the past few years?" Ye Donghuang asked.

"First of all, your majesty, Hong Yi's physical body has reached the state of smashing the vacuum, and Yang Shen has also reached the peak of nine thunder catastrophes. There is a temple of the king of artifacts!"

"Secondly, the Dream God Machine also reached the peak of nine thunder tribulations, mastering the eternal kingdom of the king of an artifact, and released the Immortal King, the Great Destruction King, the Death King, and the Terror King, and formed an alliance with them. !"

"The Immortal King, the head of the Five Great Kings, even contacted me secretly, wanting me to betray you... However, I refused."

Although the Primordial God King is powerful, she is more aware of the horror of Ye Donghuang, not to mention that she has become Ye Donghuang's woman, and it is even more unlikely that she will leave everything behind and be mixed with the Dream God Machine and the Immortal God King.

The other girls were secretly stunned. Each of these people is a terrifying powerhouse, and any one of them can affect the situation in the world!

In this world, who dares to be enemies with these people at the same time, I am afraid that it will be Ye Donghuang!

There are still many powerhouses left, such as Nothingness, Emperor Shang, Emperor Yin and so on!

"It is said that they have already started to head towards the place of origin. I had heard of it when I was in Taikoo, but they have not been there and found no place."

"According to the rumors, only Yangshen masters, those who crush the vacuum, can feel it. In my heyday, although I had the power to crush the vacuum, I did not have the realm of crushing the vacuum!"

Gou Li Shen Wang sighed, his eyes blurred, as if he was reminiscing about the days in the primeval times!

of course!

What she didn't expect was that after being sealed by the Great Emperor Changsheng, she actually met Ye Donghuang, and achieved the smashing vacuum realm she dreamed of before!

"When they all reach the place of origin, that's when I will kill them all!"

Ye Donghuang has endless confidence in his eyes, and he will turn them into the nourishment and foundation for his promotion to the realm of the emperor!

"Where is the place of origin?"

Fairy Tian Lai is a little curious, she has never heard of this place!

The same goes for other girls!

"The Great Thousand World, 129,600 years is an epoch, the reincarnation of an epoch, and the place where it first begins is from the origin!"

"The place of origin can be said to be the most mysterious and ultimate place in this world. At this time in the reincarnation of the epoch, the mysterious place of origin will change, deriving all kinds of magic weapons that can only be found in the world, such as the fruit of the origin of the seed. ''The root of yin and yang' wait!"

"Furthermore, the place where the era of Origin began, the power of the blockade at this time is gradually weakening, it is the most suitable time to enter the origin, otherwise it will be difficult to reach the power of the nine thunder tribulation..."

"Let us see what these people are doing?"

Ye Donghuang stretched out his hand and pointed out that the original laws of the emperor's way gush out, condensed into a huge light mirror, time and space change in the light mirror, and soon a figure appears!

This figure is Hong Yi!

I saw Hong Yi driving all the temples through the endless space, shattering the endless nothingness, in an indifferent void!

Opposite them is an extremely vast river.

This river is entirely made up of light. The light is actually one by one, like quicksand, flashing constantly, flowing forward forever.

A vast river converged from the "sand of light".

Compared with the "galaxy" in the universe, it is even more magnificent and boundless. I don't know how deep or vast.

"This is the place of origin?"

The girls' eyes widened, and it was the first time they saw it even if they were away from the King of God!

"This is the river of time. Everything is light. Crossing the river of time is the place of origin!"

Ye Donghuang spoke slowly, Hong Yi in the light mirror had already left the temples, using the river of time to temper his body, and also collected some sand of time!


Another screen was separated from the light mirror to reveal other images. There is a dream machine driving the eternal kingdom with the immortal king, and there is nothingness crossing the void.

All kinds of pictures are brilliant, and all kinds of treasures and artifacts emerge in endlessly!

of course.

The most important thing in the place of origin is the Taoist inheritance of the Hundred Saints!

