The Multiverse Conqueror Book 6 Chapter 703

Volume 6: Volume 6: Soul World Chapter 703 Preperation Complete

And weeks pass by in a glimpse of an eye, the special training Xin end, Xin and Inoue who are standing in front of the door of the underground training room can't wait to see the result of the hard work of Tatsuki and Chad.

From the darkroom a big figure comes out, Xin and Inoue look and see Chad wearing a tattered cloth walking at them with a calm expression.

"It seems that you find your true power," Xin said.

"Thank you, I successfully awakened mine, but still, my power is on the lowest level," Chad said, showing his whole arm change.

"A Fullbring like Tatsuki, a black armor-like thing that increases your already impressive power," Xin said.

"So this is like Tatsuki's Karate belt," Chad said.

"That arm is called "Right Arm of the Giant" there still room for improvement so work hard,"

"I will,"

Tatsuki also wears appear wearing the Karate belt in her waist, the black Karate Belt changes to a golden belt, it seems that her Fullbring level up even more.

"How is it? It's cool right~." Tatsuki proudly said.

"It's cool Tatsuki-chan, it looks like a Championship Belt," Inoue said.

"So you improve it again, so how's that change?" XI masked.

"From 10x Strength amplified, it changes to 10x Overall Amplify," Tatsuki proudly said.

"So your belt not only amplifies your strength but also your agility, stamina, and defense?" Inoue asked.

"That's right, but the burden is doubled, even now, I can still only use the 3x amplifier," Tatsuki proudly said.

"Still weak.. But you still pass for me.." Xin said. He then takes out a sheet of paper and passes it to them.

"This is your basic statistic, you can see what stats you lacking and what stats need to improve,"

The sheet only shows their own basic statistics, Offence, Defense, Mobility, Spiritual Power, and Intelligence.

Based on statistics, Chad has a problem in his mobility and Spiritual Power, so he needs to train both of them and temporarily stop improving his Offence and Difference because those are already off the chart.

While Tatsuki also has a problem with her Mobility, Spiritual Power, and also defense.

But still, their overall stats are strong enough to come and help Xin, Tatsuki suddenly asked.

"How about Inoue? Can I see her statistics?"

Inoue takes her and shows it to them, Chad and Tatsuki petrified seeing her statistic, it looks like a graft of the stock market.

"Defense that over the chart? Spiritual Power and Offense is also a full bar, but well her intelligence is pretty low and that is easy to understand," Tatsuki said.

She did not know that Inoue who behaves like a child is actually a monster in sheepskin, even if she uses her fullbring, for sure she will never win against him.

"And not only that, look at this remark," Chad points a small remark below.

"An All-Around Support Type!!"

"Hehe, actually I'm not a fighter but support," Inoue mischievous said.

"Are you a Shinigami to Inoue?" Tatsuki asked.

"No, I'm not, I'm like you guys, a Fullbringer," Inoue answered.

"What's your Fullbring?"

Inoue pointed at her hairpin," This is mine, but I can still activate it for some reason so I'm pretty useless for mow,"

"Don't worry, you will eventually activate it," Xin consoles her while petting her head.

Inoue cheerfully nodded, but inside she was already happy even though she didn't activate her own Fullbring, she is sure that her brother will not let others hurt her.

"Okay, the two of you can go home now, tomorrow we will go to the other side and rescue Rukia," Xi said.

"Umm what about Ichigo? Is he going to come?" Tatsuki asked.

"Ishida too," Inoue said.

"I don't know, but I feel that they will not disappoint us," Xin vaguely said.

The three nodded, they know that the other will come for sure, they know that they never disappoint them.


And the whole night past, Xin called back at school to leave with Inoue, he said that they have important business they need to attend so he can't come to school.

Chad, Uryu, and Tatsuki also call for leave, they come up with some absurd reason to take a leave.

As for Ichigo, they never heard any news of him, it seems that he did not complete his own training with Yoruichi.

"Let's go," Xin said.

"What about Ichigo?" Chad asked.

"He will arrive in time so don't worry," Xin replied.


A small black shadow suddenly jumps out of nowhere, landing on Xin's shoulder, Xin looks and sees that it's Yoruichi.

"Did he succeed?" Xin asked.

"Don't worry, everything is done," Yoruichi said.

Inoue, Chad, Tatsuki, and Uryu petrified hearing the Cat talk.

"Did I hear wrong?" Inoue asked.

"I think I heard the cat speak," Chad said.

"Me too," Uryu nodded.

"Don't worry about it, there is Hollow in this world. Soul that walking around, seeing a talking cat is pretty normal," Xin said walking to their next destination.

Inoue and Uryu can't help but accept it, but Chad and Tatsuki still accept that there's a talking cat in this world.

Yoruichi look at them and disdain said," Ignorant~,"

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