Hong Yi is the heir of the Hundred Saints, and the last of them-Yi Zi!


Dream God Machine, Immortal God King and others come to the place of origin!

Gudong! Gudong!

When they came here, they immediately felt a strong liquid enveloping themselves, making every inch of skin above and below their bodies completely under extreme pressure.

Moreover, this strong liquid constantly irrigates into the mouth and nose.

This feeling is as if from the land to the ocean.

There are waves of "giant waves" and "waves" everywhere here. These "giant waves" are a hundred times more condensed than mercury water, and the colors present a chaos of intertwined light and dark.

Huhu, Huhu, the overwhelming oppressive force, it oppresses these people so hard to act!

The Origin Qi in this place seems to be ten times thicker than outside, and the strands of Origin Qi seem to be condensed into liquid.

Origin True Qi is one of the most mysterious zhenqi between heaven and earth, and it is also the most solid primordial zhenqi. An ordinary person cultivates in Origin True Qi, the speed is more than ten times that in the great world.

Even if it is the essence of heavenly dew and the essence of ground milk, they have not been cultivated successfully in the origin of true energy.

And now, the Origin Zhen Qi here is highly concentrated, condensed fiercely by an extremely surging mana.

Because of this, entering this mysterious place from the outside is like a person plunged into the ocean, naturally oppressive.

But there is no danger of suffocation, but many benefits.

Seeing this, Gouli Shenwang and others couldn't help but breathe quickly, and there was a glow of heat in their eyes. If they went to cultivate here, their cultivation level would definitely rise!

"Your Majesty, shall we not go there?"

Gouli God King couldn't help but ask;

"The big guys are the last to play, and everything here is mine in the end. They will all become the nourishment for me to be promoted to the emperor, and wait until they grow up!"

Ye Donghuang shook his head without any urgency. With his current strength, even the final winner Hong Yi is not his opponent!

He doesn't need to fight with them now!

"There, there! In the middle of this ocean, there are islands, which are the true liquid of origin, condensed again, and condensed into the stone of origin, that is solid, the stone of origin!"

After hearing this, Gouli Shenwang and others dispelled the idea of going to the place of origin, but they still looked with envy in their eyes!

They saw ten islands in the middle of the ocean, all composed of origin liquid.

These ten islands are not big, only eight or nine miles in size.

However, their roots have plunged deeply into this ocean of origin liquid, which seems to be an island transformed from the origin liquid.

Especially their materials are the essence of alternating light and dark, solids, stones, and obviously liquids are concentrated again, turning into the stone of origin!

"It's such a luxury, using the stone of origin to condense into ten cities!"

The Immortal King and others looked at the ten crystalline cities in the center of the ocean, with fiery hearts, and flew toward the city!

More importantly, after the stone of origin is highly condensed, a seed will be bred inside the stone.

This seed is the "seed of origin"!

The prototype of a big world.

The seed of origin is the place of origin, the most precious thing.

The magic weapon of the eternal kingdom, the original body, was condensed from "ninety-nine-eighty-one seeds of origin".

"The Source of Ten Thousand Sources! Mother of the Five Elements! Lord Monument, come out and sweep the Sea of Origin! Take the island!"

At this moment, the Immortal King did not hesitate, and sacrificed his own "main monument", which turned into 480 million talismans, and set off huge waves in the ocean of origin liquid.

Four hundred and eighty million Talismans swept across ten islands.

"The Immortal King is really making a lot of money!"

Seeing this scene, Gou Li Shen Wang was full of envy, that is the seed of origin!

"Those origin seeds are left behind by the good fortune Taoists. The Immortal King is simply looking for death!"

Ye Donghuang's faint voice sounded, and the eyes of the women looking at the screen suddenly widened, their red lips widened, and their hearts were full of shock!

"The Immortal King! Do you dare to move the island of the deity, seed!"

I saw a powerful voice sweeping everything, coming from the ancient times, traveling through time and space, making the time flow backwards.

This is no longer the voice of a master of nine thunder tribulations, and even the ever-changing powerhouse cannot have such a huge voice!

That sound wave swept across the sea, causing the entire ocean of origin to violently roll up, the waves are like notes, the sky is turned upside down, the universe is turned upside down, and the reincarnation of good luck!

And that Taoist, in this voice, completely revealed his body, a figure that is high above, mastering the creation of the heavens.

Behind this Taoist figure, the world of ten thousand folds is constantly arising and passing away. One after another, the ancient gods and gods were born in the ten thousand folds of the world behind him. Fall.

This Taoist seems to be the source of all gods, the **** of the gods, and the master of the gods. Creator of all worlds, creator of good fortune, father of all gods, mother of all immortals.

Thunder was born for him, the sun and the moon revolved for him, the stars played for him, time entangled for him, space changed for him, the gods bowed their heads for him, the emperors centered on him, and the sun gods took him as the center. Kuidou...

Everything is centered on him.

The place of origin is the center of the universe, and it is the center of origin.

This Taoist is the origin in the origin, the good fortune in the creation, the heavens in the heavens...

This Taoist man wants the birth of heaven, the birth of the sky, the condensation of the earth, the condensation of the earth, everything is what you want, all heavens, countless universes, countless epochs, all around him Rotate with your heart.

The past will change because of him! Now, I will tremble because of him! In the future, it will exist because of him!

Without this Taoist, there would be no past, present, and future.

He is too strong, so strong that it is almost impossible. No one can imagine this kind of strength even if he imagines again. His aura not only surpasses reality, but also surpasses the limit of imagination.

In the primordial age, a few supreme powerhouses, good luck Taoists, finally appeared.

"Good luck Taoist!"

Gouli God King's eyes widened, full of boundless shock, she did not expect that the ancient supreme powerhouse who had already died would appear!

It's horrible!

Too strong!

"This is the Taikoo Supreme Powerful Good Fortune Taoist?"


Su Mu, Concubine Yuan, Zen Yinsha, Tian Lai Fairy, Li Fu Yanluo, Yu Beiyao, Xu Feihong and many other women looked horrified!

Rao, with the help of Ye Donghuang over the years, their cultivation base has skyrocketed, but when they saw this figure, their hearts were still full of fear!

In front of this figure, they are the ants among the ants, too small!

after that!

One after another strong men appeared, shocking everyone's eyes!

of course.

After the Daoists of Good Fortune, the most shocking is the Emperor Changsheng!

The first person in Taikoo.

The first person of Yangshen.

The teacher of the ancient holy emperor.

The creator of immortality.

The person closest to the other shore.

Among the eternal river, among all the sun gods, the man with the strongest mana and the most mysterious.

The power is unlimited, and the power is unstoppable.

With the emergence of once strong men, Hong Yi, Meng Shen Ji, Xu Yi and others all broke through the sun **** or shattered the vacuum!

Finally the big fish eats the small fish, and the small fish eats the shrimp!

Countless strong men from the ancient times to the present have fallen one after another, turning into the nourishment of the remaining strong men, vanity and dreams are also swallowed by Hong Yi who has been promoted to the sun god!

There are only three most powerful characters left in the land of origin:

Hong Yi, pig's feet!

Good luck Taoist!

Emperor Changsheng!

"I should go and join in the fun too!"

After the words fell, Ye Donghuang's figure disappeared, and he realized that the original law of the emperor's way could control thousands of laws, he forcibly reversed time and space and appeared in a mysterious void in the land of origin!

In the center of this void, thousands of miles long, a long rainbow-like bridge spans countless epochs, and even under the bridge, there is a long river of time flowing dimly.

The time is endless, and the king of artifacts can only lurk in it, but this bridge has confused countless time and space and spans it.

Emperor Changsheng, Daoist of Good Fortune and Hong Yi are here!


When Ye Donghuang appeared, the Great Emperor Changsheng and the Taoists of Good Fortune looked at Ye Donghuang one after another, with a hint of doubt in their eyes!

They didn't expect that there is such a powerful person as Ye Donghuang in this world, they didn't know before!

"Ye Donghuang!"

Hong Yi looked at Ye Donghuang, gritted his teeth!

"who are you?"

Asked the good luck Taoist.

"Kill your people!" Ye Donghuangdao!


The Daoists of Good Fortune and the Emperor Changsheng are angry!

Who are they?

The overlord of the ancient times, Megatron!

Hong Yi was also angry. He was not Ye Donghuang's opponent before, but now he has become a Yang Shen, and he is no longer afraid of Ye Donghuang!

"I, Ye Donghuang, today, Zheng Dao becomes emperor!"

Ignoring their anger, Ye Donghuang's voice fell, and a golden avenue skyrocketed from his head, bursting with endless light!

The light shines through the eternity, reflecting the depths of the universe, and the endless mysterious light bursts out with extremely bright light!


At this moment, the space of Origins couldn't bear it, cracking with terrifying cracks, the universe seemed to be unable to bear the breath of Ye Donghuang and was going to be destroyed!

Looking at all of this through the magic light curtain, the God King and other women clenched their fists, and a heart raised their throat!

Excited, nervous, excited...

All kinds of emotions flooded my heart!

"How can it be?"

"It's so scary, is this the realm of the other side?"

"How could he be so strong?"

The Daoists of Good Fortune, the Great Emperor Changsheng and Hong Yi were all stunned!


An unspeakable horrible emperor might erupted from Ye Donghuang's body, and the invisible ripples swept across. The Taoists of Good Fortune, Emperor Changsheng and Hong Yi were easily swept away like flies, vomiting blood, and the eyes were full of shock!

Even in the realm of the other side, it can't be so strong, right?

The universe roared, the three thousand avenues trembled together, and the endless laws hung down like chains, covering Ye Donghuang's body with endless light!

The essence of his life is constantly sublimating!

His coercive breath is constantly skyrocketing!

The origin of his soul is constantly changing!

For a time, the place of origin, the outer sky, the great world, and even the entire world of Yangshen were all shrouded in the majestic and terrifying breath of Ye Donghuang!

The sky of the universe is trembling, and the stars are turning!

His figure keeps getting bigger and higher, filling the entire universe!

Every cell in his body seemed to turn into an abyss, frantically devouring everything that contains energy in the Origin!

The whole place of origin was trembling, and the space was constantly shattering, and the Taoists of Good Fortune, the Great Emperor Changsheng and Hong Yi looked terrified!

They felt a terrible suction acting on them, to swallow them!

"Just use you to become my resources for promotion to the Great Emperor!"

Ye Donghuang's figure stood on top of the sky, sounded like a bell, and star-like eyes cast down two divine lights indifferently, looking at the three Daoists of Good Fortune!

"Shoot together and kill him!"

The Daoist of Good Fortune roared, he is in the ancient times, how can he ever be so humiliated, and actually regard him as a means of promotion, it is tolerable, which is unbearable!


Ye Donghuang uttered a word faintly, as if he was talking about Tianxian, the universe and the world were trembling, and this word contained the original law of his emperor.

The three good fortune Taoists are just equivalent to the emperor's Dzogchen, and it is impossible to resist. The body instantly collapsed, turning into a majestic and vast energy into the body of Ye Donghuang!



The land of origin was constantly swallowed by Ye Donghuang, and constantly collapsed, and the purple **** thunder danced, as if the world was destroyed!

Wandao Tianzhou Zhonggouli Shenwang and the others stared at Ye Donghuang with wide eyes and mouth wide open!

This is too scary!

Is that the Daoist of Good Fortune, the Emperor Changsheng?

Since the ancient times, the two most terrifying powerhouses!

Just like this, I was shocked by a word!

"My heart is the heart of heaven, my way is the way of heaven, and I am the emperor!"

The magnificent voice resounded through the starry sky of the universe, and a terrifying golden light broke through the shackles of the universe and entered the chaotic void!

At this moment, Ye Donghuang detached himself from the universe and became the emperor, possessing the power to travel through the chaos, and he could travel through the heavens with his own power!

But the chaos is boundless, without coordinates, he will be lost in it!

The land of origin was swallowed, Ye Donghuang finally promoted to the realm of the great emperor, the endless thunder tribulation fell, and the entire world of the sun **** was trembling with fear!

The fall of that **** thunder can destroy the entire world of the sun god!

Ye Donghuang raised his head, opened his mouth and sucked, and swallowed the entire Thunder Tribulation!

As soon as his figure flashed, he came to the Ten Thousand Ways Heavenly Ark, and integrated all the treasures of the Origin, such as the temples, the Great Liberation Wheel, the Bridge of the Other Shore, the Immortal Monument, and the Eternal Kingdom, into the Ten Thousand Heavenly Ark!

Then, with great supernatural powers, the world of the sun **** was directly refined into the Ten Thousand Dao Tianzhou, and it was refined into a peerless emperor soldier!

Then, Ye Donghuang returned to the main world, Shenzhou Continent, with a ten thousand king fishing rod!

these years.

All women and strong men from all over the world have advanced in cultivation, and there are many emperors. Although there is no emperor, there are also dozens of emperors who have achieved great success!

In Dongzhou, the three dynasties did not have great emperors.


Emperor Ye Dong and Emperor Wei led hundreds of emperors under his command to sweep the three dynasties, incorporate the Queen of the Zhou Dynasty into the harem, establish the Great Xia Dynasty, and dominate the land of Dongzhou!

Dongzhou has a vast territory, Ye Donghuang did not continue to expand, but rectified Dongzhou.

of course.

These trivial matters, he is entrusted to the women to handle.

As long as he masters the supreme force, he is a well-deserved king!


Ye Donghuang came to the super **** universe!

Tens of thousands of years have passed since his last visit to the Super God Universe. Keisha has lived up to expectations and became the king of the gods, the holy Keisha!

At the time, Xiao Naixi and Xiao Nai Bing have become the famous Heavenly King and Demon Queen!

"Unexpectedly, with my appearance, Xiao Naibing still became the devil queen!"

Ye Donghuang's divine thought swept through, and everything about the super divine universe came into his mind.

"Follow me, life is more than 1,000 years, you can fly, there is no lower limit, you only need to be in awe of a woman..."

"That's me! Morgana, your king, you know?"

Morgana pointed at the people around her with a sonorous voice, painted a thick demon costume, and the demon was a bit of a demon queen.

"Oh, Xiao Nai Bing, I haven't seen you for tens of thousands of years, and now I'm a devil queen!"

Ye Donghuang chuckled, and the handsome and resolute stalwart figure slowly emerged from the void, looking at Liangbing with interest.

Hearing the sound, the energetic Morgana's body stiffened, and her plump body trembled involuntarily. After tens of thousands of years, she did not expect to hear this familiar voice.

"Dong... Brother Donghuang?"

Morgana's eyes widened and couldn't help taking a step back. The memories of the past came like a tide!

Looking at the familiar figure, the familiar voice, the eyes are complicated, I don't know if it is happy or...

"I thought you forgot me!"

Ye Donghuang smiled, appeared directly in front of Liang Bing, and squeezed her pretty white face.


Liang Bing was squeezed by Ye Donghuang, and he was ashamed and angry, "My old lady is now the Devil Queen Morgana. Don't pinch my face, and don't call me Xiao Nai Bing!"

"Where is my mother young?"

Ye Donghuang looked up and down, with a sincere tone, and said in agreement: "It's really not that small, it's worthy of being the Devil Queen, what a big evil!"

The former little milk ice has become Danai ice.

"Boy, who are you? Dare to be disrespectful to the Queen and look for death!"

Atuo looked at Ye Donghuang vigilantly and hostilely, and wanted to take action against Ye Donghuang, but he dared to be disrespectful to the queen, unforgivable!


Ye Donghuang spit out one, and Atuo was hit hard, and fainted!

"Damn! You dare to beat the queen, did the **** Kesha let you come?"

Liang Bing scolded, she discovered that after so many years, the feeling Ye Donghuang gave him was still so unfathomable, so like a **** like a devil!

"Little milk ice, I don't give a warm hug when I see Brother Donghuang, I will come to see you as soon as I come back!"

Ye Donghuang looked sad, opened his hand, and hugged Morgana.

"You weren't sent by Keisha? You haven't seen Kesha's **** yet?"

Morgana was inexplicably delighted, and was hugged by Ye Donghuang and did not respond.

"You are so ugly with smoky makeup!"

Ye Donghuang said in her ear.


Morgana was furious. Taking advantage of her, she was ugly!

"Well, I went to see Kesha, but I haven't seen it for tens of thousands, so I really miss it!"

Ye Donghuang let go of Morgana, ready to leave!


Morgana stood in front of Ye Donghuang and said domineeringly: "I don't allow you to find that **** Kesha!"

"Yo? Do you think you can stop me?"

Ye Donghuang looked at Liang Bing with a smile.

"It's not 30,000 years ago. I am the Devil Queen Morgana. Let me show you how great the Queen is!"

Morgana deliberately showed her strength, she stretched out her hand and grabbed it, and two huge black demon claws suddenly appeared in the sky, grabbing Ye Donghuang in her palm.

"Haha, how is it?"

Morgana was very happy to catch Ye Donghuang. Being able to defeat Ye Donghuang gave her a sense of accomplishment.

Ye Donghuang is the hero of her childhood since she was young!

Without Ye Donghuang, they would not have defeated Hua Ye so easily at the beginning!

"Oh, are you just this strength? Are you not breast-feeding?"

Ye Donghuang's face remained unchanged, and his smile became stronger!

Liang Bing's current four-generation divine body is far behind him, and it is estimated to be equivalent to the king state, the two are not at the same level!

"Let you pretend!"

Morgana refused to accept, and slowly squeezed her palms, and continued to use force, but Ye Donghuang still did not change at all, as if it was not him that was caught by the devil's claws, but the air.

"Little milk ice, it looks like you can't do it!"

Ye Donghuang looked at Morgana jokingly, and took a step forward. The devil's claws that looked terrifying instantly collapsed and almost split.

This is the result of the mercy of Ye Donghuang's men. Otherwise, with his ten thousand chaotic emperor's body, a light shock can make the devil's claws disappear!

"How can you be so strong?"

Morgana's eyes widened in horror. At that moment, she seemed to see a cosmic galaxy above her head, walking towards it on the boundless chaotic stalwart figure.

That figure is immeasurably high and unspeakable. The sun, moon and stars revolve around him, and the universe and galaxies tremble with his breathing!

Countless worlds were born and destroyed as he breathed, and started again and again!

In front of this figure, she was not as good as an ant.

"I will help you become stronger!"

Ye Donghuang picked up Liangbing and instantly disappeared in place. When he reappeared, he had already reached the bedroom of Liangbing Base Camp!


Cool ice shocked, is this too strong?

She faced Ye Donghuang just like those mortals faced her!

All secrets are not secrets!

There is no resistance at all!

Two hours later.

Morgana was wearing no makeup, lying in Ye Donghuang's arms, there was still a trace of tears in the corner of her eyes!

If it is seen, I don't know it will shock the eyes of many people!

This is the Devil Queen Morgana!

The strongest demon in the known universe has scared countless civilizations!

It is Angel Civilization and her many wars. It has never been completely wiped out!

It was actually made to cry by Ye Donghuang!

"You big bad guy, do you want me or the **** of Kaisha?" asked Liangbing, pushing Ye Donghuang's chest with his hands.

"Children do multiple-choice questions, of course adults do it all!"

Ye Donghuang smiled.

"Think beautiful!"

"is it?"

Ye Donghuang smiled meaningfully.

A week later.

After finishing his life with cold ice, Ye Donghuang came to the Angel Nebula and saw the sacred Keisha who is called the king of the gods in the super **** universe!

At this time, Keisha was wearing a court dress and Tianji Wang Hexi was sitting by the bath, her white jade feet gently rippling in the pool, it was beautiful!

"Two beauties, soak in hot springs, can you add me to it?"

Suddenly, a frivolous voice sounded, Kaisha and Hexi were like enemies, and someone could sneak in here quietly. Angel Nebula's defense still needs to be improved!


I am afraid the strength of the coming person is very strong!

But when they heard the familiar voice, both of them widened their eyes, their bodies trembled, and raised their heads inconceivably;


A figure that had not changed the slightest came out of the void as it was 30,000 years ago!



With a bad smile!

"Brother Donghuang?" Hexi was surprised and happy!

"You're back?"

Keisha stared at Ye Donghuang blankly, and the calm lake of heart caused ripples!

Scenes from the past appeared in my mind!

"I am back!"

Ye Donghuang stepped forward, opened his arms, and hugged the two in his arms!

Feeling Hexi's tender and tender body, I sigh with emotion that the former Xiao Nianxi has also grown up!

at this point.

He had a deep experience in Liangbing before!

Zengchang Xiaodaibing has far surpassed Keisha!

Hexi's cheeks blushed, and he moved lightly, unable to break away, nor struggling!

Smelling the man's breath on Ye Donghuang's body, a heart thumped and thumped!

Feeling the changes in their breath, Ye Donghuang chuckles and hugs them.

Good sisters, naturally, together, how can we favor one another!



Time is long.

Ye Donghuang has been in the Super God Universe for a hundred years, and he has a leisurely experience of the customs and customs of this world.

Like what Angel Yan, Time and Space Rose...

Big and small beauties, he experienced it all!

The cultivation base reaches the emperor realm, it can be strengthened by hard cultivation!

Rather, we need to understand the nature of the world and the great world!

The red dust is rolling, and it is also a kind of cultivation!

But his way is the emperor's way!

Dominate the heavens and conquer the world!

The super **** universe is naturally easily conquered!

Not to mention his invincible strength, he just won the devil queen and angel king, it is enough to unify the universe!

As for any hidden horrible strong, all are crushed to death with one finger!

After playing for a while, Ye Donghuang cultivated the Super God Universe into the Ten Thousand Dao Heavenly Ark, strengthened the foundation of the Ten Thousand Dao Heaven Ark, and then returned to the mainland of China!

A magnificent Yanhuang City has been established over the center of Dongzhou on the mainland of China. Yanhuang City is majestic and majestic, suppressing the Quartet!

It is a powerful emperor in itself!

The center of the city is the Eastern Palace!

The East Palace is a world.

Emperor Ye Dong sits high on the upper dragon chair, standing around the **** queen, holy concubine, and emperor. The lowest cultivation level is the emperor's realm!

There is no lack of emperor Dzogchen's existence!

Below the generals are like clouds, counsellors are like rain, each is the power of the emperor realm, more than three hundred and sixty!

"Meet your majesty, and may your majesty's road be eternal and immortal!"

"Meet your majesty, and may your majesty's road be eternal and immortal!"

"Meet your majesty, and may your majesty's road be eternal and immortal!"


The neat voice echoed in the sky, endlessly!

Make people proud and passionate!

The heavens and worlds, a new journey is about to set sail!


This book is finished, thank you for your support!

For those who are still interested, please move to "My Majesty the Emperor Signed Forbiddenly for Sixty Years", which is equally exciting and violent!

Another excellent old book "The Invincible World from Douluo" is finished



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